Fall in Love with Close Reading Christopher Lehman and Kate Roberts present

Christopher Lehman and
Kate Roberts present
Fall in Love with
Close Reading
A Heinemann PD One-Day Workshop
for Grades 4–12
Dates & Locations:
FEBRUARY 4, 2015
Indianapolis, IN area
FEBRUARY 5, 2015
Lisle, IL
Heinemann Professional Development One-Day Workshop
361 Hanover Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
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Christopher Lehman and Kate Roberts present
Fall in Love with Close Reading
A Heinemann PD One-Day Workshop for Grades 4–12
H e i n e m a n n P r o f e s s i o n a l D e v e l o p m e n t O n e -D a y W o r k s h o p
Fall in Love with Close Reading
About This Workshop / Grades 4–12
Your students read a lot of texts every day. But how can you be sure they’re getting
the most out of what they read? With their lively and engaging teaching style, Chris
Lehman and Kate Roberts will help you define what close reading is and is not,
and what it means to your teaching practice and your classroom. They’ll help you
teach your students how to realize deep reading comprehension, and develop close
reading habits they can use independently.
About These Authors
Christopher Lehman is a prolific writer, popular speaker, and in-demand
educational consultant. A former middle and high school teacher, Chris was
a Senior Staff Developer at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.
Chris is a literacy coach and the author of several books, including Energize
Research Reading and Writing; A Quick Guide to Reviving Disengaged Writers;
and Falling in Love with Close Reading (with Kate Roberts), which informs this
Kate Roberts was a teacher of Language Arts at a middle school in Brooklyn.
Currently, she is a Staff Developer at the Teachers College Reading and Writing
Project, and Kate travels around the country, helping teachers, schools and
districts develop and implement realistic, strong and manageable teaching
practices and curriculum. She is the coauthor, with Chris Lehman, of Falling in
Love with Close Reading.
Who Should Attend
Classroom teachers of grades 4–12, administrators, curriculum coordinators, literacy specialists, and staff developers.
Christopher Lehman
& Kate Roberts
Dates & Locations
FEBRUARY 4, 2015
Indianapolis, IN area
FEBRUARY 5, 2015
Lisle, IL
Heinemann books will be available
for purchase at this workshop.
Heinemann Workshops are author-crafted to help educators enhance classroom practices
and meet their highest standards. Heinemann.com/pd/workshops
H e i n e m a n n P r o f e s s i o n a l D e v e l o p m e n t O n e -D a y W o r k s h o p
Fall in Love with Close Reading
A Heinemann PD One-Day Workshop for Grades 4–12
Close reading is more than text-dependent questions! Spend an engaging and thought-provoking day with
Christopher Lehman and Kate Roberts, who will support you with practical methods for teaching the skills
of deep analytical reading in ways that enchant students and transfer to their independent work.
You will study methods of facilitating thoughtful conversations about texts that make student learning
visible and provide ongoing opportunities for using this authentic assessment in your reading instruction.
Chris and Kate will help you think practically about the role of text-complexity in your classroom and parse
out reading achievement fact from fiction. You will learn structures that lead to independent close reading
habits and avoid the common classroom pitfall of students superficially reading and rereading. Ultimately,
you will consider ways of broadening this study beyond texts, seeing how reading anything closely—from
popular music to conversations with friends—can be eye-opening and empowering.
This workshop will draw on research and classroom practice from their latest Heinemann book, Falling In
Love With Close Reading: Lessons for Analyzing Texts—and Life. Their fun, witty, and interactive teaching style will leave you feeling confident to support students as they develop big ideas about narratives,
nonfiction texts, and media.
• Understand what close reading is and is not. Understand the role of close reading historically, what our state standards say (and
don’t say) about the practice, and what this means for your instruction.
• Learn methods for close reading that transfer across narratives, informational and argumentative texts, poetry, media and
life. Discover ways of structuring your teaching so students develop habits they can carry across the variety of texts they read.
• Study close reading fundamentals and ways to build to more sophisticated work. Chris will share student work and close reading
practices used in upper elementary through high school and help you imagine a progression of development that matches the needs of
your students.
• Take opportunities to assess student growth and make instructional decisions. By studying student talk and writing about
reading, you will see ways to take quick accounting of your students and decide upon next steps.
• Plan how close reading will fit into your reading instruction. You will take with you suggestions for weaving close reading into
your instruction in ways that support student growth while still balancing the richness of your curriculum.
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Christopher Lehman and Kate Roberts present
Fall in Love with Close Reading
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