Catholic Archdiocese of Perth Mount. Despite its simplicity, however, the

that can be related to the ways of God that
found expression in the Sermon on the
Mount. Despite its simplicity, however, the
more we ponder this tableau the more we
come to appreciate how rich it is in
inspiration for those who want to live as
followers of Jesus.
Ezekiel 34:11-12, 15-17
1 Corinthians 15:20-26, 28
Matthew 25:31-46
The tableau in today’s gospel concludes
Matthew’s collection of the teachings of
Jesus concerning the End. Unique to
Matthew’s gospel, it is a masterpiece.
Strictly speaking, it is not a parable, but an
allegory – a narrative in which details have
symbolic significance.
It may be the
development of a simple parable, in which
Jesus likened the expected coming of the
‘Son of Man’ with divine authority (Dan 7)
to a shepherd ‘separating sheep from
goats’. It provides, in a simple form, a
splendid summary of the teaching of Jesus
in Matthew’s gospel, concerning the living
of our Christian faith.
For the first Christians, Jesus was the ‘Son of
Man’, invested in his risen glory with divine
authority (Mt 26:64). In today’s second
reading, Paul celebrates the divine
authority with which the Saviour brings his
saving work to completion. In the triumph
of the resurrection he has authority over
the whole of creation; when ‘the end’
comes, having overcome all the forces of
evil, he will deliver the New Creation into
the hands of his Father, and those who
share in his triumph will rejoice in a divine
generosity that has no limits.
account of ‘the end’ is somewhat
overwhelming. Matthew’s tableau, on the
other hand, presents the final Judgment in
terms that are easy to understand – terms
The criterion by which we will be judged
when we come into the presence of God is
practical, simple and clear. It is not so much
what we do for the God ‘we cannot see’
that matters, in the end, but what we do for
one another – expressing the fact that we
are true children of the same Father (cf.1 Jn
4:20). And among God’s children it is the
poor and needy who should have our special
care – our ‘preferential option’. The things
that will establish our worth in the sight of
God, and our readiness to share in God’s
friendship, are simple things, possible to all,
learned and simple, rich and poor. What
overturns our expectations and is
immensely reassuring is the fact that those
who have proved themselves worthy of
hearing the Lord’s invitation – ‘Come, you
whom my Father has blessed, take for your
heritage the kingdom prepared for you
since the foundation of the world’ – may
well be taken unawares. Responding to the
grace of God, working in them ‘in a hidden
way’ (Gaudium et spes, n.22), they have
shown themselves true children of the
Father – helping for the sake of those in
need, without any thought of a reward.
Matthew’s tableau finds a place among the
elect for all who fight unselfishly humanity’s
ancient enemies: ‘ignorance, poverty,
disease, injustice, bigotry, death of body or
soul’ (B. Vawter). The greatest inspiration
of all, however, is found in the Lord’s
affirmation, ‘You did it to me’. Sharing our
humanity and experience in a struggling
world, the ‘Son of Man’ has made himself
one in a privileged way with those in
greatest need.
Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament Church
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Mercy as the Ultimate
Criterion of Judgment
Matthew had used the previous
stories to warn of different outcomes
in the “not-yet” future of prepared
and unprepared approaches to life in
the “now”. He did not categorise the
story that would follow. Rather than a
parable, it would provide a grandiose
symbolic account of final judgment. In
its own way, it would contribute to
specifying the practical content of a
life of preparedness.
Placing us on the threshold of the final
Kingdom, this tableau gives us a glimpse of
what it will be like – one family of the
Father, united in God’s generous and
merciful ways. Today, we venerate Christ
the King; today’s gospel reminds us that it is
only in his final ‘glory’ that he exercised his
kingship. Among us, he makes himself the
‘Servant’ of all.
John Thornhill sm
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30th November 2014
1st Sunday Advent Year B
Isaiah 63:16-17, 64:1, 3-8
1 Corinthians 1:3-9
Mark 13:33-37
23rd November 2014
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Many thanks for all who
supported the Vinnies’
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Christmas Appeal.
With Christmas around the corner, there
is much more to do. Pick an envelope off
our Christmas Tree in the Church Foyer
and help make this Christmas a better
one for many in our community who are
less fortunate than ourselves. God Bless.
Parish Annual General Meeting
Sunday 7th December after 9.30am
Mass. All parishioners are urged to
attend to focus on what we, as a
community, can achieve together.
Sausage sizzle and Ice-cream will follow
the meeting. Children welcome.
Your Parish needs you!
Nominations are being called to fill
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Council. If you or someone that you
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community in this way, please complete
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signed by the nominee, a proposer and a
seconder. Nominations close 30th
November with the Parish Office.
Parish Reports
Committees, Groups and Ministries are
asked to submit a report of their
activities for the year to the Parish Office
before November 30.
Personal Advocacy
is an agency of the Archdiocese of Perth,
responsible for the faith development and
community inclusion of people with
intellectual disabilities.
Through the Personal Advocacy Program,
people with intellectual disabilities are
given the opportunity to expand their
spiritual and personal lives through a
relationship with someone from the
Parish community. The small faith group
in Thornlie Parish will be needing new
volunteers in 2015.
To find out more of what we do please go
to our website and
contact us there. Or contact the agency
Ph 9275 5388 during office hours for
more information.
Golden Age Club
Family Activities - this Sunday
Coach Trip to
Tuesday, 25th
November. We
leave the Corfield
Street Carpark at
9.30am where there is ample parking for
your vehicle during the day.
23rd November - all young families are
invited to join in activities after 9.30am
Mass. Face-painting, drawing, party food,
fun. A great chance for the parents and
children to be involved in the parish
Our last meeting for the year will be in the
Parish Centre on Tuesday December 2,
with Indoor Activities from 8.30am and
then Our Christmas Lunch is on Tuesday
9th December. The Club welcomes all
those 50 years and over.
Flowers for Christmas
Helpers are always needed so for more
information please see Lorna after Mass
or contact the Parish Office.
Parish Youth
We have several enthusiastic young
people willing to join a youth group and
striving to go to World Youth Day in 2016.
Spread the word among your young
friends and enjoy the friendship and
fellowship that a Parish Youth Group can
provide. Watch this Space!
We once again are asking parishioners to
help with the purchase of flowers for our
Christmas decorations. Thank you for your
World Youth Day
generosity over the years. May God
is not just a day or an experience, but an
continue to bless and keep you and your
ongoing pilgrimage of faith for young
family as we prepare to celebrate the
people. These special days and
birth of Christ.
celebrations are meant to rejuvenate and
reinvigorate the spiritual life of youth and
The Voices - Combined Choir
young adults along their pilgrim journey,
which ultimately leads to Christ Jesus.
No, it’s not a television program! It’s
YOUR voice we need. Join in the
combined choir for our Christmas
celebrations. The practices, held every
Thursday night throughout Advent, really
do prepare us spiritually for Christmas as
well as enhance the Christmas celebration
for the whole parish community. Join the
fun and fellowship, and yes, some serious
hard work too. Choir experience is not
Catholic Charismatic Renewal
CCR Perth invites you to the next 'CCR
Together' gathering on Friday, 28th
November, at the Como Church (cnr
Canning Hwy/Thelma St), commencing
with Rosary at 7.00pm. The theme of the
evening is 'CCR and Eucharistic Praise
and Adoration' with guest presenters Viv
Watts and Angela Boothroyd - a great
opportunity to praise God, be
encouraged through worship and
teaching and share the fellowship of likeminded friends. A collection will be
taken up to support the Renewal work.
The evening will conclude with a light
supper. Queries to Dan on 9398 4973;
em: [email protected]
Are you between 12-15 yrs or starting
Year 7 in 2015? Come and join us for this 5
day fun filled camp at Nanga Bush,
Dwellingup. Only $190 ($38 a day)
Contact your Parish Priest, visit the
website or contact Graham on 0418 979
600 for more info or to pick up a form.
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Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse with a commitment to co-operation, openness and justice for victims and
survivors. It has been established in recognition of the imperative for the Church to address the past openly and honestly,
the good with the bad. There are flyers available in the foyer explaining the work of the council. For more information on
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