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LONG I S L A N D STAR J O U R N A L , F R I D A Y . | A N U A R Y 3, 1058
Angela i'ctlomelis ul Astoria was elected .secretary
of the Hrrmrs Ahopa i.'hapter . . . A boy, Ihrir third, WM
born last with to Mr. and Mrs. Zicgler ot Middle Village
. . . Henry Schuman and Arthur HHdman are co-chairmen
oi the Monte Carlo night m the Loot island Knights ot
Py tluas Lodge scheduled lor Jan. 17 at Bohemian Hall in
Astoria . ". . Kcrin Q'Sullivan of Jackson Heights has been
promoted to captAla In the Army reserve . . . The lollowing
members of the deneral Shetman Knights ol Columbus ol
Corona recently received their second degree. They ate
Jack A. Bagnoli, James V Black, Allied A. Blanchette, Rev.
Bro. A. Francis CoftnoU, Armando J. DiKoloeo, John 1,.
Drugan, Joseph M. l-'arrell, Joseph I.ovett, John t\ Manxohllo, William I' Mastersfin, Robert J Molfetta, James A.
Moran, Rev. Bro C. Raymond Nolan, James J. Quinn,
Joseph .1 Rotondaro, John A. Sapotito, Thomas L. Scantiehur> . . . The Child Welfare Committee of both the Queens
County Jewish War Veterans and the Ladies Auxiliary held
their annual Creedmonr Holiday Baity on Dee. 29, it was
announced by Ken I.. Broun of Forest Hills. Co-chairmen
were Anita Saline ol Flushing and Yetta I.ader of Howard
COLLEGE < HIT-CHAT—The following North tJuceiiH
rrsidents graduated la*t week from the I'niversity of
Chicago, They are Samuel K. Hla/.er of 98-1.1 ft'ind drive,
Rego TarU; Riderlek K. Freeman of 35-53 Mind street and
Mrs. Diane M. Kelder of S3-.VJ 81st street, both Jackson
Heights; Douglas Cole of 113-11 Tind road, Forest Hills
and Ri( hard H. Levin of 26-51 S5«h street, Astoria . . . l'eter
<i. HuniO of '!8-0.1 Ilohalt street Long Island City, a senior
at the Manhattan College of Arts and Selenee, participated
In the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps special
Christmas holiday instruction course. Manlo ami 43 other
students received their pilot Instructions at the Weslair
Flying School in Westchester . . . New York Fniversit.v'a
chapter of Beta (omnia Sigma, national business honor
society, has elected Joseph fiohris of 37-57 85th street,
Jackson Heights, vice president for the coming year. Joseph
Kumer Jr., of the Bronx was elected president of the business studies fraternity.
REKVK'KMKN-Captain Walter Watkins of 40-25
Hampton street, Klmhurst, a memher of the Army Reserve,
writes that young men interested in joining the Army
reserve should contact him for details . . . Van Rackages
of 23-77 24th street, Astoria, has completed eight weeks of
Infantry combat basic training with the 2nd Training Regiment at Fort Gordon, C,a. . . . Private Gustave M. Me'rker
of 30-03 71st street, Jackson Heights, completed the telephone switchboard operation course at the Army's southeastern Signal Corps School at. Fort Gordon . . . An Astoria
soldier just competed in a lfi-day simulated maneuver at
Fort Bragg, N. C. He is Private Rrendan T. Malone of 30-84
45th street, Astoria. The 21-year-old soldier, a graduate of
Rice High School, is a rifleman in Company B of the 101st
Airborne Division's 501ft infantry at Fort Campbell, Ky.
. . . Priavto I'etros M, Gavrielides of 39-22 104th street.
Corona, spent the Christmas in Hawaii, where he is stafinnrrl M.-itV-i fie r '"th Tnfnntrv T">ivic;ir>n Tie is a graduate
of Newtown High School in Klmhurst . . . Private First
Class Gerald Biumi of 26-32 9th street, Astoria, is stationed
with the Army in Hawaii.
It's a good thing the Clearview Pythian Sisters group
in BAYSIDE doesn't have to shell out with a gift every
time one of its members celebrates an anniversary . , .
If it did the organization's treasury might have a mighty
bleak look right now . . . No less than six of the gals have
celebrated during the past few weeks . . . Mr. and Mrs.
Julius Lopato took a Bermuda holiday for their 21st jubilee
For Mr. and Mrs. Herb Schechner of Bayside the 15th was
observed in a Manhattan eatery . . . Thirteen proved lucky
for Mr. and Mrs. Lou Nevitt of WHITESTONE . . . The
couple, accompanied by son Robert, journeyed to a Catskill
Mountain country club . . . A Glen Cove restaurant played
host to Mr. and Mrs. Abby Schifter of WHITESTONE for
their 12th and Mr. and Mrs. Stan Nathanson of Flushing
and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kahn of Bayside thoroughly enjoyed number 11 . . . Kahn is chancellor commander of the
Clearview Knights of Pythias.
Mrs. Henry Trans of 68-28 213th street, BAYSIDE
BILLS, picked to be one of the judges for the Bayside
Hills Civic Association holiday hnme-deenration contest, had
to beg off because she'd just become a grandma for the
second time . . . A boy. Thomas, was horn to her daughter
and son-ln-lavv, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas MeKenna of Hollis
. . . The MeKenna's have another son, Vincent . . . Named
to the executive hoard of the COLLEGE POINT Social and
Civic Club were Vincent (ierhino, chairman; William
Ahearn, James Capone, William Kussmnn, .lames Hammll
and William II Roeseh . . . The BAYSIDE OAKS Home
Owners Association is sponsoring a brand new Boy Seont
Troop 829, according to George XndcHon, pre%y • . .The
boys meet in the Bayside, Oaks Jewish Center.
hir a week and committed;
the Tingnr boy to jail. No
Davey Fleming e,"t his hair- Hon in which a diseased, 7-uich
had is set in homicide cases.] cut yesterday. It was "just a'section of his main heart artery
Befoft the case is called little trim, but it made him
the aorta Hat replaced with
•gain in Felony Court, the happy," a nurse at St. Francis ' ,,iie taken front a dead man.
Ciiand Jury is expected to ("aidiac Hospital, Roslyn, said, i He's still in serious condition
The six-year-old Queens Vil-jand it'll be \2 to 11 dayi before
lage boy asked for a haircut idoctors will be sure the transTill: IHSTKUT attorneys when he regained consciousness plant was successful
Office lias indicated that a Wednesday alter a rare opera-'
first degree murder indict"DAVEY T A L K S and he's
menl is mandatory In view of
alert," a nurse, said, "but he s
mostly very (pilot. That wasn i
all the circumstances, hut
much of a haircut he got," she
whether the prosecution will
' I t made him happy,
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demand the extreme penalty
for the boy is something else tached by the G O P . to previThe
ous benefit bills do not belong Monday nieht took 5 ' j hours.
Davey was pulled hack from
There is notegal barrier to on the measures.
death by a team of 15 doctors
his execution but no defendant as young as lie has ever
THK GOVERNOR vetoed Re- and nurses who administered
Sal in the Death House.
publican jobless-pay and com- 14 pints of blood to him when
Frank L Corrado, Bayside pensation bills after the 1857 the aorta, already swollen,
ballooned and burst hallway
attorney, who appeared as
the Yeager boy's counsel yes- session, then called the Legis- through the operation. The
terday, said Hint at the pro-jlature into special session to doctors also had to massage
per time, he would entei a'pass measures more to his lik- the hoy's heart when it stopped.
plea of innocent "by reason ing. The G O P . , however, sent The healthy aorta section
REWARDED—Detectives John Sweeney (left) and Harold Cohen (tenter)
was kept refrigerated since it
Ol temporary insanity" for
him the same bills and he re- was donated 10 months ago by
of the Flushing Squad, credited with tracking down Warren Yeager, conWarren.
a dying, 33-year-old man. Befessed killer of Mrs, Mary Nerich of Queens Village, are congratulated by
By this plea, the defense jected them again.
would contend that when the On aqother subject—Housing fore the delicate operation,
Police Commissioner Stephen l \ Kenneedy of Bayside. Sweeney was upped to
doctors froze Davey'i body
boy stabbed Mrs. Nerich, he — Ilarriman will advocate:
first grade detective and Cohen from third to second grade, for "excellent
was out of Ins mind and not
1. A $200,000,000 bond issue until his temperature fell 10
detective work" in solving the Dec. 2'.\ murder.
locally aware of the differ- for construction of more Jow- degrees below normal.
His parents, Mr. and Mrs.
ence between r i g h t and rent and limited-profit housing,
David Fleming of 92-35 218th
Long Islanders Lose $40,000
including specially
designed place, were home last night
units for the aging.
B I T THE PLEA a l s o 2. Action to raise tlte legal getting some rest. They had
been keeping an almost 21would presume that he has limits on the amount of income hour - a - day vigil since the
recovered his sanity, andjthat a low-rent housing tenant operation.
A i.isl-talKing Philadelphia ing 923,000 from two Nassau!charges. He is now free in bail
need not be committed to a jinny earn, so (hat tenants with
j "businessman" was revealed to- residents by talking them into; The QueenJ uetims were
not be
hospital as would other rising incomes wi
I day to ha va fleeced Queeni and I investing niuney in fast-buck identified as .lack Wagner ot
[Long Island resident for $40,00!)!schemes.
304-06 Jamaica boulevard, Holwise be the case.
3. Studies aimed at devising
land he may have swindled an-!
lis, and Marcus Benay of 1 IS-14
Mrs. Nerich, herself Ihe
other $5 million from people ln| WITH MOId: than $1,000,000 Merrick boulevard, Jamaica
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mother of a six-year-old son, • program whereby public houssix slates.
was slain on the night of i n g residents eventually can
[ d e f i n i t e ] y involved in the The names of the Nassau vicjbuy and operate the units they there has been a complete
Two Queens owners of e'ean- 'swindle. Queens Assistant Dis- tims were not disclosed, but
Dec. 23.
ing stores complained they lost
they were reported to be resiShe was on her way home I live in, either as individuals or absence of legislation concernItrict
ing hanganing rights and redents of Woodmera and Hemp$16,500 to the 33-year-old father
from the doctor's office in on a cooperative basis.
of three who was forced into and Detectives Walter It. An- stead,
of the Transit Au•
Jackson Heights, where she
iderson and J in J. Renehanl Wagner invested $6,r>oo and
bankruptcy a month auo.
had worked for 11 years, to
THE DISPUTE over worker thority and its employes, nor
Albert Cersltman, a South'will go to Philadelphia for Benay $10,000 last Nov. 1!) heher house.
benefits could turn out to be have local procedures existed
Philadelphia Army-Navy s t o r c j O r s h m a n s bearing Monday OB cause Gorshman promised a 17
In Mrs. Nerich's purse w a s i 1 | l 0 m a j o p j s s u c o f , h c u g g j f o r A •termining the appropriate
o r n
/ i . . .. i • . , -.. •
Anitfl I
• Joperator ,is also accused of tak-'grand larceny and forgery p 0 r cent return on the monej
a c$350
Christmas Hbonus
election - year session, \«. h i c h ; , i m t n r units for collective
within .six weeks, according to
check, given to her by the opens here next Wednesday, .bargaining.
the victims.
The Legislature's Republican!
This check and other arTHE MEASURE also calls
leadership has not indicated
THK RE ABE now 41 comticles from the purse, were
judicial review by the
whether it might back down on
plaints against the young store
found in the Yeager home
Court of grievances
its stand. However, some leadowner, according to Philadelat 93-08 215th street.
by either party, and prohibits
phia Assistant D.A. Jack Myers.
The empty purse was
compromise on the ground that strikes by transit employes.
His operations extended to New
found a block away.
Harriman would interpret any Mitchell said a public hoarYork, New Jersey, Connecticut,
ling involving the bill would be
A Philadelphia "get rich
inroad^as a major victory O W ^ * , > a r l y i n January."
Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylquick" scheme 1hat may have
THE YEAGER ROY has a the G O P
vania and Washington, D. C.
The bill also provides that,
swindled Long Island investors
record ol juvenile delinIn | general attack on Haiti- the Transit Authority "shall
' • Wolason, 4'.t, of Long
Gershman's first "investors"
out of hundreds of thousands o Island City, today is being held j were relatives, to whom he
He was trapped, man today, Senate Majority not spy upon employes." The
dollars is under investigation
however, by a word scrawled I l e a d e r Walter J. Mahoney and Authority admitted planting a
„au lor Grand Jury promised up to 1(H) per cent
hv District Attorney Frank D actinn in the allecnd rifling of; profit hv claiming he would buy
on the purse in lipstick.
i Assembly Speaker Oswald D. microphone in the MBA offices,
O Connor.
Christmas Ciub cnecKs ltoni Army surplus soil goods and
mi; wuid, with .ii. ua! im-Tleck branded Ila
Assistant District Attorney Astoria mailboxes.
|sell the material abroad. He
plifatotrn, also was spotted | toes as a "high-handed per- recent strike.
Frank Smith, head of O'Con- A convicted bigamist, Wola- never invested the money, howby police on the wall of a formance (that) is costing un
Louis A. Waldman, counsel
nor's rackets bureau, said two son, who lives at. 37-31 32nd
telephone booth in a neigh- employed workers extra bene- for the MBA, last night te/med
e v e r i and began clipping other
Queens "victims" have report- j s t r eet, had a hearing yesterday victims to make partial- payborhood diner, and under it fits amounting to many mil- Mitchell's measure a "good and
ed losses of more than $25,000 i n Ridgewood Felony Court be- ment to the initial group.
lions of dollars a year."
the name "Warren."
desirable bill."
in an alleged fraud that has fore Magistrate T. Vincent
already resulted in one arrest Quinn on charges of forgery.
and more than 40 complaints in Police said he stole a $100
the City of Brotherly Love.
check made out to Eleanor
Albert Gershmann, 33, of Bernardino from her letter box
Haverstown, Pa., the oneratorj N o V i 2 o in the house at 28-17
of an Army and Navy store in j 36th street. He then allegedly
South Philadelphia, has b e e n : c a s n e d t h o C n e C k in a nearby
arrested and charged with ob- meat market, saying he was
taining money under false pre- the woman's husband.
tenses and fraudulent converHe is also accused of taking
two $50 checks "from the same
He comes up for a hearing address.
Monday in Philadelphia.
ACCORDING TO PhiladelLava Flows Again
phia police, Gershmann claimed
to have contracts to buy war
From Mt. Etna
surplus clothing from governCATANIA, Sicily (UP) — A
ment agencies and other eonA HECHT CO. STORE
tracts to sell the clothing at fiery torrent, of lava flowed
huge profits in low tariff menacingly down the burnedI out slopes of Mt. Etna today
foreign countries.
Assistant District A t t o r n e y ' the accompaniment of earthJack Meyers, in charge of the!shaking explosions that hurled
business frauds bureau in Phil- clouds of smoke and flaming
adelphia, said that victims al- rock thousands of feet into the
legedly invested sums ranging sky.
Scientists and villagers mainfrom $3,000 to $200,000 with
Gershmann to purchase the war'tained a round-the-clock watch
surplus goods.
jon the 10,755 -foot volcano
$5 Million Swindle
Quick-Riches Forgery
Gyp Probed Suspect
To Jury
Annual SALE
Prices have been cut fo the bone in this ire*
mendous sale of famous-make
Whatever you wear in the way of a f o u n d a tion/ from sturdy corsets to a brief
there's a buy here you won't want fo missl
B I E N J O L I E 317, B and C Cup, Sizes 36 to 40 —18.50
N E M O 96-120, 15', Sizes 36 to 52 —
N E M O 14-120, 13", Sizes 36 to 52
F L E X E E S 1566, 15', Sizes 27 to 41
F L E X E E S 2663, 16", Sizes 27 to 41
F L E X E E 447 & 547, 14", 15", Sizes 26 to 30—
B I E N J O L I E , 301, 15", 16", Sizes 26 to 31 —
B I E N J O L I E 307, 15", 16% Sizes 28 to 34 —
B I E N J O L I E 311, 16", Sizes 28 to 32
SARONG 102 & 104, 14", 16", Sizes 25 to 34
S I L F S K I N 300, 400, 500, S, M, L, XL
S I L F S K I N 315, 415, 515, S, M, L, X L
S I L F S K I N P A N T Y 200, 525, S, M, L, XL
S I L F S K I N P A N T Y 215, S, M, L, XL
P H A N T O M P A N T Y 818, 25 to 36
P H A N T O M P A N T Y 182, 794, 25 to 36
JANUARY 2-11, 1958
Noel V. Click of 212-08 43rd avenue, BAYSIDE, and
Robert C Bridge of 142-58 56th road. Barry H. Kaplan of
43-57 Union street and Jerome Krieger of 56-11R 175th
place, all of FLUSHING, have been named tn the dean's
M of the University College of Arts and Science at New
York University .
. Elected to Beta Gamma Sigma,
national honorary business fraternity, at the City College
School of Business were Ilelene L. Rachmel of 4 Shore
road. WHITESTCiNE. and Gladys §, I^ffredo of 33-75 14.Vr!
street and Manlvn Magner of 19036 34th avenue, both
FLUSHING . . . Peter Blsnrhnrd of 4 9 1 7 Ctverhrook place.
DnUGLASTON has been elected to "Who's Who in
American Universities and Colleges" at I^e Moyne Colleg*
In Syracuse.
Mr. and Mrs. Marcey Shore of 56-33 205th street,
BAYSIDE HILLS, are basking in the Florida sunshine over
the holidays . . . I t proved to he a truly merry holiday
season for the Sidney Sutkers of 45-10 Kissena boulevard,
FLUSHING . . . They were blessed with their first baby
daughter. Meryl Marsha, on Christmas Day . , . The
Sutkers have two sons. Marc, 10, and Glenn, 7 , . . Walter
S. Hattck, Flushing telephone company manager, reached
Info the grab-bag at the BAYSIDE Kiwanis Club party
and pulled nut. of all things, a wall telephone . . . Haurk
is new proxy of the group.
A film, "The Edge of Danger," depicting Ihe history
of Israel will be shown at a meeting of the Kissena Jewish
Center of FLUSHING session Sunday night In the Hotel
Sanford . . . The speaker will be Abraham Salomon of the
Zionist Organization of America . . . H a r r y Sherman will
preside . . . A S50O gift from the church's Women's Guild
has enabled the North Preshytrrian Church of ^LUSHING
to reduce Its mortgage to Sl.ftfln . . . And Ihe Rev. Kenneth
It. Baldwin, pastor, said the congregation anticipates paying
It off completely In '58 . . . Officers and trustees of the
Garten Jewish Center of Flushing will hold a supper in
honor of past prexy Mrs. Lisle Berger Wednesday night in
the new Laurels Restaurant on Main street . . . Mrs. Rhea
Scharf is handling arrangements.
from PflflM t)
Heart Boy Gets Wish
—His Hair Is Trimmed
Wonderful tavings on wonderful itoeking* . . ,
oil rti# tomou* exduiivt features ot Bur-Mil
Cameo . . . your* o* *p#cial Onte»aYear lew
price*, i d o k l
S«1« $ 1 . 3 2 . 3 ft. $3 83
- 8.95
• 5.00
- 5.95
- 5.00
- 5.95
Sale $ ! . 2 0 . 3 P> $ 3 . 5 0
PN3630, 16", 27 to 41 CB 3697, 16" 26 to 36 —-
Sole t l 0 8 . 3 Pr $ 3 . 1 3
Sale $ . « ? . 3 Pr $ 2 . 6 3
ABRAMSON'S • MAIN at 37jth, FLUSHING • 3 Hours FREE PARKING in Lot Back of Store
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