Christ the King Thanksgiving HOLY HAPPENINGS

This Week at Holy Spirit
SUNDAY, 11/23/2014
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:30, 8:45, 10:45 AM
9:45 AM Faith Formation for Children, Youth, Sr. High
9:45 AM Faith Formation for Adults: CFL (MPR)
9:45 AM Fellowship & Hospitality (117/119)
12:00 PM Mini Drama Rehearsal (WC)
4:00 PM Family Christmas Portraits (MPR)
6:30 PM G.I.F.T. Scavenger Hunt (MPR)
MONDAY, 11/24/2014
TUESDAY, 11/25/2014
10:00 AM Senior Group A&E (ASR)
7:00 PM FLY to ABE (117/119)
9:10 AM Nursery School Chapel (WC)
9:45 AM NS Thanksgiving Celebration (ASR)
10:00 AM NS Thanksgiving Feast (MPR)
11:00 AM Staff Meeting
5:00 PM Mini Drama Rehearsal (WC)
12:00 PM Thanksgiving Worship (WC)
8:00 PM College & Career Reunion (MPR)
FRIDAY, 11/28/2014
SATURDAY, 11/29/2014
8:30 AM Praise Band Rehearsal (WC)
9:30 AM Mini Drama Rehearsal (WC)
10:00 AM Lord’s Day Layaway Setup (MPR)
SUNDAY, 11/30/2014
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:30, 8:45, 10:45 AM
8:00 AM Lord’s Day Layaway (CFL-MPR)
9:45 AM Faith Formation for Children, Youth, Sr. High
9:45 AM Fellowship & Hospitality (117/119)
Christ the King
November 23, 2014
We welcome all who worship with us today. Visitors are invited to sign
the guest register in the Lobby. People at the Information Desk would like a
chance to welcome guests. If you are interested in membership, please talk
with one of our Pastors or Jane Elliott, AIM.
Today’s flowers are given to the Glory of God by Janet and Grayson McNair
in loving memory of their daughter, Kerry Ann.
Today we welcome the following as new members of Holy Spirit and the
fellowship we share: Jim Body, Dan, Heather, Alexis, Maxwell, Xavier Hetrick,
Dianne, Ben and Laura Justesen, Kurt Shuman and Judi Simmons, Ruth Snyder,
Pam and Tom Steigerwalt.
Children aren't just welcome, they are embraced. We know kids are in
worship and make noise. The psalmist David said, “make a joyful noise to the
Lord!” It’s great to hear all people respond during worship.
If your child
should need a break, there is child care available in room 110. Parents are always welcome to stay with their children there. Parents must sign children in
and out of nursery care.
Clipboards and Bible bags are available for children’s use during worship
and can be found at the main entrance to the worship area.
Members and guests are invited to sign the Friendship Register, pass it down
the row for other worshippers to sign, and introduce yourself to those worshipping around you.
Let your friends know about Holy Spirit by tweeting, checking in, Instagraming, etc. that you are here. Our congregation's hashtag is #LCHolySpirit. While
you are on your phone or tablet, please make sure it is on silent so you do not
disrupt our worship time together.
ASR=All Saints Room
MR=Music Room
WC=Worship Center
Prayer cards are available at the Information Desk should you need to
request special prayer. Completed prayer cards may be given to a pastor for
inclusion in the morning prayers. During the week, please notify the church
office if you or a member of your family is hospitalized.
Remember these members and friends of Holy Spirit in your prayers.
This Week: The ELCA: Who We Are, Presiding Bishop Elizabeth
Eaton. Let’s explore what it is to be the Evangelical Lutheran Church in
America in today’s world. We’ll use a brief video from ELCA Bishop
Eaton to kick-start a discussion on being an effective “face” of Christianity
in Lehigh County, the USA, and the world.
Shut In/Homebound—prayers for God’s presence...
Andy Beible, Dottie Blomster, Doris Boehmer, Irene Davies, Phyllis Fenstermacher, David Gearhart, Dolly Gyory, Ray Karoly, Margaret Legenhausen,
Christopher Limpar, Betty Meckley, Mae Rhode, Clo Minner, Joy Robinson,
Geno Ruggiero, Rose Salter, Glenn and Norine Shafer, Betty & Russ Sterner.
FELLOWSHIP & Room 117/119. Meet and greet
our new members—sisters and brothers in Christ. Take time to relax and
connect with your church family. All are welcome.
In Times of Illness for God’s healing…Ruth and LeRoy Aden, Joan Beiler,
Richard Beiler, Rodger Black, John Brndjar, Sr., Betty Buehrle, Jonathan
Burmeister, Jan Emling, Ernst family, Carol Eroh, Glenn Fretz, Larry Gilbert,
Doris Giles, Nick Grazio, Warren Gross, Lorraine Haas, Dan Hazekamp, Vicki
Hines, Heather James, Wilbur Kemp, Margaret Kratz, Carolyn Long, Franklin
Marstellar, Joe McGara, Chris McGrath, Elizabeth Moessner, Mary Ellen Oberdorf, Courtney Quinn, Kate Reynolds, Jane Richmond-Lauffer, Betty Roeder,
Jennifer Day Roth, Andrew Schaeffer, Heidi Slansky, Andrew Smith, Leona
Smith, Wilma Stewart, Lynda Swartz, Charlene Vavrina, Teresa Venter and
Family, Jane Warmkessel, Millie Whitmore, Karen Wilhelm, Pat Ziegler.
Next Week: LORD’S DAY LAYAWAY: A Faith Formation resourcing event for all ages will be held on Sunday, November 30 from 8 am noon. A variety of resources for children through adults will be available to
help you and your family grow in your faith. The hope would be that families would consider giving a faith related Christmas gift to their children,
spouse and/or grandchildren. Any financial proceeds or profits would be
designated toward supporting those attending the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering.
Faith Formation for Children and Youth
Three Year Olds
Shepherds Tend Their Flock
Four Year Olds
Thanksgiving Prayers
The Birth of John Baptist
First Grade
Being Thankful
Second Grade
Sheep and Goats
Third & Fourth Grade Sheep and Goats
Fifth Grade
I AM THANKFUL FOR...Please take a moment to select a
leaf from the basket in the lobby and write what you are
thankful for as we prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Hang your leaf on the tree and share your thankfulness.
FAMILY SCAVENGER HUNT: Children of all ages and their families
are welcome to come and participate in our Scavenger Hunt TODAY at
6:30 pm in the MPR. We can’t wait to see which team completes the list
first! Join us for an evening of teamwork and surprises!
For support of our Lehigh Mission partners—St. Timothy Lutheran Church,
Allentown, and the Rev. Paul D. Braden.
The Prayer Chain is for the use and support of ALL people at Holy Spirit. If
you have a prayer concern or you would like others to join you in prayer, please
email the church office at [email protected] and your concern
will be shared with members of the prayer chain. If you would like to join the
prayer chain to pray for others, please contact the church office.
In the Event of a Pastoral Emergency
If, at any time, you find you are in emergency need of having a pastor contact
you, please follow these steps: Call the office at 610-967-2220 and press #3 after
the general announcement.
If you, or a member of your family, are ever hospitalized, please let the
pastors know by contacting the church office at 610-967-2220. The hospitals no
longer notify the church due to HIPAA laws.
Weekend On-Call Schedule:
November 22/23—Pastor Becca Middeke-Conlin-203-915-7303
November 29/30—Pastor Ric Elliott-610-304-7924
December 6/7—Pastor Jim Bowers-610-248-3949
Worship Coordinator
Doreen Micheletti
Bob Stevens
Emily Lamana, Emma Fermier
Assisting Minister
Craig Scott
Bob Mueller
Charlotte Gross
Doreen Micheletti
John and Roxanne Grim
Bob and Deb Stevens,
Debbie and Jeff Hartman
Bill and Fran Derhammer
Betty and Fred Schlerf
Rick and Nancy Slimmer
Jim and Diane McMenamin
Barb Roba
Marian Harrison
Jean Baker
Maddie Renfroe
Information Desk
Pattie Bisbing
Kitti Berkheimer
Flower Delivery
Barbara Kendall
Praise Band: Bob Schuchart, Joe Tobey, Frank Mattes, Chris Kline, Justin Schaffer, Larry
Altar Guild: Gloria Boyer, Robbie Flynn, Carol McKee, Kathy Schuessler, Betty Slaby ,
MaryAnn Keating
George Kirchner, Worship Assistant, 1st Sunday, 7:30 a.m.
Judith Brndjar, Worship Assistant, 3rd Sunday, 7:30 a.m.
Pastor Ric Elliott
[email protected] (ext. 111)
Pastor Becca Middeke-Conlin [email protected] (ext. 109)
Pastor Jim Bowers
[email protected] (ext. 112)
Jane Elliott, AIM
[email protected] (ext. 108)
Dick Giles
[email protected] (ext. 105)
Edie Gliem
[email protected] (ext. 102)
Karin Kahler
[email protected] (ext. 107)
Diane Keister
[email protected] (ext. 120)
Sharon MacCabe
[email protected] (ext. 110)
Alice Mudge
[email protected] (ext. 101)
Michael Roeder
[email protected]
Bob Schuchart
[email protected] (ext. 104)
Financial Secretary
[email protected]
Christmas portraits will be taken TODAY beginning at 4 p.m. in
the MPR. If you would like a family portrait for this year’s
Christmas card, please join Ryan Olszewski (photographer) for
your family’s sitting. You can sign up for a specific portrait time
at or at the Events Sign Up Center wall.
Donations of any amount are accepted; a suggested donation is $25. All
donations go to support the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering.
CHRISTMAS INGATHERING Final Reminder: Wrapped and labeled
gifts for the Christmas Ingathering are due today. Please contact Diane
McMenamin at 610-776-1416 if you forgot to bring yours in. Unwrapped gifts
can still be donated through November 30th. Volunteers are also needed to
sort and pack Wed. 12/3 at St. John’s in Emmaus. Please contact Diane
McMenamin at 610-776-1416 if you are able to help. Thank you for your
FLY to ABE will be meeting on Monday, November 24 at 7 pm to discuss
Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini in room 117/119. Join us on
Monday, January 26 at 7 pm to discuss Book of Forgiving by Desmond Tutu.
Please sign up at the Event Sign-up Center in the Lobby.
All 18-25ish year-olds are invited on Thanksgiving Eve,
Wednesday November 26 at 8pm in the MPR to reconnect
with old friends and eat a lot of pie.
ORDERS FOR POINSETTIAS to decorate the church on
Christmas Eve are now being accepted. The cost is $9. Flower
envelopes can be found at the Information Desk. The deadline
for ordering is December 7th.
ADVENT FAMILY NIGHT – Come join us on
Sunday, December 7th as we prepare for the birth of
Jesus. The evening will begin with dinner being served
at 5:15 pm in the MPR. Donations of desserts and
beverages would be greatly appreciated. From 6:00 –
7:00 pm, we will be making crafts, cards for shut-ins
and Advent chains. The evening will conclude with
the youth presenting a mini-drama of the Christmas story at 7:00 pm in the
Worship Center. Please sign up at the Event Sign Up Center so that we can
plan for food and supplies. ALL are welcome! Any questions, please contact
Karin Kahler.
support their Christmas Gifts for Rejoicers program. We
are requesting a $10 donation to cover the cost of the
Rejoicer gifts. Please see the poster in the narthex with
instructions for making a donation. Thank you for your
generous support of this project and the Rejoicing
Spirits ministry here at Holy Spirit. The Rejoicing Spirit team invites you
to the Annual Christmas Pageant on Sunday, December 14th at 2:30 p.m.
followed by a Christmas Party with great food and Karaoke. We hope you
will join us for this special day.
Saturday, Dec. 20. Please bring a side dish or dessert,
some cookie dough (store bought or home made) and a
gift ($5-10) for a night of dinner, cookie making, and
partying. 5pm to 9:30ish on Saturday, Dec. 20th at
Jerusalem, Western Salisbury, 3441 Devonshire Rd, Allentown, PA 18103.
Sign up at or at the event sign-up center in the
ST. OLAF COLLEGE CHOIR will give a concert on Sunday, February
8, 2015 at 4:00 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lansdale. Signup for tickets
at the Event Sign-up Center in the Lobby. Cost is $30/ticket. Payment is
due by 12/15, payable to LCHS and given to Jane Elliott, AIM.
SUICIDE PREVENTION: Learn the warning signs and other facts
about suicide from representatives of the Allentown Health Bureau and
the Lehigh County Office of Aging & Adult Services during their Suicide
Prevention presentation on Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 2:30 p.m. in
Crest Hall of Luther Crest, 800 Hausman Road, Allentown, PA 18104. For
more information, please contact Luther Crest’s Chaplain Dianne Kareha
WHEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE: The public is cordially invited
to listen in on a panel discussion of Dr. Manfred Bahmann’s new book
When All Hell Breaks Loose on Tuesday, January 13, 2015,
2:30 p.m. in Crest Hall of Luther Crest, 800 Hausman Road,
Allentown, PA 18104. For more information, please contact
Luther Crest’s Chaplain Dianne Kareha (610-391-8210).
October 2014 Financial Results and Discussion: Operating Performance:
October was a decent month for us in the sense that there were no major financial
surprises. We projected to have a deficit of $13,088 and our actual deficit was
$13,689, $601 or 4.6% short of our goal. Revenues were $59,491 and expenses
were $73,180. Overall revenue was ahead of budget by over $1,100, but expenses
were up $1,700 to budget.
Expenses were slightly up and down across the board, essentially cancelling each
other out. Building maintenance, service contracts, and electricity were all very
slightly over budget ($550 total) for the month. Two other mission areas were a
combined $1,500 over budget for the month, but that was all due to timing. Both of
these areas are still under budget through 10 months.
Year to date: Revenues are $695,600 and expenses are $689,453, giving us a
surplus of $6,147 through October, $16,786 better than our plan to this point.
Available Operating Cash: Due to October’s deficit noted above, operating cash
declined to $61,792.
Capital Campaign Line of Credit: The balance in the line of credit remains at
$90,000, pending the receipt in November of the fifth invoice from Serfass
Construction and the final invoice from the architect. An additional and final draw
on the line will be necessary in November to cover these charges.
Available Capital Campaign Cash: The fourth construction progress payment of
$186,791 was made in early October. Taking into account other October project
expenses and the draw on our line of credit, the balance in the account at the end of
October netted out to $22,052. It is our hope that capital pledge contributions will
at least stay current so that we can keep to the final draw on the line as small as
Building Fund: The building fund balance is now $35,508. We began the year with
a balance of $23,354. $8,900 of the $17,000 raised to install HVAC in the remaining
classrooms upstairs has been advanced to the contractor so that work may begin
later this month.
HOLY SPIRIT’S GIVING KIOSK is in the Lobby. If you would like to do your
giving or make a donation via a credit/debit card please feel free to use the kiosk in
the Lobby. The kiosk is set up to receive credit/debit card payments e.g. All Saints
Concert, Nursery School. If you register thereafter you will be able to log in using
your phone number. Your giving will be recorded and a receipt sent to your e-mail
address. You may also make an anonymous donation. Instructions for using the
kiosk may be found at the kiosk. For additional information contact Bob Schuchart,
Lorie Stout Sherman, or Pam Harshey. Thank you for giving!