Neonatal Nutrition Study Day 3rd December 2014

Neonatal Nutrition
Study Day
3rd December 2014
Dr Freya Pearson Consultant Neonatologist UHS
Professor Alan Jackson Professor of Human Nutrition University of
Dr Mark Johnson Neonatal Research Fellow/Neonatal Grid Trainee QAH
Dr Luise Marino Chief Paediatric Dietitian UHS
Mrs Anita Emm Senior Paediatric Dietitian UHS
Dr Akshay Batra Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist UHS
Mr Charles Keys Consultant Paediatric Surgeon UHS
Melanie Drewett Clinical Nurse Specialist Neonatal Surgery UHS
Heartbeat Education Centre: F Level North Wing, Southampton
General Hospital
Aims and Objectives-
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This study day aims to cover the concepts behind the approach to
nutritional management of the neonate. It will also address the
management of neonates with complex surgical problems,
complex needs as well as recent updates and research.
The day caters to neonatal and paediatric consultants, trainees,
nurses and dieticians.
0900-0920 Registration and Croissants
0920-0930 Introduction Dr Freya Pearson
0930 - 1015 Professor Alan Jackson
Achieving Healthy Growth: Beyond the Millennium Development Goals
Session 1: Neonatal Nutritional Assessment and Delivery
1015-1045 How to assess nutritional status (MJ)
1045-1115 Providing Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition (FP)
1120-1130 Coffee
1130-1215 From parenteral to enteral nutrition – the challenges of the transitional
phase and impact on growth (LM)
1215-1300 Health and Economic Impact of Breastfeeding (FP)
1300-1345 Lunch
1345-1415 Nutritional Guidelines (MJ)
1415-1445 Case Discussions and Practical Workshop (MJ/FP/AE)
1445-1500 Tea
Session 2: Complex Nutritional Strategies
1500-1530 Management of Chylothorax (AE)
1530- 1610 Outcome predictors and the nutritional approach to neonates with Short
bowel syndrome (AB)
1610-16:50 Neonates with complex abdominal wall defects-difficulties with feeding
and approach (MD/CK)
1650 Close