R e p o r t
Man arrested on
child rape charges
KUWAIT: A Pakistani woman complained to Salhiya police
that she caught her husband, 35, with the neighbor’s
daughter, who is 10 years old. Her husband was watching a
pornographic film while having abnormal sex with the girl
and filming it. The suspect’s wife gave police a CD as evidence. Police arrested the man who denied any wrongdoing, but later admitted he lured the girl with her consent.
He said they had been watching pornographic films for
three months, but denied forcing her to have sex with him,
insisting it was consensual, which was documented on
video. The source said the minor never reported the daily
activities to her parents. The girl’s parents were summoned
to refer her to the medical examiner, while the suspect will
be sent to the public prosecution.
Drug dealers in custody
The Drugs Control General Department arrested an
Egyptian man who sold narcotic pills to juveniles in
Salmiya with 500 tablets. The suspect said he sold
drugs because he came to Kuwait through a bogus
company and wanted to recoup the money he paid to
enter the country. The Egyptian told police about his
two partners in Khaitan, who targeted customers in
cafes. The two were arrested and 700 tablets were
found on them.
Ex-con held with drugs
Hawally police arrested an ex-convict citizen with a large
quantity of shabu, knives and handcuffs. The man was driving erratically when police spotted his car. Police also
found that he is wanted in other drugs cases.
Auto theft
Three persons stole the car of a citizen being driven by
his driver. The Indian driver told police that three persons got in the car and pulled out a knife, then asked
him to go to west Mishref where they dumped him
and drove off with the car. Police are working on the
Bitter ex breaks into house
A bedoon stormed the house of a citizen in Faiha after she
decided to dump him. The girl called police who surrounded the house, then found the suspect sitting at ease in the
living room, where he was arrested. A security source said
the bedoon said he knew the citizen and did not storm the
house. She confessed to having a relation with him but
decided to break up, so he entered the house without her
Missing girl found
Salmiya police arrested an adolescent girl who was
reported missing inside a furnished flat in Salmiya. The
girl said she knows the man she is staying with.
Detectives were able to locate the girl through her
phone, and went to the building and asked the haris,
who told them the girl was living with a young man.
Police are looking for her boyfriend.
US-sponsored seminar highlights
Gulf environmental problems
The Oceans’ Protection Conference kicks off
By Ben Garcia
KUWAIT: For many years Kuwait depended
on the Arabian Gulf for pearling and fishing
as its main source of livelihood. Today,
according to US Ambassador to Kuwait
Douglas Silliman, Kuwait and other countries continue to use the Arabian Gulf as an
important trade route for the transportation of oil and gas products to the world.
Thus the protection of the Arabian Gulf is
just as important now as in the old days.
Silliman was speaking at ‘The Oceans’
Protection Conference’, mainly to showcase
US President Barack Obama’s ocean policy.
The one-day seminar focused on three
areas with respect to the Arabian Gulf:
Cleaning the Ocean, Managing the Ocean
and Monitoring the Ocean. The conference
was held in partnership with the Regional
Organization for the Protection of Marine
Environment, Kuwait Foundation for the
Advancement of Sciences, Kuwait
University and the Environment Public
Authority (EPA).
“The Gulf is vitally important for the Gulf
people,” Silliman noted. “Nearly half of the
world’s population lives along the seacoast,
and the livelihood and ability of people to
move around the oceans are essential in
maintaining a healthy global environment,”
he said. “The protection of our oceans is
vital for human existence around the
world.” He underlined Obama’s commitment to protecting the oceans and ecosystems as a matter of national policy that
streamlined more than 100 laws that govern oceans. “We are trying to create a coordinated science-based approach to manage our coast and our oceans. US Secretary
of State John Kerry has adopted the national policy and protection of the oceans as a
key platform of Obama’s administration,”
Silliman mentioned. “Action plans by governments and authorities are recommended to protect the environment. We hope
that the plan will spark the thoughts of
Kuwaiti institutions and individuals that
this country can do it as an authority and as
individuals. The conference today seeks to
highlight the issue from the Kuwaiti perspective, and we have panels that will talk
issues about these subjects,” he added.
Projects destroyed environment
Dr Hassan Mohammadi, Coordinator of
the Regional Organization for the Protection
of the Marine Environment, spoke about the
KUWAIT: (From left) Ambassador Douglas Silliman, Dr Hassan Mohammadi and Mijbil Al-Mutawa speak at the conference.
The participants in a group photo outside the venue. — Photos by Joseph Shagra
development of some countries in the mony with the environment. “Do we need
region which drastically if not gravely affect- such a high structure, the highest spike in
ed marine environment and its natural the desert? Look at the Palms and The World
ecosystem. Mohammadi was referring to in Dubai - this is not development but demajor Dubai and Bahrain developments that development, a destruction of the natural
destroyed the environment by dredging and ecosystem,” he mentioned.
Kuwait Bay was also mentioned by
reclaiming seas to build new cities. “We
should build our environment in harmony Mohammadi, which he said has become a
with our culture. ‘The Palms’ in Dubai, includ- dumping site for sewage and runoff from
ing the ongoing construction of ‘The World’ desalination and power plants; all not built
and the ‘Fish City reclamation’ in Bahrain in harmony with the environment. “The
were never built portraying the characteris- problem of fish kill in the region is happentics of Arab culture,” he argued. ing because we dump sewerage, and the
Mohammadi also criticized Burj Khalifa - the water is becoming shallow and dirty. We
world’s tallest structure in Dubai - which he have to be very careful. This is not developsaid was built in the desert and is not in har- ment - we are not doing a favor to the envi-
ronment; we call it destruction of the environment,” he mentioned.
Mijbil Al-Mutawa, Chairman and
Managing Director of the Scientific Center,
admitted that the Gulf is facing serious challenges and needs immediate action. “To
make sure that our children and the generations to come also enjoy this beautiful gift,
we have come together today to talk about
the environment, maintaining healthy
oceans and know what we can do as our
share for the benefit of Mother Earth. We
are honored to host this conference
because it is in compliance with our mission
to promote a clean and healthy environment,” he noted.
Woman charges daughters with assault
A woman accused her two daughters of beating her in
Adan. A security source said the woman went to the police
and handed them a medical report stating injuries in the
shoulder and face. The girls are being summoned for questioning. — Al-Rai
Expat detained
with 3kg hashish
By Hanan Al-Saadoun
KUWAIT: The Drugs Control General Department arrested
an Arab expat with three kilograms of hashish. The suspect’s home in Sulaibiya was stormed and he was arrested.
He along with the drugs was sent to concerned authorities.
KUWAIT: Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah during his meeting with the visiting US official. (Right) Sheikh Thamer Ali Al-Sabah with US Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense
for Homeland Security Thomas Atkin. —KUNA
Kuwait, US eye closer military cooperation
Hawally campaign
Hawally security issued 168 traffic violations and
arrested 42 persons without IDs, seven iqama violators,
11 absconding individuals, four ‘loose’ laborers and
nine roaming vendors. Fourteen persons were arrested
for security reasons and 10 on felony cases. The suspects were sent to concerned authorities.
KUWAIT: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense
Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah met yesterday the visiting
United States Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense
for Homeland Security Thomas Atkin on existing cooperation
between both friendly countries.
During the meeting, they discussed several issues and
subjects of mutual interest and ways and means of further
developing and cementing bilateral military cooperation,
the Kuwaiti Army’s Moral Guidance Directorate said in a
statement. Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah hailed deep relations
between the State of Kuwait and the US, and pointed to
mutual willingness to push them forward. The meeting was
also attended by US Ambassador in Kuwait Douglas Silliman.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the National Security Apparatus
Sheikh Thamer Ali Al-Sabah met Atkin yesterday, and the
two sides discussed the current security situation in the
Middle East region. During the meeting, they also discussed
Kuwaiti-US relations, the latest regional and international
developments and several issues and matters of mutual
interest, the National Security Apparatus said in a press
release. — KUNA
KUWAIT: Director General of Kuwait Fire Services Directorate (KFSD) Major General
Yousuf Al-Ansari received a delegation from Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for Giftedness,
part of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS), headed by the
center’s Director General Dr Omar Al-Bannai. Inventor Mohammad Al-Ajmi displayed
his invention, a fire extinguisher that works automatically that anyone can easily
use. The extinguisher, when thrown on the fire, rolls and balances by gravity, then
sprays the material. — By Hanan Al-Saadoun
1,090 inmates
examined for pardon
KUWAIT: The Interior Ministry began
preparations over the Amiri pardon committees that examine inmates’ files and
make sure they meet the pardon conditions as set by the justice ministry for
every case, reported Al-Rai daily. The
committees will look into nearly 1,090
files of those who were not pardoned in
the past years. Among other conditions is
to be well-behaved the whole time in
prison and get pardons from families and
creditors. Those jailed on drug and state
security crimes are excluded from the
pardon. — Al-Rai
KUWAIT: Kuwait Fire Service Directorate carried out the largest exercise this year at a warehouse on Seventh Ring Road. Eight fire centers
and other departments like public relations, central operations, safety and vocational health also participated. The drill was about several
fires engulfing hazardous materials that caused one death and several injuries. Nearly 140 firemen were involved in the exercise to gauge
the speed of the response, whose results were positive. — By Hanan Al-Saadoun