Rocket Stoves for emergency preparedness & camp use

Rocket Stoves
for emergency preparedness & camp use
Art Nash, Energy Specialist
UAF Cooperative Extension Service
Thursday, Dec. 11, 6 to 8 p.m.
Tanana District Office
724 27th Ave.
Join us on Thursday, Dec. 11, at the Tanana
District office and learn how to build your
own can rocket stove. All materials will be
provided. Each participant will receive a
“do-it-yourself” wood burn box. Cost is just
$15 per person. In addition, Eastern Alaska
Forester Glen Holt will talk about efficient
wood care and handling.
Rocket stoves are the most efficient and clean
biomass-burning option available. Wood gasses
and oxygen mix in insulated chambers that
concentrate the fire on the tip of the wood. The
result is a more efficient burn using less wood
and producing fewer emissions than traditional
stoves. Rocket stoves are great for cooking and
heating in camps and emergency situations.
Space is limited, so register now.
Go to:
For more information, contact
Carmen Kloepfer at 907-474-5854 or
[email protected]
Cost: $15 per person
1-877-520-5211 •
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