Lower Macungie Township will retain a PennDOT-qualified engineering consultant to provide full-time,
on-site Construction Inspection services and part-time Construction Management services related to the
S.R. 222 Section HCI Project in Lower Macungie Township, Lehigh County, PA (“Project”). This Project
will involve improvements to S.R. 222, including full-depth widening, median modifications, and mill &
overlay. Krocks Road will be significantly widened within the Project limits and reconstructed for most
of the Project limits. In addition, a new one-way collector-distributor road (designated as “Hamilton
Crossings Way”), approximately 5,200 feet in length, will be constructed parallel to northbound S.R. 222.
The Project construction work will consist of substantial excavation and drainage installation,
preparation of subgrade, placement of subbase, full-depth paving, milling and overlay, removal of an
existing sound barrier for approximately 555 feet, construction of a new sound barrier approximately
267 feet in length, concrete curb and curb ramps, traffic signalization improvements (including
installation of traffic adaptive system), a cantilever sign structure, traffic signs, pavement markings and
other associated roadway activities. There will be substantial coordination required with concurrent,
adjacent construction projects by others.
An approximate year-long construction schedule is expected with an anticipated Notice to Proceed for
the Contractor of May 2015 and substantial construction completion in May 2016. Construction cost is
estimated in the range of $6 million dollars. All construction shall be in conformance with PennDOT
Publication 408 and all Construction Inspection services shall be in conformance with PennDOT’s Scope
of Work for Municipal Projects Consultant Construction Inspection dated January 2014 and any updates.
The Construction Management staff shall include a minimum of one (1) Project Manager. The
Construction Inspection staff shall include a minimum of one (1) TCM, two (2) TCI’s and one (1) TA. This
project will be administered through ECMS using CDS NeXtGen V3 and all documentation must be
maintained in accordance with PennDOT procedures for state-funded projects. All submittals must go
through the PennDOT Project Collaboration Center (PPCC).
The minimum experience and training for the part-time Project Manager shall be four (4) years of
Transportation Construction Inspection Supervision / Management experience and a Bachelor’s Degree
in Civil Engineering. ACI / PENNDOT and NECEPT Field Technician Certification are also desirable. The
Project Manager shall be responsible for the activities of the Construction Management (CM) and
Construction Inspection (CI) staff on the project. Major duties will be the monitoring of the CI staff,
involvement in the day-to-day duties of the CM/CI staff, assisting in the administration of the
construction contracts, invoicing and administration of the CM/CI contract, and other duties as required
by the Township. In addition, the Project Manager will review the Construction Contractor’s baseline
schedule, as well as the schedule updates throughout the construction process. The Project Manager
will also prepare sensitive correspondence related to major claims, public relations incidents, and other
sensitive documents. The Project Manager will be in daily contact between the Design Engineers, the CI
staff, and the Construction Contractor. The Project Manager will monitor the work being completed,
coordinate the resolution of field problems with the Design Engineers, and prepare correspondence for
the direction of the Construction Contractor to resolve the field problems.
The Township encourages responses from small firms, DBE’s and firms who have not previously
performed work for the Township.
The Statement of Interest shall include the following:
 A concise narrative describing the experience of the firm(s) and persons specifically assigned to
the Construction Management and Construction Inspection Team for this Project (3 pages
maximum). Also include resumes of key persons stating their specific role in the project.
 References for similar project experience.
 List any sub-consultants that will be used for this project and their role/responsibility.
 Statement of availability of the proposed Construction Management and Construction Inspection
Team during the anticipated construction duration.
 Statement that the firm can provide proof of liability insurance coverage for at least $1,000,000.
 Provide a copy of the firm’s PennDOT Business Partner qualification package from ECMS. For
resumes, only include the PennDOT Inspection resumes of key persons providing direct oversight
for this project.
The following factors will be considered by the Township during the evaluation of the Business Partners
submitting Statements of Interest related to the Construction Management and Construction Inspection
services for this Project:
 Experience of the individuals comprising the Construction Management and Construction
Inspection Team with emphasis on background in coordinating construction projects, familiarity
with PennDOT procedures and specifications and past experience in construction inspection role
on PennDOT projects.
 Demonstrated ability to provide construction management and inspection services for
moderately complex projects in close proximity to other concurrent construction projects.
 Demonstrated ability to work through construction issues with proper communication and
documentation in a timely manner.
 Review of the consultant's overall construction management and inspection experience, abilities,
project concept, and approach.
 What will the Construction Management and Construction Inspection Team do to ensure the
Project is constructed on time?
 Team's commitment to a quality control and quality assurance process as demonstrated in the
firm's Statement of Interest and the firm's QA/QC Plan on file in ECMS with PennDOT.
The Township will evaluate the qualifications submitted by the consultants in response to this
advertisement using the Modified Selection Procedure. The Township will review consultant
qualifications based on the submitted Statements of Interest in order to select the most qualified
consultant for the purpose of negotiating an Engineering Agreement. If an acceptable Agreement
cannot be negotiated with the top-ranked consultant, the Township will conclude negotiations with that
firm and move on to the second-ranked consultant, and so on, until an acceptable Engineering
Agreement is negotiated.
Contact information for Questions regarding this RFQ:
Name: Alan Fornwalt, P.E.
Title: Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc. (KCE), Township Engineer
Email: [email protected] Phone: 610-395-0971
To be eligible to provide the Construction Management and Construction Inspection services for this
Project, the consultant and any sub-consultants must be a PennDOT ECMS Registered Business Partner.
If eligible, please submit three (3) hard copies of a Statement of Interest on or before 3:00 P.M. on
Monday, December 15, 2014 to:
Lower Macungie Township
Bruce Fosselman, Township Manager
RE: Construction Inspection Services, SR 222 HCI Project
3400 Brookside Road
Macungie, PA 18062
East Penn Press:
Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Wednesday, December 3, 2014