Indian Rheumatology Association

9.00 am to 9.30 am Gene cs and pathogenesis of BS Prof H. Direskeneli
9.30 am to10.00 am Diagnosis of Behçet's Syndrome
Prof H. Yazici
Manifesta ons of Behçet's Syndrome
Case discussion
10.30 am to 12.00 pm
Mucocutaneous disease
Ocular BS
Vascular BS
CNS involvement in BS
GI / musculo-skeletal involvement in BS
Prof H. Yazici
Prof H.Direskeneli
(Karnataka Chapter)
12.00 pm to 12.30 pm Clinical manifesta ons – General Discussion / Ques ons
1.30 pm to 2.00 pm
Laboratory assessment and
Outcome measures in BS
Prof H. Direskeneli
2.00 pm to 2.30 pm Prognosis and co-morbid condi ons Prof H. Direskeneli
3.00 pm to 3.45 pm Management ofBehçet's Syndrome
Prof H. Yazici
3.45 pm to 4.00 pm
Prof H. Yazici
Prof H.Direskeneli
Final Discussion
Indian Rheumatology Association
Advanced Rheumatology Course 2015
7th and 8th February 2015
Credit Hours
Registra on:
Prior registra on is mandatory to get CME credit hours from Karnataka Medical
Council. Please send in your state medical council registra on number. Registra on
is inclusive of lunch on both days and dinner on Day 1.
Registra on Fee
Par cipants
Students / Trainees*
Rs 1500
Rs 1000
Rs 1500
Rs 1000
Rs 3000
Rs 2000
*Trainee status to be supported by a le er from HOD.
DD/Cheques drawn in favour of "Indian Rheuma sm Associa on"may be couriered to:
Dr. Ramesh Jois, Consultant Rheumatologist, Kanva Diagnos cs,
#2/10, Dr Raj Kumar Road, 4th N Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 560 010
For details regarding On-line payment, EmailDr. Ramesh Jois : [email protected]
For any further informa on:
Dr. Ramesh Jois: 9945954441
Dr. B G Dharmanand: 9845981399
1st BSR-IRA (Karnataka) Rheumatology Update
7th February 2015
Behçet's Syndrome Summit
8th February 2015
Hotel Le Meridien
28, Sankey Road, Opp Bangalore Golf Club,
Bangalore - 560 052.
Email: [email protected]
Dear Colleague,
Indian Rheumatology Associa on (Karnataka Chapter) proudly presents a twoday Advanced Rheumatology Course 2015. The mee ng would be unique and
we have planned didac c plus interac ve sessions.
Day one of the CME is the "1st BSR – IRA (Karnataka) Rheumatology Update".
The speakers are interna onal experts from the United Kingdom. The focus of the
update is on prac cal aspects of management of various rheumatological
diseases with case-based discussions. The highlight of the mee ng will be the first
B S R – I R A Rheumatology 2015 Ora on to be delivered by
Prof Bhaskar Dasgupta from the UK. There will be ample opportunity to closely
interact with the experts. The mee ng will also give the par cipants an insight
into the Bri sh Society of Rheumatology and will help us forge a new rela onship
between the two socie es.
Day two of the mee ng will be an exclusive event " Behçet's Syndrome Summit ".
This event is first of its kind in the sub-con nent with an exclusive study day
dedicated to "Beçhet's Syndrome". Diagnosis and management of Behçet's
Syndrome is challenging and complicated. Diagnosis of BS is o en missed or
delayed. In order to give a comprehensive overview to this challenging disease,
we have two renowned interna onal experts – Prof. Hasan Yazici and
Prof. Haner Direskeneli from Turkey. Both the speakers are pioneers in the field
and have a vast experience in the management of BS. The focus of the study day is
diagnosis and management of systemic BS with case-based discussions.
We sincerely hope that the advanced Rheumatology course 2015 will increase
the awareness of these diseases amongst the medical fraternity and thus help in
the early diagnosis and effec ve management of these complex rheumatological
We look forward to your ac ve par cipa on and hope to see you all in
B G Dharmanand
Ramesh Jois
K M Mahendranath
BSR - IRA (Karnataka) Rheumatology Update
Day-1: Saturday 07.02.15
Osteoporosis and Vitamin D, An Update:
An overview of Osteoporosis & its impact in the developing world.
09.00 am
10.15 am
Interpreta on of BMDs
Management strategies – an update
Dr.Sanjeev Patel
Drug Holiday and long term complica ons/ use in renal impairment
Brief overview of GIOP
Review of the current concepts around Vitamin D
Systemic Lupus Erythematosis:
10.30 am
11.45 am
Management of complex Lupus and Hughes' syndrome
Difficult problems in Lupus- an overview of current concepts
Prof David D Cruz
in management (Case Presentaion)
Inflammatory Arthri s:
11.45 am
1.00 pm
Safety of Biological therapies in Inflammatory arthropathies
Immunisa on in pa ents on biologics &strategies to reduce infec ons
Prof Robert Moots
Biologics a er malignancies
Case Presenta on
2.00 pm
3.15 pm
3.15 pm
4.15 pm
4.45 pm
to 5.30 pm
Systemic Sclerosis
Organ involvement and its management
Prof Chris Denton
Case Presenta on
State of the art lecture:
Primary Sjogrens Syndrome
Rheumatology Quiz
Prof Simon Bowman
Dr Kaushik Chaudhuri
The BSR - IRA Rheumatology 2015 Ora on:
6.00 pm
7.00 pm
Vasculi des: global perspec ve
Evolving concepts and approaches to
therapy - state of the art
7 PM onwards Dinner
Prof Bhaskar Dasgupta
Indian Rheumatology Association
(Karnataka Chapter)
Advanced Rheumatology Course 2015
7th and 8th February 2015
1st Bri sh Society of Rheumatology - IRA (Karnataka) Rheumatology Update
7th February 2015
Behçet's Syndrome Summit
8th February 2015
Dr. B G Dharmanand, Secretary - IRA, President - IRA (Karnataka Chapter)
Dr. Ramesh Jois, Secretary, IRA (Karnataka Chapter)