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Pool Cleaning Outline and Agreement - Year 2010
(End or Mid-Month Billing Periods)
Congratulations on your selection of ABLE Pool & Spa to service your pool needs. We provide our
customers with a complete line of services that include weekly pool cleaning and periodic equipment
checks and water testing. Additionally, we offer equipment repairs and maintenance (upon request, at
an additional cost) and a full retail store for all your pool and spa supply needs.
In the process of cleaning your pool and testing the chemical balance of your water, you may supply
your own BioGuard chemicals. Chemicals must be left in an accessible and safe location for our
technicians. We will not be responsible for the safety or well being of your chemicals. Remember, your
pool chemicals are harmful to children and pets if not stored in a safe place, away from their reach.
Most of our chlorine customers are serviced directly from our service truck at the time the service is
provided. Non-Chlorine chemical customers either place a monthly bulk order of chemicals with
us or allow us to deliver a bulk order directly to them and they are billed separately. If you choose
to supply your own BioGuard chemicals (chlorine) and run out of supplies, required to sanitize your
pool at the time of our visit, we will use only what is required from our on board stock and bill you
accordingly. Chemical supply billing will be due upon receipt of your invoice and will not affect your
normal pool cleaning invoice that is due within 10 days of the billing cycle.
The Following Current Pricing Applies, as of January 1, 2010:
Pool Cleaning Deposit:
Weekly Pool Cleaning (20,000 Gallons or Less):
Off Season - Biweekly Pool Cleaning (20,000 Gallons or Less):
Weekly Pool Cleaning (Over 20,000 to 30,000 Gallons):
Off Season - Biweekly Pool Cleaning (Over 20,000 to 30,000 Gallons):
(Over 30,000 Gallons):
Chlorine Shock (Di-Chlor):
Muriatic Acid:
Chlorine Silk Sticks (Chlorine Tabs):
DE Filter Powder:
$25.00 Per Visit
$30.00 Per Visit
$30.00 Per Visit
$35.00 Per Visit
$To be Determined
$1.75 Per 1 ½ Pound
$2.25 Per 1 ½ Gallon
$1.85 Each
$ .75 Per Ounce
$ .50 Per Pound
One Time Pool Cleaning Service:
Equipment Repair by Service Department:
DE Filter Service
$55.00/Hour + Chems
$55.00 Per Hour
Special Note: ABLE Pool & Spa only services in-ground plaster pools. Upon receipt of your signed
contract and deposit a pool service representative will visit your home to determine the current
condition of your pool and evaluate your pool size to determine the actual weekly service charge. In
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this case, environmental impacts on your pool may affect the overall service charge required to
maintain your pool.
Additionally, in some cases an initial pool cleaning service charge may be required if your pool is not
in a satisfactory condition upon the onset of the contract. This is a one time fee and billed hourly at the
rate of $55.00 plus chemicals.
Additionally, all grades of chemicals are not the same. ABLE Pool & Spa uses only the highest grade
of chemicals by BioGuard Corporation, in our customers’ pools. Our customers may purchase them
directly from us or any other authorized BioGuard dealer to meet the condition of this agreement.
Your Cleaning Service Includes:
Skim Debris from Top of Water
Vacuum Pool
Brush Pool Walls
Clean Skimmer Baskets
Clean Pump Basket
Balance Chemicals (with only BioGuard products)
Visually Inspect Equipment for Problems, When Possible
Leave Customer a Door Hanger, When Appropriate
Note: your pool cleaning does not include re-filling pool water. It is the responsibility of
the home owner to assure the pool level is above the skimmer inlet (normally ½” of tile
Pool Cleaning Periods:
Your Pool Cleaning Agreement includes year round weekly service, however some customers may
prefer bi-weekly (every other week) cleaning during the off season. Customers may phone in a
request for bi-weekly service from October 1st through March 1st only and will automatically revert
back to weekly service on March 1st without additional notification.
Should we miss cleaning your pool on the scheduled day, (due to bad weather, holidays or employee
illness, etc . . .) our office staff will attempt to reach you to reschedule the service.
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Depending on your billing cycle, we will bill you for your cleaning services and chemicals used on
either the 15th or the last day of each month. Payments are due within 10 days from the billing date on
your invoice. A monthly interest service fee charge applies if payments are not received within the
required period. Additionally, all service may be temporarily stopped if payments are over 20 days
delinquent. Special Note: Accounts that become over 30 days delinquent will be temporarily
suspended pending full payment on the account. Accounts that become 45 days delinquent will be
placed into collections. Your contract will be considered broken and all deposits forfeited. This account
will also be reported to the Credit Bureau of El Paso. Our contract requires us to provide maintenance
to your pool on a weekly basis (bi-weekly if requested from October 1 through March 1). If for any
reason we are not provided access to your yard or if you receive a yellow card, for lack of payment a
$10.00 service fee will apply to that weeks service. Upon receipt of your past due payment, a one time
cleaning may be required to bring your pool back to a suitable condition.
Your contracted billing cycle is the __________ 15th of each month __________ the last day of each
Here’s What We Need From You:
Please pay your invoice by the due date.
If you are not able to pay your invoice by the due date stamped at the bottom of the invoice (10
days after date of invoice) please give us a call and establish a new due date for payment.
Note: In an effort to provide our customers with excellent services your prompt payment is
appreciated. Additionally, in most cases we will work with our customers, under extreme conditions, to
resolve payment issues. However, failure to respond to your invoice and payment agreement will force
us to discontinue your service (if the account becomes over 20 days past due) and begin a collection
process, at your expense. Additionally, a 3% monthly interest charge is applied to all outstanding
balances over 30 days and continues until payment is received. This is not the process we prefer so
please pay your invoices promptly.
Payment Methods:
Cash Payment Method
Payment by Check (Please note that we charge a $30.00 service fee on all NSF checks)
Visa or MasterCard
American Express
Discover Card
Customer Maintenance Requirements:
All pools must be filtered a minimum of eight (8) hours per day. This standard is set forth by the
National Spa and Pool Institute (NSPI). The appropriate daily circulation will allow the chemicals and
filter system to do their job. This will cut down on algae formations and cloudy water.
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A contaminate overload in the bottom of the pool cannot be totally eliminated in a single visit due to
the swirling of water as a vacuum head passes through it. This is what temporarily clouds pool water
after a cleaning. The solution is to run the pool equipment on a daily basis. Most pool pumps, in good
operating condition, will pass 90 gallons of water per minute or 5,400 gallons per hour through the
filter system. Most pools have between 15,000 to 20,000 gallons of water in them. To filter your pool
water adequately it will take six (6) to eight (8) hours to filter your pool water.
The Customer agrees to keep their pool equipment in good operating condition. Additionally, it is our
requirement that all our customers have and use an operational Time Clock for their equipment. This
enables your equipment to operate in accordance with the NSPI standards (see above paragraph) each
day. Our Service Department can install a timer for you if you do not already have one.
Environmental impacts, such as trees, shrubs, bushes, lawn chemicals etc . . . may cause an adverse
impact on your pool. To avoid these types of negative impacts on your pool please keep your pool area
clear of these types of potential problems. Additionally, if you choose to cover your pool with a solar
cover, during your scheduled pool cleaning service, we will remove the cover to perform our service
but will not re-install the cover. Please note, we do not remove or replace winter covers on pool
maintenance days. This is due to time limits allotted at your pool and to avoid debris from getting back
into your pool, from your cover.
Algae Growth in your pool:
It is important to note that an alga becomes more aggressive during the warmer months and that algae
may grow in spite of all best efforts put forth. If this occurs we will send a representative, other than
your regular pool cleaner, to visit your pool and evaluate the situation. They will take a water sample
and analyze it through our computerized water analysis system. Additionally, we will evaluate your
overall filtration system (equipment) and set a plan to deal with the algae problem. We will call you to
advise you of any problem(s) to your pool (as they arise) and we will continue to visit your pool on a
regular basis (every three days) until your pool is once again in acceptable condition. Our visits may
only be in the form of overseeing the situation and does not provide for any additional cleaning. These
visits are part of our on-going service with you and will not be billed. However, treating the algae will
usually require the use of additional chemicals which we will bill to your account. In extreme cases
some discount may be given on a case by case basis but discounts are at the discretion of our
management team
Keep Water Lever Up:
We will not fill your pool water. Topping water levels require your assistance.
Let Us In Your Yard:
Please do not lock us out. If you like to keep your gates locked, please let us know. We will provide you
with a lock and set of keys ($10.00 deposit required) upon notification. Our locks are keyed
accordingly which allows us access to all of our customers pools, such as yourself, who request to keep
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their gates locked. To avoid a lock-out service fee, should our pool technician arrive and cannot get into
your yard to service your pool please give us the access to your yard. Currently our lock-out charge is
$10.00 (for each occurrence) and applies if we cannot get into your yard to service your pool, for any
Please Don't Forget:
During our scheduled visit to your home all pets must be secured to allow our service technician to
clean your pool appropriately. In addition, please note that your pool cleaner will need to move heavy
bulky equipment in and out of your gate in the performance of your pool cleaning service therefore, we
can not be responsible for your pets getting out of the yard during our visit. So we are requesting your
assistance in this matter.
Let Us Know:
If you have a problem or questions about our service please call our friendly office staff (Monday
through Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm) at 778-6777 and ask for our customer service representative, as
the situation arises. We can be much more effective addressing a current situation within 24 to 48
hours, than a problem that happened weeks ago. Your satisfaction is our goal.
Special Pool Cleaning:
Are you having a party or special event? Call us several days in advance to schedule a special event
cleaning at your regular pool cleaning rate.
Deposit Policy:
Early termination or cancellation of this agreement within the first year will void refund of your
deposit. Additionally, accounts that become 45 days delinquent, in any billing cycle, will cause the loss
of your deposit. Upon completion of this agreement (1 Year) you may cancel your service at any time.
Your deposit will be applied to any outstanding billing and the balance will be refunded to you.
ABLE Pool & Spa is a member of the Credit Bureau of El Paso and we reserve the right to verify and
report information pertaining to current and potential customers.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for becoming a regular pool customer of ABLE
Pool & Spa and look forward to a long and lasting relationship with you and your family.
Meeting your pool and spa needs, ABLE Pool & Spa is at your service!
Please complete the following information and return it with this packet and your deposit to ABLE
Pool & Spa. You will be contacted and informed as to your pool service scheduled days you can expect
us at your home.
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Customer Reply and Information
I have read the information in this Pool Cleaning Outline and Agreement and agree to the
conditions set forth in this agreement. I additionally understand that there may be addendums to
this contract that may effect change to the procedures or pricing outlined. I agree to the changes
made providing notification is provided. Please provide me with weekly services for my pool for a
minimum of one (1) year to begin at the date set forth on the signature line of this agreement. I
further agree to make all payments, for the services you provide, in a timely manner, as set forth in
this agreement and to bear all costs of collections and enforcement of this agreement/contract, to
include the 3% monthly late fee assessment fee on all open invoices, should my payments become
over 30 days delinquent. I also understand that the $100.00 security deposit is only to secure the
one year commitment and will not be credited to my account should my account become
delinquent. If I choose to discontinue my service prior to the completion of the year I will lose the
deposit. If I become 45 days delinquent in a payment I will lose my deposit. If I elect to
discontinue the service after the one (1) complete year of continuous service I will receive my
deposit back less any outstanding balances on my account at the time of discontinuance. I
understand ABLE Pool and Spa is a member of the Credit Bureau of El Paso and failure to comply
with the payment policy, outlined in this agreement, can be reported accordingly.
To help us serve you better please complete the following information:
Credit Card Number (Authorization To Use)
Exp Date
Customer Signature
Customer Name (Please Print)
Social Security Number
State & Drivers License Number
Customer Address
Place of Work (Company Name)
________________________________ _______________ ___________________
Zip Code
__________________________________ ___________________________________
Home Phone Number
Alternate or Business Phone Number
Please Note, It is very important that you read and understand your entire Pool Cleaning
Outline and Agreement before you sign.
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