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November 18, 2014
FORD Recognizes EXTOL in SPE Automotive Innovation Awards
Extol, Inc., a leading provider of plastics-joining solutions, was named by Ford in the
safety category at the 44th Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Automotive Innovation
Awards Competition & Gala recently held in Livonia, Michigan.
The highest award went to Ford Motor Co. for their Active Glove Box product in the
safety category. This new system uses an injection-molded plastic bladder (instead of the
typical fabric airbag) attached with hot-plate welding to the glove box door. Ford
worked closely with Extol to develop the hot-plate weld tooling and was cited as the
toolmaker responsible. The unique design provides protection for passengers in a smaller,
lighter package while providing more interior space for increased comfort. The Active
Glove Box is currently in the 2015 Mustang and is supplied by Faurecia. Advanced
Composites Inc. and Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. supply the materials.
“It is a pleasure to collaborate with world-class customers like Ford on proprietary ideas
and help bring their concepts to market with state-of-the-art solutions,” said Bill Reed,
Extol Sales and Marketing Director. “With three decades of plastics-joining experience
and some of the finest engineering minds in the business, we are eager to see what’s
next not only in the automotive sector, but in life sciences and consumer products as
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Award-winning Active Glove Box debuts in 2015 Ford Mustang
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