Official Opening
The Hon. Ian Hunter MLC, Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation
Catalysing Renewable Energy in Australia
Louise Vickery, ARENA
Bioenergy: A Growing Role in Australia’s Energy Future
Oliver Yates, CEO, CEFC
Bioenergy Under the Renewable Energy Target and the Carbon Farming Initiative
Amarjot Rathore, Office of the Clean Energy Regulator
Morning Tea, Networking, Exhibition and Poster Presentations
0905 – 0925
0925 – 0950
0950 – 1015
1015 – 1040
1040 – 1105
International Collaboration in Bioenergy – IEA Bioenergy
Stephen Schuck, Bioenergy Australia
A Bioenergy Roadmap for South Australia
Catherine Way, Department of State Development, South Australia
Perspectives on Biofuels Policy in Australia
Garry Mulvay, Biofuels Association of Australia
Implementing the National Primary Industries Bioenergy RD&E Strategy
Brendan George, NSW Department of Primary Industries
Challenges and Opportunities for an Expanded Bioenergy Sector in Australia
Colin Stucley, Enecon Pty Ltd
1105 – 1125
1125 – 1145
1145 – 1205
1205– 1225
1225 – 1245
Session 2: BIOENERGY perspectives
Chair: Griff Rose
Griff Rose, Chairperson of Bioenergy Australia (Forum) Ltd
Session 1: Framework for bioenergy
Chair: Griff Rose
Registration open
0900 – 0905
0730 – 1730
DAY ONE Monday, 1 December 2014
Grand Ballroom 1-2
Grand Ballroom 1-2
Developing the economy
Ultra High Efficiency Power from Biomass Bioenergy in Tasmania – An Island of
with Direct Injection Carbon Engine (DICE) Opportunity
David Hurburgh, Department of State
Louis Wibberley, CSIRO
Growth – Tasmania
Existing Approaches for the Appraisal
of Regional Socio-Economic Effects of
Bioenergy Production and a Model for
NSW, Australia
Ilona Valeikaite, University of
Firewood – Fuel of the Future
Stephen McNamara
Firewood Association of Australia
Recent Developments in the Modelling of
Biomass Combustion
Anthony Mann
Queensland University of Technology
Regional Bioenergy Project
Daryl Scherger, Pyrenees Shire Council,
Afternoon Tea, Networking, Exhibition and Poster Presentations
1405 – 1425
1425 – 1445
1445 – 1505
1505 – 1525
1525 – 1550
Challenges and Opportunities for
Renewable Energy Projects in Australia
Based on Woody Biomass
David Paul, URS Corporation
Modelling the Impacts of Expanded
Bioenergy Production on the Darling
Downs, Queensland
William Woodward, UNSW
Identifying Regional Bio-Energy Scenarios
from Biomass Waste Feed-Stocks
Andrew Hutcheon
SE Biomass Group – Zero Waste SA
Gippsland Growers Go Green
Sohum Gandhi, Energence Pty Ltd
1345 – 1405
Regional Development
Chair: Brendan George
Grand Ballroom 3
*Quantifying the Effects of Forest-Based
Bioenergy: Dealing with Time
Annette Cowie, NSW DPI
The Co-combustion of Coal and Biomass
– Not so Eco-Friendly?
Brian Stanmore, Covey Consulting Pty
Valuing the Sustainability of Agroforestry
Projects for Bioenergy Production
Simon Dawkins
Oil Mallee Australia
Life-Cycle Analysis of a Distributed
Approach to the Production of Biochar
Using Agricultural Waste
Lewis Dunnigan
The University of Adelaide
Why Conservation Groups are Concerned
about Native Forest Based Bioenergy
Peg Putt, Markets for Change
A Guide to the Financing Issues and
Requirements for Successful Individual
Waste-to-Energy Projects
Paul McCartney
Clean Energy Finance Corporation
Techno-economic Analysis of a Range of
Wood Energy Options
Ian Suckling, Scion, NZ
The Economic Value of New Tropical
Biorefinery Industries in Australia
Ian O’Hara
Queensland University of Technology
The Financial Feasibility of Biomass
Power Plants Based on Organic Rankine
Cycle (ORC) Turbogenerators
Carlo Minini, Turboden (MHI)
Biogas Asset Development and
Investment in Australia – Opportunities
and Risks
Fiona Waterhouse, Utilitas Pty Ltd
Bioenergy AUSTRALIA 2014 Conference
*IEA Bioenergy Presentation
Sustainability, GHG and Life Cycle
Chair: Annette Cowie
Colley 1-2
Achieving Bankable and Economic
Chair: Stephen Schuck
Moseley 1-3
Sponsored by:
Biomass Heat and Power
Chair: Robert Downie
Grand Ballroom 1-2
Lunch, Networking, Exhibition and Poster Presentations 1345 – 1525
1245 – 1345
Biomass Resourcing for a Biocrude
Ross Patterson, Covey Consulting
*Implementing Biomass Supply Chains to
Meet Growing Demand: A Global Look at
What Leads to Success
Mark Brown, University of the Sunshine
The On-going Case for Pongamia Pinnata Licella Biomass to Bio-Crude ABIR
as a Bioenergy Feedstock: The Biological Project Update
and Social Sciences Support Transition
Sami Aoude, Licella Pty Ltd
from the Laboratory and Glasshouse to
the Commercial Plantation
Paul Scott, The University of Queensland
10-Step Waste-to-Welfare (W2W) Plan
to Boost Animal Welfare in a Rapidly
Changing Climate
Steve Brown, Environments by Design
Pty Ltd
Pre-dinner Drinks and Conference Dinner, Grand Ballroom 1-3
1610 – 1630
1630 – 1650
1650 – 1710
1710 – 1730
1930 – 2300
*Task 37 – Energy from Biogas:
Introduction to Australia’s Participation
Bernadette McCabe
National Centre for Engineering in
Agriculture, USQ
Chair: Griff Rose
Moseley 1-3
Dinner speaker – Professor Ralph Sims, Massey University, NZ
Sponsor’s address – The University of Queensland
Cool Planet’s Development of Drop in
Field Pickering, Concord Energy Pty
Ltd, Singapore
Exploring Use of Lignocellulosic Biomass
in Economising Biofuel and Bioactive
Production from Novel Marine Sources
Munish Puri, Deakin University
The Role of Biochemical Methane
Potential Tests in Determining Anaerobic
Digestion Process Parameters
Stephan Tait, The University of
Next Generation Resource Recovery
via the Anaeco™ System –Anaerobic
Digestion and Rapid In-Vessel
Composting of the Organic Fraction
of Mixed Municipal Solid Waste in an
Integrated Automated System
Lee Walker AnaeCo Ltd
Bioenergy Generation in the Australian
Red Meat Processing Industry
Doug McNicholl, Australian Meat
Processor Corporation Ltd
Commercialisation of Advanced Biofuels
Biogas Recovery: Solving the Challenges
Tony Bryan, Novozymes Australia Pty Ltd of Waste, Production and Energy
Heather Barker, Wiley and Co Pty Ltd
Australian Biofuels, Industry Overview,
Changing Landscape – 2014
Mike Cochran
APAC Biofuels Consultants
BioHub – from Concept to Reality
Mark Glover, Renewed Carbon
1550 – 1610
Liquid Biofuels
Chair: Colin Stucley
Grand Ballroom 3
Chair: Connie Crookshanks
Grand Ballroom 1-2
1550 – 1730
Session 4: Bioenergy Developments
*IEA Bioenergy Presentation
Demonstration Study of an Advanced
Biomass Gasification Technology with
Integrated Catalytic Hot Gas Cleaning
Li Dong, Fuels and Energy Technology
Institute, Curtin University
Thermal Processing Options for Legacy
John Muchan, Earth Systems
Gasification for Energy-from-Waste:
Technologies, Applications, and R&D
Daniel Roberts, CSIRO
New Energy’s Materials Recycling and
Gasification Solution
Miles Mason, New Energy Corporation
A Fast Circulating Fluidized Bed
Gasification Pilot Plant for the Conversion
of Biomass for Combined Heat and
Robert Cattolica
University of California San Diego
Chair: Robert Downie
Colley 1-2
Australian Agave Growing to Commercial
Charles Gaussier, AusAgave
Micropropagation of Three Second
Generation Bioenergy Crops – Simarouba
Glauca, Pongamia Pinnata and Camelina
Puthiyaparambil Josekutty
Clonal Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
Woody Biomass Bioenergy Potential
in South Australia – A Forest Growers
Don McGuire, Mt Gambier
Converting Food Waste to Fuel by
Doug Wilson, EcoGuardians Pty Ltd
Is There a Place for Wood Pellet
Production in Australia?
Bruce Harwood, Australia New Energy
Morning Tea, Networking, Exhibition and Poster Presentations
0850 – 0910
0910 – 0930
0930 – 0950
0950 – 1010
1010 – 1030
1030 – 1055
Piggery Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
Ian Kruger, Ian Kruger Consulting
The Feasibility of Biogas on Australian
Vegetable Farms
Kym Whiteoak, RMCG
Chair: Bernadette McCabe
Moseley 1-3
The Kwinana Waste to Energy Project –
an Update
Anthony Douglas, Phoenix Energy
Australia Pty Ltd
A Fully Integrated Resource Recovery
Process which Incorporates EFW
Considering the Option of Anaerobic
Digestion & Thermal Treatment. What
Does that mean?
Michael Haywood, Mike Haywood’s
Sustainable Resource Solutions
Energy Content and Chemical
Composition of Municipal Solid Waste
and Green Waste Streams from Brisbane
Transfer Stations
San Shwe Hla, CSIRO
*IEA Bioenergy Presentation
Traditional and Novel Cultivation Platforms
and Processing Pathways for Biofertiliser
Production from Microalgae
Kirsten Heimann, James Cook University
Algae and Biofuels Facility – A One Stop
State of the Art Analytical and Production
Infrastructure for Researchers and
Sasi Nayar, South Australian Research
and Development Institute (SARDI)
Action Spectra of Oxygen Evolution:
Technology to Diagnose and Optimise
Algal Photosynthetic Performance
Bojan Tamburic, University of
Technology Sydney
Novel Configuration of High Rate Algal
Ponds for Algal Biomass Production on
Howard Fallowfield, Flinders University
*Current Status and Potential for Algal
Biofuels Production
Les Edye, BioIndustry Partners Pty Ltd
Halophytic Microalgae to Green Crude
Oil; Progress Report
Ollie Clark, Muradel Pty Ltd
Chair: Connie Crookshanks
Colley 1-2
Bioenergy AUSTRALIA 2014 Conference
Biomethane Potential and Chemical
Composition of Differing Feedlot Manure
Ihsan Hamawand, University of Southern
Pros and Cons of Waste-To-Energy
Bernice Chapman, ADI Systems Asia
Developing Low Cost Options for OnFarm Biogas Cleaning at Piggeries,
Alan Skerman, DAFF Queensland
Sugarcane Trash: An Abundant Low-Cost Food, Energy and Lost Opportunity – A
Case for On-site Anaerobic Digestion
Multiple Use Energy Resource
David Halliday, Active Research Pty Ltd
Garry Landers, Norris Energy Crop
Utilising Biomass from the Waste Stream
as a Cement Kiln Fuel
Brian McGrath, ResourceCo Pty Ltd
Waste to Energy – A Case Study
Agave Salmiana Plant as an Alternative
Source of Energy: Use of Abandoned and David Hall
Energy Developments & Resources
Arid Land
Leonardo Chavez-Guerrero, UANL,
0830 – 0850
Energy from Waste
Chair: Stephen Schuck
Grand Ballroom 3
Chair: Mark Brown
Grand Ballroom 1-2
Session 5: Bioenergy Developments 0830 – 1030
DAY TWO Tuesday, 2 December 2014
Wood Pellet Exports – Opportunities and
Challenges for Australian Projects
Darren Giri, Phoenix Bio Pty Ltd
*IEA Bioenergy Task 43 – Biomass
Feedstocks for Energy Markets
Participation Group Inaugural Meeting
1135 – 1155
1155 – 1215
1235 – 1340
1215 – 1235
Enhancing and Implementing the
Biomass Strategic Sourcing (BioSS)
Framework for the Australian Bioenergy
William Ho, The University of Melbourne
1115 – 1135
The Continuous Flow Synthesis of
Biodiesel and other Important Molecules
Using Room Temperature Vortex Fluidics
Joshua Britton, Flinders University
Maximising Revenues and Minimising
Waste in Fuel and Feed Biorefineries
Peter Milic, Microbiogen Pty Ltd
Glycell – Leaf Energy’s Pretreatment
Process for the Conversion of
Lignocellulosic Biomass to Fuels and
Les Edye, BioIndustry Partners
Cellulosic Ethanol from Sugarcane
Bagasse – Development and Pilot Scale
Demonstration of New Solvent Based
Zhanying Zhang
Queensland University of Technology
Agave to Green Fuels and Chemicals:
The AABY Model
Don Chambers, AusAgave
Chair: Ian O’Hara
Grand Ballroom 3
Lunch, Networking, Exhibition and Poster Presentations
(session continues until 12.35)
Asia Pacific Internationally Traded
Biomass Supply and Demand Outlook to
Marcel Vroege, Indufor Asia Pacific, NZ
Biomass Trade and Supply Chains
Chair: Mark Brown
Grand Ballroom 1-2
1055 – 1115
1055 – 1235
The Anaerobic Digestion of Microalgae
Andrew Ward, The University of Adelaide
Environmental Burden Minimisation from
Community-Scale Anaerobic Digestion of
Food Waste Using Nutrient Recycling
Abhishek Tiwary
University of Southampton, UK
Digester Efficiency Upgrades – The New
Zealand Experiences
Jurgen Thiele
Calibre Consulting, Christchurch, NZ
Australian Pork Industry Approach to
Biogas Safety – A Code of Practice for
the On-Farm Use of Biogas (Piggeries)
Janine Price, Australian Pork Limited
Gas Safety at Biogas Plants
John Fleming
Gas Advisory Services Pty Ltd
Chair: Bernadette McCabe
Moseley 1-3
SESSION 6: Bioenergy Developments and Supply *IEA Bioenergy Presentation
The Deployment through Australia and
Asia of MBD’s Projects Across a Range
of Agricultural, Mining and Industrial
Tony St Clair, MBD Energy Limited
Hydrothermal Processing and
Hydrotreating of Tailored Macroalgae for
Biofuel Production
Alexander Yuen, The University of
Algal Biomass Production Research: An
Overview from South Australia and the
22nd EU Biomass Conference, Hamburg
Howard Fallowfield, Flinders University
Algae Process as the Core of an Industrial
Ali Abbas, The University of Sydney
Algal Biomass Growth in Two High Rate
Algal Ponds in Series – Fed Domestic
Wastewater – With Reference to Carbon:
Nutrient Ratios, Pond Light Climate and
Neil Buchanan, Flinders University
Chair: Kirsten Heimann
Colley 1-2
Biogas Upgrading for Grid Injection and
Vehicle Fuelling
Sonik Borat, Atlas CopCo
Afternoon Tea, Networking, Exhibition and Poster Presentations
Panel Discussion: Opportunities for Developing the Australian Economy Through Biomass and Bioenergy
Biomass and bioenergy have many virtues; greenhouse gas reduction, displacement of fossil fuels, land repair, fire hazard reduction, weed control, base load capacity,
stimulation of rural economies and ongoing jobs, waste management, transition away from landfill disposal, biodiversity outcomes, energy and resource security…. to mention
a few. However, the challenge remains how to create economic value from biomass and bioenergy in the form of actual projects and businesses. The panel will tackle this
important issue with the discussion extending into an open forum.
1500 – 1520
1520 – 1540
1540 – 1640
*Developments from IEA Bioenergy Task
39 – Commercialising Conventional and
Advanced Liquid Biofuels from Biomass
Les Edye, BioIndustry Partners
Close of Conference and Awards Ceremony
1650 – 1700
*IEA Bioenergy Presentation
Summary of Conference and Future Directions
Ralph Sims, Massey University
1640 – 1650
Bioenergy AUSTRALIA 2014 Conference
Moderator: Ralph Sims, Massey University
Panellists: Fiona Waterhouse (Utilitas), Catherine Way (SA Department of State Development), Colin Stucley (Enecon), Simon Dawkins (Oil Mallee Association)
Session 8: closing Plenary
An Update of Anaerobic Digestion
Drivers and Barriers: Examining the Use
and Policies of Anaerobic Digestion in
Australia and Overseas
Joel Edwards, RMIT
Biomass Substrate Feeder Systems for
Bioenergy Plants
Maureen Yeow, RUD Australia Pty Ltd
Converting (Australian) Agro-Industrial
Waste into Bioethanol
Kendall Corbin, University of Adelaide
An Optimum Portfolio for Biofuel Crops in
Muhammad Chattha, The University of
Biomass and Waste to Energy – An
Australian Perspective
George Gamble, RCR Energy Limited
Biogas Upgrading to Vehicle Fuel in
Prasad Kaparaju, Griffith University
1440 – 1500
Combining Solar and Biomass for Future
Keith Lovegrove, IT Power Group
One Bioenergy Project in Queensland,
Greg Paxton, Smart G Pty Ltd
New Constraints to Uptake of Bioenergy
in South Australia
Don McGuire, Mt Gambier
Co-Digestion of Wastewater Grown
Algae with Pig Slurry in Laboratory Scale
Anaerobic Digesters
Ngai Ning Cheng, Flinders University
1420 – 1440
Sustainable Aviation Biofuel – A
Pipedream? Update on the WA BTL
Costa Tsesmelis
Protos Consulting International
Industrial Heat Users Switch to Biomass
and Win With Wood Waste Fuelled
Christian Jirkowsky
Polytechnik Biomass Energy Pty Ltd
Biofuel Policy and its Changing Context
in Australia
Bo Dong, University of NSW
Research and Development of Biogas
Production Training to be Delivered by
Blended Delivery Mode to Meet Industry
Stanley Pietsch, Sunraysia Institute of
Pathway to Viable Biofuels from Lab
Bench to Commercial Plant Scale
Matthew Lilja, Beca AMEC
Factors and Features to Consider when
Selecting your Wood-Fired Heat Plant
Rob Mallinson, Living Energy/Wood
Energy Australia
The Role for Bioenergy in a 100%
Renewable Electricity System
Ben Elliston, University of NSW
1400 – 1420
Liquid Biofuels
Chair: Les Edye
Colley 1-2
Bioenergy and Biofuel R&D at VTT
Nafty Vanderhoek, VTT
Biomass Heat and Power
Chair: Connie Crookshanks
Moseley 1-3
1340 – 1400
Policy and Future Prospects
Chair: Colin Stucley
Grand Ballroom 3
R&D Towards Commercial Reality
Chair: Stephen Schuck
Grand Ballroom 1-2
1340 – 1520
SESSION 7: Bioenergy Developments 15