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N03 2014
An instrument that makes operating and
servicing easier and even collects data
more attractive design
AUDI – a symbol of quality
and elegance
For AUDI designers, the elegance of cars
produced by this company is always a top
priority. They demand that their suppliers deliver
maximum quality and precision for each part.
It was with this in mind that DURA Automotive,
one of AUDI’s renowned suppliers, commissioned
an assembly line from us for the precision
assembly of AUDI side window guide rails.
We at DEIMOS know that design can be put to
very good use in industrial automation. Although
production and assembly lines hardly exude
elegance, a well-designed visualisation
instrument can make operating and servicing a
line much easier. In the equipment we produce,
we install an instrument we have named
DEIMOS VisuWare if required by the customer.
Visualise diagrams,
instructions and data
The display shows a diagram of all the
machinery and incorporates information for
ease of operation and servicing. All you have
to do is click or tap on the part of the equipment
you want to see in more detail, and the
instrument will display increasingly more
detailed views and information.
The equipment we supplied has eight robot
stations and two convey circuits. The line
cleans the part and applies primer, hardener
and adhesive in 30 seconds. Once all the
various layers have been automatically applied,
the guide rail is fitted using a connector.
DEIMOS VisuWare is also an excellent data
manager. It is able to track various data from
the production process, which it then stores in
a database. Thanks to the export option, the
data can subsequently be processed, evaluated
and used to create statistics with ease.
Designed for high
What DEIMOS VisuWare is
A multi-row distributor is used as an intermediate
conveyor and stacker of aluminium extrusions
for car radiators. We designed and implemented
our fourth such distributor as part of Valeo’s
production line in Žebrák. What singles this
equipment out is its high performance. The Allen
Bradley PLC control system guarantees that
the machine can assemble, dispense and load
onto pallets 150 product units per minute.
DEIMOS VisuWare is a desktop application
customised for each project. The application
runs under Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and
draws on the WPF graphics subsystem. It has
the advantage of transparent and intuitive
control and can communicate with any control
system via an OPC server. It also acts as an
MS SQL Server database and can export data
into CSV, XML and other formats as required
by the customer.
a visualisation vehicle for operations,
servicing and statistics
42 LAY
A feed conveyor moves extrusions from the
press to the stacker, where the products are
stacked and transported to the dispenser.
Here, the arranged extrusions are placed on
the conveyor, which takes the extrusions to
another stacker for loading on pallets. You can
see for yourselves how the multi-row distributor
copes with a whole range of procedures in a
short space of time.
You can read more about the automation
technology we produce on our website. rebooted
We have designed an 11-metre tall sculpture
comprising 42 rotating layers for CPI according
to a sketch by David Černý. This work of art
will adorn a small square at the Quadrio
shopping centre, near Národní Avenue, from
the end of October. The sculpture bears the
face of Franz Kafka and the rotating parts give
viewers the chance to see his Metamorphosis
with their own eyes.
components, nearly a kilometre of cabling,
1,500 m² of mirror-polished stainless steel
sheet and more than 16,300 fasteners.
The design work included the creation of
a 3D model with over 20 GB of data. In all,
2,039 technical drawings went into the creation
of the model,” said Jan Kislinger, the director of
DIEMOS, at a press conference to mark the
unveiling of sculpture.
“From a layman’s point of view, the sculpture
has a base and 42 layers. From an engineer’s
point of view, it comprises 252 large structural
We have produced a documentary about
the construction of the sculpture, which
you can watch on our website.
Starting in November, we will be pleased to
welcome you to our innovated website, providing
a rich vein of information about our company for
you to mine. We have prepared a video calling
card for you. Other videos and photographs
accompany presentations of selected projects.
It is also our pleasure to introduce you to
interesting technical data about the equipment
we have produced. For example: Did you know
that the ComboTester made for Halla Visteon
Climate Control in Hungary assesses six
process variables every 20 milliseconds?
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