December 3rd, 2014
rthodontics, Orthopedics
or Orthognathic Surgery: When
and How Do We Decide?
Application of Emerging
Technology in Modern
Orthognathic Surgery
Mostafa Mirzabagi, DDS, MS.
Robert J. Relle, DDS.
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Santa Monica, CA 90406
Phone: (310) 266-0470
Fax:(424) 832-7054
December 3rd, 2014
The following issues will be
discussed in this presentation:
Normal dentition and balanced faces
Early loss of deciduous and permanent
teeth and arch holding devices
The optimum treatment timing for any
Mostafa Mirzabagi,
Dr. Mostafa Mirzabagi is a graduate of Tehran University School of
Dentistry in 1964. He received his
orthodontic training from University of Loyola in 1973 and his M.S.
degree in Oral Histology from University of Illinois in 1975. Dr. Mirzabagi had lectured in AAO, EOS,
FDA, IDA (Iranian Dental Association) and many other organizations. He is one of the founders of
IADA (Iranian American Dental
Association) and was President of
IADA in 2000. He is currently the
Trustee of this organization. He
has been exclusively practicing
orthodontics in California ( Woodland Hills ) since 1989.
given dental or skeletal problems
Orthodontics & Orthopedics Tooth
Evaluation of malocclusions in three
planes of spaces
Orthognathic Surgical Cases
How we employ three emerging
technologies (cone-beam CT scanners,
powerful software platforms, and
CAD/CAM technology) to plan and create
highly predictable surgical outcomes.
Robert J. Relle, DDS.
Dr. Relle is an Oral & Maxillofacial
Surgeon who graduated from Indiana University School of Dentistry,
and completed his surgery residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.
He was a staff surgeon in a large
hospital-based medical group in
metropolitan Los Angeles for 23
years before entering into private
practice where he now limits his
practice to orthognathic surgery.
He maintains his interest in dental
education by regularly lecturing to
pre-doctoral students and residents
at UCLA School of Dentistry, and he
is a co-chair of the Dentofacial Conference in the Advanced Orthodontic Program at USC.