Dr. Brett C. Avery: Lead Pastor 11-23-14 gingercreek.org

Dr. Brett C. Avery: Lead Pastor
The Kingdom Assignment: Week 6
Kingdom Perspective
Theme: Life in the Kingdom – How the Kingdom of God (will of God) should transform
the way I live.
Our Core Values:
1. Deepen our commitment to Jesus and His teaching
2. Gather (to train) …Scatter (to engage)
3. Faith-based risk taking
4. Simplify our lives to listen and respond to the Holy Spirit
Further Study:
Read and reflect on the following passages as you ask God to help you develop a
Kingdom perspective. As you read these passages, stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit and
allow Him to reveal the deeper truths of God to you.
7-Day Micro Devotional
How do I view God’s right to rule in my life? (Matthew 25:14-15)
What talent has God entrusted to me for Kingdom use? (Matthew 25:14-15)
Check out YouTube for a message from your pastors.
How am I using the talents God has given me? (Matthew 25:16-18)
Jesus, thank You for allowing me to be Your steward. (Matthew 25:14-15)
How can my life expand God’s Kingdom today? (Matthew 25:16-18)
How is my accountability to God impacting my generosity? (Matthew 25:19)
Dinner Discussion Guide
1. Are my life habits a reflection of a stewardship or ownership mentality?
2. How could I spend more time building God’s Kingdom vs. protecting mine?
3. How does personal accountability to God help me embrace a generous life?