AMD Embedded R-Series APU Reference Systems from SAPPHIRE Technology

Solution Brief: Reference Design Partnerships
AMD Embedded R-Series APU Reference
Systems from SAPPHIRE Technology
Qualifying a reference design partner can be time consuming
− as much time can be spent in qualifying a supplier as in the
design of a system. AMD has simplified the selection process
by choosing SAPPHIRE Technology as its exclusive evaluation
and reference design partner for embedded products, which
helps simplify customers’ development efforts while maximizing
their design productivity. AMD engages with SAPPHIRE very
early in the development of new AMD embedded processing
solutions, ensuring that robust reference platforms are designed,
manufactured and available for new AMD embedded silicon
products. The state-of-the-art evaluation and reference designs
are created to help AMD customers shorten their time-to-market,
and reduce costs and risk as they design their solutions.
As AMD’s exclusive embedded solutions reference design partner,
SAPPHIRE manufactures and sells reference platforms to a broad
range of customers, providing early access for performance
evaluation of new AMD silicon products. Customers can select
from a range of evaluation and reference designs from SAPPHIRE
that are suitable for multi-display, visual embedded applications.
Customers can begin software development on the evaluation
platform while they are still developing their own hardware.
Because they’ve purchased their evaluation platforms from
SAPPHIRE, customers don’t have to return the platforms once
the evaluation and development period is over. This is valuable as
important IP may reside on the systems, and customers may want
to repurpose the systems for new projects. The platforms can also
be used to verify and resolve issues.
AMD works with a broad ecosystem of partners to enable
embedded customers to get into production quickly with complete
end-to-end solutions built on AMD embedded technology. Trusted
partners, such as SAPPHIRE, offer complementary products and
expertise that customers can use to implement designs based on
AMD solutions.
State-of-the-art evaluation and reference designs are created
to help AMD customers shorten their time-to-market, and
reduce costs and risk as they design their solutions.
Who is SAPPHIRE Technology?
SAPPHIRE is recognized as a leader in the graphics card and
mainboard industry, and a leading manufacturer and global supplier
of a broad range of technologies for PC enthusiasts, home users and
professionals. With origins rooted in graphics hardware design and
manufacturing, SAPPHIRE’s product range includes state-of-the-art
graphics add-in boards as well as motherboards, mini PCs, external
graphics expanders, and professional A/V products.
AMD Embedded R-Series APU DB-FP3 Reference System
The SAPPHIRE AMD DB-FP3 is a complete reference system based on
2nd Generation AMD Embedded R-Series APU technology (formerly
codenamed “Bald Eagle”), which harnesses the processing power of
AMD’s “Steamroller” CPU core and a new graphics core based on the
AMD Radeon™ HD 9000 platform. The 2nd Generation AMD R-Series
APU features power-efficient, high-performance x86 processing and
eye-catching 3D and high-definition multimedia content delivery
across as many as four independent displays.
Solution Brief: Reference Design Partnerships
The SAPPHIRE AMD DB-FP3 reference design includes
ample I/O connections, memory, and storage, plus
Microsoft® Windows® 7 and Mentor Embedded Linux® Lite
for AMD R-Series processors (MEL Lite for AMD) operating
systems. MEL Lite for AMD is free Linux kernel software
with pre-built binary images, a board support package,
and Sourcery CodeBench Lite for AMD development
environments based on technology from The Yocto Project™.
Learn more at
2nd Generation AMD R-Series Reference Design Board
The SAPPHIRE AMD DB-FP3 platform is ideal for designing
and evaluating solutions for digital signage, IP-TV, thin
client, information kiosk, point-of-service, casino gaming
and more.
Integrated AMD Radeon™ Graphics:
• 2nd Generation AMD Embedded R-Series APU
• 8GB DDR3-2133 Memory
• 500GB SATA III Hard Drive
• 250W Power Supply Included
• Windows 7/MEL Lite for AMD
• Supports up to 4 Displays
• 4x Dual-mode Display Port Outputs
Expansion Slots:
SAPPHIRE boards are available for AMD Embedded
R-Series-based mini-ITX and uATX configurations.
SAPPHIRE also provides custom and standard form
factor boards for the embedded market.
• 2x Mini-PCIe® Slot
• 1x PCIe Gen3 x16
• 2x PCIe x4 Slots
• 1x 32B/33MHz PCI Slot
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