16th Joint National Conference of The Indian Chest Society (ICS)

16th Joint National Conference of
National College of Chest Physicians (NCCP) India &
The Indian Chest Society (ICS)
November 20 -23 , 2014 Agra (UP) India
Conference Venue: Jaypee Palace Hotel and Convention Centre, Agra (U.P.) India
Organized By
S. N. Medical College, Agra (UP) &
Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Aligarh (UP)
National Leadership
National College of Chest Physicians (India)
President - Dr. S. K. Lohadia (Udaipur)
President Elect - Dr. Narayan Mishra (Ganjam)
Immediate Past President - Dr. J. C. Suri (New Delhi)
Vice-President - Dr. Vikram Kumar Jain (Jaipur)
Secretary - Dr. S. N. Gaur (Delhi)
Joint Secretary - Dr. Rajesh N. Solanki (Ahmedabad)
Treasurer - Dr. V. K. Singh (New Delhi)
Indian Chest Society
President - Dr. Mohammed Sabir (Bikaner)
President Elect - Dr. Nirmal Kumar Jain (Jaipur)
Immediate Past President - Dr. Aloke Gopal Ghoshal (Kolkata)
Vice-President - Dr. Surya Kant (Lucknow)
Hon. Secretary - Dr. J. K. Samaria (Varanasi)
Treasurer - Dr. Rajesh Swarnakar (Nagpur)
Dr. Surya Kant (Lucknow)
Dr. Vikram Kumar Jain (Jaipur)
Dr. Rajendra Prasad (Delhi)
Dr. K. B. Gupta (Rohtak)
Dr. Bharat Gopal (New Delhi)
Dr. K. Bhupendra Meghwal (Jaipur)
Dr. Sudhir Chaudhri (Kanpur)
Dr. Raj Kumar (New Delhi)
Dr. Rajendra K. Jenaw (Jaipur)
Dr. Virendra Singh (Jaipur)
Dr. Dhrubajyoti Roy (Kolkata)
Dr. Ashutosh Nath Aggarwal (Chandigarh)
Hon. Members
Zonal Chairmen
North Zone - Dr. J. C. Suri (New Delhi)
South Zone - Dr. P. Ravindran (Trivandrum)
East Zone - Dr. Narayan Mishra (Ganjam)
West Zone - Dr. N. K. Jain (Jaipur)
Central Zone - Dr. S. K. Katiyar (Kanpur)
Zonal Chairpersons
North Zone - Dr. Dheeraj Gupta (Chandigarh)
South Zone - Dr. R. Narasimhan (Chennai)
East Zone - Dr. Rupak Kumar Ghosh (Kolkata)
West Zone - Dr. Prashant N. Chhajed (Mumbai)
Scientific Committee NAPCON 2014
Dr. S. K. Katiyar (Kanpur) Chairman
Committee Members NCCP(I)
Committee Members ICS
Committee Members NAPCON 2014
Dr. Raj Kumar (New Delhi)
Dr. M. Sabir (Bikaner)
Dr. Rakesh Bhargava (Aligarh)
Dr. R. N. Solanki (Ahmedabad)
Dr. A. G. Ghoshal (Kolkata)
Dr. Santosh Kumar (Agra)
Dr. N. K. Jain (Jaipur)
Dr. J. K. Samaria (Varanasi)
Dr. Mohd. Shameem (Aligarh)
16th Joint National Conference of National College of
Chest Physicians (NCCP) India & The Indian Chest Society (ICS)
Dear Friends,
Greetings from the Organizing Committee of NAPCON!
It gives us immense pleasure to invite you to the 16th Joint National Conference of the National College of Chest
Physicians India NCCP(I) and The Indian Chest Society (ICS) NAPCON 2014, to be held from 20th to 23rd November
2014 at “Jaypee Palace Hotel and Convention Centre” Agra which is a glorious structural blend of red stone and marble
spread over 25 acres of elegantly landscaped luxuriant greenery.
Like in past 15 NAPCON's, a galaxy of international and national faculties will share their knowledge and expertise in
the field of pulmonary medicine, critical care, sleep medicine, pulmonary infections, environmental diseases, smoking
cessation, sports medicine and geriatric medicine etc. Reputed international organizations like ACCP, ATS, ERS and
chest organisations from SAARC Countries will participate in the conference and more than 2500 national and
international delegates are expected to attend the event. The conference will be preceded by 9 CME cum workshop
on first day.
The conference is being organized jointly by S. N. Medical College, Agra & J. N. Medical College, AMU, Aligarh. This is a
great opportunity to see the grandeur and beauty of the Taj Mahal which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and
a great gift of love to the world by our country. Workshops on Bronchoscopy, Invasive & Non Invasive ventilation are
planned in J. N. Medical College, AMU, Aligarh. The city is situated in the western part of Uttar Pradesh and is very
important education and commercial hub of India. Aligarh is also famous as a centre for various movements that have
helped in re-shaping India with the start of Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in 1875.
The college is today known as Aligarh Muslim University and is famous world wide as a hub for western culture.
Once again we extend cordial welcome to you all and look forward to your active participation in NAPCON 2014 in one
of the most beautiful tourist city of India.
We are sure you will be wiser academically and culturally after attending NAPCON 2014.
Hope to meet you at Agra.
Warm Regards,
Prof (Dr). Rakesh Bhargava
Organizing Secretary
Mob : +91 9837052161
Dr. Santosh Kumar
Prof (Dr). Zuber Ahmad
Joint Secretary
Mob : +91 9412175925
Co-Organizing Secretary
Mob : +91 9897517869
Dr. Gajendra Vikram Singh
Dr. Mohammad Shameem
Mob : +91 9719145600
Scientific Secretary
Mob : +91 9412731835
Organizing Committee
Lt. Gen. Zamiruddin Shah
Vice Chancellor
Aligarh Muslim University
Co - Patron
Prof. M. Muzammil
Vice Chancellor
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra
Brig. Syed Ahmad Ali
Pro Vice Chancellor
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
Prof (Dr). Tariq Mansoor
Principal and CMS:
Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Aligarh
Prof (Dr). Ajay Agarwal
S.N. Medical College, Agra
Vice Patron
Prof (Dr). S . Bano
Dean: Faculty of Medicine:
Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Aligarh
Prof (Dr). A. S. Sachan
Organizing Chairman
Prof (Dr). Rajesh K. Gupta
Co-Organizing Chairman
Prof (Dr). Rakesh Bhargava
Organizing Secretary
Dr. Santosh Kumar
Co-Organizing Secretary
Scientific Secretary
Dr. Gajendra Vikram Singh
Dr. Mohammad Shameem
Prof (Dr). Zuber Ahmad
Joint Secretary
Sub Committee
Inaugural Committee
Registration Committee
Workshop Committee
Dr. Rajeshwar Dayal (Convener)
Dr. M. V. Rabbani
Dr. Rakesh Bhatia
Dr. Mubarak
Dr. Prashant Prakash
Dr. R. K. Gaur
Dr. Anjana Pandey
Dr. Adil Wafi
Dr. Tamkeem Rabbani
Dr. Ankit Deshwal
Dr. Aporv Mittal
Dr. Pawan Gupta
Dr. Urvarshi Verma
Dr. Santosh Kumar
Dr. G V Singh (Convener)
Dr. Amanuallah Khan
Dr. Shek Jahid
Dr. Haris
Dr. Uman Ulla
Dr. Salahuddin
Dr. Ashwani Nigam
Dr. S P Bhardwaj
Dr. Ashish Gautam
Dr. Rajiv Upadhyaya
Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singh
Dr. Sanjiv Anand
Dr. Mohd Shameem (Convener)
Dr. Prashant Prakash
Dr. Jamal Ahmed
Dr. Pawan Varshney
Dr. Shameem Ahmed
Dr. Mazhar
Dr. Ritu Gupta
Dr. Mohd Azam
Dr. Gaurav Khandelwal
Dr. Jamal Akhtar
Dr. Imrana Masood
Dr. Moied Ahmad
Dr. Bhartesh Sharma
Dr. Obaid
Dr. Ankit Deshwal
Local Scientific
Souvenir/ Publication
Transportation &
Accommodation Committee
Padamshri Dr. D K Hazra (Convener)
Dr. Mohd Shameem (Co-Convener)
Dr. Gopichand Gupta
Dr. Jamal Ahmed
Dr. Subhash Chand Gupta
Dr. Fazlur- Rehman
Dr. D.K. Agrawal
Dr. R. S. Chana
Dr. Saroj Singh
Dr. Arshad
Dr. Richa Singh
Dr. Tejpal Singh
Dr. Mradul Chaturvedi
Dr. Mohd Shameem (Convener)
Dr. Mohd Zahid
Dr. Jamal Akhtar
Dr. Fakhrul Huda
Dr. Gunjan Prakash
Dr. Seema Haqim
Dr. Sakshi Behjal
Dr. Lubna
Dr. Balvikram Verma
Dr. Shazia
Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh
Dr. Nazish Fatima
Dr. Mahesh
Dr. Sailo
Dr. Zuber Ahmed (Convener)
Dr. Santosh Kumar (Co-Convener)
Dr. Ashok Garg
Dr. Jamal Akhtar
Dr. Naveen Janmeja
Dr. Bariar
Dr. Sanjiv Lavania
Dr. Jameel
Dr. Pawan Jain
Dr. Irfan
Dr. Ankur Goyal
Dr. Vikas
Dr. Abhishek Raj
Dr. S. C. Varshney
Fabrication Committee
Recreation Committee
First Aid Committee
Dr. Imran (Convener)
Dr. Mahar Abbas
Dr. B K Gupta
Dr. Arti Agrawal
Dr. Yogesh Bhargava
Dr. Rahul Pangoria
Dr. Suresh Kushwaha
Dr. Surbhi Gupta
Dr. Amit Gupta
Dr. Anuj Kumar Tyagi
Dr. Ruchika Garg
Dr. Anjula Bhargava (Convener)
Smt. Manju Gupta (Co-Convener)
Dr. Imraana Masood
Dr. Kamna Singh
Dr. Jyotishikha
Dr. Mona Verma
Smt. Rehmat Khatun
Dr. Asha/ Nigam
Dr. Nazish Fatima
Dr. Subhash Yadav (Convener)
Dr. Deepak Kumar
Dr. Upendra Nath Gupta
Dr. Amrit Goyal
Dr. Richa Jaiman
Dr. Antriksh Kumar Srivastava
Dr. Archika Gupta
Sub Committee
Cultural Program
Audio Visual
Catering Management
Dr. Pawan Kumar Gupta (Convener)
Dr. Mujahid Beg (Co-Convener)
Dr. Rajni Bharti
Dr. Salmaan Shah
Dr. Ankur Goyal
Dr. Shikha Singh
Dr. Shikki Garg
Dr. R K Agrawal
Dr. Minal Jain
Dr. Shiv Prakash Singh
Dr. Divya Yadav
Dr. Pawan Jain
Dr. Nazam Khailque (Convener)
Dr. Trilok Chand (Co-Convener)
Dr. Balvir Singh
Dr. Majhar Alam
Dr. B. K. Gupta
Dr. Veena Maheshwari
Dr. Prateek Mathur
Dr. Kamlesh Chandra
Dr. Surendra Singh
Dr. Rizwan
Dr. Hari Singh
Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh
Dr. Rajni Bharti
Dr. Manish Varshney
Dr. Tabasuum Shahab (Convener)
Dr. P. K. Singh (Co-Convener)
Dr. Tavasum Shad
Dr. S. C. Sharma
Dr. Dharmendra Kumar
Dr. P. K. Chandra
Dr. Chandra Prakash Pal
Dr. Nitin
Dr. Vishal Sinha
Dr. Prashant Lavania
Dr. Samrendra Narayan
Dr. Shwetank Prakash
Dr. S. K. Mishra
Dr. A K Arya
Media & Publicity
Dr. M. R. Ajmal (Convener)
Dr. S K Satsangi (Co-Convener)
Dr. Pawan Kumar Gupta
Dr. Shoaib Zaheer
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Dr. Sheelu Shafiq
Dr. S K Katharia
Dr. Mohd Khalid
Dr. Neraj Kumar
Dr. Sunil Kumar Kaushal
Dr. Himanshu Yadav
Dr. Juhi Singhal
Dr. Gunjan Prakash
Dr. S K Gulati
Dr. Yogesh Kumar Goyal
Dr. Vijay Khurana
Dr. Vasundhra Kulshreshtha
Dr. Vinay Ahuja
Dr. Renu Agrawal
Dr. P K Maheshwari (Convener)
Dr. M. H. Beg
Dr. Garima Dundi
Dr. Habib Raza
Dr. Harindra Yadav
Dr. Chandra Kanta
Dr. Poorva
Dr. Deepti Agrawal
Dr. Urvarshi Verma
Dr. Deepa Rani
Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh
Dr. Rajeev Puri
Dr. Sniktha Sen
Dr. Sagar Lavania
Dr. Pooja Agrawal
Dr. Pawan Gautam (Convener)
Mr. Avnish Kandwal
Mr. Abhishek Chandra
Mr. Zia Ahmad
Ms. Chetali Malik
Ms. Ankita Gulati
Mr. C P Dubey
Mr. Karan Ahuja
Mr. Pradeep Kumar
National Faculty
Dr. A G Ghoshal
Dr. Ashu Sheith Bhalla
Dr. Gp Capt. Ajai Handa
Dr. Kavita Gulathi
Dr. A K Arya
Dr. Ashutosh Agarwal
Dr. H J Singh
Dr. Kulwant Bhatia
Dr. A K Gupta
Dr. Awadhesh Bansal
Dr. H S Hira
Dr. Lalit Singh
Dr. A K Janmeja
Dr. Azam Haseen
Dr. H. S. Randhawa
Dr. Lalita Fernandez
Dr. A K Kansal
Dr. B B Mathur
Dr. Hari Singh
Dr. M H Beg
Dr. A Ray
Dr. B D Singh
Dr. Harjit Dumra
Dr. M K Sen
Dr. A S Sachan
Dr. B K Menon
Dr. Hemant Tiwari
Dr. M L Gupta
Dr. A. A. Mahashur
Dr. B K Mohanty
Dr. I S Gilada
Dr. M M Puri
Dr. A. K. Abdul Khader
Dr. B O Tayade
Dr. Immanuel
Dr. M S Barthwal
Dr. A. K. Rajput
Dr. B. B. Bhadke
Dr. Indranil Halder
Dr. M S Kanwar
Dr. A. Mukhopadhaya
Dr. B. M. B. N. Prasad
Dr. J A K Nigam
Dr. M. K. Daga
Dr. A. R. Gayatri
Dr. B. Murali Mohan
Dr. J K Saini
Dr. M. Sabir
Dr. A.D Shukla
Dr. B.N Panda
Dr. J L Jain
Dr. Mahesh Rao
Dr. A.S. Natrajan
Dr. Basanta Hazarika
Dr. J M Phadtare
Dr. Manoj Goel
Dr. Abdul Moeid
Dr. Bharat Bhusan Sharma
Dr. J P Singh
Dr. Mohd. Shameem
Dr. Agam Vora
Dr. Bharat Gopal
Dr. J Unnithan
Dr. Monica Barne
Dr. Ajeet Singh
Dr. Bhavin Jankharia
Dr. J. C. Suri
Dr. Mridul Chaturvedi
Dr. Ajit Vigg
Dr. Bornali Dutta
Dr. J. K. Samaria
Dr. N K Jain
Dr. Ajmal Khan
Dr. D Bahera
Dr. J. N. Banavalikar
Dr. N N Ramraje
Dr. Aladi Mohan
Dr. D C Doval
Dr. Jai Kishan
Dr. N RamaKrishnan
Dr. Ameeta Joshi
Dr. D Dhar
Dr. Jay Prakash B.
Dr. N T Awad
Dr. Amita Nene
Dr. D K Hazra
Dr. Jaya Chandra
Dr. Nalin Joshi
Dr. Anand Jaiswal
Dr. D S Chauhan
Dr. Jebin
Dr. Nandini Banerjee
Dr. Anant Mohan
Dr. D. Behra
Dr. Juhi Singhal
Dr. Narayan Mishra
Dr. Angira Dasgupta
Dr. D. J. Christopher
Dr. Jyoti Patnaik
Dr. Narendra Khippal
Dr. Anibaran Sarkar
Dr. D. J. Roy
Dr. Jyotsana Joshi
Dr. Nasser Yusuf
Dr. Aniket Bhadke
Dr. Debjyoti Bhattacharya
Dr. K B Gupta
Dr. Naved N. Shah
Dr. Anil Singh
Dr. Deepa Rani
Dr. K C Agarwal
Dr. Naveen Arora
Dr. Anil Sonatakke
Dr. Deepak Talwar
Dr. K C Mohanty
Dr. Navneet Singh
Dr. Anil Verma
Dr. Devi
Dr. K J Kajal
Dr. Nikhil Sarangdhar
Dr. Anita Kotwani
Dr. Dharmesh Patel
Dr. K Padhy
Dr. Nisha Singh
Dr. Ankur Gupta
Dr. Dhiman Ganguly
Dr. K R Sarmah
Dr. Nitesh Sharma
Dr. Anuradha Chaudhary
Dr. Dilip Mhaisekar
Dr. K V Nagendra Kumar
Dr. O P Sharma
Dr. Anurag Agarwal
Dr. Dipti Gothi
Dr. K. Ravi
Dr. P C Kathuria
Dr. Apoorva Mittal
Dr. G C Ahir
Dr. K. Srikanth
Dr. P D Motiani
Dr. Arvind Kumar
Dr. G N Srivastava
Dr. Kamal Jodhani
Dr. P K Gupta
Dr. Ashish Tandon
Dr. G.C. Khilnani
Dr. Kamal Singh
Dr. P K Thomas
Dr. Ashok Rajput
Dr. Gajendra Vikram Singh
Dr. Kan Ram
Dr. P R Gupta
Dr. Ashok Shah
Dr. Gautam Bhagat
Dr. Karan Madan
Dr. P S Shahjahan
National Faculty
Dr. P S Shajahan
Dr. Raj Kumar
Dr. S K Katiyar
Dr. Subir K Dey
Dr. P S Shankar
Dr. Raja Dhar
Dr. S K Luhadia
Dr. Subodh Singh
Dr. P T James
Dr. Raja Gopalan Balakrishnan Dr. S K Sarkar
Dr. Sumit Sengupta
Dr. P. R Mohapattra
Dr. Rajan Santosham
Dr. S Munjal
Dr. Sunil Chhabra
Dr. P. S. Sharma
Dr. Rajeev Goyal
Dr. S N Gupta
Dr. Sunil Sharma
Dr. P. V. P. Rao
Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Dr. S N Tripathy
Dr. Supriya Sarkar
Dr. Padam Priyadarshni
Dr. Rajesh Chawla
Dr. S P Tripathi
Dr. Surubhi Gupta
Dr. Partha Roy
Dr. Rajesh Solanki
Dr. S. K. Sharma
Dr. Surya Kant
Dr. Parvez Ahmad
Dr. Rajesh Venkat
Dr. S. N. Gaur
Dr. Sushmita Kundu
Dr. Parvez Kaul
Dr. Rajeshwar Dayal
Dr. Sahajal Dhooria
Dr. Sushmita Roy Chaudhary
Dr. Pattabhi Raman
Dr. Rajiv Garg
Dr. Salil Bendre
Dr. T Mohan Kumar
Dr. Prashant Chajjad
Dr. Rajnish Gupta
Dr. Salil Bhargarva
Dr. T. Mohankumar
Dr. Prashant Lavania
Dr. Rakesh Bhargava
Dr. Sandeep Katiyar
Dr. Tanmay T. Alukdar
Dr. Prashant Prakash
Dr. Rakesh C. Gupta
Dr. Sandeep Salvi
Dr. Trilok Chandra
Dr. Prince James
Dr. Rakesh Chawla
Dr. Sangeeta Sharma
Dr. Usha Dutta
Dr. R Diwan
Dr. Rakesh Gupta
Dr. Sanjay Kochar
Dr. V K Jain
Dr. R G Nautiyal
Dr. Randeep Guleria
Dr. Sanjeev Mehta
Dr. V K Srivastava
Dr. R K Gupta
Dr. Ranjan K Das
Dr. Sanjeev Sinha
Dr. V K Vijyan
Dr. R M Pandey
Dr. Ravi Mehta
Dr. Santosh Kumar(Agra)
Dr. V.K. Arora
Dr. R Panajivel
Dr. Ravi Ramakantan
Dr. Santosh Kumar(Lucknow)
Dr. Vasumati Sriganesh
Dr. R. Narsimhan
Dr. Richa
Dr. Sarabjeet Chadda
Dr. Vijay Laxmi
Dr. R. P. Tripathi
Dr. Ritesh Agarwal
Dr. Sarvinder Singh
Dr. Vikas Marwah
Dr. R. Sunderani
Dr. Rohit Sarin
Dr. Selva Kumar
Dr. Vikram Sarabhai
Dr. R.K Mani
Dr. Rupak Singla
Dr. Shahid Siddiqui
Dr. Virendra Singh
Dr. Radhe Munje
Dr. S K Chhabra
Dr. Shila Jain
Dr. Vivek Nangia
Dr. Raj B. Singh
Dr. S K Jindal
Dr. Shyam Tampi
Dr. Zia Hashim
Dr. Raj Bhagat
Dr. S K Kashyap
Dr. Sikandar Shaikh
Dr. Zuber Ahmed
International Faculty
Dr. Arth Nana
Dr. Dushanta Mandegedara
Dr. Leonard Bielory
Dr. Portnoy Bryan
Dr. Atul Malhotra
Dr. Ganesh Raghu
Dr. Madhukar Pai
Dr. Rashidul Hasan
Dr. Baryan L. Martin
Dr. Jamalul Azizi
Dr. Mansi Kanuga
Dr. Sami Bahna
Dr. Bobby Q. Lanier
Dr. Jay M. Portnoy
Dr. Mauli Desai
Dr. Vivek Iyer
Dr. Colins Shapiro
Dr. Jayesh Kanuga
Dr. Narendra Bhatta
Dr. Curtis Sessler
Dr. Kazi Benoor
Dr. Nisha Keshary Bhatta
Scientific Programme
NAPCON – 2014
Agra / Aligarh
20th November 2014
I. Workshops at Aligarh
A. Invasive / Non Invasive Ventilation
B. Bronchoscopy / EBUS/ Thoracoscopy
8:00-8.30 am - Inauguration of Workshop
8:30-9:00 am - Registration
Workshop 1
9:00-1:00 pm Non Invasive/ Invasive
(4 Hrs.)
Workshop 2
Bronchoscopy, EBUS & Thoracoscopy
Convenors: Dr Rajiv Goyal, Dr Anand Jaiswal
Convenor: Rajesh Chawla
Introduction: 8:15-8:20
Registration & Introduction
Lectures: 8:20-10.40
30 minutes at each station
Station I: Settings of Mechanical
Dr. G. C. Khilnani /
Dr. T. Mohankumar
Station II: Troubleshooting
Avdhesh Bansal/
Dr. Hemant Tiwari
Station III: Loops and Waveforms
Dr. Rajesh Chawla/Dr. Abdul Moeid
Dr Karan Madan, Dr Sahajal Dhooria, Dr Pattabhiraman,
Dr Prashant Chajjed
Moderators: Dr Ravi Mehta, Dr Anant Mohan
1. Basic Fibreoptic bronchoscopy – Indications,
sedation, sterilization, tips for learning - Dr Ashish
Non Invasive Ventilation–How to Tandon
set and Monitor?
2. Basic procedures FOB - Bronchial washing, biopsy,
Dr. Rajesh Chawla
transbronchial biopsy, BAL - Dr Anant Mohan
3. Basic bronchoscopy - Trans-bronchial FNAC Three simultaneous skill stations
Dr Anand Jaiswal
Nuts and Bolts of Ventilator
Chairpersons: Dr Jayachandra, Dr Karan Madan,
Dr. G.C. Khilnani/Dr. Rajesh Chawla/
Dr Sahajal Dhooria
Dr. Hemant Tiwari
4. Rigid Bronchoscopy - Indications, anesthesia,
methodology - Dr Ritesh Aggarwal
Coffee Break
5. Basics of EBUS- anatomy, indications, methodology
– Dr Pattabhiraman
Settings of Mechanical
6. Radial probe EBUS – basics, indications,
methodology – Dr Ravi Mehta
Dr. Hemant Tiwari
7. Central Airway obstruction – bronchoscopic
remedies - Dr Prashant Chajjed
Mechanical ventilation: ARDS
Chairpersons: Dr Ashish Tandon, Dr Anand Jaiswal
and COPD
Dr. G.C. Khilnani
Live Demonstration of FOB and EBUS
Skill stations-(3)
Three simultaneous skill stations
Non Invasive Ventilation
- Equipment
- Setting
- Problems & Solutions
Dr. Avdhesh Bansal/Dr. Hemant
Tiwari/Dr. Lalit Singh
Prevention of Ventilator
Associated Pneumonia
Dr. Abdul Moeid
11:30-12 noon
8. Medical thoracoscopy – – Dr Rajiv Goyal
12 noon-12:45
Live Demonstration – Thoracoscopy - Dr Jayachandra,
Dr Ritesh Aggarwal, Dr Sandeep Katiyar
Moderators: Dr Rajiv Goyal, Dr Sahajal Dhooria
Hands on workstations
Two to three Faculty persons per station
1. Basic bronchoscopy and TBNA – Dr Anand Jaiswal,
Dr Karan Madan
2. Medical Thoracoscopy - Dr Jayachandra,
Dr Sandeep Katyar
3. EBUS – Dr Prashant Chajjed, Dr Ashish Tandon,
Dr Anant Mohan
4. Rigid Bronchoscopy – Dr Sahajal Dhooria,
Dr Ritesh Aggarwa
Workshop 3
I. Workshops at Agra
A. Sleep Study
E. Thoracic Imaging
Time (Hrs)
B. Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy
F. Thoracic Ultrasound
Hall A
9:00-1:00 am Pulmonary Function
Convenor: Dr. Rupak
Singla (Delhi)
Introductory remarks
and introduction of
faculty by course
Dr Rupak Singla 5 min
1. Lung physiology
related to Pulmonary
function tests &
indications of PFT
Dr Sandeep Salvi 15
2. Basics of spirometry
Dr Sunil Chhabra 20
3. Performing perfect
Dr Monica S Barne 15
4. Interactive
interpretation of
spirometry with case
Dr Rupak Singla 20 min
5. Tea: 10 min
6. Basics of Lung
Volume measurement
& live demonstration
of procedure
Dr Ashutosh Aggarwal
25 min
7. Interactive
interpretation of Lung
volumes with case
Dr Ashutosh Aggarwal
10 min
8. Basics of Diffusion
capacity measurement
& live demonstration
of procedure
Dr Surya Kant 25 min
Hall B
D. Pulmonary Function Test
Hall C
Allergy Testing&
Thoracic Ultrasound
Convenor: S N Gaur
ds on training /Demonstrators: Dr Prince, Dr Richa, Dr Devi,
Dr Ashwin, Dr Jebin , Dr Immanuel
Chairpersons: Kanuga, Molly
9:00-9:05 am
S N Gaur
9:05-9:25 am
Basics of Allergy
M K Agarwal
Convenor: Prince James (Vellore)
A. Lectures
9:00-9:30 am
Ultrasound basics and USG in Lung diseases - Dr Prince James
9:30-10:00 am
Ultrasound in Pleural diseases - Dr Richa
10:00-10:30 am
Ultrasound guided thoracic interventions - Dr Prince James
9:25-9:45 am
Aerobiology of Allergy
A. B. Singh
10:30-11:00 am
Cardiac and Pulmonary artery Ultrasound for Pulmonologist Dr Devi
9:45-10:05 am
Diagnostic aspects
P. C. Kathuria
11:00 am-12:40 pm
b. Hands on workshop - 10 stations with USG machines
10:05-10:25 am
S N Gaur
1. Normal chest
4. Lung mass
10:25-10:45 am
K. V. Nagendra Prasad
10:45-11:05 am
Food Allergy
11:05-11:25 am
Newer aspects of
Naveen Arora
11:25-11:45 am
Prevention of Allergy
V. K. Jain
Practical Demonstration
and Question/Answers
session12:00-12:30 pm
M K Agarwal, V. K. Jain, A. B.
12:30-01:00 pm
P. C. Kathuria, K. V. Nagendra
01:00-1:30 pm
9. Interactive
interpretation of
S N Gaur, Rajkumar
Diffusion Capacity with
case reports
Dr Surya Kant 10 min
2. Pleural effusion 3. Pneumothorax
5. Cardiac and Pulmonary artery USG
12:40 pm-1:00 pm
Question and Answer session - all Faculties
Smoking Cessation
Convenor: Dr. Raj Kumar
1:30-1:35 pm
Introduction About the Workshop
* Dr Raj Kumar
1:35-1:55 pm
Epidemiology and Types of Tobacco Use
1:55-2:15 pm
Harmful Effects of Smoking
2:15-2:35 pm
Health Benefit after Cessation
* Dr Rajendra Prasad
* Dr VK Vijayan
* Dr S N Gaur
2:35-2:55 pm
Status of Smoking Cessation (Stages)
* Dr SK Katiyar
2:55-3:25 pm
Smoking Cessation Methodology and Clinical Aspects
* Dr Raj Kumar
3:25-3:45 pm
Treatment Modalities: Pharmacotherapy
* Dr D Behera
3:45-4:05 pm
Govt. Regulation / National Tobacco Control Programme WHO /
4:05-4:25 pm
How to Set up TCC Clinic / Our VPCI Experience * Dr Raj Kumar
Hands on in Training and Question Answer
How to Fill up Ques. / Dependence Study
How to do Conunselling / Use Instrument
E- Cigarette Used / Educational Materials
Dr Raj Kumar, Dr AK Janmeja, Dr Salil Bhargava
10. Panel discussion &
question answer
all faculty 15 min
1:00-2:00 pm Lunch
C. Smoking Cessation
G. Research Methodology
* Speakers
Time (Hrs)
Hall A
2:00-5:30 pm Thoracic Imaging
Dr. Bhavin Jankharia
1. Dr.Bhavin Jankharia Workshop on ILD (45 m)
2. Dr. Ashu Sheith Bhalla
Airway diseases (45 m)
3. Dr. Ravi Ramakantan Current status of plain
chest x-rays (45 m)
Hall B
Hall C
Hall D
Sleep Study
Hall – D Research Methodology
Convenor: Dr. JC Suri
9:00 am-1:00 pm
Normal Sleep
Dr D J Roy
Dr. Angira Dasgupta, Kolkata
09:50 - 10:15
Scoring-Sleep Stages
Dr Dipti Gothi
4. Dr. Ashu Sheith Bhalla
- Imaging in tuberculosis
Scoring-Respiratory events
5. Dr. Bhavin Jankharia Dr J C Suri
Interventional CT (30 m)
6. Q & A - 15 m
Equipment & Levels of
Sleep StudiesHook Up and
recording of a
Dr R Narasimhan, Dr M K Sen,
Dr. Dipti Gothi
([email protected])
Clinical spectrum and
diagnosis of OSA
Treatment options for OSA
Dr Vikram Sarbhai
Convenor: Lalita Fernandes (Goa)
Introduction to Clinical Research
Dr. AG Ghoshal, Director, National
Allergy Asthma Bronchitis Institute,
How to select a Research Question?
Dr. Lalita Fernandes
Study Designs
Dr. Angira Dasgupta
Literature Search
Vasumati Sriganesh
Basic Biostatistics
Dr Usha Dutta
Protocol Writing, Hands on Training.
Dr. Angira Dasgupta, Dr. Lalita
Positive Airway Pressure
Equipment (Options)
Dr Jyotsna Joshi
([email protected])
([email protected])
Dr N Ramakrishnan
([email protected])
Sleep Workshop for NAPCON 2014 (Agra)
Normal Sleep
Dr D J Roy
Polysomnography Equipment & Levels of Sleep Studies
Dr R Narasimhan
Hook Up and recording of a polysomnogram
Dr M K Sen
Scoring - Sleep Stages
Dr Dipti Gothi
Scoring - Respiratory events
Dr J C Suri
Tea Break
Clinical spectrum and diagnosis of OSA
Dr D Bhattacharya
Treatment options for OSA
Dr Vikram Sarbhai
Positive Airway Pressure Equipment (Options)
Dr J C Suri
7:00 pm - Inauguration of NAPCON 2014 (Agra)
8:00 pm - Cultural Program & Dinner
21st November 2014
Time (Hrs)
Hall A
Hall B
Hall C
Meet the Professor- Dr Atul Malhotra
Orations - NCCP
1. Prof. Vishwanathan Memorial
Dr. SK Sharma
Tuberculosis Past Present and Future
2. Prof AS Paintal – Dr RC Jain
Memorial Chest Oration (German
Remedies Chest Oration)
Dr. AK Rajput- Pleuro Pulmonary
Symposium: Pulmonary-Imaging
COPD Symposium-I
Sponsored by Glenmark
Sponsored by CIPLA
Chair: R P Tripathi, S.K Bhargava,
Supriya Sarkar, Dr. Hari Singh
An update on clinical trials, reviews, Chair: Dr. D J Christropher,
Dr. BMBN Prasad, Dr. S K Sarkar
studies & meta-analysis
1. Laser, Nd-YAG in therapeutic
Chair: Dr. Dhiman Ganguly,
bronchoscopy- is it going to stay?
Dr. Anand Jaiswal, Dr. Anil Singh
* Dr. Anant Mohan 15 min
1. Indacaterol/Glycopyrronium
2. Cryo-therapy & trans-bronchial
(QVA149) vs. Glycopyrronium/
lung cryo-biopsy: a new tool
Tiotropium & Indacaterol/
Dr. Rajeev Goyal 15 min
Glycopyrronium (QVA149) vs.
1. Imaging in diffuse lung disease
* Dr. Bhavin Jankharia 30 min
2. PET/MRI : the next generation
multi-modality imaging after PET/CT
* Dr. Sikandar Shaikh 20 min
3. Widening horizons of thoracic
* Dr. A.R Gayatri 20 min
4. MRI in thoracic Lesions
* Dr. R P Tripathi 20 min
Salmeteral/Fluticasone in COPD
* Dr. Rakesh C Gupta 10 min
2. Indacaterol vs. Tiotropium for
patients with severe COPD
* Dr. P Roy 10min
3. High dose N-Acetyl-cysteine
in prevention of exacerbations
* Dr. Jyoti Patnaik 10 min
4. Short term vs. conventional
glucocorticoid therapy in acute
exacerbation of COPD
* Dr. Nisha Singh 10 min
Symposium on Interventional
3. Tracheo-bronchial stenting:
who gets what & why
* Dr. Pattabhi Raman 15 min
4. Clinical application of EBUS,
TBNA: current status
* Dr. Prashant Chajjad 15 min
5. LVRS & Bullectomy through VATS
Dr. Nasser Yusuf 15 min
6. Procedural / Interventional
pulmonology in TB - an expanding
role in 2014
* Dr. Ravi Mehta 15 min
5. Azithromycin maintenance
treatment in patients with frequent
exacerbations of COPD
* Dr. Sushmita Roy Chaudhary 10 min
6. Addressing the current
controversies in the treatment of
* Dr. Raja Dhar 15 min
7. Home nebulization – a new
* Dr. Randeep Guleria 15 min
Q & A 10 min
Asthma-Symposium- I (An update of
clinical trials, reviews, studies & metaanalysis)
Sponsored by Sanofi
Chair: Dr. M. Barthwal, Dr. Rajgopalan
Balakrishna, Dr. Vivek Iyer (USA)
1. Omalizumab for chronic asthma in
adults & children ( Cochrane review,
JAN. 2014 & Indian perspective)
* Jay prakash B 15 min
2. Intravenous or nebulized
magnesium sulphate in adults &
children with acute asthma
* Dr. Tanmay T Alukdar 15 min
Panel discussion on ' In & out about
Moderator: Dr. Narayan Mishra,
COPD – Phenotypes/
A genomic association
* Dr. P S Sharma
Inhaled steroids and increased risk
of Pneumonia
Dr. Kamal Jodhani
Tuberculosis Controversy /Debate
Chair: Rohit Sarin, KB Gupta,
Dr. H J Singh
1. Daily vs intermittent therapy in the
management of tuberculosis
* Dr. Surya Kant vs. Dr. Jai Kishan
30 min
Role of rofumilast
* Dr. Aniket Bhabke
Olodaterol – a new once daily LABA
* Dr. Ajeet Singh
* Speakers
Time (Hrs)
Hall A
3. Inhaled steroids stunt kids
* Dr. Rajeshwar Dayal
4. Bronchial asthma phenotypes & endo-types
* Dr. J K Samaria
Symposium : Environmental
Role of Vitamin D
* Dr. Kulwant Bhatia
Vaccines in prevention of exacerbation
* Dr. AK Abdul Khader
Role of NIV
* Dr. Sushmita Kundu
Symposium on Tuberculosis-I
Moderator: Dr. A.G Ghoshal, Dr. V.K Vijayan,
Dr. Narendra Khippal
Sponsored by IUTALD
Sponsored by FANOFI
Chair: Dr A.A Mahasur,
Dr R C Gupta, Dr A N Agarwal
2. Chronic cough
* Dr. Vivek Iyer 25 min
1. Global warming & Lungs
* Dr. S N Gaur 15 min
3. Management of cough - a new approach
* Dr. K Srikanth 15 min
1. Adjunct treatment & host
directed therapy in tuberculosis advances & future prospects
* Dr. Rajendra Prasad 15 min
2. Indoor Air Pollution
including Radon gas
* Dr. Raj Kumar 15 min
4. GERD associated chronic cough
* Dr. Bharat Gopal 15 min
5. Drug induced cough
* Dr. Parvez Kaul 15 min
2. Update on tuberculosis vaccines
with special reference to MVA 85 A
in infants previously vaccinated
with BCG- Phase IIb trial
* Dr. Salil Bhargarva 15 min
4. a) RNTCP re-visited/Follow up
* Dr. S K Katiyar, Dr. S N Gaur
NCCP Orations
3. Prof. S K Jain - Prof. S K
Katiyar Chest Oration
Dr. Gautam Bhagat - Allergy March
Dr S K Luhadia
Dr. Deepak Talwar
Dr S N Gaur
Respiratory Allergy
Sponsored by American
College of Allergy, Asthma &
Immunology and American
College of Allergist &
Immunologists of Indian Origin
Critical Care- I (An update of clinical trials,
review, studies & meta-analysis)
Symposium: Sleep Medicine I
4. Prof. PS Shankar – Prof. KC
Mohanty Chest Oration ILDTime to change from lumpers
to splitters
Chair: V K Arora, G.C. Ahir, Nalin Joshi
3. TDR-TB: an emerging threat
* Dr. V. K. Jain 15 min
4. Sick building syndrome
* Dr. M. Sabir 15 min
2. Directly observed therapy vs unsupervised therapy for treatment of
* Dr D J Christropher vs.
* Dr. J M Phadtare
30 min
Symposium - Chronic Cough
3. Nano-technology in
Respiratory Medicine
* Dr. P V P Rao 15 min
Hall C
Hall B
Moderator: Dr. J Kanuga,
Dr. Mauli Desai
Chairpersons: Dr. S N Gaur &
Dr. Raj Kumar
* Dr. Bobby Q. Lanier
Occupational Asthma
* Dr. Sami Bahna
* Dr. Jay M, Dr. Portnoy Bryan,
Dr. L. Martin
Drug allergy
* Dr. Leonard Bielory
Food allergy
* Dr. Sami Bahna
Chair: Dr. T.Mohan Kumar, Dr. Sangeetha,
Dr. Lalit Singh
Chair: Dr. N N Ramraje,
Dr. Vikram Sarbhai, Dr. Ajit Vigg
1. Sleep apnoea pathogenesis
1. Protocol based care for early septic shock * Dr. Atul Malhotra 30 min
* Dr. MK Daga 10 min
2. Serum inflammatory markers in
2. Pro - calcitonin levels as a bio-marker to OSA ( a meta - analysis 2013)
antibiotic therapy in acute respiratory tract * Dr. Zia Hashim 12 min
3. Sleep apnoea consequences &
* Dr. Aladi Mohan 10 min
risk of systemic diseases
3. High vs.low blood pressure target in
septic shock
* Dr. Subir K Dey 10 min
4. Albumin for severe sepsis & septic shock
* Dr. Anil, Sonatakke 10 min
5. Fluid resuscitation with colloids vs.
crystalloids in critically ill with
hypo-volaemic shock
* Dr. Supriya Sircar 10 min
* Dr. D J Roy 15 min
4. Home PolysomnographyA practical approach
* Dr. Salil Bendre 15 min
5. Obesity hypo-ventilation
* Dr. Rajnish Gupta 15 min
6. Early vs. late tracheostomy in critically ill
patients on mechanical ventilation
* Dr. Harjit Dumra 10 min
7. Steroids in shock, ARDS &
pre-extubation - current recommendations
* Dr. Rajesh Chawla 15 min
8. Intensive vs. conventional glucose control
in critically ill patients
* Dr. Naved N. Shah 10 min
* Speakers
Time (Hrs)
Hall A
Hall C
Hall B
Critical Care (Controversies/ Pros & Cons) Symposium cum - Panel Discussion: Role of NonInvasive Ventilation in critically ill patients
Chair: Randeep Gularia, Dr. N T Awad,
Dr. P R Gupta
Moderator: Dr. Deepak Talwar
1. Should non-invasive ventilation
be used in all the patients with
acute respiratory failure
* Dr. G.C. Khilnani (Pro) Vs.
* Dr. Rajesh Chawla (COn)
30 min
1. Weaning outcome rates/Reintubation rates in
ventilated patient
* Dr. Gp Capt Ajai Handa 5 min
3. Post - extubation respiratory failure
* Dr. Anand Jaiswal 5 min
2 Vasodilators in COPD - time to use 4. Post - operative patients
* Dr. A. Mukhopadhaya 5 min
it or not
* Dr. S K Sharma vs Bornali Dutta
5. Acute Carcinogenic Pulmonary edema
* Dr. Sumit Sengupta 5 min
Quiz PG Students
Vishnu Sharma MCQ
General Body Meeting NCCP
* Speakers
22nd November 2014
Time (Hrs)
Hall A
Meet the Professor/ Clinical Pearl – President
Orations –ICS
Hall C
Hall B
Dr Arth Nana- President APSR
1. Dr. S N Tripathy honour lecture Oration ICS
Perception of Obstructive Airway
Disease, Dr. AG Ghoshal
Dr. M Sabir
2. Dr. C V Ramakrishnan Oration
Newer diagnostic tests for
tuberculosis – clinicians
perspective….Raja Gopalan
Dr. J K Samaria
ILD-I (An update of clinical trials, reviews, studies
& meta-analysis)
Symposium :Lung Cancer ( Recent
Sponsored by Glenmark
Chair: Dr. D Bahera, Dr. A K Arya,
Dr. Partha Roy
Symposium cum - Panel
Discussion on Bronchial
Trials with positive out-come
Chair: Dr. G Raghu, Dr. S. Tampi, Dr. M L Gupta
1. Perfenidone in patients with IPF
* Dr. B. Murali Mohan, Bangalore 10 min
2. Efficacy and safety of Ninedarib in IPF
* Dr. A.S. Natrajan 10 min
1. Clinical presentation of lung
* Dr. Anand Jaiswal 15 min
Diagnostic approach to lung cancer
* Dr. PR Mohapattra 15 min
2. Annual screening / low dose CT
3. Randomized trial of N-acetyl cysteine in IPF
scan for high risk adults* Dr. Bharat Bhusan Sharma 10 min
* Dr D Bahera
4. Macitentan, Ambrisentan; Bosentan for the
3. Chemotherapy of lung cancertreatment of IPF
* Dr. Navneet Singh 15 min
* Dr. Nikhil S 10 min
4. Targetted therapy in lung cancer
5. Prednisolone, azathioprine, & N-acetyl
* Dr. D C Doval 15 min
cysteine for pulmonary fibrosis
5. New trends in radiotherapy of
* Dr. A D Shukla 10 min
lung cancer
Sildenafil in treatment of IPF
* Dr. B K Mohanty 15 min
* Dr. Sandeep Katiyar 10 min
Guest Lecture
Chairpersons: D K Hazra, A K Gupta, S P Tripathi
Role of immune-modulators in asthma
* Dr. Jayesh Kanuga
Sponsored by MACLEOD
Moderator: Dr. N K Jain
1. Asthma in pregnancy,
menopause/ Obesity
* Dr. Amita Nene 5 min
Breast feeding, ETS &
* Dr. Sushmita Kundu 5 min
2. Astma & Helicobacter
* Dr. J Unnithan 5 min
Exhaled nitric oxide in
clinical practice
* Dr M. Shameem 5 min
3. Statins in asthma,
* Dr. Basant Hazarika 5 min
Vit D & asthma
* Dr. Prashant Prakash 5 min
5. Role of Zafirlukast
* Dr. J K Saini 5 min
Omalizumab & asthma
* Dr. Ashok Rajput
Stem Cell in Lung Disease
* Dr Anurag Agarwal
* Speakers
Time (Hrs)
Hall A
Hall B
Hall C
ILD-II Interstetial lung disease
Symposium on Critical Care II
Symposium: Sleep Medicine II
Chair: Dr. P S Shankar /
Dr. B V Murli Mohan,
Dr. Sushmita Kundu, Dr. Subodh Singh
Chair: Dr. Bornali Dutta,
Dr. Apoorva Mittal, Dr. D Dhar
Chair: Dr. J.C. Suri, Dr. B B Bhadke
1. Drug therapy, oral appliances &
life style modification strategies for
managing OSA
* Dr. Ajit Vig 15 min
1. Autoimmune-ILD/NSIP
* Dr. Ganesh Raghu
Bio markers in early recognition
and monitoring of ARDS
* Dr. Vikas Marwah 15 min
2. ILD Registry
* Dr Virendra Singh
Management of ARDS with NIPPV
* Dr. N T Awad 15 min
3. Ques & Answer 15 min
Invasive fungal infections in ICU
* Dr. B N Panda 15 min
2. Breathless days & Sleepness
nights: exploring patterns of overlap
* Dr. Narendra Bhatta (Nepal) 20 min
Rare resp.infections & emerging
threat of antimicrobial resistance
* Dr. Anuradha Chaudhary 15 min
3. Expanding the role of sleep lab –
new bridges in medical discipline
* Dr. Colins Shapiro (Canada)
Guest/ Foreign Speakers
Symposium on COPD III
Symposium on Tuberculosis
Chair: Dr. S K Katiyar, Dr. S N Gaur,
Santosh Kumar
Sponsored by Lupin
Chair: Dr. Rajendra Prasad (Delhi),
Dr. K C Agarwal, Dr. R Panajivel
Mechanical ventilation
* Dr. Atul Malhotra, USA
Sedation and analgesia in the ICU
* Dr. Curtis Sessler, USA
Chair: Dr. Rakesh Bhargava,
Dr. Awadesh Bansal, Dr. Agam Vora
COPD in Indian Prospective
* Dr. Sandeep Salvi
Newer drugs in COPD
* Dr. Deepak Talwar
Sponsored by LUPIN
X-pert MTB/RIF test for diagnosis of
pulmonary tuberculosis & rifampicin
* Dr. Amita Joshi
Guidelines on use of Bedaquiline in
treatment of MDR-TB
* Dr. Anuj Bhatnagar
A systemic review & meta-analysis of
Linezolid, Clofazimine & high dose
INH in treatment of MDR & XDR – TB
* Dr. Rupak Singla
Delamanid- a new experimental drug
in MDR –TB
* Dr. Rajesh Solanki
Oration ICS
Dr O A Sarma Oration
Dr Rajesh Solanki
Tb back with veganance and refined
approach towards management
Dr K J R Murthy Oration
DR V K Arora
Public private partnership- the story
of missing millions in TB
Pneumonia (An update of clinical trials, Year under Review/ Guest Lecture
reviews, studies & meta-analysis)
Chair: Dr. B K Mohanty, Dr. D C Doval,
Dr. Surubhi Gupta
Sponsored by MSD
Chair: Dr. Vivek Nagia, Dr. Ankur Gupta, 1. ARDS
* Dr. Raja Dhar
Dr. Trilok Chandra
1. Role of corticosteroids in
community acquired pneumonia
* Dr. Shyam Tampi 15 min
2. Inhaled steroids a risk factor in
* Dr. A. A. Mahashur 15 min
3. Role of vaccine in prevention of
Pneumococcal infection
* Dr. A G Ghoshal 15 min
4. Predictors of treatment failure in
community acquired pneumonia
* Dr. Manoj Goel
5. Multi& Pan drug resistant bacterial
* Dr. Rajesh Venkat
2. Lung Cancer
* Dr. D. Behra
16.15 to 16.45
Guest Lecture
Chairpersons: Dr. J A K Nigam,
Dr J P Singh, Dr. R Sunderani
Exercise induced bronchoconstriction & its application in
* Dr. Arth Nana
Symposium: Respiratory Physiology
in special situations
Chair: Dr S K. Chhabra,
Dr Navneet Singh, Dr Roopak Singla
1. Pulmonary barotrauma in scuba
diving & Swimming induced
pulmonary oedema (SIPE)
* Dr. Sarvinder Singh 15 min
2. Altitude sickness
* Dr. BMBN Prasad 15 min
3. Air travel & lung diseases
* Dr. R. Sunderani 15 min
4. Cardio-pulmonary exercise testing
* Dr. Raj B. Singh
5. Cough reflex
* Dr. K Ravi
6. Extra corporeal lung support
* Dr. R K Mani
6. Q/A Forum
* Speakers
Time (Hrs)
Hall A
Symposium - cum- Panel discussion
on Interventions to Prevent VAP &
Moderator: Dr. R K Mani
1. Head of Bed Elevation
* Dr. Awdhesh Bansal 5 min
2. Sub-glotic suctionial of endotrachial tubes
* Dr. Manoj Goel 5 min
3. Oral care with antiseptic
* Dr. H S Hira 5 min
4. Sedation Vacation/interruption
* Dr. D Dhar
5. Proton pump inhibitors & risk of
* Dr. Vivek Nangia
PG QuiZ Part II
Hall C
Hall B
Symposium: Pulmonary Vascular
Chair: Dr. Raja Dhar, Dr. Mridul
Chturvedi, Dr. Navneet Singh
Endothelin receptor antagonist for
PAH - an update
* Dr. P D Motiani 15 min
Symposium: Paediatric Pulmonology
Chair: Dr. Sangeeta Sharma,
Dr. P K Thomas, Dr. Narendra Bhatta
Rare Orphan Diseases
* Dr. T. Mohankumar 15 min
Obstructive sleep apnoea in children
* Dr. J C Suri
Thrombolytics in pulmonary
embolism (MOPETT trial)
* Dr. Anibaran Sarkar 15 min
Genetic & neonatal basis of adult
lung disease
* Dr. Nisha Keshary Bhatta 15 min
Pulmonary arterial hypertension
* Dr. Rakesh Gupta 15 min
ILD in childrn ( ChILD )
* Dr. Kan Ram 15 min
Diagnosis of pulmonary embolism
* Dr. R. Narsimhan 15 min
General Body Meeting ICS
* Speakers
23rd November 2014
Time (Hrs)
Hall A
Meet the Professor-ATS
Prof. K C Mohanty
P S Shankar
Debate/Guest Lecture
Symposium on Tuberculosis III
Symposium on Bronchial asthma
Chairpersons: Dr. S K Jindal,
Dr. A K Janmeja, Dr. Surya Kant
Chairpersons: Dr. V K Jain,
Dr. B O Tayade, Dr. I S Gilada
Chairpersons: Dr. B N Panda,
Dr. Jyoti Patnaik, Dr. Angira Dasgupta
09.00 to 09.30
Chairpersons: Dr. A K Janmeja,
Dr. Dilip Mhaisekar, Dr Suryakant
1."Evolution of Tuberculosis control 1. ADAM 333 in asthma
: Past, Present and Future"
* Dr Mahesh Rao 15 min
* Dr. K C Mohanty 15 min
2. Smaller airways- are they truly
2. Programmatic management of
drug resistant TB
* Dr. Sanjeev Mehta 15 min
* Dr. N N Ramraje 15 min
New inhaled anti IgE-Qualizumab
OSA and UARS-Two different
Dr. M S Kanwar, Dr. Vikram Sarbhai
09.30 to 10.00
Guest Lecture
Chairpersons: Dr S K Jindal,
Dr S Munjal, Dr Raj Kumar,
Advances in TB diagnosis, 30 min
* Dr. Madhukar Pai
Hall C
Hall B
3. Drug resistant TB – Global
* Dr. Rohit Sarin 15 min
4. NTM - How it differ's from MTB
Complex disease
* Dr. S K Luhadia 15 min
* Dr. Nandini Banerjee 15 min
Vilanterol, a novel inhaled once daily
LABA/ Fluticasone once daily
* Dr. M M Puri 15 min
Symposium on TB & HIV
Symposium on Thoracic Surgery
Symposium: Miscellaneous I
Chair: Dr. K C Mohanty,
Dr. Madhukar Pai, Dr. Ranjan K. Das
Chair: Dr. K Padhy, Dr. A S Sachan
Dr. Nitesh Sharma, Dr. Juhi Singhal
Chair: Dr. P K Gupta, Dr. B B Mathur,
Dr. Santosh Kumar
1. MDR / XDR – TB & HIV / AIDS:
a serious threat – an association or
* Dr. I S Gilada 18 min
1. Continuing role of sugery in
pulmonary TB
* Dr. R Diwan 15 min
1. Dr. Lung Microbiome
* Dr. Ajmal Khan 15 min
2. Robotics & lung lobe transplant
* Dr. Rajan Santoshan 15 min
3. Women and Lung Diseases
* Dr. Vijay Laxmi 15 min
3. Surgery in TB
* Dr. S K Sarkar 15 min
4. E- Cigarette
* Dr. V K Vijyan 15 min
4. Robotic surgery
* Dr. Arwind Kumar 15 min
5. Bronchial anthraco-fibrosis-an
emerging pulmonary disease
* Dr. Ashok Shah
2. Earlier vs late initiation of ART in
HIV infected patients with
* Dr. Sanjeev Sinha 15 min
3. Rifampicin vs non – rifampicin
containing regimens in treatment of
tuberculosis with HIV
* Dr. Radhe Munje 15 min
4. MDR- TB in children
* Dr. K B Gupta
5. Lung transplantation
* Dr. K Padhy
6. Diagphragmatic defect- A cause
of Respiratory insufficiency
* Dr. M H Beg
6. Overview of Silicosis
* Dr. K C Agarwal 15 min
Guest Lecture
TB in Immunocompromizedinfections
* Dr. Dushanta Mandegedara
Symposium: Update on
Bronchoscopy and Mediastinoscopy
Symposium: Pharmaco –Vigilance
Chair: Dr. H M Kansal,
Chair: Dr. M S Kanwar, Dr. J M Phadtare, Dr. O. P. Agarwal, Dr. Santosh Kumar
Dr. Gunjan Soni
Symposium: Miscellaneous II
Chair: Dr. R Sarnaik, Dr. V K Singh,
Dr. Narendra Khippal
* Speakers
Time (Hrs)
Hall A
Effectiveness & safety & of bronchial
thermoplasty in patients with severe
* Dr Rakesh Chawla 15 min
Hall B
1. Pharmaco-vigilence in respiratory
* Dr. A. Ray 15 min
1. Clinical pearls in pulmonary
* Dr. Dilip Mhaisekar 15 min
2. Pricing and Generic Medicine
* Dr. Anita Kotwani 15 min
2. Mucus clearance and role of
mucolytics in ICU
* Dr. V K Jain 15 min
Endo-sonography vs. conventional
bronchoscopy for the diagnosis of
sarcoidosis (Granuloma trial, 2013)
* Dr. Bharat Gopal 15min
3. Transitional Research in Respiratory
* Dr. Kavita Gulathi 15 min
Thermoplasty – an Overview
* Dr. Jamalul Azizi 15 min
4. Sprituality & control of TB
* Dr. Selva Kumar 15 min
Medical thoracoscopy – a useful
diagnostic therapeutic tool
* Debjyoti Bhattacharya 15 min
3. Anti- fibrinolytic therapy in
* Dr. M S Barthwal 15 min
4. Hazards of radio-imaging
* Dr. B K Menon 15 min
Symposium on Sports Medicine
Symposium: Geriatric Lung Diseases
Symposium: Miscellaneous III
Chair/ Moderator:
Dr. Prashant Lavania, Dr. S N Gupta,
Dr B D Singh
Chair: Dr. Deepa Rani,
Dr D S Chauhan, Dr Anil Verma
Chair: Dr. S K Kashyap, Dr. A P Kansal
(Patiala), Dr. V K Srivastava (Lucknow)
1. Cellular senescence in normal lung
and premature ageing
* Dr. Agam Vora 15 min
1. In-vitro diagnosis of allergy
* Dr. Raj Bhagat
1. Asthma & banned drugs:
therapeutic use exemption and legal
* Dr. J L Jain 15 min
2. Effects of immune-senescence on
airway inflammation & hyper2. Dope analysis & respiratory system responsiveness
* Dr. S K Jindal 15 min
* Dr. Shila Jain 15 min
3. Injuries in chest related to sports
* Dr. R K Gupta 15 min
Hall C
Special session on lung cancer
Chairperson: Dr D Bahera,
Dr Shahid Siddiqui
2. Vitamin - D & Tuberculosis
* Dr. G N Srivastava
3.Research Methodology & Biostatics
* Dr. R M Pandey
4. Medico - legal issues in respiratory
3. Age related changes in lung function medicine
* Dr. P S Shankar 15 min
* Parvez Ahmad
4. Vaccination in elderly
* O P Sharma 15 min
Treatment of lung cancer - state of
the art into the molecular era
* Dr Sunil Sharma 25 min
Chair/ Moderator
Symposium on Rehabilitation
Symposium: Miscellaneous
1. Pulmonary rehabilitation in ILD
* Dr. K R Sarmah
1. Respiratory involvement in malaria
* Dr. Sanjay Kochar
2. Pulmonary Rehabilitation- an
underutilized resource in pulmonary
* Dr. A K Janmeja
2. Surgical management of TB pyo-thorax
* Dr. Azam Haseen
3.Tailored re-habilitation in COPD
* Dr. Angira Dasgupta
4. Nutritional aspects of COPD
* Dr. P S Shajahan
Valedictory Function
3. Recent advances in COPD imaging:
Understanding its pathology by
Quantitative Computed Tomography of
the Lung
* Dr. Lalita Fernandez
4. 5 best papers in pulmonology which
may change the way I practice * Dr. T
Mohan Kumar
* Speakers
Poster Sessions
Session I
Session II
Nov. 21
9:00-1:00 pm, Pavilion Pool View
2:30-5:30 pm, Pavilion Pool View
Nov. 22
9:00-1:00 pm, Pavilion Pool View
2:30-5:30 pm, Pavilion Pool View
Nov. 23
9:00-1:00 pm, Pavilion Pool View
Hall D
Time (Hrs)
NCCP (I) :Prof S N Gaur Young Scientist Award
ICS – JC Kothari : Young Scientist Award
4:00-5:00 pm 3.
NAPCON 2014 Award(Pavilion of China)
NAPCON 2014 Award(Pavilion of Heights)
No Formal Tea Break – Tea throughout day, outside the HALL A
NCCP (I) Oration Awards
ICS Oration Awards
NCCP(I) - Prof. M. M. Singh Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award
Prof. H. S. Randhawa
ICS - Dr. C.V. Ramakrishnan Oration
Dr. Rajagopalan Balakrishnan
NCCP(I) - Prof.Raman Viswanathan Memorial Chest Oration
Prof. S. K. Sharma
ICS - Dr. O.A. Sarma Oration
Dr. Rajesh N. Solanki
NCCP(I) - Prof. A. S. Paintal- Dr. R. C. Jain Memorial Chest Oration
ICS - Dr. K.J.R. Murthy Oration
Dr. V.K. Arora
ICS - Dr. S.N. Tripathy Oration
Dr. A.G. Ghoshal
Previously: NCCP(I) - German Remedies Chest Oration
Brig. Dr. A. K. Rajput
NCCP(I) - Prof. P. S. Shankar - Prof. K. C. Mohanty Chest Oration
Previously: NCCP(I) - Lupin Chest Oration
Life Time Achievement Award
Dr. P.S. Shankar
Dr. Deepak Talwar
NCCP(I) - Prof. S. K. Jain - Prof. S. K. Katiyar Chest Oration
Previously: NCCP(I) - Dr. Reddy’s Chest Oration
Dr. Gautam Bhagat
Dr. S.N. GAUR Young Scientist Award
ICS - Dr. J. C. Kothari Young Scientist Award
NAPCON 2014 Award
Pre-Conference Workshops
Workshops in Aligarh (9 AM - 1 PM)
1. Invasive & Non Invasive Ventilation
2. Bronchoscopy / EBUS/Thoracoscopy
3. Interventional Bronchoscopy - Bronchial Thermoplasty
Transportation from Aligarh to
conference venue in Agra will be provided
at 2:00 PM to the delegates who will attend
pre-conference workshops at Aligarh
Workshops in Agra
1. Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy
2. Smoking Cessation
3. Evaluation Pulmonary Function Test
4. Thoracic Ultrasound
5. Sleep Disorder
6. Thoracic Imaging
7. Research Methodology
Workshop Details
9.00 am - 1:00 pm
1:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy
Smoking Cessation
Thoracic Ultrasound
Pulmonary Function Test
Sleep Disorder
Thoracic Imaging
Research Methodology
The CME payment
entitles candidate for two
CME / workshop at Agra
The Jaypee Palace Hotel and Convention Centre
This luxury hotel is spread over an unbounded 25
acres of greenery, waterbodies and pergolas. Located
2.5 Kms from The Taj Mahal. It blends luxury with
opulence for an unforgettable experience!
Located in the main tourist district of Agra, on Fatehabad Road
2 hours from Delhi by Train
8 kms. from Agra Cantt Railway Station
How to reach Agra
Agra is located in between the main train lines from
Driving to Agra is also easy and comfortable with new
Delhi to Mumbai and from Delhi to Chennai. It is like
modern highways. From Delhi you can take the NH2
a junction and this makes Agra easy to reach by train
highway (200 kms) , from Jaipur you can take NH 11
from almost anywhere. From Delhi, you can reach
(255kms), from Gwailor the National highway which is
Agra by train in about 2-3 hours by Bhopal Shatabdi,
120 kms and from Lucknow NH2 which is 285 kms.
Bhopal Express, Malwa Express, Gondwana Express,
The main bus stations in Agra are Idgah and ISBT and
Jabalpur - Jammutawi Express, etc. Agra has three
there are scheduled, air-conditioned and luxury
railway stations. The main one is Agra Cantt.
buses from Delhi, Jaipur, Gwalior, Jhansi and Lucknow.
Conference Secretariat
Prof (Dr). Rakesh Bhargava
Dr. Santosh Kumar
Organizing Secretary
Co-Organising Secretary, Head of Department
Dept. of TB & Respiratory Diseases,
Dept. of TB & Chest Diseases
Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College,
S. N. Medical College, Agra (UP), India
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh (UP), India
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +91 9897517869
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Conference Manager
Meetings And More
Phone: +91-124-4938907, 4938902 | Email: [email protected]
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