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Donald and Rosalie Sadowsky – A Couple to Know About
Don and Lee were both born in the Bronx – but they did not
know each other until 1950 when they met in the Catskills.
Lee’s father immigrated from Minsk, Russia in 1906 and her
mother from Kovno, Lithuania in 1908. They lived on the lower east
side of Manhattan, and pursued the “American dream “while
perfecting their English. Her father started as a garment worker and
became a pharmacist. Lee was born in 1931 and went to the local
elementary and junior high schools in Brooklyn. She was selected to
attend Hunter College High School in Manhattan. There, her teen-age
interests were in classical music, playing the piano and writing
Dr. Donald and Dr. Lee Sadowsky at a
She attended Barnard College in N.Y. majoring in music and
Columbia University faculty dinner in 2004.
comparative literature, and graduating magna cum laude in 1952.She
was a member of Phi Beta Kappa.
Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut was next where Lee earned a PhD in musicology and
CAREER – The Grants writer and medical editor in neurobiology at Cornell NY Hospital; Montefiore
Hospital – Director of academic affairs, plastic surgery (25 years), and associate editor and founder– Journal of
Reconstructive Microsurgery; medical editor of 13 published books.
Lee taught music and art history at Adelphi College for 2 years. She was a free-lance editor while her kids were
growing up.
DONALD –His parents were American-born.
After graduating from the Bronx High School of Science, he went to Washington University in St. Louis,
Missouri where he earned a BA in psychology. Returning to NY he became a DDS at the NYU College of
Dentistry(1955) He practiced dentistry for over 20 years. He also went to Columbia University for a masters in public
health and a PhD in Socio- medical sciences. For 2 years he then served in the Korean War near the 38th parallel– as
an Army captain. This was followed by teaching at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and at Columbia
Don and Lee married in NYC in 1959. They had 2 children.
In 1964 Donald was asked to practice dentistry at the newly formed Mount Kisco Medical Group in Westchester
County. He first commuted from Manhattan, and they then moved to Westchester, living in Bedford Hills, Katonah
and Yorktown Heights.
“The kids went to Yorktown schools. At that time there were working farms and lots of streets were not
paved. I missed going to the theatre and museums in the city, but we all adjusted to suburbia very well. Jacob lives in
Manhattan with his wife and Ann Mia lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and 2 children.”
Don retired at 75 from Columbia University.
“Life changed in 2009 when Don was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Then, I broke a hip and ended up at Field
Home. In 2012, after more than 45 years in the Yorktown house, we both came here. Don has been through Memory
Unit and is now in Field Home where I visit him each day.”
Lee Sadowsky has been helping residents share in
the Hannukah celebrations at The Seabury for a
number of years. She wrote
“The Meaning of Chanukah” which helped us to learn
that “the primary messages of renewal, hope, triumph
of light over darkness, of purity over adulteration, and
of spirituality over materialism remain paramount.”
November 2014
at Fieldhome
Established 1879
The Seabury staff and residents wore pink on October 27th to
support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
How did that very special and much-loved
little puppy get to be 3 YEARS OLD –already?
The Cock-a-Poo looks pampered but she is
really a Work-Dog. Her job is to greet every
person – resident, staff, guests who comes
into her “boss’s’ workplace – The Seabury.
Erika Likar, Director of Recreation has
trained Penelope to be the well-behaved
dog that makes everyone S-M-I-L-E.
Does that young
man wearing his
lederhosen and
beer hat remind
you of Erika
Likar, Director
of Recreation?
Does the
her dirndl vest
remind you of
Susan Weisler –
Leader? It was
fun for everyone
watching them
dance to Johnny
Jake’s infectious
The Seabury at Fieldhome, an Assisted Living & Memory Support Program
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