St. Aloysius R. C. Church
November 23, 2014
Page Two
CODE: (PC) Parish Center (CH) Church (NH) Nursing Home
(OP) Out of Parish (PG) Parish Grounds (RE) Rectory
SATURDAY - November 22
8:30 AM Deceased Members of St. Aloysius †
VIGIL: Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
5:00 PM Felice Malfi †
7:30 PM Beatriz Plaza † (Spanish Language)
SUNDAY - November 23 - Our Lord Jesus Christ,
King of the Universe
7:30 AM Alfonso Magli †
8:30 AM
(Korean Language)
10:15 AM Anne Galvin †
12:15 PM Salvatore Torrisi †
3:00 PM
(Korean Community)
MONDAY - November 24
8:00 AM James & Delia Tierney †
TUESDAY - November 25
8:00 AM Paul Kim †
WEDNESDAY - November 26
8:00 AM Frank & Josephine DeNino †
THURSDAY - November 27
8:00 AM Jerry Ondris †
9:00 AM John Blake †
FRIDAY - November 28
8:00 AM W.E. FitzGerald †
SATURDAY - November 29
8:30 AM Eleanor Larssen †
VIGIL: First Sunday of Advent
5:00 PM Norman Malwitz Sr. †
7:30 PM Florita & Eusebio Mota † (Spanish Language)
SUNDAY - November 30 - First Sunday of Advent
7:30 AM Frank Flanagan † & Mark Jorgensen †
8:30 AM
(Korean Language)
10:15 AM Ella Katharina Savarese †
12:15 PM Luciano Schiff †
3:00 PM
(Korean Community)
A † signifies the person remembered at this Mass is deceased.
OFFERTORY GIFTS: If you would like to
bring up the gifts during the Offertory at
Mass, either because it is your preference
or because the Mass intention is for a
friend or relative, You Must Inform an
Usher Before Mass.
9:30 AM
5:30 PM
November 23
Korean Community (9:30AM-4PM)
Charity Night at Leonard’s
8:00 PM
November 24
AA Weekly Meeting
8:30 AM
7:00 PM
November 25
Miraculous Medal Novena
Charismatic Prayer Group
Wednesday November 26
7:00 PM
Charismatic Prayer Group
November 27
7:00 PM
November 28
7:30 AM
9:30 AM
4:00 PM
November 29
Saturday Morning Prayer Group
Food Pantry (9:30AM-11AM)
9:30 AM
November 30
Korean Community (9:30AM-4PM)
Opens each weekday at 8:30AM
in the Parish Center.
Altar Rose
is offered this week
For Prayers Answered
Blessed Mother Rose
is offered this week for
Strength & Courage for
Our Dear Julie
Requested by Nannie & Poppie
Sanctuary Light
is offered this week for
O’Regan & Foley Families
Requested by Catherine O’Regan
St. Aloysius R. C. Church
Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
Page Three
St. Vincent de Paul Society - Outreach Office
Next Food Pantry: November 29th 9:30AM-11AM
Today as we celebrate Christ the King, we hear Jesus say: “…
whatever you did for one of the least brothers and sisters of
mine, you did for me.”
Knowing that we find the face of Christ in the poor, this
month, through your gifts, the Society of St. Vincent de
Paul was able to serve at 90 visits to the pantry with food,
clothing and furniture.
“Giving tree” starts next weekend.
A special thank you to Great Neck North
High School Key Club and to the Office
Staff Association of the Great Neck
School District for their very generous
food donations to our Food Pantry.
This week in Religious Education our Kindergarten
students will be tested on the proper Sign of the
First graders will see a 10 minute movie on the
Parables that Jesus used.... including the Good
Samaritan and others.
Fourth graders will see a 10 minute movie on the 1st,
2nd and 3rd Commandments.
Some children learn better with VISUAL aides and it
is wonderful that we have the resources to do this at
St. Aloysius.
Our upcoming calendar through Christmas is as
Classes as usual November 25th and 26th
When the Son of Man comes in glory, may we be
Classes as usual December 2nd and 3rd
among those who have fed the hungry, welcomed the
Classes as usual December 9th and 10th
stranger and clothed the naked. For Jesus tells us
clearly that it is those who have demonstrated good
Classes on December 16th and 17th which will include
our annual Christmas Party for all students.
stewardship by sharing their gifts with the less
No classes December 23rd and 24th
fortunate who will receive God’s blessing and inherit
No classes December 30th and 31st
the kingdom.
Classes will resume on January 6th, 2015 !!!
We will celebrate a special Mass at
9AM on Thanksgiving morning,
Thursday, November 27th.
strongly encourage our parishioners
to begin their Thanksgiving Day celebration with the
most appropriate sign of our giving thanks to God - the
Holy Eucharist.
There will be a special Blessing for the bread and wine
you will use at your Thanksgiving Dinner. So, please
remember to bring your bread and wine to Mass to be
This week as we celebrate Thanksgiving in our homes
and in our Parish, we wish to mention how GRATEFUL
we are for the many men and women who volunteer
their time and services to the Religious Education
Program in our Parish. May God bless them for their
goodness and their willingness to step forward and
help where needed. St. Aloysius Religious Education is
the B E S T !!!
Bricks are still available on the lawn surrounding the statue
of the Blessed Mother. Personalize a brick for your family
or in memory of a loved one.
Order forms can be found throughout the church and on
our website staloysiusgn.org.
For more information please call the Rectory 516-482-2770.
St. Aloysius R. C. Church
November 23, 2014
Page Four
Our goal for financial solvency is $8,000 per week.
Please help us make and maintain this goal.
VOTIVES: $110.00
POOR BOX: $ 85.00
For your continued generosity to St. Aloysius Parish of your
time, talent and treasure, especially in these difficult economic
times– I offer my deepest appreciation, May God reward your
generosity a hundredfold!
Saturday, November 29th
5:00PM - M. Reed, K. Santelli, S. Snorteland
Sunday, November 30th
7:30AM - R. Lee, A. Santos
10:15AM - C. & C. Nochella, T. Aita
12:15PM - E. & V. Gasparski, A. Leo
Saturday, November 29th
5:00PM - L. Mevorach
Sunday, November 30th
7:30AM - A. Gotta
10:15AM - M. Corno
12:15PM - D. Paulo
All our SICK AND HOMEBOUND especially,
Alfredo Alvaro, Hans Berglund,
Peter Bernatovich, Bruce Brown, Blanca Cales,
Mirtha de Chahud, Clara de del Carpio,
John Cossman, Anthony Dombroski, Tom Farley,
Lillian Fernandez, Karla Guerra, Trevor Hassett,
Henry Hess, Sophie Hogan, Agnes Howard,
Baby John Paul, Rosemarie Kokis, Polly Kovner,
Saturday, November 29th
5:00PM - R. Alamo, D. Perez
Sunday, November 30th
7:30AM 10:15AM - J. Ciciliato, G. Lee, M. Descorbeth
12:15PM - A. & B. Walter
Judi LaRocca, Ann NotarFrancesco,
Nicholas Pedone, Baby Jace Quinn,
Rosa Pauca Quiroz, Yolanda Rivera, John Russo,
Justin Seims, Ida Tesoriero, Terence Ullrich,
Joan Viard, Helen Werner, Ricardo Wilson &
Andrew Wykowski.
And for all our FAITHFUL DEPARTED.
When the circumstances change for someone listed above or they return to better
health, a family member or friend should notify the Rectory.
For Advent we have made
COMPANION.” This booklet contains
readings, reflections and prayers
for Advent.
Please take one this weekend. All
we ask is a donation of $1.00 per
copy to help defray the cost. Place
your donation in the contribution
basket located next to the booklets.
You are cordially invited to attend!
Lessons & Carols
St. Aloysius Church
Sunday, December 7th
Please join our Music Ministry for a gift of seasonal songs and scripture. We promise an
afternoon that will help your Christmas Season be what it should be, filled with the hope of our
Savior among us.
St. Aloysius R. C. Church
November 23, 2014
Page Five
The Sociables
Friends fostering understanding, care and support through luncheons and preferred activities
The Sociables invite you to
our Christmas Luncheon on
Tuesday, December 9th
at 1:00PM
at the Milleridge Inn
Jericho, NY
Come One ~ Come All
Rev. Msgr. Brendan P. Riordan will join us
$35 per person (all inclusive)
Cash Bar
Transportation and directions, to and from, are available for you if needed
Chairpersons: John Hyland (516) 482-3795 & John A. Tokar (516) 829-1303
RSVP before December 4th
Name: ___________________________ Telephone #: _________________
Please make check payable to St. Aloysius R.C. Church
Mail to: St. Aloysius R.C. Church
592 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY 11023
Attn: The Sociables
Open Seating ~ No Refunds
St. Aloysius R. C. Church
November 23, 2014
Page Six
Blessing of Food for Sharing
This form of blessing can be used before your family’s Thanksgiving Dinner
or before any meal.
One person at the table is designated as the “Leader” for this blessing.
The prayer begins with the leader inviting all to join in making the sign of the cross.
Leader: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
Bless, O Lord, this fruit of your good earth,
and the work of human hands.
It comes to us through your grace
and the loving care of many people.
May we who eat this food be joyful today
for it is a sign of your greatest gift:
your Son Jesus who redeems us in faith,
and your Holy Spirit who unites us in hope.
Let this gathering be a taste of your kingdom
where all things are transformed by love.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
All make the sign of the Cross.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.