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Art League of Rhode Island, One Avenue of The Arts, Providence, RI 02903 | 401.861.0500 | [email protected] |
Prospectus: ALRI 2015 Associate Members’ Exhibition
Wickford Art Assocciation – Guest Invitational Show
36 Beach Street, Wickford, Rhode Island 02852-5745
Exhibition: January 9 - February 1, 2015
Delivery dates: Wednesday & Thursday, January 7 & 8, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Opening reception: Sunday, January 11, 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Pickup of work: Tuesday, February 3, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Eligibility: Associate Members only,
pieces are selected, the entry fee for
Forms: Turn in the entry form
whose dues are current, are invited
the third will be returned.)
included with this announcement.
to submit up to three works on the
Hanging Fee: Artists may submit
Cut out and attach the Artist ID
dates indicated. To check if your
dues are current, please email the
office at [email protected]
Artwork: All media accepted.
No artwork previously exhibited
with ALRI, only art created in last 3
years. All work must be completely
original, not copied from
copyrighted or published work.
Only original work may be hung on
the walls (no reprints). Any member
entering an installation work must
submit a detailed description of the
installation including dimensions
and any electrical requirements to
[email protected] by Dec 29.
All work must be “exhibition ready”
up to 3 pieces. $10, 1 work; $15, 2
works; $20, 3 works.
Size limit: Maximum size no larger
than 44” in any dimension.
(Variations in size can be
3D weight limit: 50 pounds.
NOTE: Artists requiring special
installation of work, or custom
hangers, must be available to help
install their own piece.
Artists requiring pedestals must
submit size requirement to have
a confirmation of availability. In
general it is advised that the artist
supply their own.
section to the back of your artwork.
Please also include an updated
resume: one sheet/two-sided. Can
include statement, bio, résumé.
Sales & Commissions: All work
must be for sale (no POR – price
on request). Prices provided by
the artist should reflect the 40%
commission on all artwork sold. If
the participating artist is a current
member of the Wickford Art
Association, the commission will be
only 30%.
Liability: Although the utmost care
will be taken during the installation
and duration of the exhibit, we
advise that artists carry their own
to install with the appropriate
Publicity: Please submit a JPG of
insurance. Neither ALRI and
hardware. No saw tooth hangers
the work to be exhibited. Images
its representatives nor Warwick
or clips. No dark-colored mats.
should be in JPG format at 300 DPI
Museum of Art will be held
Work that does not adhere to the
and no larger than 6 inches in either
responsible for any damages or
guidelines will not be exhibited.
direction. Email to Joanne Breslin
theft of artwork while on the
(As space may become an issue, if
at [email protected] with subject
premises and/or during the length
an artist enters 3 works and only 2
line, Associate Member PR
of the exhibit.
Art League of Rhode Island, One Avenue of The Arts, Providence, RI 02903 | 401.861.0500 | [email protected] |
Art League of Rhode Island
Entry Form: ALRI 2015 Associate Members’ Exhibition (WAA)
Please print all information clearly and sign below. List name as you would like it to appear
on the label. Submit entry form with fee on delivery of artwork.
I agree to all terms and conditions for the Associate Members’ Exhibition at Warwick Museum of Art.
Entry: No.____of____ (Duplicate and complete this form to submit a second and third entry)
DimensionsPrice (No POR)
Requesting pedestal (size) –or– Note of special display requirement
Artist ID Form: Tape this completed form to the back of your artwork.
Entry Form: ALRI 2015 Associate Members’ Exhibition (WAA)
Entry: No.____of____
DimensionsPrice (No POR)