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eeking to enhance defence ties, India and Australia today established a framework for security
cooperation, as they decided to conclude a long
pending Free Trade pact by the end of next year and
an ‘early closure’ of the civilian nuclear deal that will
facilitate uranium trade.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian
counterpart Tony Abbott held talks and decided to
establish a Framework for Security Cooperation
to reflect their deepening and expanding security
and defence collaboration for advancing regional
peace and combating terrorism among other
After the summit talks at the Prime Minister’s office,
just two months after Abbott’s maiden visit to India,
the two countries signed five pacts on social security,
transfer of sentenced prisoners, combating narcotics
trade, tourism, and Arts and Culture.
Later in a rare address to the Parliament, Modi said
the region has seen huge progress on the foundation
of peace and stability.
‘But, we cannot take this for granted. Preserving
it will be the most important task in the region.
India and Australia can play their part in it - by
expanding our security cooperation and deepening our international partnerships in the region,’
he told the lawmakers.
High drama to unfold
at BCCI meeting
q Decks to be cleared for Srinivasan’s election to top post q But Gurunath may not have it easy
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi being received at the Australian
Parliament in Canberra today.
Modi’s historic speech
in Aussie Parliament
q PM cracks jokes about Warne
Canberra, Nov 18 (PTI):
Seeking to enhance defence ties, India and Australia today established a
framework for security cooperation, as they decided to conclude a long pending
Free Trade pact by the end of next year and an ‘early closure’ of the civilian
nuclear deal that will facilitate uranium trade.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Tony Abbott
held talks and decided to establish a Framework for Security Cooperation to
reflect their deepening and expanding security and defence collaboration for
advancing regional peace and combating terrorism among other challenges.
After the summit talks at the Prime Minister’s office, just two months after
Abbott’s maiden visit to India, the two countries signed five pacts on social
security, transfer of sentenced prisoners, combating narcotics trade, tourism,
and Arts and Culture. ‘This is a natural partnership, arising from our shared
values and interests, and our strategic maritime locations,’ Modi said at a joint
press conference with Abbott.
Cricket connection
With Modi by his side, Abbott set the ball rolling and fired the first shot,
saying people in his country come to associate India with cricket.
Abbott made an early reference to cricket in his remarks at a joint press
conference here today with Modi after their bilateral talks.
Abbott also said Modi has ‘runs on the board’ to meet the aspirations of the
people. When Modi’s turn came to bat, at the Parliament he said: ‘We celebrate
the legend of (Don) Bradman and the class of (Sachin) Tendulkar together.’
‘We are impressed by Australian speed as you are charmed by the Indian
spin until of course Shane Warne came along!,’ the Prime Minister said for
which hearty laughter echoed throughout the chamber. Modi also wished
success to Australia in hosting the World Cup cricket next year.
‘Security and defence are important and growing areas of the new IndiaAustralia partnership - for advancing regional peace and stability, and combating terrorism and transnational crimes,’ he said.
The security framework, finalised hours before the talks, lays out an extensive
‘action plan’ including annual prime ministerial summits and maritime military
exercises, besides cooperation in counter-terrorism, border control and close
consultations on regional and international institutions.
It’s confirmation came only after Chinese President Xi Jinping left Canberra
for Tasmania, Australian media reported.
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
The ‘emergent’ meeting called by
BCCI in Chennai today to discuss a
range of issues including the postponement of the annual general meeting,
originally scheduled to be conducted by
30 September only to be put off further,
is expected to be a rather dramatic one.
This morning, the talk in the cricketing
corridors was in hushed tones about
how N Srinivasan has managed to get
thing going his way, despite being in a
precarious situation. ‘It is the stuff od
legend. A true survivor he is,’ said one
BCCI top person who is in the city to
attend the meeting. But Srinivasan is
still not out of the woods.
Coming a day after the Mukul
Mudgal report on the IPL scandal
became public, the emergent working committee meet will discuss the
names that appeared in the Supreme
Court panel report. It will also discuss
whether the AGM will happen as originally scheduled on November 20 as
desired by many members.
But Srinivasan will be at the best
footing he has been in recent
times. Having been cleared of
fixing and betting allegations,
a section of board members
have been reported as saying that Srinivasan has all but
strengthened his position and
ambition of becoming the BCCI
president again.
Sources said now that he has been
cleared of the crimes that everyone
was talking about, Srinivasan would
be eager to get back to the top post at
the BCCI after having agreed to step
Information reveal that most of the
victims who took the extreme step
here had a history of suicidal tendencies and psychological disorders.
Lakshmi Vijayakumar, a city-based
psychiatrist says, ‘There cannot be a specific reason over why a place emerges
hot-spot for suicides. The Kottupuram
bridge hitting the news columns for such
reasons might have prompted more to
commit suicide there.’
Meanwhile, some residents of Kotturpuram, who witnessed the bank
official jumping off the bridge Sunday
evening, are yet to come out of shock.
‘Realising that it was not a movie
climax, it took me a while to come to
SC has already allowed to store water up to 142 feet in the dam
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
Chief Minister O Panneerselvam today said DMK
president M Karunanidhi was making false statements in
Mullaiperiyar dam issue to gain political mileage.
In a statement here, he said there is no need now to
write to the Prime Minister, since the Supreme Court had
already allowed to store water up to 142 feet in the dam.
He said that when former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa
passed a resolution in the Tamilnadu Assembly in 2011 to
safeguard the State’s rights in Mullaiperiyar, Karunanidhi,
whose party was part of the Central government, did not
take any steps to urge the Union government over the issue.
Stating that the Tamilnadu government, functioning
under the guidance of Jayalalithaa, was taking all steps
to protest the rights of Tamilnadu in water related issues,
Panneerselvam said Karunanidhi should do good to the
people by maintaining silence.
It may be recalled thatKarunanidhi on Sunday said
Panneerselvam wasnot taking any counter-steps on Mullaiperiyar dam issue and the proposed check dam to be
constructed across the Cauvery by Karnataka.
the senses and realise that a man
has really jumped off the bridge,’
says a middle-aged, who witnessed
the suicide.
He points out that such incidents
have instilled a fear in the minds of
people; and many residents, especially women and children, fear to
use the brige of late. He adds the
height of the wall should be increased
by at least few feet so that it becomes
out of reach (for people who would
like to end their lives here).
Meanwhile, sources in the Chennai Corporation said the civic body
has decided to rise the height of the
wall here, and the work has started
already. ‘We are hoping to prevent
suicides at this spot,’ they said.
Police personnel continued checks
on errant auto drivers in Chennai
for a second day today. (Inset) The
seized vehicles.
Auto drivers
protest crackdown
by officials
A dubious
The Kotturpuram bridge is becoming notorious for people choosing
to end lives.
The BCCI would also discuss
whether the AGM should take place
as scheduled originally to be on 20
November. It would be an important
decision, since NCP leader Sharad
Pawar, the man who has voiced his
intent to contest against Srinivasan
for the post of BCCI president, won’t
be attending today’s meeting but is
expected to be there for the AGM,
along with another former president
Shashank Manohar.
It may be noted that Manohar is
known to be leading the anti-Srinivasan lobby and had severely criticised
the decision to put off the AGM.
Sundar Raman under scanner
Sources said that the IPL COO
(Sundar Raman) could be pulled up
following the Mudgal Panel’s observations and there is a possibility of an
internal probe being instituted.
He is known to be close to Srinivasan and a powerful men in the
BCCI and the expectations are the
(Board) may go ‘soft’ on him despite
a section of the members seeking
action against him.
The Chief Minister said there is no need now to write to the PM, since
The George Washington Bridge is
among the most frequently chosen
sites in the New York City metropolitan area for committing suicide. In
the record-breaking year of 2012,
18 people threw themselves off
the bridge to their deaths, with 43
suicide attempts overall.
Chennai, Nov 18:
The George Washington Bridge is
among the most frequently chosen
sites in New York for committing suicide. Kotturpuram flyover in the city
may soon get the dubious distinction
of Chennai’s George Washington
Bridge, courtesy the rising incidents
of suicides there.
The latest victim is a 52-year old
bank officer, who jumped off the
bridge and ended his life on Sunday.
‘More than 10 cases were reported
since 2012, especially after the death
of a popular singer’s husband,’ say
Kottupuram police officials.
The BCCI emergent meet will
take a call on whether to hold
the AGM as scheduled on 20
Probable action against IPL
COO Sundar Raman, who is
under the Mudgal panel scanner.
The future of IPL teams - CSK
and RR would come in for consideration
aside following
the Supreme
Court strictures.
Another key issue that will be
discussed is the
case of IPL COO
Sunder Raman,
who has been
named in the
Mudgal report
N Srinivasan
of having been
in touch with a
contact of a bookie during the first
Now that the decks seem to have
been cleared for Srinivasan to climb
back to his position at the Board.
The meeting will also see the board’s
lawyers summarising the recent court
developments and brief the board
members of the likely ramifications.
Also, the fate of former CSK team
principal Gurunath Meiyappan and
Rajasthan Royals co-owner Raj Kundra would be on the agenda while the
fate of the two teams would also come
under scanner.
Mullaiperiyar: CM
hits out at MK again
Is Kotturpuram flyover city’s
George Washington bridge?
What lies ahead
The elusive tigress (Nethra) snapped after it was trapped on Tuesday.
Elusive tigress is trapped
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
The search has ended, so to say. The elusive two-year-old tigress Nethra, of
the Arignar Anna Zoological Park. which had been giving the zoo authorities
a lot to think about, was trapped in the wee hours today.
Zoo authorities revealed that a chunk of meat was placed inside the tiger enclosure, as a ploy to move it out of its hiding place. Eventually, ‘Nethra’ strayed
in last night and was trapped inside the animal house after an automatic gate
of the cage closed behind it. Later, a team of animal keepers and a zoo veterinarian tranquilised the Royal Bengal Tigress, and transferred her to safety.
The two-year-old tigress was reported missing since Friday, when a portion
of the compound wall behind the tiger enclosure caved in following the heavy
rains. Immediately. a chain-link fence was erected to cover the open space
after the collapse. It was said that four tigers returned to their enclosure by
evening, but Nethra was reported missing. The three days since the tigress
went missing kept zoo authorities on their toes and those in localities adjoining
Vandalur were on alert. Residents were warned not to venture out at night.
The capture of Nethra must have come as a huge relief for the residents of
areas in and around Vandalur and the visitors to the zoo too.
(More story and photo on Page 3)
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
As the Chennai city Traffic Police
(CCTP) and the Transport department continued their second day of
cracking down on erring auto drivers,
they were met with protests and evasion tactics.
According to traffic policemen who
are stationed at different parts of the
city, the drivers refused to abide by
rules, standing unitedly against the
raids and tariffs.
Police sources said that labour union groups such as CITU and AITUC
are strongly protesting the police
move by not plying passengers today.
On the other hand, drivers feel that
the minimum charges need to be
hiked from Rs 25 to Rs 30 and the
rate per kilometer be increased from
Rs 12 to Rs 15.
Drivers are also said to be circulating text messages among themselves
and providing information on the various ‘check’ points. Following this, the
check points have been changed for
today, it is learnt.
It may be recalled that the regulatory
drive which commenced on Monday
put 2506 autos under the scanner,
with 50 autos being seized and 236
violations found.
18 NOVEMBER 2014
Issue of inconvenience
Residents oppose location of bio-toilets at Besant Nagar
Our Hon. PM @
has swept the
Aussies with
his intellect &
charisma for a
grand nale at
MCG. Will Our
cricket team
follow suit with a
test series victory
after our hockey
team showed the
ven a good thing can go
wrong if all is not well. The
bio-toilet complex at Besant
Nagar beach can be a classic
example to this, as residents
have opposed its location.
‘We are not against biotoilets, but the placement. It
is located in an area where
people come and sit during
evenings’, says social activist
Kamakshi Subramanyam.
A group of volunteers
and civic activists, along
with Kamakshi, have been
Barricades around the bio
-toilets at Elliot’s beach
protesting the facility.
in Besant Nagar.
She further says, ‘Senior
citizens nd it difcult to go
inside the beach, so they sit on the
th pavements
t to
t feel
f l the
th breeze,
B t the
th bio-toilet
bi t il t
blocks them from having a view towards
the shore.’
‘Also, the entrance of the toilets is so
narrow that normal
people cannot t inside it. And there are
no special facilities for
the differently abled,’ she says, adding:
‘But the main issue is
the placement of
these toilets.’
The Corporation
and police ofcials
that these toilets are
and can be shifted to
any place
where the public want,
but it has
been months and no
was taken to remove
the toilets till
date, she adds.
money has been invested in making and placing the bio-toilets, why couldn’t the Corporation
ask for any public
opinion from the locality. Bio-toilets were installed for the convenience of the people, but
keeping them in a place like this does create problems for people taking a stroll towards the beach. And, it is placed
in such a way that women feel embarrassed to enter the toilets in front of public.’ ‘These toilets can be shifted to the
northern side of the beach mostly near Urur Kupam where there is a need of public toilets’, she suggests.
“The majority of men meet with failure
because of their lack of persistence in
creating new plans to take the place of
those which fail.”
- Napoleon Hill
‘These toilets can be shifted to
the northern side of the beach
(near Urur Kupam) where
there is a need for such a
Metro station takes shape
at Shenoy Nagar
— NT Bureau
A view of upcoming Shenoy Nagar metro station.
While the estimated construction
cost of an underground station
is around Rs 100 crore, the cost
of underground tunnelling per
kilometre alone costs Rs 300
crore. Along with the tunnelling
works, the station is being built
here simultaneously. Underground
trial between Egmore and Shenoy
Nagar station is expected to
commence by the end of next year,
he added.
Raghuram of Shenoy Nagar
said, ‘Among the various modes
of transportation, I consider
metro rail as the most reliable
and safe transportation. I hope
that it will help to reduce trafc
congestion in the city’.
unnelling works being carried
25 persons would be involved in
at Shenoy Nagar to come up
the tunnelling works at any point of
with a metro station is completed.
time. These machines which costs
Ofcial from Chennai Metro
around Rs 60 crore each were
Rail Limited said, ‘tunnelling
imported from China.’
is necessary for underground
When asked about the facilities
stations. The tunnel is six metre
at the station, he said, ‘unlike an
wide and 17 metre deep. Two
elevated station, the underground
one will be completely airwere
Shenoy Nagar and
Tirumangalam section
R will have a
to serve the purpose.
platform level
and a concourse
has covered the entire
level. Ticket counters will be
distance of 2.8 kms. The
present at the concourse level. A
second machine has completed a
walkway which has cross passages
distance of 2.6 kms’.
built at every 250 metres will be
On an average, a machine
present along the entire length
covers a distance of 14 metre per
of the tunnel. During emergency,
day. Even though, the machine is
commuters can use the cross
operated by a single person, 20 to
passage to move to the adjacent
around a traf l
Cable wires
a shop
signal near
at Aminjik
s as they fear
to pedestrian trocuted.
of being elec
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Sri Lanka Tour of India 2014 H/ls : ODI Review
Close Encounters
Indian Super League 2014 H/ls
Cricket World Cup : Tales
Sri Lanka Tour of India 2014 H/ls : ODI Review
South Africa Tour of Australia 2014 H/ls : ODI
Cricket World Cup : Winning the Cup 2011
Cricket World Cup : Tales
Great Knocks
Cricket World Cup : Winning the Cup 1983
Indian Super League 2014 H/ls
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18 NOVEMBER 2014
Around Town
NBA targets
Chennai schools
Forest Minister MSM Anandan carries out inspection at Vandalur Zoo on Monday.
Physical education teachers
to provided training
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
American basketball is hugely popular in India and the NBA in an effort to
unearth talent in the country is targetting schools. The NBA, with an eye on
spotting talent, has come up ‘Train the Trainer’ initiative where in plans to train
physical education teachers of schools, including those of Chennai (formerly
Corporation) schools.
According to Senior Director of Basketball Operations- NBA India Carlos Barroca, the talent pool among both men and women basketball players in India
know no bounds. ‘The response we are getting from Chennai-based schools
is much higher in number than that in any other State or country. From India,
1.2 million of them are a part of this programme.’
‘Reliance Foundation Junior NBA 2014’, a joint initiative of Reliance Foundation and the National Basketball Association (NBA) launched ‘Train the
Trainers’ programme at Santhome High School here on Monday.
Over 200 schools, including 80 Corporation schools across the city are
participating in the programme. According to sources, 200 NBA international
coaches will be based in India to train Chennai coaches and youth. The pro-
TIGER tales
‘Nethra’ escape doesn’t deter visitors, say zoo officials
Chennai, Nov 18:
The zoological park at Vandalur near
Tambaram was in the news following a wall
collapse, which saw five tigers ‘escape’ only
four to return to their enclosures later. However,
one - tigress Nethra remained elusive (till this
morning) keeping the zoo staff on the tenter-
A training session for PETs taking place at Santhome School.
‘The response we are getting from
Chennai-based schools is much higher
in number than that in any other State or
country. From India, 1.2 million of them
are a part of this programme’
gramme is taking place in eight cities including Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Delhi,
Kochi, Kottayam, Kolkatta and Mumbai apart from Chennai.
In order to help students hone the right skills, the international coaches will
train school coaches/PETs from Chennai to achieve big in this game. Physical trainers from schools, students and coaches will be present at the event.
‘Train the Trainer’ will have in-school basketball sessions, various activities
and training camps for the group.
Barroca said, ‘We will provide instructions to the teachers, training to the
students and curriculum to the schools.’
‘Some skills can be developed only at a young age of 12-14 years. Energy
levels will be higher and more efficiency will be found. Thus training them remains crucial. Facilities such as space, grounds and the rings are the downfalls
in Chennai. And, lack of teachers to teach makes the initiative a worthwhile
one since both teachers and students will be benefitting out of it.’
He further said, ‘Apart from this, physical trainers from schools will choose
the best athletes for the Saturday camps. Also by April, there will be a National
camp where five boys and five girls from Chennai can participate.’
(The tigress was
reported to have been ‘caught’ on Tuesday morning).
Even as efforts were intensified to track down the animal that was on the
loose and bring it back, people
in areas surrounding the forest were warned to
be on guard.
Incidentally, the tigress’ escape and the subsequent at- tempts to capture the animal didn’t deter visitors
to the zoo, it seems. According to officials, close to 5,000 and 10,200 footfalls had been recorded on Saturday
and Sunday respectively. They said, however, an alert was issued to the surrounding villagers, asking them to
remain inside houses in the evenings.
For the scores of visitors who throng Arignar Anna Zoological Park, popularly known as Vandalur zoo,
the ‘tiger tales’ didn’t seem to be much of a deterrent. When News Today caught up with some of them
on Monday, they said they were aware of the matter since it was making headlines for a few days.
However, they said there was not much to fear as they were confident that the zoo authorities would
have made adequate safety arrangements.
Jagan, a visitor said he saw that the crowd was normal for a week day and added that ‘I wasn’t too worried
about the safety as the tigers were in a separate enclosure and didn’t plan to visit that section.’
Meanwhile, State Forest Minister MSM Anandan carried out an inspection of the tiger enclosure yesterday. He
said, ‘Officials will inspect and renovate at least four old structures in the zoo. The walls in the enclosures of the
Indian Gaur, wild dogs and the damaged one in the tiger enclosure had been built a long time ago. Reinforcement
work will be carried out in the immediate future’.
Zoo authorities also said even before the Minister’s announcement, they had checked all the structures and
enclosures in the zoo and all were in good condition. A 15-feet high fencing has been placed for about 100 metres
along the site where the wall collapsed on Friday.
‘Namma Toilets’ to come
up at 7 places in Zone-X
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
The civic body has identified seven
places at Zone-X to construct ‘Namma
Toilets’. Of them, work is on to install the
toilets on Anna Main Road, K K Nagar.
‘A team appointed by the Corporation will inspect seven places at Saidapet and T Nagar in Kodambakkam
tion official said. Six ‘Namma Toilets’
will be installed on the pavement in
front of ESIC Hospital, K K Nagar.
‘Of the six, two each will be allotted for men and women and two for
differently-abled. A sum of Rs 20 lakh
has been allotted,’ said the official.
The green and white cubicles will
have louvres on all four sides and
a sunroof to allow
for optimal ventilation and natural light
without compromising user privacy. The
fittings and fixtures
are vandal resistant,
durable and userfriendly. Each toilet
stall is powered by a
solar panel installed
on the roof. During
the day, the toilets
get sunlight while the
solar panels charge
The ‘Namma Toilets’ in front of ESIC Hospital on
the battery, and when
Anna Main Road will be easy to clean and also
it is dark, the stalls are
user friendly.
lit with motion sensor
Zone where there is a need for toilets lighting. The interiors are seamless
and it would be installed,’ a Corpora- and can be easily cleaned with the
help of a water jet.
‘At present there are many cement
toilets that are maintained by the
Corporation. However, they stink all
the time and the walls are dirty with
spit stains. Hope, ‘Namma Toilets’
will replace them in the coming days,’
said Subramani, a resident of Tenth
Sector, K K Nagar.
‘It is a welcome move that the civic
body has allotted separate toilets
for differently-abled and many more
should come at important junctions
in the neighbourhood,’ said Ramakrishnan, another resident.
Most of the public toilets are unusable because they lack in maintenance. This should not be in the case
of ‘Namma Toilets’. ‘As there are
many user-friendly facilities available,
utmost care should be given,’ said
the residents.
‘At present, the maintenance of
‘Namma Toilets’ will be taken up by
the private company which is providing them. In later stage, plans are
there to involve local community so
that we can put an end to open defecation,’ the official from Zone-X said.
Transgenders keep
people away from beach
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
Elliot’s Beach at Besant Nagar is one of the favourite destinations for the
people of Chennai and they love to spend their evenings there. But there are
certain longstanding issues which spoil the ambience at the beach.
Transgenders seem to create problems to the public, especially couples, by
demanding money.
‘We come here
to spend some time out of our
busy schedule.
But transgenders who seek money
spoil our mood. It isn’t possible to pay
them a huge amount which they ask
When we fail to pay heed to their request,
treat us in a very bad way and pass obscene
c o m ments,’ said a techie, who was at the
with his friend.
A n other issue is child labour. As many
of school-going age are seen working
at food
stalls on the sands of Elliots beach. ‘Children are
found working at the beach in large numbers.
they sell small items or toys too, apart from
food items.
We don’t see their parents around and these
young ones
keep working for the sake of their survival,’
said a commuter.
Also, there
are children who beg. They would follow visitors
and ask them money. The other issue is garbage littered at the beach,
which pollutes the whole place. The area needs more waste bins as
commuters who visit the beach pollute the serene locality by throwing
plastic and other waste.
Now, fast-track court at Ambattur
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
Ambattur has got its first fast-track court, a facility that ensures speedy justice for cheque bounce cases at Magistrate
level. The court started functioning at the old Magistrate
court building on CTH Road from 30 October.
In addition to the new fast-track court, the Magistrate and
the Munsiff courts will also continue to function in the same
campus. Secretary of Ambattur Bar Association, E Murugesan, said, ‘the cases will be heard by Judge Maheswari,
who was earlier at a court in Ponneri.
Cases involving bounced cheques from Lucas till Veerapuram can be presented here.’
Each day, around 50 cases are heard by the Judge.
Around 600 numbered and 300 unnumbered cases
are in process, it is learnt.
The cheque bounce cases are from banks
and police stations. Earlier, these were being
heard by the Magistrate Court and it would take time to get a
verdict. Now the fast- track court follows ‘Summary Trial Procedure’ in which a case has to be disposed within six months.
Murugesan said that the Ambattur Bar Association pushed
all limits to establish the fast-track court.
‘We waited for two years for the facility to be set up. Adjacent to the fast track court building a 1,000 square feet
room was also renovated at a cost of Rs five lakh for the
effective use of the court complex. The entire expense was
borne by the Bar Association members.’ He hopes that the
progressive step would be a beginning to get an own and
equipped court complex in the neighbourhood.
For years, the locality court has been confided within a
sub-standard premises, he said.
Behind the Ambattur Zone 7 Corporation building, around
1.75 acres lie vacant. The property belongs to the civic
body. Advocates want it to be utilised for the construction
of a court complex.
Bomb threat to
BJP HQ: Cops
look for clues
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
After a bomb threat letter was
issued to the BJP headquarters
‘Kamalalayam’ here on Monday,
police have registered a case
and are investigating the origin
of the letter.
The letter had not specified the
‘sender’, however, the culprit will be
traced soon, police sources said.
The BJP headquarters in T
Nagar has adequate security by
policemen and armed forces and
there is no need for extra force,
police said. The letter mentioned
bomb threats to BJP headoffice,
Central railway station, CBI office,
Kalpakam Atomic Centre and
other public places after the return
of Prime Minister Narendra Modi
from his foreign trips.
It is also said that letter was
sent in the name of Al-Qaeda
The letter was addressed to
Tamilnadu BJP president Tamilisai Soundararajan. She said her
party had lodged a complaint with
police on receipt of the letter.
DMDSC doctors
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Center’s (DMDSC) vicechairman Dr Ranjith Unnikrishnan
and joint managing director
Dr R M Anjana
were recently
conferred with
the Fellowship
of the American
College of Phy- Dr Ranjith Unnikrishnan
sicians (FACP)
by the American College of
The fellowship has been
conferred in
recognition of
Dr R M Anjana
their contribution to patient care, teaching,
community service, continuous
medical education and research
in the filed of diabetology.
In addition, Ranjith has also
been recently conferred with the
Fellowships of the Royal College
of Physicians (FRCP) from Glasgow and Edinburgh.
EPFO settles
over 75 lakh
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
The Employees Provident Fund
Organisation (EPFO) settled
more than 75 lakh claims in seven
months of the current fiscal.
Of these, 97.56 per cent were
settled within the mandated 30
days, according to a release issued after a recent review of the
performance of the EPFO by Central PF Commissioner K K Jalan.
The release said the EPFO’s regional office at Tambaram settled
95.15 per cent of the claims in 10
days of receipt and updated 99.98
per cent of the annual accounts
due for compilation.
Against the disposal of overall
claims of 13,500 in October, the
Tambaram office accounted for
1,614, the release said.
The EPFO received over Rs
7,409 crore in remittances last
Over 300
screened at
free eye camp
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
As many as 328 persons were
screened at a free eye camp
conducted by Singhvi Charitable
Trust at Arumandai recently.
According to a press release,
free eye-glasses were given to
173 persons and 60 patients
were referred for free cataract
Also, 118 people were treated
for dental ailments.
English play
on Hanuman
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
Chettinad Players will stage
an English play on Hanuman at
Kumararajah Muthiah Hall, Chettinad Vidyashram school, R A
Puram, tomorrow at 6 pm.
18 NOVEMBER 2014
At home and away
Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes across as a seasoned hand
at diplomacy. In less than six months, Modi has not only not shied
away from bilateral and multilateral summitry, but, what is more
creditable, he has conducted himself with the practised ease of a pro.
His critics can be forgiven for believing that the desi leader from
Gujarat, who had had vernacular schooling, would fumble while
engaging with his foreign interlocutors on vital global matters of
mutual and/or multilateral interests. But as his state visits to Japan,
the US, Nepal and Bhutan underlined, Modi is most proficient in
conducting diplomacy at the highest level. If the carping critics
have to carp, they might say with some justification that in the
conduct of our foreign relations, the role of the foreign minister
has been virtually overshadowed by the towering presence of the
Prime Minister.
Validity of that criticism, however, is lost the moment you realise
that the PM is doing such a good job of it. The latest global stage
where Modi came across as a significant presence was in Brisbane
at the G-20 summit meeting. Both, in bilateral meetings with his
counterparts from the Western nations and in the G-20 plenary,
Modi’s contribution too was notable. His concern that the Western
countries cooperate on fighting the menace of black money in
secret accounts elicited a positive response all around. Since the
movement of illicit money has now a sharp security dimension as
well, it is not hard to see the global powers joining hands to lift the
veil on unaccounted funds stashed away in secret bank accounts in
tax havens.
Given that citizens of Western nations too are known to evade taxes
by keeping illicit funds in these accounts, the desire to lift the veil
on these accounts was widely shared at the G-2- summit meeting.
Most nations committed to crack down on tax avoidance. Of course,
a major highlight of the Brisbane summit was the complete isolation
of Russia. President Vladimir Putin was buttonholed for grilling by
every major Western leader for having violated so very flagrantly the
sovereignty of the neighbouring Ukraine. Far from scaling down the
economic sanctions, these leaders told Putin in no uncertain terms
that these could be further tightened if Russia did not withdraw
troops and weapons from Ukraine.
Since these sanctions have also caused hardships to the European
nations, their commitment to defend Ukraine’s independence is
remarkable. As British Prime Minister David Cameron put it,
‘there is a cost to sanctions, but there would be a far greater cost in
allowing a frozen conflict on the continent of Europe to be created
and maintained.’ President Obama too was blunt, ‘you do not invade
other countries or finance proxies and support them in ways that
break up a country that has mechanisms for democratic elections’.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo
Abe and the host Prime Minister Tony Abbott also ticked off Putin
in unambiguous words for the latter’s bid to destabilise Ukraine.
In the face of this hostile barrage, Putin decided to fly back even
before the release of the G-20 communique, citing the need to
catch up on sleep on the long flight home. Aside from the Russian
offence, the summit took place in a conducive atmosphere, with
the US and China agreeing on reducing carbon emissions by 2030,
and India paving the way for signing of the WTO’s trade facilitation
agreement after the decision to suspend the conditionality on food
subsidies and storage. In fact, the leaders of major world powers
and the developing powers like India displayed a rare conjunction
of targets and ambitions, signing together on security and climate
change issues. An extra 2.1 percentage points to global growth over
five years might be added as a result of the agreements initialed by
the world leaders in Brisbane. But, without doubt, the isolation of
President Putin was the biggest story at Brisbane.
Parking rules needed
Many taxis and cars just park in front of houses and cause inconvenience
to residents. They must be provided with parking lots. People who start
business, like a travels company, do not provide a designated space for
parking their vehicles. Roads cannot be used to used as free parking place
R Ganesan
Ganesan,, Adambakkam
Protest, peace,
Hong Kong clears students agitation site
Hong Kong on Tuesday started to
clear part of a protest camp in the
heart of the city that has been occupied by pro-democracy demonstrators for nearly two months, leaving
most of the main protest site intact.
About 30 court bailiffs arrived at
the 33-storey Citic Tower in Admiralty, next to government buildings,
to enforce an injunction against street
barricades after a request from the
building’s owners, witnesses said.
Authorities stood by as workers
used cutters to remove barricades.
Police and said the building’s owners
had hired workers to carry out the
clearance. ‘We will proceed on the
principle of peace and non-violence,’
said Joshua Wong, head of Scholarism, one of two student groups leading the protests.
‘We are not looking for an argument
Oxford’s editorial staff says the
word, vape, is tied to this year’s big
debates about health and society
Oxford’s lexicographers keep watch
over billions of words every month
from literary novels to academic
journals to blogs and at the end of
the year they put their brainy heads
together to select a single word that
best embodies the zeitgeist.
Out of this year’s haze of nominees
and debate emerged four little letters.
Vape, a verb meaning to inhale
and exhale the vapor produced by
an electronic cigarette or similar
device, beat out everything from bae
to normcore. It was coined in the late
1980s when companies like RJR
Nabisco were experimenting with the
first ‘smokeless’ cigarettes.
But, after years of languishing, the
word is back, needed to distinguish a
growing new habit from old-fashioned
smoking. According to Oxford’s calculations, usage of vape, which as a
noun can refer to an e-cigarette or
similar device, more than doubled
between 2013 and 2014.
‘It’s hard to anticipate what’s going
to capture the public imagination at
any given moment,’ Casper Grathwohl, president of Oxford’s dictionaries division, tells.
‘Vape only really caught on a few
years ago and now we’ve seen a
dramatic rise.’
But, he notes, Oxford doesn’t
choose a word of the year simply
based on how much ink has been
Woman lived
with dead mom
for five years
A German woman lived for more
than five years with the corpse of her
mother, whose mummified remains
were discovered last week, a news
report said.
The daughter, 55, was admitted to a
Construct toilet near station
Noise is the problem
Noise pollution is caused by Sri Sai Baba temple authorities at Mylapore.
It is true that when the issues were raised with temple people, they did not
respond positively, but some of them were arrogant in replying. Let them
restrict all chantings, bhajans, mantras within the temple so that the bhakthas visiting the temple enjoy them inside the temple. This is not a temple
town like Shirdi, but basically a residential locality and should be free from
noise pollution.
Hariharan, Alamelumangapuram.
The Editor, News Today, 85, Mount Road, Guindy, Chennai - 600 032.
or e-mail to : [email protected] / [email protected]
Some protesters packed up pillows, blankets and
other belongings from inside their tents and moved
to another part of the demonstration zone
with the police. If they clear
the road outside the car park
we will accept that. If they
clear other areas it will be
very disappointing.’
Some protesters packed
up pillows, blankets and
other belongings from inside
their tents and moved to
another part of the demonstration zone.
‘Our plan is to do nothing and just observe,’ said
protester Gary Yeung, 25. ‘The preagreed area is fine. Anything beyond
that is not. It’s a peaceful protest so
we won’t fight back.’
The area near Citic Tower, headquarters of CITIC Pacific Ltd., has
been surrounded by metal barricades, disrupting commuters heading to the Central business district
Oxford’s word of
the year is Vape
Absence of a public toilet in the western side of Tambaram Station has
driven many to utilise the public place as urinals. The act has become omnipresent on the way towards Tambaram bus stop, and causes inconvenience
to women passers-by.
A public toilet should be constructed at this place to uphold ‘Swacch
Bharat’ campaign also. I request authorities to take necessary action in the
interest of public.
Manisha Srikanth, Tambaram
psychiatric hospital after police made
the grisly find in the southern city of
Munich, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung
daily reported.
A social worker had attempted to
visit the mother last Thursday after
authorities had been rebuffed several
times but was denied entry by the
daughter. The worker then alerted
police who asked the fire brigade to
open the door to the flat. Police said
other tenants in the apartment block
had in the past reported a ‘strange
smell’ and had told building management that they had not seen the older
woman for some time.
Officers who questioned the daughter and ordered a post-mortem examination concluded that the mother
died of natural causes in March 2009
at the age of 77. They were shocked
to find that the daughter had shared a
bed with her mother’s corpse.
Wannabes of 2014
bae (n., slang): a term of endearment for one’s romantic partner, likely a shortening of baby or babe, though some theorize
that it is an acronym for ‘before anyone else.’ The word can also
be used as an adjective to describe something good or cool.
budtender (n.): someone who works at a medical marijuana
dispensary or retail marijuana shop.
contactless (adj.): describing technologies that allow a
smart card, etc., to connect wirelessly to an electronic reader,
typically in order to make a payment.
indyref (n., slang): an abbreviated form of Scotland’s failed
referendum to declare independence from the United Kingdom.
normcore (n.): a fashion movement in which ordinary, unfashionable clothing is worn as a deliberate statement.
slacktivist (n.): one who engages in digital activism on the
Web which is regarded as requiring little time or involvement.
Also slacktivism.
Oxford’s selection is the first of many big ones to come before
2014’s word-anointing season ends in early January.
Vape, a verb
meaning to inhale and
exhale the
vapor produced by an
electronic cigarette or
similar device
spilt writing it.
‘A word is just the surface of something that often has a really complex
and rich life underneath,’ he says.
On the surface, vape’s selection
captures the exploding popularity
of e-cigarettes - which, effectively
invented in 2003, are suddenly close
to a $2 billion market.
It also memorializes this year’s
historic opening of legal marijuana
shops, where residents in Colorado
and Washington state can buy vape
pens (devices that vaporize liquids
containing nicotine or cannabis into
forms users can inhale) for about $60.
Teen arrested for
‘burying boy alive’
A young Turkish man has been arrested on suspicion of burying alive
a teenager who had a pre-marital relationship with his sister, reports said.
Akin Tokdenir, 18, was arrested
along with his father Ahmet on suspicion of the murder of 16-yearold Onur Sandal, whose body
was found in a forest earlier
this month.
Sandal, a plumber, was reported missing by his parents
in November last year and his
corpse was found by forest
guards buried in a wooded
area in the western city of
Denizli. Akin Tokdenir turned
himself to police and immediately confessed to the murder, the
reports said. His father, who
acted as an accomplice, was later
An autopsy revealed that Sandal
had been stabbed 65 times and had
severe torture marks including a hole
made by a sharp object. His lungs
were filled with soil, meaning he had
been buried alive, the Hurriyet newspaper reported.
Surveillance footage obtained by
the police showed Sandal being
beaten by the father and the son,
who took the victim away in a car in a
residential neighbourhood of Denizli.
The pair said they committed the
murder after Sandal refused to get
engaged to his girlfriend despite hav-
ing a ‘sexual relationship’ with her.
‘I’m dying. Tell my mother to give
her blessings to me. I have made
her suffer a lot,’ Sandal said as he
was pleading for his life, according
to the father.
The father said he was sorry and
regretted the killing, but claimed it was
‘a matter of honour for us.’
The suspects have yet to be
formally charged. It was not clear
whether Sandal’s girlfriend -- whose
identity was not
disclosed -- was also punished by
her family and what her current situation is.
Turkey has stepped up efforts to
stamp out so-called ‘honour killings’ in recent years and toughened
penalties. But such crimes remain
frequent within conservative Muslim
society and while women make up
the majority of victims men can also
be targeted. According to women’s
activists, 237 women lost their lives
in such killings in 2013.
nearby. Scores of colourful tents dot
the area that is home to some of the
world’s most expensive real estate.
The former British colony of Hong
Kong returned to Chinese rule in
1997 under a ‘one country, two
systems’ formula that gives the city
more autonomy and freedom than the
mainland with the goal of universal
The protesters are demanding
open nominations in the city’s next
election for chief executive in 2017.
Beijing has said it will allow a vote in
2017, but only between pre-screened
candidates. A similar injunction has
been issued for a street in the gritty
district of Mong Kok, another protest
site across the harbour from Admiralty that has seen some of the most
violent clashes over the past seven
weeks. It was not clear when authorities would enforce that order.
Scientists say
comet lander
will wake up
There is a strong chance Europe’s
comet lander will wake up from hibernation as it nears the sun, raising
hopes for a second series of scientific
measurements from the surface next
year, scientists involved in the mission said.
The Philae lander, which became
the first spacecraft to touch down on
a comet Wednesday, has already
sent reams of data back to Earth that
scientists are eagerly examining. But
there were fears its mission would be
cut short because it came to rest in
the shadow of a cliff.
Shortly before its primary battery
ran out, the European Space Agency
decided to attempt to tilt the lander’s
biggest solar panel toward the sun -a last-ditch maneuver that scientists
believe may have paid off.
‘We are very confident at some
stage it will wake up again and we
can achieve contact,’ Stephan Ulamec, the lander manager, told The
Associated Press
That should happen next spring,
when Philae and the comet it is
riding on -- called 67P/ChuryumovGerasimenko -- get closer to the sun,
warming up a secondary battery on
board. A few days of sunshine on
the solar panels should be enough
to charge the battery sufficiently to
conduct science runs, said Ulamec.
Injured panda
rescued in China
A giant panda, which sustained serious injuries in an attack by martens,
was rescued by taffers at a Chinese
nature reserve.
The 3-year-old panda was found
hiding and moaning inside a cave
near a patrol station in the Tangjiahe
Natural Reserve in Sichuan Province,
according to station staff. The panda
sustained severe injuries in its stomach, exposing its intestines.
The injury was likely to have been
caused by several yellow-throated
martens, Chen Limin, an official at the
natural reserve told state-run Xinhua
news agency. Experts say it is possible for weak pandas to die in such
predator attacks.
The panda, later named ‘Ping
Ping’, meaning peace and safety,
has undergone surgery and is now
recovering. Pandas have 20 natural
enemies ranging from tigers to Asian
black bears to boas with felines being
their most deadly predators.
When cornered by such animals, a
wild panda will often lean against a
tree defending itself with claws and
teeth or escape by climbing up a tree
or rolling down a mountain rope.
Most predators will avoid life-anddeath confrontations with pandas but
it is possible for sick, weak, young and
elderly bears to die in such attacks,
Yang Xuyi, a wildlife official with
Sichuan’s forestry department said.
Giant pandas are one of the world’s
most endangered species. About
1,600 live in the wild, mostly in the
mountains of Sichuan, while more
than 300 live in captivity.
Chennai sees decline
in hiring activity
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
The Naukri Job Speak Index for
the month of October 2014 was at
1108 indicating a decline of 14 per
cent in hiring activity when compared to September 2014. According to a press release, sectors such
as insurance and pharma saw maximum decline of 23 and 22 per cent
respectively in October’14 as compared to September’14. Auto sector
has seen a decline of 17 per cent in
this time period.
Executive vice president and chief
sales officer, Naukri.com, V Suresh
said, ‘Job market in Chennai witnessed a seasonal dip due to the
festive season. The overall mood is
positive and we can expect hiring to
pick up in the coming months’.
An in-depth analysis reveals that
apart from insurance and pharma,
other key sectors like IT and BPO
have seen a month on month decline of 16 and 17 per cent respectively in the index in October’14. The
demand for professionals working in
banking and insurance and production maintenance saw maximum dip
in hiring with the index moving down
by 29 and 28 per cent respectively in
October’14 over September’14.
3D view of 2 Dec
New Delhi, Nov 18 (PTI):
The Reserve Bank will take into account all aspects including five-year
low inflation rate while deciding on
interest rate at the monetary policy
review next month, RBI Deputy Governor S S Mundra said.
‘...Of course there is an element
of base effect and some local and
global uncertainties always remain
around us. So, we are watchful of
all these developments and we will
continue to taking all these inputs
(while taking a view on interest
rate)’, he said at the RBI stall at India
International Trade Fair (IITF) set-up
to spread awareness on financial literacy and educate the common man
on banking and financial matters.
Mundra added: ‘One, of course,
is the various measures taken by
the government, fiscal measures.
Second, we also got lucky in some
sense with the falling fuel prices or
the softening commodity prices globally. The food prices also reflected
Inflation based on the Wholesale Price Index
cooled to a five-year low of 1.77 per cent in
October driven by softening prices of fuel and
food items. At the same time, retail inflation,
based on Consumer Price Index, also eased to
5.52 per cent at end of October
the softening trend and the third
component is the monetary policy
which was in our domain which was
pursued so what we are witnessing
today, it is a combined effect of all
the things’. Inflation based on the
Wholesale Price Index cooled to
a five-year low of 1.77 per cent in
October driven by softening prices
of fuel and food items. At the same
time, retail inflation, based on Consumer Price Index, also eased to
5.52 per cent at end of October.
With moderation in inflation, there
is a widespread expectation that RBI
will cut interest rate in its upcoming
New Delhi, Nov 18 (PTI):
There is an uptrend in time spent by CEOs on talent
initiatives, as more than half of chief executives surveyed said they personally drove such steps in their
organisations in the last 12 months, says a study.
According to online career and recruitment solutions provider Monster.com’s
annual study on ‘CEO as Chief Talent
Officer 2014’ which was put out in collaboration with People Matters, around 91 per cent
of CEOs believe in direct participation in talent endeavors.
This study, in its third year, noted that there is an
uptrend in the time spent by CEOs on talent initiatives,
with the 54 CEOs assessed stating that they have personally driven talent initiatives in their organisations in
the last 12 months.
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
placed over 450 students of the batch of
2014-16, in a record
time of just over 2.5
days, a press release
378 offers were made
in slot 0 - consisting of
day 0 and day 1, which
is an all-time record
across the IIM’s.
The consulting domain had 38 offers
being made by McKinsey& Company, BCG,
Bain& Company and A
T Kearney, the highest
in the last three years.
The maximum offers
in the consulting sector
was made by Accenture with 17, closely
followed by The Boston Consulting Group
at 15.
As many as 88 per cent of CEOs agree that time
spent on talent has either increased since last year.
The survey also revealed that a major theme for
CEOs in the next 12 months will be to tap the rich
pool of
women and differentially-abled talent. Additionally, 68 per cent reveal that they
plan to spend the most amount of time
in developing leaders and connecting
with key talent.
‘Organisational diversity will be a key
area of CEO focus in Indian organisations in the coming months. Moreover, over the past three years we
have noticed that CEOs are the ones driving innovation and creative thinking’, Monster.com managing
director (India, Middle-East, Hong Kong, South East
Asia) Sanjay Modi said.
CREDAI to adopt
‘Swachh Bharat Mission’
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
Confederation of Real Estate Developers Associations’ ofIndia (CREDAI) has announced that it is
all set to embark upon a series of significant initiatives to reiterate its commitment to the development of housing and habitat in India in a modern,
futuristic way.
An official statement said, this year’s ‘CREDAI
Conclave’ will take two concrete steps this yearthe first is a ‘Clean India Pledge’ by all the delegates at the Conclave 2014. With this pledge,
CREDAI would become the first among the associations of industry to adopt ‘Swachh Bharat mission’ as an organisational endeavor.
The second is the institution of a campaign for
‘zero garbage in the housing complexes’ being developed by our members.
‘Our members are coming forth to voluntarily
adopt zero garbage principle in all their developments which would be formally announced at
Delhi Conclave leading to reduction of garbage
by at least 10,00,000 tone per annum in the very
first year in important urban clusters all over India’, informed CREDAI’s national vice president
Jaxay Shah.
Vodafone’s initiative
for medium-sized biz
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
Vodafone Business Services on Monday announced the launch of three key
initiatives to catalyse the growth of Indian
businesses, specifically focusing on medium-sized businesses that are between
Rs 50 crore and Rs 500 crore in annual
According to a press release, the initiatives include ‘Ready for the Big League’
- an engagement platform to connect and
engage fast-growing medium sized busi-
net down
Bengaluru, Nov 18:
UB Holdings, the primary holding company
of VIjay Mallya, has
posted a net profit of Rs
3.5 crore for the second quarter of FY15 as
compared to a good Rs
1024 crore during the
corresponding quarter
of last year. Income
from operations was
also down marginally to
Rs 100 crore from the
earlier Rs 118 crore.
nesses, ‘Business Readiness Scorecard’
- a web-based diagnostic tool to measure
business readiness towards facing future
challenges that helps businesses work
towards better operational agility, better
connected employees and more satisfied
customers and ‘Ready Business’ -an integrated technology solutioning approach
that uses Vodafone’s suite of Total Communications solutions to provide answers
to business problems, designed for making businesses more agile towards taking
on future challenges.
It is informed to the public by
my client Mr. D. Gopal S/o
Durai residing at Door No.225,
VOC Street, Varadharajapuram,
Nasarathpet, Poonamallee,
Chennai - 600 123. Though This
General notice that he lost his
Original Sale deed registered
at SRO Poonamallee, bearing
document No.324/1959 and
property situated at Nasarathpet
village Survey No.172 which was
proceed towards Poonamallee on
3/11/2014 around 11 A.M., hence
it is requested that if anybody found
the missed document kindly return
my client and hand over the same
Further if any encumbrances made
by any body in respect of the
property it would not bind my
client legally.
! "#
# % &
# '#
*!+## #
, #&-&
& % .
0**1 /-
&/# - -/
0**1 131
( $%
( 4
‘G20 fails to
make progress
on black money’
Washington, Nov 18 (PTI):
The G-20 summit in
Australia failed to make
substantial progress on
financial transparency and
illicit flows, an eminent
famous for its pioneering
work on black money has
‘The G20 passed up
a golden opportunity to
begin tackling this global scourge by curbing
the abuse of anonymous
companies and instituting
public country-by-country
reporting for multinational
corporations’, said Raymond president Baker
Global Financial Integrity
Considered to be a
longtime authority on financial crime, Baker had
recently co-authored an
open letter to G20 leaders on the topic prior to
the summit.
bi-monthly monetary policy on 2 December.
Asked if recovery is taking place in
the economy, Mundra said that optimism is certainly high. ‘Confidence
appears to be much high than what
it was... Signs are positive’.
He said however that inflation is an
‘area of careful observation’.
RBI has adopted a guided path, he
said, adding that ‘by January 2015
an inflation rate of eight per cent is
what we will be comfortable with. By
January 2016, it is the inflation rate
of six per cent which we are talking
about. So, I think we could not have
Axis hits overseas
debt market
Axis Bank on Monday hit the overseas debt market with a benchmark
issue to raise atleast $500 million in
a 5.5-year money, merchant banking sources said in Mumbai.
‘Axis Bank launched a
fixed-rate senior
unsecured notes
in the dollar-denominated debt market to raise at least $500 million. Depending on the pricing and demand,
the bank may raise more than $500
million through these Regulation
S notes’, a merchant banker said.
India’s third largest private lender
has given a price guidance of 1.95
per cent above the US treasury, the
sources said, adding the money will
be raised through the Dubai branch
of Axis Bank and instruments listed
on Singapore Stock Exchange.
My client Mrs. M. Jayashree, wife of T. Mothi Singh, residing at No.11
Station Road, Chrompet, Tambaram Taluk, Kanchipuram District lost an
original sale deed document executed by Mr. A.L. Subash as a Power agent
of Thatchina Moorthy @ Lakshmi Narayanan, Mrs. Mukthiammal & Mr.
Haridass Nayudu in favour of my client Mrs. M. Jayashree in respect of
Properties bearing Plot No.61 extent 1800 sq.feet in Punja Survey No. 45/1,
45/2, Registered as document No. 1485/1988 registered at Sriperumbudur
Sub-Registrar Office, last month (October 2014).
Those Spotting the document are requested to hand over if directly to my
client or in my office. If any encumbrance, sale, pledge or donation made in
respect of above Properties will not control my client.
S.P. RAJMOHAN, Advocate
No.34, Bharathiyar Street, Prasanthi Nagar,
Chrompet, Chennai - 600 044, Phone: 9789013036
MCX Stock Exchange Limited
4th Floor, Vibgyor Towers, Plot No.C - 62,
Opp. Trident Hotel, Bandra Kurla Complex,
Bandra East, Mumbai – 400098. CIN - U65999MH2008PLC185856
Notice is hereby given that MSE Financial Services Limited member of
MCX Stock Exchange Limited (”Exchange”) having registered office at
No. 11, Second Line Beach, Chennai – 600001, Tamilnadu and SEBI
Registration no. INE261116931 has applied for resignation/surrender
of their Trading Membership in the Currency Derivatives Segment.
Any client/ constituent/member/investor having any claim / dispute /
grievance with/against MSE Financial Services Limited, arising out
of trades executed in the Currency Derivatives Segment of the Exchange are advised to furnish details of his/their claim in writing to the
Arbitration & Investor Grievance Department of the Exchange at the
Registered Office address indicated above, within 60 days from the
date of this notification; enclosing therewith all supporting documents.
No such claims / dispute / grievances filed beyond the said period
will be entertained by the Exchange. The complaints filed against the
above trading member will be dealt with in accordance with the Rules,
Bye-laws and Regulations of the Exchange/MCX-SX Clearing
Corporation Ltd.
The complaint form can be downloaded from www.mcx-sx.
com>Investors>ComplaintFormat or maybe obtained from the
Exchange office at Mumbai and also at the Regional Offices
For MCX Stock Exchange Ltd.
Place: Chennai
sd/Date: 18.11.2014
Authorised Signatory
more clearer direction’. Asked about
the upside risk to inflation, Mundra
said it could be global factors like
fuel prices, the geo political tensions.
On deficit, he said the government
has laid a roadmap for fiscal discipline and consolidation.
‘Last year also a similar kind of
goal was set and it was met, and I
think the Finance Minister has mentioned it in more than one forum that
the fiscal deficit target which has
been set out will be met certainly’,
he added. On the issue of proposed
Chief Operating Officer for the central bank, he said RBI has not taken
a final view on that as yet.
‘It is a part of larger restructuring
exercise in RBI. Some part of it has
been completed and for the creation
of the post of COO. Any DG post
would need a change in legislation.
We will make a reference to the government when we think that it is appropriate time to do so’, he said.
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
Federal Bank invites applications for the one year Post Graduate Diploma course in Banking and
Finance (PGDBF) conducted at
Federal Manipal School of Banking
(FMSB), a joint venture of Federal
Bank and Manipal Global Education
A statement said, the course is
designed to groom talented young
graduates as proficient bank officers
by providing them high-end training
in banking and finance.
On successful completion of the
course, the candidates will be absorbed as probationary officers in
Federal Bank. Aspirants can apply
online between 17 November to 24
November (both days inclusive).
Candidates with minimum 60 per
cent mark for graduation, age not exceeding 26 years as on 1 November
and domiciled in any of the following
States / regions- Kerala, Tamilnadu,
Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat,
Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Pondicherry and National Capital Region (NCR) can apply for the course.
The details of the course are available in Federal Bank’s website at
Toshiba wins Indian order
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
Toshiba Corporation announced that, in collaboration with Electronic Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), it has received an order to supply an X-band
dual polarization transportable Doppler weather radar system
to India Meteorological Department (IMD).
A press statement said, the radar which is the first weather radar that
Toshiba will supply to outside Japan, will be installed at Srinagar, Jammu
and Kashmir, India in January 2015.
Toshiba has been collaborating with ECIL on weather radars since August
2012. The current order follows positive evaluation of their joint proposal,
which drew on Toshiba’s extensive experience in supplying weather radars
in Japan, and ECIL’s capabilities in supporting operation in the field in India.
Toshiba has already supplied similar radars to Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and to universities and research institutions.
The X-band dual polarization transportable Doppler weather radar system
for IMD has a range of 80km, and its short wavelength supports high resolution imaging of precipitation and wind velocity. It is only 25 per cent of the
size and consumes only 10 per cent of the power of an equivalent electrontube-based radar, the statement said.
Thiru BULGANIN, R. (Hindu),
son of Thiru Rajamanickam,
P., born on 9th April 1956
(native district: Chennai),
residing at No.83/1, Avvai
Thiru Nagar, 5th Cross Street,
Koyambedu, Chennai-600 092,
has converted to Christianity
with the name of BULGANIN
R ABRAHAM on 19th October
Chennai, 10th April 2012.
Federal Bank offers
diploma course
All eyes on policy review, as RBI to decide on rate cuts
Talent is highest priority
for CEOs: Survey
IIM Calcutta
touch new high
18 NOVEMBER 2014
CIN NO: L24110TN1970PLC005865
Regd.Office: “Kothari Buildings”, 114, Mahatma Gandhi Salai,
Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600 034 E-mail ID: [email protected]
Unaudited Statement of Results for the Quarter Ended 30.09.2014
Income from Operations
Net sales/Income from operations
(Net of excise duty)
Total income from operations
(a) Cost of materials consumed
(b) Purchase of Stock-in-Trade
(c) Changes in inventories including finished goods,
stock-in-trade etc.
(d) Employee benefits
(e) Depreciation and amortisation expense
(f) Other expenses
Total expenses
Loss from operations before other
income, finance costs and exceptional items
Other income
Loss from ordinary activities
before finance costs and exceptional items
Finance costs
Loss from ordinary activities after
finance costs but before exceptional items
Exceptional items
Loss from ordinary activities before tax
Tax expense / Deferred tax adjustment
Loss for the quarter / year
Paid-up equity share capital
(Face Value of the Share shall be indicated)
Reserve excluding Revaluation Reserves as per
balance sheet of previous accounting year
Earnings per share of Rs.5/- each (not annualised
for the quarter)
Basic & Diluted
Public shareholding
- Number of shares
- Percentage of shareholding
Promoters and Promoter Group Shareholding
a) Pledged / Encumbered
- Number of shares
- Percentage of shares (as a % of the total share
capital of the company)
b) Non-encumbered
- Number of shares
- Percentage of shares (as a % of the total
shareholding of the Promoter and Promoter group)
- Percentage of shares (as a % of the total share
capital of the company)
Quarter Ended
30.06.2014 30.09.2013
(Rs.in lakhs)
Half Year Ended
(Unaudited) (Unaudited)
Year Ended
1086.94 1825.33
5065.39 8981.47
(636.95) (1109.73)
3 months ended 30.09.2014
Investors Complaints
Pending at the beginning of the quarter
Received during the quarter
Disposed of during the quarter
Remaining unresolved at the end of the quarter
1 The above financial results have been approved by the Board of Directors at their meeting held on 12th November 2014.
2 The company operates in one reportable business segment of manufacture and sale of Fertilizers and Fertilizer Mixtures.
3 The financial results are available on the website of BSE Limited and on the company’s website www.kotharis.in
For Kothari Industrial Corporation Limited
Place: Chennai
Pradip D Kothari
Date : 12.11.2014
Chairman and Managing Director
As at 30.9.2014
Shareholders’ Funds
(a) Share Capital
(b) Reserves and Surplus
Sub Total: Shareholder’s funds
Share appliction money pending allotment
Non-Cirrent Liabilities
a) Long-term borrowings
b) Other Long term liabilities
c) Long-term provisions
Sub Total: Non-Current Liabilities
Current Liabilities
a) Short-term borrowings
b) Trade Payables
c) Other Current liabilities
Sub Total: Current Liabilities
Non-current assets
a) Tangible assets
b) Intangible assets
c) Non-Current Investments
d) Deferred tax assets (net)
e) Long-term loans and advances
f) Other non-current assets
Sub-Total: Non-current assets
Current assets
a) Inventories
b) Trade receivables
c) Cash and Cash Equivalents
d) Short-term loans and advances
Sub: total: Current assets
Rupees in Lakhs
As at 31.03.2014
18 NOVEMBER 2014
Federer, Wawrinka
play down spat
‘Ferrero &
Anderson too
good for us’
World No.2’s fitness, a worry for Swiss ahead of Davis Cup final
Smaller teams
seek meet
with F1 boss
London, Nov 18:
Formula One’s smaller
teams have written to Bernie
Ecclestone to press demands
for a bigger share of the sport’s
considerable revenues.
Force India deputy principal
Bob Fernley told Reuters a
letter had been sent on Monday
to commercial supremo
Ecclestone seeking a meeting
at this weekend’s seasonending race in Abu Dhabi.
Copies were sent to rights
holders CVC, International
Automobile Federation (FIA)
president Jean Todt and team
‘In our common interest and
for a sustainable future of the
sport, we request you, together
with the other stakeholders, to
implement a more equitable
distribution,’ Fernley said in
the letter, details of which were
leaked to the media.
F1 won’t be threatened by Formula E:
Bengaluru, Nov 18 (PTI):
Indian racer Karun Chandok
laughed at the idea of
Formula E’s green credentials
threatening the existence of
Formula One, considered the
pinnacle of motor racing.
‘Formula E is a different sports
arena. They are not competing
with F1, GP2 or F3 or anything
else. They want to establish as
the parallel and vertical sport,’
he told a section of reporters on
the sidelines of an interaction
organised by Mahindra-Reva
here yesterday.
The former Caterham F1
driver, who races for the India’s
Mahindra Formula E team, said
Formula E cannot be compared
with any other series.
Mumbai coach
wants better
Mumbai, Nov 18 (PTI):
Disappointed with his team’s
third sucessive goalless draw in
the ongoing Hero Indian Super
League, Mumbai City FC coach
Peter Reid has said that his
wards need to work on their
finishing and capitalise on the
chances that came their way.
Mumbai City FC and FC Goa
played out an action-packed
goalless draw after both the
teams failed to score on many
occasions at the D Y Patil
Stadium here last night.
Even though Reid is pleased
with his team’s overall
performance, he was not happy
with the finishing of his strikers.
‘I am delighted with our
performance. Defensively,
we were good again. I am
delighted we created chances,
good chances. But if you cannot
take them you are not going to
win. Unfortunately, we had
good chances but we did not
take them,’ he said in the post
match conference.
‘There was one penalty
appeal which went against us
but overall delighted with the
effort they put in. Just one thing
I was disappointed with was our
finishing.’ The Ranbir Kapoor
co-owned side hasn’t been
among goals in their last three
games and Reid said they have
to work hard on converting
their chances and start scoring
again. ‘In training we do a lot
of work, crossing and finishing
because it’s not about physical
but quality work. You won’t
believe this but in training the
finishing is fantastic. But the
pressure of the game is where
we need it. At this moment we
aren’t delivering. I don’t have a
magic wand. There is no wizard
who can come and get us
goals. But we have got to work
on training ground and
hopefully on a match day we
will stick it in the back of the
net,’ the former Manachester
City manager said.
London, Nov 18:
Roger Federer has sought
to play down his spat with
Stanislas Wawrinka by tweeting
a conciliatory message with his
compatriot on Monday night,
said media reports.
Federer and Wawrinka
reportedly had a 10-minute row
on Saturday, after the World No
2’s wife ‘heckled’ his opponent
from the sidelines during their
But the Swiss stars, who will
play together next weekend in
the Davis Cup final, appeared
to have settled their differences
just 48 hours after the dispute.
The pair are in Lille ahead of
the team event against France
which begins on Friday, and
could see Federer win the only
major tennis trophy that has so
far eluded him.
Federer, who arrived in
France on a private jet after
pulling out of the ATP Tour
Finals final on Sunday, tweeted
‘It’s great being with the boys
again’, alongside a picture with
Wawrinka and the rest of his
Swiss team-mates.
And the Swiss No 2 tweeted
the same picture just minutes
later, in what looks like an
attempt to smooth over the
Federer won Saturday’s
match 4-6, 7-5, 7-6 at the O2
in London, but his victory has
been overshadowed by the
It is understood that one of the
reasons the Swiss compatriots
fell out at their ATP Tour
Finals semi-final was because
Federer’s wife Mirka heckled
Among Wawrinka’s
complaints is that she made
audible comments from his
supporters’ box - which is at
ground level - questioning in
French whether he would have
the guts to close the match.
According to several
eyewitnesses, a vociferous
argument developed between
the pair in the backstage area.
Tour officials decided that the
best thing was to push them
alone into a private room that
had been converted into a gym
area, as there is no communal
locker room at the arena.
While the dispute is not
believed to have become
physical, a heated 10-minute
row ensued in which both
aired their grievances against
the other.
Meanwhile, Switzerland’s
potential Davis Cup fairytale this
weekend has become clouded
by uncertainty over the fitness
of Federer and suggestions
of strained relations between
the all-time great and his team
mate Stanislas Wawrinka.
The country is on tenterhooks
to learn whether its favourite
son Federer, struggling with
a back injury, can recover
from injury in time to cap his
matchless individual career by
joining Wawrinka and winning
a first team ‘World Cup’ for his
nation against France in Lille.
Everything had been going
swimmingly in Federer’s
historic quest until Saturday
evening’s semi-final of the ATP
World Tour finals, in which he
ousted his equally in-form pal
Wawrinka in an epic threesetter.
Yet not only did the draining
final moments of Federer’s win
reawaken his old back trouble,
forcing him to withdraw before
Sunday’s final against Novak
Djokovic, but the late tension
of the match also caused
Wawrinka to offer sharp,
unimpressed words towards
his opponent’s support team
at courtside.
John McEnroe, the former
American firebrand now
commentating for ESPN, only
threw more fuel on the flames
with his revelations that the two
players were engaged in a long
post-match debate.
‘Something went on in the
locker-room, there was a long
talk between the players that
extended well into the night,’
said McEnroe.
‘And the stress of that -- I can’t
confirm all of this -- but a lot of
this went on and I don’t think
that helped the situation.’
Near the end of an
increasingly stressful match
which was only settled by a
final set tiebreak during which
Federer picked up his injury, it
had appeared Wawrinka was
unhappy with the exuberance
of the celebrations of Federer’s
camp, led by his wife Mirka and
father Robbie.
One French TV station
reported that it had picked
up Wawrinka complaining:
‘She did the same thing at
Wimbledon.’ The team mates
had played there in a quarterfinal in the summer.
Wawrinka, though, later
downplayed the incident,
saying that ‘nothing much,
nothing special.’
‘Tense match, never easy,’
he said.
The pair were due to travel
to France on Monday to start
preparations for the final with
Federer still hopeful of shaking
off the injury, even though
any recurrence of the back
problems which hampered
him so much in 2013 must
be a long-term worry for the
‘The way I feel right now,
there’s no way I can compete
at any level really,’ Federer said
on Sunday. ‘Probably in a few
days it’s going to be better.
‘This back spasm or whatever
it might be, it’s just not a fun
thing to have during the day.
It’s just uncomfortable. But I’m
positive and I’m hopeful that it’s
going to go away very soon.’
Partial relief
for Srinivasan
SC indicts Gurunath, Kundra
‘England ODI team held
back by fear of failure’
Melbourne, Nov 18:
Former skipper Andrew
Strauss believes England’s
batsmen may be being held
back in one-day internationals
by a fear of failure.
The World Cup gets under
way in February next year but
England’s hopes of going all
the way in Australia and New
Zealand have been written off
by many pundits.
One of the biggest gripes with
the 50-over team is a perceived
negative approach when it
comes to batting, scoring too
slowly compared with rival
Indeed, Rohit Sharma’s world
record 264 against Sri Lanka
last week was a bigger score
than seven of England’s past
10 ODI innings.
But Strauss believes it is
the batsmen’s mentality, not
the tactics, which need to be
altered. ‘I think the England
players, even throughout my
time, have played too fearfully,’
Strauss said in an interview with
BBC Sport.
‘They’ve been far too fearful
of getting out. And you can’t
make 400 if you’ve got that kind
of attitude.
‘I would argue it’s not the
strategy that is wrong; it’s that
players haven’t actually played
well enough. And it’s very hard
to score 400 in ODIs if you’re
not confident.’
England’s World Cup
preparations get into full swing
next week when they begin
a seven-match series in Sri
Lanka before a triangular series
against Australia and India
in the new year. And Strauss
believes Alastair Cook’s men
need to hit the ground running if
they are to carry any confidence
into the World Cup.
New Delhi, Nov 18 (PTI):
BCCI president-in-exile N
Srinivasan was on Monday
indicted by a probe committee
for not acting against an
unnamed cricketer accused of
misconduct while his son-inlaw Gurunath Meiyappan and
Raj Kundra were found guilty
of betting that could leave their
teams CSK and RR in trouble.
The Justice Mukul Mudgal
Committee, also came out
with a severe indictment of IPL
CEO Sunder Raman who it said
knew of a contact of a bookie
and had contacted him eight
times in one season but did
nothing about it.
However, the three-member
committee, appointed by the
Supreme Court to probe matchfixing and betting allegations
in IPL 6 season, cleared
Srinivasan of the charges of
match fixing and scuttling the
It confirmed Meiyappan was
a team official (team principal)
of Chennai Super Kings while
Rajasthan Royals owner
Kundra’s ‘infractions violated
BCCI/IPL Anti Corruption
A provision in the IPL code
of conduct says that any
Franchise, Group Company
or owner acts in any way
which effects the reputation of
the League or BCCI-IPL, the
Franchise will be scrapped. The
Di Maria form dip no
surprise to coach
Manchester, Nov 18 (AFP):
Manchester United record
signing Angel di Maria’s
stunning start to his time at
Manchester United was the
surprise, not the winger’s
recent dip in form, Argentina
coach Gerardo Martino said.
Di Maria, a 26-year-old
Argentina winger, joined from
Real Madrid in a USD 98 million
deal on transfer deadline day
and scored three goals in his
first five games for the English
Di Maria is set to play on
his club home ground when
Argentina face Portugal in an
international friendly at Old
Trafford later today, billed as
the ‘Battle of the Galacticos’,
with Martino defending his
playmaker following recent
criticism. ‘I have to say that
Angel is one of the very top
players in world football,’
Martino told an Old Trafford
news conference.
‘His start was exceptional
and the fact that generally
when players go to a new
club and have to get used
to a new league, a new
team, a different style of
football and different teammates, I think the form that
he is showing now is possibly
more typical of a player
going to a new club than the
very first few games when he
burst onto the scene and did
so well.
Committee, headed
by retired High
Court Chief Justice
Mukul Mudgal
with Additional
Solicitor General
L Nageshwar Rao
and senior advocate
Nilay Dutta as
members, held that
Srinivasan’s sonin-law Gurunath
Meiyappan was
involved in betting
but not in match
It also questioned
why Rajasthan
police stopped
probe abruptly
on Kundra for his
betting activities
after the case was
transferred from Delhi police.
‘This individual (Sunder
Raman) admitted knowing
the contact of the bookies
but claimed to be unaware of
his connection with betting
activities. ‘This individual also
accepted that he had received
information about individual 1
(Meiyappan) and individual 11
(Kundra) taking part in betting
activities but was informed by
the ICC-ACSU chief that this
was not actionable information.
This individual also accepted
that this information was
not conveyed to any other
individual,’ the Committee said.
Kohli jumps to
2nd in rankings
Dubai, Nov 18 (PTI):
Virat Kohli has moved to
second place in the ICC ODI
Rankings for batsmen following
his impressive batting show
in India’s 5-0 series win over
Sri Lanka while world record
breaker double centurion Rohit
Sharma jumped to the 15th spot
in the latest chart. Kohli, who hit
139 not out in the fifth ODI on
Sunday, having earlier scored
66, 53 and 49 to be adjudged
man-of-the-series, jumped one
place to be behind A B de Villiers
of South Africa. Rohit made a
spectacular rise of 18 places
after his world-record breaking
innings of 264 in Kolkata, in what
was the 27-year-old’s second
ODI career double-century.
New Delhi, Nov 18 (PTI):
Punjab Marshalls captain
Greg Rusedski said that the
singles players of the Delhi
Dreams proved too good for
them as they lost the CTLopener by a six-game margin,
here yesterday.
The hosts won all three
singles matches and ended
up winning 25 games in five
matches while Punjab could
only manage to win 19.
Rusedeski, former British
number one and world number
four, said had he played a close
match, things could have been
‘Unfortunately, Ferrero was
too good for me. I put my
team behind but the (doubles)
players really fought well (to
come back). Kevin was again
too good. He showed why he
is number 16 in the world,’
Rusedski told reporters after
the tie.
Rusedski arrived in Delhi
only a few hours before the tie
began. Asked it it was a reason
for his sluggish performance,
he replied in a negative.
Aussie cueist
praises Pankaj
Bengaluru, Nov 18 (PTI):
Heaping praise on the Indian
legacy in billiards and snooker,
Australian cueist Matthew
Bolton said that the nation’s
poster boy of cue sports
Pankaj Advani is one of the
best he has seen and one of the
favourites to win the IBSF
World Snooker Championship.
‘He has incredible mental
prowess and one of the best
I have ever seen ... He also
is one of the favourites in
the world event,’ Bolton told
reporters at the unveiling of the
Championship logo here.
The Championship is
scheduled between 19-29
November, which ill be held
at Sree Kanteerava Indoor
Asked about his chances in
the world event here, Bolton
said he had a very good year
back home in England and is
hopeful of playing well in the
world event, however he is
wary of the Indian challenge.
Raina becomes
co-owner of
HIL team
While giving its findings on
Srinivasan, the panel said
‘this individual is not involved
with match fixing activity. This
individual was not found to
be involved in scuttling the
investigations into match fixing.’
‘This individual (Srinivasan)
along with four other BCCI
officials was aware of the
violation of the Players Code
of Conduct by individual 3, but
no action was taken against
individual 3 by any of the
aforesaid officials who were
aware of this infraction,’ the
report, which was supplied to
the parties on Monday, said.
Lucknow, Nov 18 (PTI):
Following in the footsteps of
Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Suresh
Raina has become the second
cricketer to be associated
with the Hero Hockey India
League (HHIL) after he was
named today as the co-owner
of the Uttar Pradesh Wizards
Raina’s association with HHIL
comes closely on the heels of
Dhoni’s entry into the world
of hockey after he recently
became the co-owner of the
Ranchi franchise and renamed
it Ranchi Rays.
On his association with the
Sahara Group-owned team,
Raina said he was he was
‘proud’ to be associated with
hockey, which boasts of rich
history in the country.
‘It is a memorable day for me
because today I am immensely
proud to be associated with the
national sport of our country,
hockey, by joining UP Wizards,’
Raina said at an event held at
the Sahara Shaher here.
Rogers answers
critics with ton
Melbourne, Nov 18:
Australia opener Chris
Rogers has provided a
timely answer to his critics
k’s test
ahead of next week’s
squad announcement
with a century for Victoria
in the domestic Sheffi
Shield championship.
The 37-year-old,, who
he first
was recalled for the
ear half
Ashes series last year
a decade after his single
previous test, hass been
under pressure for his
place in the side
for next month’s
series against
India after a
disappointing showing
against Pakistan.
Partnering David Warner,
Rogers managed just 88
runs in four innings
as Australia were
s w e p t
2-0 by
in the
United Arab
l a s t
Mixed Bag
18 NOVEMBER 2014
Modi’s gifts to Abott
Presents John Lang’s petition and Man Singh Trophy
Tamilnadu School Education Minister K C Veeramani giving away
prizes to winners during the 47th book exhibition at Thanthai Periyar
E V Ramaswamy Central Library, Vellore recently.
Book expo at Vellore
central library
NT Bureau
Vellore, Nov 18:
The 47th book exhibition at Thanthai Periyar E V Ramaswamy Central Library, Vellore was held recently as part of National Library Week celebrations.
Tamilnadu School Education Minister K C Veeramani inaugurated the book
exhibition. Prizes were also distributed by the Minister to the winners of school
and college students who participated during the celebrations.
Vellore District Collector R Nanthagopal, Mayor P Karthiyayini, Vellore MP B
Senguttuvan, former Minister V S Vijay and MLAs were among others present.
District library secretary Anandhan welcomed the gathering.
Canberra, Nov 18 (PTI):
Prime Minister Narendra Modi today gifted Australian lawyer John
Lang’s 1854 petition on behalf of
Rani Lakshmibai against the East
India Company and Man Singh
Trophy to his Australian counterpart Tony Abbott.
Modi gave the gifts to Abbott just
ahead of bilateral talks.
‘PM gifts Australian PM a memorial of Australian John Lang on
behalf of Rani of Jhansi against
East India Company,’ Ministry of
External Affairs Spokesperson
Syed Akbaruddin tweeted.
‘John Lang’s Original petition of
1854 on behalf of Jhansi ki Rani
against the East India Company,’
Akbaruddin said describing Modi’s
gift to Abbott.
Earlier, Modi was given a ceremonial guard of honour and a
19-gun salute at the forecourt of
the Parliament. Prime Minister Abbott and several Indians were also
present on the occasion.
Then he proceeded towards the
Prime Minister’s Office for bilateral
Modi’s gifts to Abbott brought
Australian John Lang’s contribution in Indian history to the fore.
Born in 1816 in Sydney, Lang is
generally regarded as Australia’s
Prime Minister Narendra Modi presenting Man Singh Trophy to Australian
counterpart Tony Abbott.
first native novelist. As a man of
many talents, he was also a lawyer, journalist and born traveller.
In 1842, he sailed to India and
made the country his new home,
even learning the Hindustani language. While carrying on a successful legal practice, he started
a newspaper in 1845 called ‘The
Moffusilite’, published initially from
Meerut and later from Mussoorie.
The paper often took a critical
stance against the British East
India Company’s harmful policies
and consequently he was sued and
briefly jailed by the Company. In
1854, Lang became the Counsel of
the Maharani Lakshmibai of Jhansi
- an iconic figure in the famous
Indian uprising of 1857 against the
East India Company’s rule -- and
represented her in legal battles
against the Company.
Narendra Modi also presented
the Man Singh Trophy, a prized
possession of Sikh regiment battalions, to his Australian counterpart Tony Abbott at the War Memo-
Modi has ‘runs on the
board’, says Oz PM
VIT University vice-president G V Selvam giving away prizes to the
winners of the sports events conducted by Annai Teresa Academy
in St Xavier Elementary and High School in Christianpet, Vellore on
the occasion of Childrens Day recently.
Police personnel keep a vigil at BJP headquarters ‘Kamalalayam’ at
T Nagar on Monday, following a bomb threat.
When is Trisha’s
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
The latest buzz in K-town is that
actress Trisha has got engaged in a
hush-hush manner to realtor-turnedfilm producer Varun Manian recently.
However, the actress has denied
it, and posted on her microblogging
page that she would let know everyone when she gets engaged.
Meanwhile, sources said the actress
and the producer are seeing each
other and their relationship has been
accepted by their respective familes.
‘But the engagement has not taken
place and an announcement will be
made soon,’ they said.
Varun Manian, who produced Vaaiyai Moodi Pesavum and the upcoming Kaavia Thalaivan, owns Radiance
Group. He is a well-known face in
social circles.
Canberra, Nov 18 (PTI):
When the top political leaders
of India and Australia meet can
cricket be far behind?
With Prime Minister Narendra
Modi by his side, Australian Prime
Minister Tony Abbott set the ball
rolling and fired the first shot, saying people in his country come to
associate India with cricket.
Abbott made an early reference
to cricket in his remarks at a joint
press conference here today with
Modi after their bilateral talks.
Abbott also said Modi has ‘runs
on the board’ to meet the aspirations of the people. When Modi’s
turn came to bat, he said:
‘We celebrate the legend of
(Don) Bradman and the class
of (Sachin) Tendulkar together.’
‘We are impressed by Australian speed as you are charmed
by the Indian spin until of course
Shane Warne came along!,’
the Prime Minister said while
addressing the Australian
Party name in a
week’s time: Vasan
centres and the integrated child development services centres.
PTI adds
Tiruvannamalai Medical College
Dean and neo-natal specialist R
Narayana Babu, who has been given
additional charge as Dharmapuri
Medical College Hospital Dean, attributed the deaths to respiratory
problems and low birth weight.
Director of Medical Education Department Dr S Geethalakshmi, who
also visited the hospital and the neo-
natal ICU, said 54 babies undergoing
treatment were on the recovery path
and were now fed by their mothers.
‘Some of the babies born were
under weight like 1.75 kg or 1.6kg.
There have been similar instances
in the past’, Dharmapuri Government College and Hospital, Neo-natal
Intensive Care Unit Nodal Officer,
Pugalanthiraja said.
Former Union Minister G K Vasan
has demanded a thorough probe into
the incident.
Explosion in
factory kills 1
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
An explosion in a factory that
prepares gas cylinders for the
fire department, claimed the
life of a man yesterday at Peerkankaranai near Tambaram.
According to police sources,
the factory is owned by one
from Alapakkam.
Two workers identified as
Vijay Kumar (28) from Manivakkam and Venkatesh (30)
were filling the cylinders with
gas, when a cylinder burst
killing the former on the spot.
Venkatesh who is said to be
injured in the incident, is now
undergoing treatment, while
Vijay Kumar’s body is shifted
to Chrompet Government
Investigations are on as to
how the explosion took place.
Gold and cash
stolen near
One more infant
dies in Dharmapuri
Dharmapuri, Nov 18:
Adding to the casualties, one more
infant was today reportedly died at
the Dharmapuri hospital, taking the
toll to 12.
Meanwhile, the State government
assigned two senior doctors with experience in handling newborns to assess the situation at the Dharmapuri
government hospital.
The Dean of Medicines assured the
best possible treatment. The Health
Department is also looking at the
performance of the primary health
rial here to commemorate his visit.
In his first engagement in the
Australian capital, Modi, accompanied by Abbott, arrived at the War
Memorial early morning.
Modi presented the trophy to Abbott and also signed the visitor’s
book at the memorial.
The trophy originally in silver was
presented to the Officers’ Mess 14
(King George’s own) Sikhs in the
year 1919. The officers of the battalion, who served in the unit during the First World War in Egypt,
Gallipoli, Sinai and Mesopotamia
from October 1914 to May 1917,
had made it in commemoration of
the gallant actions of their soldiers
during the First World War.
The Trophy is named after Man
Singh who was recognised as a
great soldier for his qualities of
character, professional skill, sheer
physical prowess and agility. Approximately 6 feet and 4 inches
tall, Singh was said to be so strong
of limbs that he was able to jump
over high wire obstacles and broad
ditches comfortably. This was part
of trench warfare during the First
World War. It is also said that he
could lob a grenade up to a distance of 50 yards.
Political Science students from Norway and Denmark calling on
former Union Minister G K Vasan, as part of their research project
in Chennai today.
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
Former Union Minister G K Vasan today said the name and flag of his new
party will be unveiled in a week’s time. He also said he has high regards
for actor Rajinikanth.
Speaking to reporters here today after meeting students from Denmark
and Sweden, he said that people from various quarters have been supporting his party.
Vasan, who announced quitting the Congress recently, will chair a mega
rally in Trichy on 28 November. According to sources, his supporters from
all over Tamilnadu would attend the conference venue in large numbers.
NT Bureau
Chennai, Nov 18:
Around 25 sovereigns of
gold and Rs 70,000 cash were
stolen from a house in Sipayi
street in Karayanchavadi near
According to police sources,
Dhanasekharan (42) and his
family were out at the time of
When they returned home,
they found their cupboard
broken and valuables missing.
Subsequently, a complaint
was filed.
The case is now being investigated with the help of the
fingerprints obtained.
Lahiri continues to impress in Europe
Barcelona, Nov 18 (PTI):
Indian golfer Anirban Lahiri stayed
on course for a European Tour card
for the coming season as he turned
in another flawless round of fourunder 66 at the par-70 Tour Course
to be second after the third round
of the European Tour Qualifying
Lahiri ceded the leadership to
Swede Pelle Edberg, who followed
his second round 62 with a 63 to
move to 14-under, one shot ahead
of Lahiri.
Lahiri, who has had just one bogey
in 54 holes, had four birdies against
no bogeys in the third round but
was far from happy with his putting,
needing no less than 34 putts for his
round of 66.
India’s other player in the field,
SSP Chowrasia carded one-under
69 at the par-70 Tour Course with
four birdies against three bogeys.
He is now even par and tied 70th,
which is right on the cut line.
Lahiri continued his progress in
Girona but reiterated that there is
no room for complacency with half
the contest still to go.
‘It has been good so far and I’ve hit
it really well. Today was the best I’ve
hit it all week, but probably the worst
I have putted in three months. I hit it
awesome, but had 34 putts to shoot
66, so that is half my round there. It
is something I need to improve over
the next two or three days, but the
rest of the game feels good, so I’ve
just got to keep that up,’ said the
‘My putting has had nothing to do
with the greens, I am just struggling
a little bit with what I need to do. I
feel like I’m really close to finding the
right place to be both mentally and
technically, so just a little bit of work
on that, and it should be sorted.
‘I’m really happy, and I’ve played
really good. I’m just trying to
find as many greens as I can
and take the pressure off myself,
and I’ve done that
well today. Obviously the next
three days will be
a sterner test on the Stadium course, and I really
look forward to that,’ he
Lahiri said he cannot afford to be
complacent though.
‘...winning is not the end in itself.
You want to be up there and get
yourself a good card, and the way
I’m playing I feel like I can win, so
I just need to continue what I have
been doing. There is no space
for complacency. ‘I’ve been here
in Spain for eight days now, I’ve
played plenty of rounds already, and
we are only half way there, so
you are not really looking at
the finish line, you are just
trying to hit every
shot and play every
hole one by one as
there are so many.
It’s 54 holes done,
54 more to go, so if
you look at it that way
then it is a fresh start
On another fine day at PGA
Catalunya Resort, it was Edberg
who shone brightest en route to a
seven-under 63 on the easier Tour
Course to establish a one shot lead
over Lahiri.
Edberg had seven birdies, five of
which came on his back nine, were
the foundation for Edberg’s star
turn in north-eastern Spain, which
left him in a strong position atop the
leaderboard through 54 holes.
Ricardo Gonzalez is the most successful player in the field with four
European Tour titles, and the Argentine is handily placed just three
shots adrift of Edberg on 11 under
par after a 65 on Monday.
Just a shot further behind in a
share of fourth are Sweden’s Rikard
Karlberg and Mikko Korhonen of
Finland, who added to the Scandinavian success story on the third
day, alongside Englishman Richard
McEvoy on ten under.
Edberg was pleased to continue
the form that yielded an eight under
par score just one day prior on the
Tour Course, to start a 36 hole spell
that has seen him recover from a
disappointing opening round of 73.
18 NOVEMBER 2014
Licensed to post without prepayment under WPP. No. TN / PMG / (CCR) / 470 / 12-14
Stage no bar
NSD director’s new
play, a tribute
to war victims
nternational footballer Chima Okorie, who strode the
Kolkata Maidan of the late 80s like a tiger, is all set to debut
in a film titled ‘Lakhyabhed’.
‘Look, it doesn’t seem to be a very big deal. After all, I am
playing the role of a football coach in the Bengali film,’ Okorie,
a Nigerian player said.
He said that language could have been an issue, but years of
stay in Kolkata had equipped him with a working knowledge of
the Bengali language in which the film is being made.
‘I am a Nigerian, but I am a Bengali too. The script is all
about promoting Kolkata football with the protagonist, that is
myself, mentoring a young footballer from an under-privileged
background,’ Chima, who had also turned up in the English
league and Norwegian premier league, was speaking on the
sets of the ‘Lakhyabhed’ being directed by Sandip Chowdhury.
Asked how it felt to face the camera, Chima said, ‘As per the
script, I shall do whatever I am comfortable with - dribbling,
taking shots, demonstrating a thing or two to the youngsters -
The Children’s World Academy
was founded by Saradha
Natarajan in Coimbatore
in 1979 to commemorate
the International Year of
Children declared by the
United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural
Organisation (UNESCO)
s 2014 marks 100 years
of the start of World War
I, a new play looks into the aftereffects of war and pays tribute
to millions of lives lost in these
‘Ghazab Teri Ada’ by National
School of Drama (NSD) director
Waman Kendre brings on stage
the socio-political issue in a
musical but humorous format.
The play, to be staged at NSD
from tomorrow till 23 November,
is Kendre’s second production
with the NSD Repertory Company after
‘Janeman’. Playwright, music design and
direction is by Kendre while light design is
by Suresh Bharadwaj. The music has been
arranged by Subhash M Karote, while it is
choreographed by Anil N Sutar. Sandhya
Salve is the costume designer and the set
is designed by Naved Inamdar.
The play opens with a king ordering
his soldiers to go for a war to expand his
kingdom. He calls for the war just to prove
he is the mightiest emperor of the world.
Amid this, all the women of the kingdom
unite to stop the war which brings an
interesting twist to the play and the plot.
Kendre says his play is a farcical drama
which deals with a very socio-political
‘With humour, music and drama, the play
highlights many issues that are the most
discussed and talked about. Where war has
always been a man’s responsibility, the play
highlights that women can play an equally
important role in bringing peace and serenity
in a society,’ he says.
Jayashree Kannan
ith an aim to providing stage opportunities to students for free, Coimbatore-based Children’s
World Academy has started functioning from Adyar.
According to Jayashree Kannan, who was instrumental in opening the academy in Chennai, the
organisation was founded by her late mother Saradha Natarajan in Coimbatore in 1979 to commemorate
the International Year of Children declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Organisation (UNESCO).
‘My mother was an accomplished Carnatic vocalist and she always felt that budding talents should be
given opportunities to perform on stage. She wanted to preserve Indian forms of fine arts, such as music
and dance. She wrote a book titled Sangeetha Baala Paadam in Tamil, for children, with lessons in
Carnatic music. The significance was that the lyrics were written in Tamil for the basic notes in Carnatic
music which the children could grab easily and find it interesting to learn,’ recalls Jayashree.
‘In Coimbatore, we used to organise nearly five to six concerts in a year and conduct music, dance,
drawing and painting competitions especially on Children’s Day and throughout the year. We are planning
the same in Chennai as well to cherish my mother’s passion for arts and her interest in teaching,’ says
‘Participants need not pay fee in any form. We look for children, teens and adults to come and join us
to showcase their talent,’ she adds.
For further details. mail to [email protected] [email protected] or cwaoffi[email protected]
Jayashree Kannan can be contacted at 98418 16134.
— NT Bureau
Chima Okorie
starts celluloid
all part of the narrative.’
Sandip said that in his
childhood he had been
Chima Okorie
pretty used to seeing
the exploits of Chima
on the telly, but what struck him was the disarming demeanour
of the man.
The director said that the footage of the player’s on-field
exploits in the ‘80s would be used in the film in addition to
press clippings.
‘It is the first sports film in the mainstream genre to come out
after path-breaking ‘Striker’ and ‘Koni’. There will be the typical
Anjan Chowdhury, maker of Bengali commercial films, touch,
but hailing from the later generation I have contemporised
the content,’ Sandip, the son of the maker of a series of
blockbusters like Shatru, Gurudakshina and Chhotobou in the
‘90s, said.
Debutant Ranojoy essays the role of a struggling footballer
whom Okorie mentors as coach.
Guvera steps into
I want to be
a child again:
Big B
Amitabh Bachchan
usic streaming app Guvera aims to more than triple its userbase in India by the yearend to one million as it adds more music labels and brand partners in the country.
Guvera, which will operate under the ‘freemium’ model, offers a library of over 12 million
tracks from local Bollywood albums and international artists via web and mobile platforms.
Users also have the option to subscribe to Guvera’s on-demand service for Rs 199 per month.
A combination of the words ‘free’ and ‘premium’, ‘freemium’ is a business model that offers
both free and premium services.
‘India is a market that is truly diverse in terms of its taste for music. We plan to provide our
Indian users with the best expert-curated local and international content,’ Guvera founder
and director of Innovation Claes Loberg said.
Guvera already has about 300,000 users in India and by the year-end, this should grow to
one million, he added.
The service is currently available in over 19 countries worldwide and by the end of the year,
Guvera aims to be present in 30 countries. It has 2 million users globally
Mickey Mouse
to don Indian
egastar Amitabh
Bachchan on
Monday went nostalgic as
he recalled his growing-up
years, saying he wants to
be a child once again.
‘When you are a kid, our
parents and elders ask a
question - what are you
going to be when you grow
up. You never have an
answer and today at 73,
I have an answer - I want
to be a kid again’, he told
reporters in Kolkata.
He was speaking at the
first look launch of Bengali
film Open Tee Bioscope
which is produced by
Shoojit Sircar.
Bachchan, who is
shooting for Sircar’s
Hindi film Piku in Kolkata,
recalled that some of his
early years during 196269 were spent in the city.
‘Those were the years of
getting independence for
the first time, being free
and being on your own
after having lived a very
cocooned life with your
family or in boarding school
where you were guided
by rules and regulations’,
he said while describing
Kolkata of those days as
the most
magnificent and the most
Shahid flies
to Poland
elebrated cartoon character
Mickey Mouse, who turned
86 today, is set to don an Indian
avatar in an animation short video
which has a India setting.
As a part of the second season
of the ‘Mickey Shorts’ series,
the special video will premiere
on Disney Channel in India on
Mickey’s birthday on November 18.
In the video, Mickey will be seen
speaking in Hindi and riding an
auto rickshaw, which is a very
popular mode of transport in India.
The shorts feature aesthetic that
goes back to Mickey’s roots and
borrows from the style of his 1930s
design while adding a few modern
happening city in the entire
country. ‘It was a great joy
and yes we were young,
we were single and we
were independent. We did
many things which can’t be
narrated here’, the actor
He wondered that after
working for the entire day
‘we think are we working
for a living or are we living
to work’.
The concrete jungle of Chennai still has some space for agriculture and one such place at Mugalivakkam wears
a fresh look thanks to the recent rains.
ollywood actor Shahid
Kapoor is flying to
Poland to complete the
last shooting schedule of
Vikas Bahl-directed film
The 33-year-old actor stars
alongside Alia Bhatt in the
romantic comedy, which is
being touted as India’s first
destination wedding film.
‘En route Poland for
the last four days of this
Shaandar schedule. Can’t
believe the films almost
done’, Shahid posted on
Twitter along with a selfie.
The film also has Shahid’s
father Pankaj Kapur and
Sanjay Kapoor in supporting
Shaandar is expected to
hit theatres next year.
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