Printers, Projectors, Scanners
FOR business
We understand
In today’s fast-paced, high-pressure world
of business, we understand you need
technology that delivers results. That helps
people work more efficiently. That gives
the right image. That performs perfectly
whenever you need it.
And with budgets squeezed, we know that
value for money is paramount. Epson delivers
on every count. Our smart technology will change
the way you work, saving you time and money,
and freeing you up to focus on your core business.
Our award-winning
WorkForce Pro printers
are fast, economical and
ecological, keeping pace
with the busiest business
Capture, convert and
distribute scanned
information quickly and
securely using our highspeed business scanners.
We’re the world’s number
one for projectors1. Easy to
set up and use, they’re ideal
for delivering memorable
Beat budget restrictions with products that
are cost-effective to buy and maintain.
Cutting-edge technology helps you connect,
collaborate and stay competitive.
Engineered to be kinder to the environment
and streamline costs on the way.
Keep important data confidential with secure
printing, scanning and archiving.
All you need to work
Make a big impression
Our large-format printers
produce high-quality
photographic prints on
demand, producing
impressive results for
internal signs and posters.
Award-winning results
Our award-winning
WorkForce Pro printers
are fast, economical and
ecological, providing highquality results and less
Scanning made simple
Our high-speed duplex scanners,
combined with Document
Capture Pro software, allow you to
scan documents directly to your
preferred storage system. You can
also scan to a secure, passwordprotected pdf. These features
boost productivity and help keep
confidential data safe.
Secure business systems
Save time and money
by storing and archiving
confidential information on
tamper-proof DVDs, with
no need to rewrite for up to
100 years.
Interactive meetings
Our interactive projectors
make it easy for people
to work on documents
together, transforming
meetings into collaborative
Organise the office
Produce strong, long-lasting
labels in a wide range of tapes
and text colours to improve
organisation. Ideal for stock
management, filing and tags.
Our lightweight,
portable projectors are
ultra-mobile and easy
to set up. Ideal if you’re
moving from room
to room or going to
a meeting outside
the office.
Cost-effective BUSINESS
Our innovative technology combines competitive
prices with money-saving features, ensuring you can
cut costs without compromising on quality.
In the current climate of squeezed budgets, technology for business must be ultra cost-effective, not just at
the point of purchase, but throughout the product’s lifetime.
That’s why we have put so much thought into every aspect of our range, providing you with technology that
can significantly cut your paper, print and energy bills. Get a lot more for a lot less, with products that are built
for business.
CO is 70%
lower per year
compared to
the previous
Andrew Musetti, Head of IT and Business
Analysis, Burger King franchisee
Spend your budget
Low total cost
of ownership
Take control of your business’ printing costs
with Epson Print Performance. With our allinclusive printing service:
We’ve taken everything into account
– purchase price, consumables and
maintenance – to keep the lifetime cost of
your technology low.
• You only pay for what you print (pages
or millilitres).
• You get one monthly report and one
monthly bill.
• You have the convenience of full supplies
• Epson projectors offer superb quality
together with an affordable purchase
price, easy and flexible installation and low
maintenance costs.
• Our WorkForce Pro printers provide
up to 50% lower cost per page than
competitive colour lasers2.
See how much you can save with
our total cost of ownership calculator
• With our new WorkForce Pro RIPS
(Replaceable Ink Pack System) printers
you can print up to 75,000 pages without
changing the ink.
Save on outsourcing
Save time and money by printing in-house
instead of sending work out to external
• Create high-impact posters and company
signage using the SureColor SC-T Series.
• Produce high-quality reports using
WorkForce Pro printers.
Keep a check on costs
• Archive important data with the
PP-100II Discproducer™. It has an
efficient six-colour ink system and will
produce more than 1,000 fully printed
discs using just one set of inks.
We’ve developed special software and
accounting tools to help you monitor and
manage technology costs.
• Our EasyMP software allows you to control
and monitor every projector across a
network. It provides an alert when lamps
need to be replaced, and enables you to
switch off units remotely, saving you time,
power and money.
• The Epson large format printer Accounting
Tool helps you track job costs for your
SureColor SC-T Series. At the click of a
button, it will find the printers connected
to your network and tell you how much
different print jobs are costing.
Improve productivity
Epson technology can change the way you do business,
helping you work more productively, sell more effectively
and connect more easily.
In a busy office environment, technology should simplify everyday tasks and make working life easier.
Epson products work as hard as you do. Intuitive to use and requiring minimal training, they’ll ensure your documents
and presentations stand out, helping you get results where it counts.
Hassle-free equipment
Do business anywhere
Make an impact
Let Epson get on with the job – and you can
get on with yours. More reliable technology
means less downtime, so it’s ready when
you need it.
When your staff are mobile, your technology
needs to be equally flexible. Epson
innovations free up your staff to work more
efficiently – wherever they are.
When you’re putting together a pitch
document or sales presentation, you need
technology that produces stunning results,
each and every time.
• High-capacity ink cartridges are incredibly
easy to replace. Just push and click
the new cartridge into place. No mess,
no fuss.
• Epson Connect lets you print documents
using your smartphone, tablet or laptop
from home, the office or anywhere else in
the world3.
• Print impressive documents on the
WorkForce Pro Series with DURABrite
Ultra Ink – for long-lasting, high-impact
• Set up the Discproducer and it will
publish 30 CDs, 15 DVDs or 8 BDs an
hour unattended. An internal robotic arm
ensures accuracy.
• Email Print for Enterprise enables driverless
direct printing from your company email
address, backed up with the security and
scalability you need.
• WorkForce Pro RIPS printers cut the
time staff spend on managing printer
supplies and also reduces support calls.
• With Scan-to-Cloud, scanned files are
automatically uploaded to Cloud services,
making sharing and storage easy3.
• Engage your audience with pin-sharp,
vivid projections. Our projectors have an
exceptionally high Colour Light Output,
producing colours that are up to three
times brighter than 1-chip DLP projectors6.
• EasyMP software allows you to monitor
and control all projectors across
a network.
• The iProjection App allows you to project
wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet4.
• With our LabelWorks range, you can use
the Epson iLabel App to design, create
and print resistant labels directly from your
smartphone or tablet5.
he savings we’ve seen
in cost per page and
energy consumption
have converted me.
Lucy Cohen, Co-Founder and Commercial Director, Mazuma
Share ideas
Simplify workflow
Let our interactive meeting room system
improve the quality of your meetings and
brainstorms. The EB-1400Wi Series
encourages everyone to participate.
Let Epson technology help your working day
run more smoothly and efficiently.
• The system combines the benefits of
ultra-short-throw projectors, interactive
whiteboards and paper flipcharts.
• Interactive pens make it easy for colleagues
to annotate a presentation together and
• Afterwards, it’s simple to save the results
to a USB, to a network location or to share
via email.
• Boost productivity with Document Capture
Pro software, which allows you to scan
and quickly share documents. It has
an intuitive interface and integrates with
leading Document Management Systems
and Cloud services.
• Use our portable LabelWorks to file and
organise paper, assets and equipment.
You can even print direct from your PC,
tablet or smartphone using the free Epson
iLabel App5.
Greener business
Emissions and carbon footprint are becoming
increasingly pressing concerns in the business world.
Whatever business you’re in, it’s likely that the Government, your shareholders, customers and staff are all
keen to know you’re upholding good environmental practice.
At Epson it’s a point of principle to develop clean technologies, and to design products that consume
less power. We have engineered our products to be cleaner and greener, so we can help you meet your
environmental targets – and save money at the same time.
Cut power, cut
Better working
Less energy, great
We’re constantly looking for new ways to cut
power consumption.
Our WorkForce Pro printers use
innovative technology to help you meet
your green compliance targets.
Our projectors use highly efficient 3LCD
technology, producing true to life colours
that are up to three times brighter than
1-chip DLP projectors6 enabling you to
develop maximum visual impact with your
• Our WorkForce Pro printers have no
warm-up time, unlike lasers, and they
use up to 80% less power than
comparable lasers7.
• Our projectors are packed with ecofriendly features, including an eco
mode, which reduces the lamp wattage.
Meanwhile, EasyMP software allows you
to monitor and control all projectors across
a network.
• Epson scanners come with ReadyScan
technology, eliminating warm-up time.
They also feature a useful power-saving
sleep button.
• Epson’s clean, no heat technology
produces no ozone gas or any fan
noise during or after printing.
• The WorkForce Pro Series occupies
a smaller footprint as no ventilation
space is needed around the printer.
• The long-lasting Replaceable Ink Pack
System can print up to 75,000 pages
without changing the ink, meaning
reduced waste, transport costs and
environmental impact.
up to
80 less
WorkForce Pro series7
Doubly efficient
Green storage
It’s easy to be green when a printer makes
smart choices for you.
The far-sighted technology of our
Discproducers saves energy and provides
long-term efficiencies too.
• With WorkForce Pro printers, you’ll find
double-sided printing, scanning, copying
and faxing options built in.
• Customer and company data can be
securely stored, with no need to rewrite
DVDs for up to 50 years or CDs for up to
100 years.
virus resistant
Strictly confidential
Businesses everywhere are obliged to take confidentiality
and data protection extremely seriously. Let us help you
protect your data and your reputation.
With the exponential growth in electronic data flowing into and out of organisations, it’s becoming increasingly
important to find ways to safeguard confidential information.
Epson has a variety of cutting-edge products and services that can help you share, archive and store your data
securely – and make sure it stays in safe hands.
Confidential printing
In any business, a significant amount of printed material will contain confidential
information, from people’s personal details to sensitive company plans and
• WorkForce Pro printers enable confidential printing via a secure PIN code.
They also support the latest security and encryption protocols, including IPSEC
and IEEE802.1x.
1,000 printed discs
using one set of ink
secure storage
Secure data storage
Our business scanners offer multiple
security options.
We lead the way in archiving confidential
data. Many businesses choose
Discproducers as they’re reliable, secure
and easy to use.
• Sensitive documents can be scanned to a
secure PDF which is password-protected.
• Access to the scanner can be limited by
protecting the control panel itself with
a password.
• A pre-defined list of destinations restricts
where your scan ends up.
• Your entire networked scanner fleet can be
centralised, giving you maximum control
and management.
• Quickly archive large amounts of data and
protect it from loss and damage.
• Produce discs that cannot be altered or
manipulated, once burned, and which are
100% virus resistant.
• Get extra security for highly confidential
data with a door lock on the PP-100N,
preventing unauthorised opening of the
door or removal of media.
Case Study
An IT company’S
“There is still a
perception that
business inkjet
printers are
slower than colour
laser printers.
This is incorrect”
Marcel Hofstra
Operations manager, Protinus IT
Protinus IT
WorkForce Pro WP-4525 DNF
Protinus IT, the IT-sourcing
company, is not only a satisfied
WorkForce Pro inkjet printer
user, but now also recommends
the product to its own
customers. The company has
identified a shift in the market
from colour laser printing to
inkjet printing, since business
inkjet printers are no longer
inferior to colour laser printers.
Protinus IT helps organisations
optimise procurement and
implementation of IT solutions
and is, therefore, always on the
look-out for superior printer
systems for customers.
WorkForce Pro WP-4015 DN
The situation
Protinus IT opens up a reliable network of IT
suppliers through a smart IT sourcing and
contracting method, that provides service,
quality, reliability and flexibility. Marcel
Hofstra, operations manager, explains:
“Our Managed Sourcing product results
in better contracts, a good procurement
policy and IT consolidation while giving
finance management advice on IT costs and
savings. A total of 180,000 products from our
suppliers are listed on the itshop.nl website.
Our customers can order the IT services they
require through this website.”
The alternatives to
colour laser printers
When the company was established in
2010, Protinus started with a colour laser
printer. Because the company grew and
our staff numbers increased, we needed
extra printers. “You might think we would
choose a colour laser printer again, but we
chose Epson’s WorkForce Pro business
inkjet printers. As an IT service supplier, we
are up-to-date with new developments and
we have noticed that many organisations
are still automatically choosing colour laser
printers because they are not aware of the
alternatives. There is still a perception that
business inkjet printers are slower than
colour laser printers. This is incorrect.”
Hofstra continues: “Before we decided to
purchase the WorkForce Pro inkjet printers,
Epson gave us the opportunity to test a
printer. Seeing is believing. We quickly
concluded that Epson’s WorkForce Pro
printers are fast. The cost of printing per
page is also low. And the WorkForce Pro
printers consume less energy too.
“Our colour laser printer is not used
much now. Another plus point is that the
WorkForce Pro printers can also be used by
employees who are on the move, through
Epson Connect. Wherever they are, they can
email the documents they want produced
to the printer’s unique email address and
they will be printed. “Protinus IT now has
four WorkForce Pro printers. Two WP-4525
DNF printers and two WP-4015 DN printers
are used every day by Protinus IT staff. We
chose this combination because we wanted
to limit scanning to a couple of locations and
this is possible with the WP-4525 DNF.”
“We quickly
concluded that
Epson’s WorkForce
Pro printers are
fast. The cost of
printing per page
is also low. And
the WorkForce Pro
printers consume
less energy too.”
Marcel Hofstra
Operations manager, Protinus IT
We recommend them to Changing the printer
our customers
“Since we, ourselves, made a definite
and informed choice to go for Epson’s
WorkForce Pro printers, it’s easier to get our
customers enthusiastic about Epson printers
too,” adds Hofstra. Our customers can
quickly see the advantages: low costs, high
speed, low energy consumption and high
quality, but ‘seeing is believing’ for them too,
they want to test the printer before making a
purchase. And Epson makes this possible.
It’s also important for many of our customers
that the printer product is reliable.”
“The market for business inkjet printers is in
motion. The market share for inkjet printers
is set to increase for small, medium-sized
and large companies because, even in large
companies, there are departments that can
work well with business inkjet printers, as
well as departments that print thousands
of pages a year. Colour laser printers are
no longer cheaper or faster than modern
business inkjet printers and photos printed
using an inkjet printer typically come out
better than with a colour laser printer.
Enough reasons to start thinking about
your printer choice and not simply choosing
lasers out of habit.”
Let us help you
cut costs and work
more efficiently.
Find out more
1. Survey conducted by Futuresource Consulting Limited for the period from 2001 to 2012.
2. Comparison made against the top 10 A4 colour laser printers and MFPs sold in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK in Q4 2010 as tracked by IDC. Cost per
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2010. For more information please visit www.epson.co.uk/workforcepro
3. Epson iPrint requires a wireless connection. Epson Email Print, Epson Remote Print Driver and Epson Scan-to-Cloud require a connection to the internet.
For more information, supported languages and devices, please visit www.epson.co.uk/connect
4. iProjection App available on Android and iOS devices.
5. Compatible with LabelWorks LW-600P and LW-1000P. Download the Epson iLabel App from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
6. Compared to leading 1-chip DLP business and education projectors based on NPD data, July 2011 through June 2012. Colour Brightness (Colour Light Output)
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calculated using manufacturers’ published data for Print/Average Mode as of July 2011. For more information please visit www.epson.co.uk/workforcepro
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