APPETIZERS £ 2.50 £ 3.50

Olive Marinate (v)
£ 2.50
Marinated green olives.
Focaccia (v)
£ 3.50
Homemade daily baked focaccia with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Bruschette (v)
£ 4.50
Traditional tomato and basil bruschetta
Rucola e Parmigiano (v)
£ 5.00
Fresh wild rocket with shaved parmesan and cherry tomatoes
Verdure Grigliate (v)
£ 5.50
Char grilled aubergine, peppers and courgettes
Avocado con Gamberi di Fiume
£ 6.95
Avocado and crayfish salad served with Marie Rose sauce
Salmone Affumicato
£ 6.95
Smoked salmon with avocado, grapefruit and rocket
Insalata di Pollo
£ 7.00
Mixed leaf salad with chargrilled chicken and vegetables
Insalata con Formaggio di Capra
£ 8.00
Goat cheese salad
£ 8.00
Burrata served with oven baked cherry tomatoes and grilled vegetables
Antipasto Misto
Traditional antipasto platter with olives, parma ham with speck, cooked ham
and grilled cheese
Carpaccio di Manzo
£ 9.50
£ 10.50
Freshly cut beef fillet with artichoke, rocket and parmesan cheese
Grilled scallops served with leeks pure, crispy speck and a touch of truffle oil
£ 11.00
Note: (v) Vegetarian, (n) contains nuts. A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be
added for tables of 6 or more people.
£ 2.00
Gamberone alla Griglia
Marinated chargrilled Pacific king prawn
£ 4.50
Zucchine Fritte (v)
Deep fried courgettes with homemade tartar sauce
£ 4.50
Crocchette di Patate (v)
Deep fried cheese and potato crocchette
Funghi Trifolati (v)
£ 5.00
Mix mushrooms sauté served on top of toasted bread
£ 5.00
Spiedini di Pollo
Skewered chargrilled chicken and vegetables
£ 5.00
Pan-fried spicy chorizo
Calamari alla Griglia
£ 5.50
Marinated grilled baby squid
Pancetta di Maiale
£ 5.00
Crispy Pork belly
Polpette al Sugo di Pomodoro
£ 5.00
Meat balls with spicy tomato sauce
Formaggio Fritto
Pan fried pecorino cheese on top of toasted bread
£ 5.50
Fritto Misto
Deep fried mixed fresh squid and prawns served with
homemade tartar sauce
£ 7.00
Risotto ai Funghi (v)
£ 11.00
Risotto with mixed mushrooms
Ravioli di Ricotta e Basilico (v)
£ 11.00
Ricotta cheese and basil ravioli in tomato and basil sauce
Pappardelle con Salsiccia e Funghi
Homemade pasta with sausage, mushrooms and red onions
£ 12.00
£ 12.00
Tagliolini con Gamberi e Zucchine
Homemade pasta with prawns, courgettes, chilli and tomato sauce.
£ 13.00
Risotto con Asparagi e Gamberi
Risotto with asparagus and prawns
£ 13.00
Spaghetti allo Scoglio
Spaghetti with mixed seafood, garlic, chillies, white wine and tomato sauce
Pollo alla Milanese
£ 13.00
Chicken breast in breadcrumbs, served with spaghetti in tomato sauce
Carre` d’Agnello
£ 14.50
Rack of lamb with herb and mustard crust served with crushed potatoes,
Parsnip and black olives and homemade lamb gravy
Capocollo di Maiale Confit
£ 15.00
Pork neck confit served with Polenta and Canellini beans, cherry tomatoes and a
touch of chilli
Salsiccia Italiana
£ 13.95
Italian sausage in thyme, cherry tomatoes, chillies and Marsala wine sauce
served with daily vegetables
Bistecca di Manzo (10 oz)
£ 17.00
Aged Scottish rib eye steak served with roasted potatoes and fried onion rings
Spigola al Forno
£ 18.00
Oven baked whole sea bass with garlic, cherry tomatoes, rosemary and white
wine served with daily vegetables
Grigliata Mista di Pesce
£ 18.00
Chargrilled mixed fish and shellfish served with grilled vegetables
£ 23.00
Filetto di Manzo (8 oz)
Beef fillet served with green leaves, sautéed porcini mushroom and peppercorn
Roasted Potatoes
Baby spinach
French Beans
Peppercorn sauce
£ 3.00
£ 3.50
£ 3.00
£ 3.00
£ 3.00
Note: (v) Vegetarian, (n) contains nuts. A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be
added for tables of 6 or more people.