IGS ControlLogix Ethernet Error: CIP error - 0x0F Permission... If you are using ControlLogixs version v21.11 with IGS v7.58...

IGS ControlLogix Ethernet Error: CIP error - 0x0F Permission denied. Extended Error = 0x0000
If you are using ControlLogixs version v21.11 with IGS v7.58 or below, it does not support this version of the firmware
your have in your controller.
You have two options, you will need to upgrade the version of IGS your running or downgrade your controller’s
To determine which ControlLogix firmware the IGS supports go to the IGS - Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet help file
and type "firmware" in the IGS help files search dialog and you will get something similar to the following screenshot
Figure 1;
To determine which firmware revision your controller has refer to the IGS OPC servers Eventlog for the controller details
once the IGS connects to the device. See the Revision=xx.xx controller property reference as shown below.
Information Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet
'Logix.Lgix105slt6' Details: IP=<>,1,6:44818, Vendor Id=1, Product Type=14, Product ode=3,
Revision=13.34, Product Name='1756-L1/A 1756-M2/A LOGIX5550', Product S/N=0x000A3874
If you’re using IGS v7.58 or below you will either have to upgrade the IGS OPC server to a version that supports the
firmware you’re using or downgrade/flash your CLX controller with a supported firmware revision for the version of the
IGS server your using. You will need to ensure you have the correct version of the IGS versus the firmware revision you
have on your CLX controller (i.e. v21.11). Confirm you have a correct match using the IGS help file.
Please be aware IGS v7.511 and above require you to do the following before it will run in License Mode.
--- Update your Proficy Common License software. This can be obtained by going to the GE-IP website http://support.ge-ip.com/support to Quick Picks - Tools and select the Licensing Key Updates web link. You will need
your Proficy Common License software version v12.1.952.0 or greater.
If this is not done the IGS will run in DEMO mode as it will not recognize the bits set on the Proficy key. This will happen
once a client connects to the IGS server and not before a client connection (iFix PDB/NIO interface or OPC client) is
attempted. In DEMO mode the IGS server will run for a maximum of two hours and then time-out (stops all
communication). You can reset the two-hour demo period by stopping and starting the server Runtime. To do so, access
the server's Administration menu and then select "Stop Runtime Service" and "Start Runtime Service".
--- You will need to order a new iFix hardware or software license upgrade through the GE-IP Sales department or GEIP
representative. The Proficy Common License Viewer will show "Number IGS Protocol Families" as a count (1 - 255) in
addition to the IGS "Core" and "GE Core Drivers" driver bits. See screenshot below.
If you have an iFix key that has the correct bits set on it and Proficy Common Software v12.1.954.0 or higher the IGS will
run in License Mode. If these prerequisites are not met the IGS will run in DEMO mode.