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Exhibitor Package
Conference Schedule
November 18-21, 2014
Exhibitor Show Convention
Services Rules and Regulations
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CETPA Annual Conference 2014, Sacramento California
Join CETPA for the 54th annual conference
Each year the conference provides excellent professional development in its
breakout sessions, networking opportunities, interesting keynotes and a
one-day exhibitor show that is not in competition with any other activities or
events at the conference.
The conference is attended by the policy
and decision-makers in the
California K-20 Educational Environment.
→School District & County Office CTO’s,
CIO’s & Technology Directors
→Network and other infrastructure Managers
→School District and County Office
Academic Officers.
✴New in 2014: The CETPA conference will
feature sessions designed for our vendor
partners throughout the week and extended
show hours beginning Wednesday Evening,
offering additional opportunities to network
while enjoying some light refreshments.
→Superintendents and Principals
→Technology Coordinators
→California Department of Education Officials
→School site and District level technicians
Two Ways to Participate in CETPA!
✴ Your booth purchase includes a certain number of badges for the show, a light breakfast on show day, a box lunch for each badge and access to sessions on Wednesday
afternoon and Thursday morning.
✴ The booth purchase does not include full conference access. to enjoy the benefit of
the conference, please register as an attendee.
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L E A D ✴ T R A N S F O R M ✴ A C H I E VE
Exhibitor Package
Booth Information
You may select your booth at All vendors are subject to approval by the
CETPA Exhibits Committee. CETPA reserves the right to change the location of all booths to
best suit the needs of the conference.
Booth Sizes
Your booth registration fee includes:
☑ Wednesday Night Exhibit Hall Reception
☑ Thursday Morning Sessions
☑ Thursday -Continental Breakfast (Vendors Only)
☑ Thursday -Lunch & access to remainder of events
10 x 10 Regular
^ Includes2 Badges
- $2,500
Your Booth registration DOES NOT INCLUDE:
◀Full conference access
◀Table, chair, wastebasket, carpet
◀Internet access
10 x 20 Double
^ Includes 4 Badges
- $5,800
20 x 20 XL Booth
^ Includes 8 Bdages
- $10,000
Kiosk Booth
^ Includes 2 Badges
- $2,500
(Exhibitors are prohibited from placing
wireless access points within their space)
✴Exhibitor badge on site - $100
✴If you wish to attend the full conference you must register as an affiliate attendee - $660
Go to EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION to select and remit for your booth.
•CETPA Reservers the right to reassign any and all booths, at any time, based upon the needs of CETPA
Convention services will be available through Tricord Trade Show Services
Go to:
Step One - Log in to Tricord website
- Select Client Log-in
- Scroll down and Select: CETPA 2014
- Password: 2014cetpa
Step Two - Print and fax your orders to Tricord (831)-883-8686
or email her at [email protected]
Sacramento Convention Center
Exhibitor Setup
✴ November 18, 2014 ✴ 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
✴ November 19, 2014 ✴ 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Exhibit Hall Reception ✴ November 19, 2014 ✴ 5:30PM - 7:00 PM
Exhibitor Show
✴ November 20, 2014 ✴ 9:00AM - 4:00 PM
Exhibitor Move-out
✴ November 20, 2014 ✴ 4:00PM -
Lead Retrieval: 1st Sales is
CETPA’s Lead Retreival vendor. For more information click
on the following link: http://
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CETPA Annual Conference 2014, Sacramento California
2013 Exhibitors
Absolute Software
Accuvant/Palo Alto Networks
✴Acer America
Advance Communications
AdvanTel Networks
Aequitas Solutions, Inc.
✴Aeries Software
✴Aerohive Networks
Aesop by Frontline
Arey Jones Educational
Aruba Networks
Assessment Technology
Axis Communications
BEAR Data Solutions
Belkin International, Inc.
Blackboard Inc.
✴Blue Coat
--Systems, Inc.
Bradford Networks
Britannica Digital Learning
California K-12 High Speed
Network (K12HSN)
Camcor, Inc.
Canon Solutions America
Canvas by Instructure
Page 4
CCS Presentation
Systems, Inc.
CDI Computers
Certica Solutions, Inc.
✴Charter Business
Check Point
CI Solutions
✴Cisco Systems
Claremont Graduate
ClientFirst Technology
Comcast Business
Conterra Broadband
CPSI, Ltd.
CSM Consulting, Inc.
D&D Security Resources
Data Impressions
Data Path, Inc
Davis Demographics &
Planning, Inc.
DecisionEd Group
DecoTech Systems, Inc.
✴Dell, Inc.
Diamond Lamps
Digital Networks Group, Inc.
Doceri by SP Controls
DreamGEAR, LLC/iSound
✴DS Secure
ECS Imaging, Inc.
Edulink Systems Inc.
✴Edupoint Educational
Enterasys Networks
Entisys Solutions, Inc.
EPC IT Solutions
eRate 360 Solutions, LLC
✴Escape Technology
Eversync Solutions
Evisions, Inc.
Ewing-Foley, Inc
Extron Electronics
First Inventors Corporation
Fortres Grand
Frontline Technologies
Fujitsu Computer Products
of America
Global CTI
Golden Star Technology
GovConnection, Inc.
Guidance Software, Inc.
Haiku Learning Systems, Inc.
Harris School
✴Hewlett Packard
Hula Networks
IBOSS Security
IES, Inc.
L E A D ✴ T R A N S F O R M ✴ A C H I E VE
Exhibitor Package
NIC Partners
Nimble Storage
Illuminate Education
Image 2000
Impulse Point
Infinite Campus
✴Oki Data
and Consulting, Inc.
Infobase Learning.Learn 360
Information Technology
Insight Systems Exchange
Intelligent Papers
IST, Inc.
IVS Computer Technology
Jive Communications, Inc.
Juniper Networks
Kaspersky Lab
Lesson Planet
Lexmark International Inc.
Lightspeed Technologies, Inc.
Mac to School
MAX Interactive Inc.
Measured Progress
Meru Networks
MNJ Technologies
Direct, Inc.
✴Nexus IS
-Americas, Inc.
Oliver Worldclass Labs, Inc.
OSI Hardware, Inc.
✴Panasonic System
Pathway Innovations
& Technologies, Inc.
Precision Environmental
& Power, Inc.
Procera Networks
Qwizdom, Inc.
Renaissance Learning
Ruckus Wireless
SAFARI Montage
Samsung Techwin America
Sapling Company
School Improvement
School Loop
School Project for Utility Rate
Reduction (SPURR)
School Tech Supply
Schoolwires Inc.
Securly, Inc.
Sehi Computer Products
Singlewire Software
Smartetools, Inc.
Sophos/ISD Security
Splashtop, Inc.
✴Sun Wireless
SunGard K-12 Education
SyTech Solutions, Inc.
T Mobile
Tatung Company of America
Thompson Engineering
Time and Alarm Systems
TKH Security Solutions
USA, Inc.
TKO Electronics, Inc. / TKO
ED Division
Trident Case
Tripp Lite
Troxell Communications
Tryten Technologies Inc.
Tyler Technologies
VBrick Systems
Vector Resources, Inc.
Veeam Software
Video Insight
Ward’s Media Tech
XIT Solutions
Corporate Affiliate Program
LeadTransform Achieve
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CETPA Annual Conference 2014, Sacramento California
J Street
Page 6
L E A D ✴ T R A N S F O R M ✴ A C H I E VE
Exhibitor Package
Exhibitor Conditions, Rules and Regulations
1. Purpose of Exhibit
The 2014 CETPA Conference
is educational and the
Exhibitor show is the top show
in California for vendors wishing
to reach out to the K-20
educational technology
community. the CETPA Board
of Directors is the show
management and will render
all decisions should questions
arise or the need for further
regulations arise.
2. Exhibit Space
Assignment & Payment
Assignment of exhibit space
will be made on a first-come
first-served basis, based upon
receipt of full payment. Space
assigned is made for the 2014
conference only and does not
imply that similar space will
be held in future shows. Any
exhibitor failing to occupy the
assigned space is not relieved
of their payment obligation. All
payments must received by
October 18, 2014.
3. Subletting of Space
/Sharing Booth Space
The exhibitor shall not assign,
sublet or apportion all or part of
their assigned space. Written
authorization from the CEPTA
Executive Director Andrea
Bennett must be obtained if
mor than one firm will occupy a
4. Exhibit Installation
and Dismantling
All installation and dismantling
of exhibits must be carried out
within the dates and time
indicated in the exhibitor
brochure. No exhibit may be
installed after the show opens.
No exhibit may be dismantled
prior to the closing of the show.
It is the responsibility of the
exhibitor to ensure that all
materials are delivered and
removed on time. Any
unattended freight will be
removed and stored at the
exhibitor’s expense and risk.
Any space not occupied by
8:00 a.m. on Tuesday,
November 18, 2014 may be
reassigned without refund.
5. Fire and Safety
Exhibitors agree to abide by
all fire and safety reguations
and will cease any behavior or
remove any objects that conflict
with the regulatons
immedicatley upon notification
of the violation. Failure to
comply with the regulations
made known to Exhibitors may
result in the removal of the
exhibit and a ban from future
6. Union Labor.
Exhibitor must comply with all
local regulations regarding the
installation, dismantling and
display of exhibits. Any
questions regarding the
regulations should be directed
to Tricord Tradeshow Services.
7. Exhibitor Conduct
Exibitor and its representatives
will behave in a professional
manner and will comply with any
reasonable request by CETPA.
Exhibitors will not congregate or
solicit in the aisles and all
demonstrations, solicitations and
discussions will take place in the
booth space and not interfer with
neighboring exhibitors.
8. Sound, Lighting
& Equipment
CETPA reserves the right to
restrict or have removed
equipment that emits
excessive sound, lighting or film
if the equipment is disruptive to
the show or the attendees.
9. Tradeshow Services
& Information
Exhibitors shall contract only
with the official contractor for
services such as the rental of
furniture, set up of exhibits,
electrical, plumbing, labor or any
other service. Exhibitor will work
with the offical contractor for all
freight delivery and shipping.
Page 7
CETPA Annual Conference 2014, Sacramento California
10. Photographs
No photographs will be taken without prior consent of CETPA.
11. Raffles and Prize Drawings
CETPA has an official raffle held at the end of the show. All prizes
must be drawn during the CETPA raffle using the tickets collected
at the CETPA registration desk. To donate a prize for the raffle,
please contact Andrea Beennett at [email protected]
CETPA encourages participating exhibitors to provide prizes that
can be used by the attendee organizations, such as hardware,
software or services so that the attendee is not faced with possible
conflict of interest issues.
12. Inability to Perform
If because of war, fire, strike, goverment regulation, public catastrophe, act of God or the public enemy or other cause beyond
CETPA’s control the exhibition is prevented from being held, CETPA will refund the booth fee to the Exhibitor. CETPA is not responsible for costs incured beyond the booth fee.
13. Exhibitor Cancellation
Refund Policy
Should exhibitor need to cancel after booth space has been assigned, refunds will be granted based on the following guidelines:
√On or before October 6, 2014 full refund
√ Between October 7 and October 27 - 50% refund.
√ On or before October 20, refunds granted at the sole
=discretion of CETPA
14. Rules & Regulation Changes
CETPA reserves the right to modify the conditions, rules and regulations when necessary to enhance the success of the show and
to refuse any exhibit which is out of keeping with the character of
the conference.
Page 8
Please read carefully:
NO raffles are allowed on the
show floor.
You may not gather attendee
information for the purpose of
providing a prize giveaway either
during or after the show.
CETPA will have two official raffles:
☑ Thursday, November 19, at
☑ Friday, November 20,
during the General Session
Winners will be drawn from the raffle
tickets printed by CETPA and submitted by the attendees. You are encouraged to donate a prize for the raffle.
All prizes must be delivered to the
Conference Registration Desk by 2:00
Friday, November 20th
Please attach a business card or other
company identification and a short
description of the prize.
CETPA is defined by
the IRS as a 501 (c) (6)
organization and as such
please note that these
items are not tax
deductable as a donation
but can be written off as
a business expense
if your organization’s
standing operating
procedure allows it.
L E A D ✴ T R A N S F O R M ✴ A C H I E VE
Exhibitor Package
D et ach HERE and FAX or Mai l
Please fax the completed form(s) to (916) 447-3447
or email to [email protected]
Please indicate which day this item will be raffled.
Thursday, November 20, 2014
Friday, November 21, 2014
Organization contributing item: _____________________________________________
Contact Name: _________________________________________________________
Phone Number: ________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________
City / State / Zip: ________________________________________________________
Item: _________________________________________________________________
Description of Item:______________________________________________________
Fax form to (916) 447-3447
E-mail form to: [email protected]
Mail to: CETPA 1029 J Street, Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95814
Page 9
CETPA Annual Conference 2014, Sacramento California
Advertise in the CETPA Program
Would you like to see your company advertisement in the
2014 CETPA Annual Conference Program and Directory?
Full page 4 color ads & 1/2 page 4 color ads are available and
provide your business opportunities for year-long publication in
our Conference Program or DataBus.
Please contact CiCi Trino for print specifications.
Cici Trino at AOS
[email protected]
Corporate Affiliate Program
The Corporate Affiliate Program (CAP) is designed to engage Corporations for the benefit
of CETPA’s membership. Corporations that wish to be part of the educational technology
community, look to expand markets, determine to increase name recognition and ensure
the company thrives in California’s competitive educational technology market should become part of the CAP Program. CETPA’s CAP can help you increase market share and will
provide insights from statewide leaders to assist in corporate strategic development.
Our program benefits are designed to give you maximum exposure. Depending on your
level of commitment, benefits may include free booth space at CETPA’s annual conference,
discounted ad space in our most popular publication, circulated to move than 4,000 education leaders and a live link from the CETPA home page to your company’s home site.
Help us serve CETPA members better by joining the CAP program today!
For additional information go to the following link
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L E A D ✴ T R A N S F O R M ✴ A C H I E VE