Rental Agreement Foxborough Regional Charter School Instrument Rent to Own Option

Rental Agreement
Foxborough Regional Charter School
Instrument Rent to Own Option
For your convenience the Foxborough Regional Charter School offers a student instrumental
rental agreement that is competitive with local vendors.
The Foxborough Regional Charter School Instrumental Rental Program is focused on providing
both affordable and good quality instruments for students. By using the guide below, we can
provide a quality instrument and necessary accessories that will make your child’s instrumental
music experience a positive one.
The rental program at the school is a rent to own option to benefit parents whose children are
interested in playing an instrument in the Foxboro Regional Charter School Orchestra. For the
efficiency of the program, parents are asked to make all payments in a timely manner. Students
whose payments are deficient or students who no longer wish to be in the program are asked:
1. to return the instrument to the Integrated Arts Instructional Leader or Orchestra Conductor
2. or pay the balance of the outstanding purchase price to keep the instrument.
Instrumental Rental is a two year agreement. The fee is paid monthly over a period of 24
months beginning in June 2014 with the last payment being paid in May of 2016.
Instruments provided by the rental agreement are listed below at the following rates:
$30 per month: Violin; Viola; Clarinet*; Flute; Piccolo; Trumpet; Trombone; Drums/Percussion
$35 per month: Cello
$60 per month: Double Bass; French Horn; Baritone; Tuba (*All students interested in playing Alto or
Tenor Saxophone must first take Clarinet for two years).
Rental or Purchase of specialty instruments such as oboe, bassoon, and English horn must be arranged with
the music department on an individual basis.
Scholarships based on financial hardship can be arranged on an individual basis by speaking to the Orchestra
Conductor or the Integrated Arts Instructional Leader.
All of the rental payments you make can be applied to pay down the instrument should you
choose to purchase it at any time. If you wish to pay off your instrument, please contact the
orchestra director for instructions for requesting a pay-off amount.
Protection for your Rental Instrument
Foxborough Regional Charter School provides general maintenance and care for general wear and
tear on all of our rental instruments during the period of the rental agreement!
Change of Instrument
If your child should need to change instruments during the first six months of the rental
agreement they may trade in their instrument once for another with the amount paid towards the
original applied to the new instrument! Adjustments to payments or payment schedule may be
necessary to reflect cost of new instrument.
If your child is playing violin, viola please refer to the chart below for choosing the correct size.
Have your child hold out their left arm to the side and face forward. With palm up, measure from under the
chin to the middle of the palm. If you are unsure, the director will measure your child.
18.5"-20.25" = 1/4 violin
20.25-22" = 1/2 violin
22”-23.5" = 3/4 violin
23.5" and longer= 4/4 violin
less than 21.5" = 12" viola
21.5"-23.25" = 13" viola
23.25"-24.75" = 14" viola
24.75"-25.5" = 15" viola
25.5"-26.25" = 15.5" viola
26.3/8"-27.1/8"=16" viola
27.1/8" and longer = 16.5" viola
Size is based roughly on your
child's height:
below 4 feet = 1/4 size
4 to 4 1/2 feet = 1/2 size
4 1/2 to 5 feet = 3/4 size
5 feet and above = 4/4 siz
Size Upgrade for Stringed Instruments: Students who are actively participating under the terms of the
rental agreement may trade in their instruments for a size upgrade as their child grows, with the portion of the
agreement paid by the student at no additional cost.
Note: Your instrument may come equipped with certain supplies. Other needs will be addressed
by your child’s instrumental instructor.
Payment: To save valuable time and keep our program organized, we request that you set up
1. Automatic bank payments through your bank to make payments online. Please use the
following information to set up the account.
a. Use the child’s name for the account holder or name (First & Last Name).
b. For the account number: Spell out the child’s last name, followed by the child’s first
name (use a capital letter) and put the last two digits of the year that your child is
expected to graduate as of this September. So Alvin Jones, who is in entering fourth
grade in September of 2014 would be: JonesAlvin23 because Alvin is expected to
graduate in June of 2023.
c. The Company is: Foxborough Regional Charter School.
d. If there is another reference name needed use: Instrumental Rental Program
e. The address is: 131 Central Street, Foxborough, MA 02035
f. Contact Phone is 508-698-7255 which is for Matthew Duska the Instructional Leader
of the Integrated Arts.
g. Set up payments for: 24 equal payments with first in June of 2014 and final payment
for May of 2016. Please print a receipt and attach to your contract.
2. Cash or Checks may also be used to make payments. All cash exchanges are recorded, and
receipts are available. Please use your cancelled check as proof of payment. Checks can be made
out to Foxborough Regional Charter School. In the memo line write which student(s) and
month(s) the payment is for. If using cash or checks rather than online banking please
include first and last month’s payment.
The undersigned enters into the Rent to Own Agreement with Foxborough Regional
School District, for my child ____________________ (Child’s Name) and class year of
graduation (e.g. 2022) ______ to play the ______________ (instrument) (size of instrument
______ for stringed instruments only, see above for sizing) with payments for the rental program
beginning in June of 2014 and continuing in 24 equal payments of $_______ (amount)
with the last payment due in May of 2016.
Payments will be made by (check one)
a. ____ Automatic Bank Payment, (set up by the parent for 24 equal payments
with first in June of 2014 and final payment for May of 2016. (attach printed
confirmation of initial transaction)
b. ____ Cash (please include first and last month’s payment)
c. ____ Check (payable to FRCS with Child’s name and Payment month in the memo
line, please include first and last month’s payment)
It is understood by both parties that payments will be made on time, and within the month
that the payment is due. Furthermore it is understood that if for some reason the child
cannot continue the program, or that the payments are in arrears that Foxborough
Regional Charter School reserves the right to and may ask the student: to return the
instrument to the school with no further payment required once the account is up to date,
or to purchase the balance of the agreement terms and keep the instrument.
It is understood that by signing this agreement that Foxborough Regional Charter School
will purchase one student instrument described above that is in good working order for the
student whose name appears above, with delivery of said instrument to the student no later
than June of 2014. If for some reason the instrument is found defective, it should be
returned to the school within 30 days for immediate repair or replacement. It is also
understood that if a child is unwilling or unable to play the instrument at the time of
delivery that it may be returned to the school within 72 business hours in the original
condition for a complete refund.
All agreements made for instrumental rental will hereby commence on the date of distribution of
agreed upon instruments into the possession of student musicians whose parents or guardians
have signed the rental contract with Foxborough Regional Charter School. The first month’s
payment will be applied to the date of receipt, with the second month’s payment due on that same
day of the following month, or by the end of the following month, and continuing on for the
duration of the contract. The total number of monthly payments equaling no more or less than
24 months for ownership to be transferred from FRCS to the signor of the contract.
All parents or guardians are asked to confirm that they have received the agreed upon instrument
in good working order, or return it within 30 days as specified by the contract for repair or
You will receive an ‘instrument received’ form when you pick up your rental instrument. Please
return this form to us with a parental signature.
Printed Name of Parent: ____________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Student: ____________________________________ Age:__
Class of: _____________
Contact Phone #: __________________________ Alternative #: _______________________
Email Contact: ___________________________________
Instrument: _____________ Monthly Cost: _____________ Size: (Strings only) __________
Automatic Payments set up for 24 equal payments Yes or No (Include a printed receipt of setup)
If using Cash or Check: Include First & Last Month’s Payments $_______
(Processing will begin at the time that all initial payments have been made)
Parent Signature: _____________________________________________Date: ___________
Office Use Only: Contact Complete ____ Payment Made____