2014 Compensation/Benefits Buyer’s Guide

2014 Compensation/Benefits Buyer’s Guide
The 2014 Compensation/Benefits Buyer’s Guide will serve as a valuable reference tool. For your convenience, the guide has two sections:
a Categorical Listing and an Alphabetical listing. In the Categorical Listing, companies are listed under the product and service categories
of their choice. For information on a specific company and its products and/or service, please refer to the Alphabetical Company Listing.
While a listing in this guide does not constitute an endorsement by IHRIM, it does indicate that these companies are interested in
serving the needs of HRIS professionals. We hope this Buyer’s Guide will assist you in your 2014 purchasing decisions.
Product Categories
HCR Software
Compensation Administration
HRN Performance Solutions
Compensation Consulting
HRN Performance Solutions
Deferred Compensation
Executive Compensation
Incentive Compensation
Paid Advertising
FMLA Administration
WorkForce Software
November 2014 • Workforce Solutions Review • www.ihrim.org
2014 Compensation/Benefits Buyer’s Guide
Alphabetical Company Listing*
*Systems and applications referred to in this section are trademarked, registered, or in progress. These names should not be used generically.
HRN Performance Solutions
70 Hilltop Rd. Ste 1003
Ramsey, NJ 07446
Karie Johnson
[email protected]
You have an HCM software suite but you are
managing compensation outside the system.
Now what? You need COMPOSE, a specialized
compensation management software solution
that handles any level of variable compensation
complexity, reduces your total cost of
compensation administration and integrates with
existing HR solutions. Not so suite but oh so
right. See ad on Inside Front Cover
38695 W. 7 Mile Rd. Ste. 200
Livonia, MI 48152
Russell Gerrard
[email protected]
HRN Performance Solutions provides
compensation administration and employee
performance service to a growing list of over
2,000 clients. HRN’s Compease program is
a complete solution that manages budgets,
establishes competitive pay rates, aligns
compensation to performance and is updated
annually. HRN consultants customize Compease
to fit each client’s industry, location and size.
Workforce Software
38705 7-Mile Road
Livonia, MI 48152
Sales Department
[email protected]
WorkForce Software is the leader of
complete, easy-to-use workforce management
solutions. Its EmpCenter suite enables strategic
HR by automating and streamlining interactions
between the employer and its workforce,
enabling organizations to better manage payroll
and processing costs, help ensure compliance
with labor regulations, and increase productivity
and satisfaction of employees.
HCR Software
13400 Sutton Park Drive South, STE 1102
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Jamie Davis
[email protected]
CompensationXL is a flexible and affordable
compensation planning software which enables
effective pay-for-performance strategies. It
simultaneously reduces the administrative burden
and cycle time while improving process integrity
and regulatory compliance. CompensationXL
automates merit and variable compensation
without requiring changes to your process or
retraining of your managers.
www.ihrim.org • Workforce Solutions Review • November 2014