KION India Pvt Ltd Corporate Presentation

KION India Pvt Ltd
Corporate Presentation
About KION Group
About KION India
Engineering Capabilities
Manufacturing Capabilities
Products & Services
After Sales Network
Customer Segments
Sample of Key Accounts
Product Value Proposition
Contact Details
KION Group
Provider of forklifts, warehouse equipment & other industrial trucks
The global no. 2 and the only major pure material handling player
KION Group
Market leader in Europe with more than 100 years experience
Employs roughly 22,000 people
Net sales of more than €4 billion (INR 24,000 Crores)
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Leading Market Positions
Multi-brand Strategy – KION Group
• No. 2 worldwide
Global brands
• No. 1 international brand in China
• Undisputed innovation and technology leader
• European premium brand (No. 3)
• No. 2 in Brazil
• Leading in E-trucks
• R&D
• No. 1 in France
• Common parts
Regional brands
• Platforms
• No. 1 in Italy
• Production
• Purchasing
• Top 10 domestic brands in China
• Platform for global economy segment offering
• IT
• No. 1 in India – CB Forklifts
• Focus on Indian volume & value segment
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KION Product range (cross brand examples)
From small pallet truck up 45T container handler
Internal Combustion (IC)
Counterbalance Trucks
- Outdoor environment
- Heavy goods handling
Electric (E)
Counterbalance Trucks
- Indoor environment
- No emissions
- Heavy goods handling
Warehouse (WH)
Rider Trucks
- Transport of goods at
faster speed
- Specialized for
warehouse requirements
Warehouse (WH)
Pedestrian Trucks
- Transport of goods at
walking speed
- Less electric support
than Rider trucks
- Industrial processes /
train stations / airports
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KION India Organizational Overview
• Voltas #1 Brand in Indian Forklift market.
• Voltas Material Handling – Now a 100% KION Owned Company
• Strong established Forklift brand, since 50 years in Indian market.
• Country-wide sales & service network with more than 60 Customer touch
• State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility at Pune,India
• Market Share of 55 % in Diesel Operated forklifts
• Over 180 Employees
Key Milestones
• May 2011 – Formation of JV between Voltas Ltd & KION Group
• JV between Voltas Ltd. and KION Group became effective May 1st, 2011
• Voltas Ltd. contributed the its Material Handling Business Division (MHBD) – carve-out
• Ancillary agreements for ongoing support from VL (Thane production, Pune rent,
Branch offices, IT)
KION to contribute technology and further funding
KION held 66% majority and management control
JV contract contained option rights to buy/sell remaining shares
• Nov 2012 – Conclusion of JV, KION group acquired all shares
• Voltas Limited sold its stake in VMH to KION, effective Nov 2nd, 2012
• Entity continued under the name of Voltas Material Handling Pvt. Ltd.,
and sell its products under Voltas brand
Continued contracts with VMH for HO, branch offices & IT support
No changes in day-to-day operations
• Aug 2014 - Legal Name change to ‘KION India’
• Name change is symbolic of it being part of the international KION Group
• No change in business model, products continue to brand under Voltas & Baoli name
Communication of Name change
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Vision & objective
• To become # 1 material handling
equipment manufacturer in India by 2015
& maintain leading position thereafter
Mid term Objective:
• Capturing leadership position in
emerging markets inline with KION group
strategy by leveraging value segment
Establish aftersales benchmark in India
through S&S network
Communication of Name change
Achieve 30% Chinese import market
share using Baoli brand in India
Achieve double digit operating profit
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Engineering Capabilities
• In House Design Team
• Graduates and Post –Graduates from Mechanical & Electrical Stream.
• Well – Equipped with latest Design & Stress Analysis softwares.
• In house Protoshop facilities.
• 5 New Products Launched during 2013.
Manufacturing Capabilities
Products & Services
 Diesel Operated Forklifts- Capacity:1.5 to 15 Tonne
 Battery Operated Forklifts – Capacity: 1.5 to 3.5 Tonne
 Attachments and Accessories for Customized requirements.
 Warehousing Equipments – Walkies
 Warehousing Equipments – Riders
 Articulated Forklift Trucks,Narrow Aisle,UK
 Parts Support.
 Warranty & Post Warranty services
 Fleet Management
 Training
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CB Diesel Forklifts – Engine Driven
1.5 – 4T
Fluid Coupling
5T Automatic
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1.5 – 3T Automatic
8 / 10T Automatic
5T Fluid Coupling
15 / 16T Automatic
Battery Forklifts
1.5 / 2 T AC Drive
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2.5 - 3T SEPEX Drive
Attachments & Accessories
Bale Clamp
Paper Roll Clamp
360 Deg
MH Profile
Attachments & Accessories
2-Pallet Handlers
Drum Handlers
Ram Attachment
...and many more.........
MH Profile
Warehousing Equipments
2.5T Hand
Pallet Trucks
Manual Stackers
Power Pallet
Semi Electric
CB Stackers
Reach Trucks
Tow Trucks
After Sales Network
After Sales Support
Commissioning of Machines.
On site Training for User and Maintenance Team
Warranty Services
Parts Supply
Refurbishing of Machines
Fleet Management
Customer / Dealer Training at Pune Plant
Central Parts Warehouse at Wagholi, Pune
VMH Customer Segments
Private / Corporate :-
Auto, Brick, Construction, Cement, Cables,
Engineering, F&B, FMCG, Oil & Petrochemicals,
Paper, Pharma, Process, etc.
Railway, Defence, Ports, Dockyards, Public
Sector Industries, Mining, etc.
Service Providers/ Hirers :Hirers, Logistics Suppliers, Distribution, Cold
Storage, Supply Chain & Retail, 3PL
Sample of Key Accounts
Value Proposition
Fluid Coupling Forklift
Work Horse
 Simple & reliable
 Easy to Maintain.
 Fuel Efficient.
 Rugged.
 High Residual Value.
 Value for Money
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Value Proposition
Automatic Forklift
Most Fuel Efficient
 Only Fully Automatic
Transmission forklift in its class to
be manufactured in India.
 Reliable & Rugged Drive-Line
with extended warranty options
 25% more fuel efficient in its
 20 Operator Friendly Features.
 High Residual Value.
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Value Proposition
Work Horse
 BS-III engine.
 Ergonomically designed for
better operator comfort and
fatigue free operation.
Higher Performance speeds for
increased productivity.
Lower service weight for lesser
fuel consumption.
 Easy to maintain
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Value Proposition
Heavy Duty
Weight Lifter
Compact in –its-class.
 Lower service weight
resulting in lesser fuel
 Rugged, High reliability
and VOLTAS Value for
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Value Proposition
1.5 & 2T Battery Forklifts
Most Energy Efficient
 30% Energy efficient in-itsclass with 48V,AC Drive system.
 Spilt rim design for easy
 Single Motor for Hoist & Steer
 Dual Controller for Jerk free
 Compact design.
 Option of Treaded Pneumatic
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Value Proposition
2.5 / 3 / 3.5T Battery Drive Forklifts
 Modern Aesthetics and
 Energy efficient, high powered
 Electronic Controller for
Economy of Operations.
 Compact design for better
 Ample space for battery
removal and maintenance.
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Value Proposition
Baoli Range
Value for Money
 Modern Aesthetics and
 Cost effective.
 Value for Money
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Value Proposition
Warehousing Equipments
 Modern Aesthetics and
 Energy efficient, high powered
 Electronic Controller for
Economy of Operations.
 Compact design for better
 Ample space for battery
removal and maintenance.
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Contact Details – Head Office
Mr. MRV Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer,
E-Mail ID :[email protected]
Mr. V K Thakur, National Sales Head (North & East)-Forklift Business.
E-Mail ID :[email protected]
Mr. Sameer Kalamdani, National Sales Head (South & West)-Forklift Business.
E-Mail ID :[email protected]
Mr. Daljeet Singh, National Sales Head - Government Sales
E-Mail ID :[email protected]
Mr. Amalesh Maity, National Sales Head - Warehousing Equipments
E-Mail ID :[email protected]
Mr. Nitin Babbar, National Head - Aftersales
E-Mail ID:[email protected]
Mr. Chidambar Joshi, National Service Head,
E-Mail ID :[email protected]
Mr. Mukesh Panchal, National Head - Spare Parts
E-Mail ID :[email protected]
Enquiries :
Contact Your Nearest Voltas Branch / Dealer office or mail us your
requirements at : [email protected]
Visit us : http//
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