SGC Business Magazine 2014 / 2015
between Germany and Singapore
Mr Sigmar Gabriel
Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy,
Federal Republic of Germany Audi Singapore Pte Ltd
Mr Lim Hng Kiang
Minister for Trade and Industry,
Republic of Singapore
H.E. Dr Michael Witter
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of
Germany to the Republic of Singapore
H.E. Mr Jai S Sohan
Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore to the
Federal Republic of Germany
Dr Martin Wansleben
CEO, Association of German Chambers
of Commerce and Industry (DIHK)
Mr Wolfgang Huppenbauer
President of the Singaporean-German Chamber of
Industry and Commerce
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Dr Tim Philippi
Executive Director of the Singaporean-German
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On the Cover
This year, the Singaporean-German Chamber of
Industry and Commerce (SGC) celebrates its 10th
Anniversary. In lieu of this, we are happy to bring this
issue of the Business Magazine which honours 10
years of Connecting People and Businesses between
Germany and Singapore. With the existence of strong
bilateral ties between Germany and Singapore, SGC
has been instrumental in connecting people and
businesses through many of its activities which have
been outlined in this year’s publication.
Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
DAAD Information Centre Singapore
Fraunhofer [email protected]
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)
German Association — Deutsches Haus in Singapore
German European School Singapore (GESS)
German Institute of Science and Technology — TUM Asia
German Speaking Catholic Community St. Elisabeth
German Speaking Protestant Congregation in Singapore (DEGSIN)
Goethe-Institut Singapore
International Lutheran Seafarers’ Mission ILSM
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS)
SGC Board Members 2014/2015
Office Organisation of Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry
and Commerce Information
The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to Singapore
The Embassy of the Republic of Singapore to Germany
Germany at a Glance (2013) and Singapore at a Glance (2013)
The SGC Business Magazine is an annual publication
with a circulation of 3,000 copies and is distributed
to Singaporean and German establishments and
businesses, government agencies, as well as officials
and delegations visiting Singapore or Germany.
We thank our business partners, corporate members and
the German Embassy for their generous contributions
and support to the SGC Business Magazine.
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MCI (P) 173/08/2014
Message by
Mr Sigmar Gabriel
Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy
Please accept my sincerest congratulations on
the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the
Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and
Commerce (SGC). Over the past decade, the SGC
has earned itself an excellent reputation among
industry representatives and policy-makers alike.
The excellent quality of the SGC’s work is reflected
in the steady growth of its membership: since its
establishment, membership in the SGC has doubled
to around 510.
I would like to congratulate the members and the
staff at the SGC on this anniversary and wish you
every success. Your work creates the basis for new,
long-term projects of bilateral cooperation between
Germany and Singapore. Ultimately, you are sowing
the seed not only for wider economic co-operation,
but also for deeper friendship with out Singaporean
partners, for which I am truly grateful to you. I wish
you all an enjoyable read.
Sincerely yours,
Sigmar Gabriel
Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
The SGC actively contributes to the effort of
expanding our bilateral economic relations with
Singapore. It is also strongly involved with the
German-Singaporean Business Forum (GSBF), which
is funded by the business community from both our
countries. The SGC has an excellent track record
when it comes to attracting German companies to
Singapore and the entire ASEAN region. Its work is
hugely important for our economic success: after
all, the Asia-Pacific region is set to remain one of the
world’s fastest-growing regions. All the while, the
SGC does not limit itself to convincing German
companies of the merits of doing business in
Singapore and the ASEAN region. It also helps
Singaporean firms break onto the German and
European markets.
Singapore is our largest partner in the ASEAN
region, and the excellent business environment it
offers has made it a sought-after base for German
companies operating in South-East Asia. It is
characterised by a high degree of competitiveness,
active promotion of research and technology,
and a large network of global business relations.
Singapore has concluded a whole host of bilateral
and multilateral free-trade agreements, which are
testimony to the country’s integration in the world
economy. I am certain that the SGC will continue to
use the opportunities that arise from all these assets
and that it will contribute to developing them further.
Feinmetall Singapore, a German – Singapore joint-venture
company since 2007, is the leading regional one-stop design,
manufacture, test and service centre for wafer probe card.
Its new 10,000 sq ft fully automatic manufacturing plant is
the centre of innovation for production of Cantilever, Vertical
Feinmetall Singapore Pte Ltd
35 , Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 3 ,
#03-03 , Singapore 739257
Tel: +65 3152 9103
Fax: +65 3152 9108
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.feinmetall.de
probe card and repair / training centre. Feinmetall Singapore
has connected together a strong family of employees, a
loyal network of customers & partners and entrenched its
position as a key player in the probe card business.
Message by
Mr Lim Hng Kiang
Minister for Trade and Industry, Republic of Singapore
German Centre Singapore, the German-Singapore
Business Forum (GSBF), the Economic Development
Board (EDB) and International Enterprise Singapore
(IE Singapore), to promote and strengthen the
excellent cooperation between businesses in
Germany and Singapore.
Various state visits over the years have further
cemented our strong bilateral relations. Singapore
President, Dr. Tony Tan, visited Germany in July
2012 and in August 2014, while German Chancellor
Angela Merkel visited Singapore in June 2011.
During her visit to Singapore, Chancellor Angela
Merkel emphasised the “close relations that exist
between Germany and Singapore”. The exchange
of visits by Ministers from Singapore and Germany
has further reaffirmed the close bilateral relations
between our two countries. They include the visits to
Singapore by German Finance Minister Dr Wolfgang
Schäuble in October 2012 and German Foreign
Minister Guido Westerwelle in February 2013.
There are now more than 1,400 German companies
in Singapore in sectors such as chemicals, electronics,
engineering and logistics. Our businesses have also
forged partnerships in areas including precision
engineering, environmental services, medical and
clean technology. I believe cooperation between
businesses from both sides will further strengthen
when the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement
comes into force.
The Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and
Commerce (SGC) has been an important bridge
between people and businesses in Germany and
Singapore. Over the past ten years, it has grown
into a well-respected organisation with a strong
network of partners. It works closely with the German
Embassy in Singapore, and institutions such as the
As SGC celebrates its 10th Anniversary, I take this
opportunity to congratulate SGC for its good work
and past achievements. I look forward to SGC’s
continued contribution to the blossoming bilateral ties
and connection between Germany and Singapore.
Lim Hng Kiang
Minister for Trade and Industry
Republic of Singapore
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Singapore and Germany enjoy close ties and a
unique connection. Singapore is Germany’s most
important economic partner in Southeast Asia.
Germany is also our largest trading partner in the
European Union (EU), accounting for 21.7 per cent
of our trade in the EU in 2013.
Exploring a wider world of
opportunities. Together.
At SEB, we have a solid tradition of working
closely with our clients.
With a long standing experience of working in
Asia, our clients know that we support them to
achieve their ambitions in the region.
As the leading Nordic corporate bank with a
Global reach, we can help you grow and expand
the scope of your business in South East Asia.
Together, we can explore a wider world
of opportunities.
Message by
H.E. Dr Michael Witter
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany
to the Republic of Singapore
Our economic relations will be further strengthened
by the Free Trade Agreement between the European
Union and Singapore, whose main part has been
initiated already last year. After completion of
the investment chapter, the next steps will be the
signature and ratification of the entire agreement.
Europe’s role as one of Singapore’s three largest
trading partners will thus be further strengthened
and a level playing field with competing countries
will be achieved. Within the European Union, in
2013 Germany once again remained as Singapore’s
largest trading partner, and vice versa, Singapore is
Germany’s largest trading partner in ASEAN.
Apart from their excellent economic relations, both
Germany and Singapore recognize the importance
of investment in research and development to foster
resource-efficient sustainable growth. Particularly in
the field of green technology and energy efficiency
both countries benefit from an intense exchange of
knowledge among researchers and the respective
industries. The SGC strongly supports this
Singaporean-German R&D cooperation and provides
an outstanding platform for fruitful discussions and
bilateral scientific and business collaborations.
The representation of the German economy in
Singapore was decisively strengthened by the
establishment of the Singaporean-German Chamber
in 2004. Thus, the Chamber and its more than 500
members are celebrating the 10th anniversary this
year – happy birthday and congratulations from
the German Embassy! The SGC can look back at
countless successful collaborations, projects and
events. It also plays a key role by enabling German
businesses to set foot into the important Singaporean
market as well as to build networks in Singapore and
the region. We owe special thanks to the SGC and
its dedicated staff for their tireless work that made a
key contribution to the German-Singaporean trade
relations. We are confident that the future work of
the SGC will deepen the existing partnerships and
will create many new opportunities for German and
Singaporean companies.
H.E. Dr Michael Witter
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany
to the Republic of Singapore
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Economic exchange especially at the highest
technological level between Singapore and Germany
remains a key element of the overall relations
between our two countries. This remains true as we
approach next year’s 50th anniversary not only of the
independence of Singapore, but also of diplomatic
relations between Germany and Singapore. Over
these years, Singapore has established itself as
an anchor of stability in the ASEAN region and a
major financial center. It sets trends in key topics
like urbanisation, is a model for the region and
provides an excellent business environment and
has attracted more than 1400 German companies.
They underpin Germany’s important economic role
not only for Singapore, but for all of ASEAN.
Message by
H.E. Mr Jai S Sohan
Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore
to the Federal Republic of Germany
It gives me great pleasure to contribute to this aptlytitled edition of the SGC Business Annual. 2015
promises to be an eventful year for several reasons.
Second, we are looking forward to the successful and
speedy ratification and implementation of the EUSingapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in 2015. This
would be a milestone in our bilateral relations with the
EU, and would be the first FTA concluded between
the EU and an ASEAN country, and the second
between the EU and an Asian country. The EUSingapore FTA, which will see, amongst others,
enhanced market access and the elimination of
import duties, will be instrumental in opening up
market opportunities for German and Singapore
companies. In this regard, we are appreciative of the
German government’s unwavering support for the
EU-Singapore FTA.
Just as the implementation of the EU-Singapore FTA
will see Singapore companies look towards Germany,
as a reliable partner and gateway to doing business
with the EU, German companies should harness
Singapore’s regional expertise and time-proven
dependability as a business partner, in unlocking the
opportunities offered by the AEC and the wider Asian
region. The last 49 years have proven the solidity
of our bilateral partnership, founded on a pool of
common values and interests. I am confident that 2015
will provide a myriad of opportunities for German and
Singapore businesses to deepen this partnership and
help each other take advantage of the tremendous
potential and opportunities in our respective regions.
H.E. Jai S Sohan
Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore
to the Federal Republic of Germany
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
First, on the bilateral front, while SGC will be celebrating
10 years of connecting people and businesses,
Singapore and Germany will be celebrating 50 years
of bilateral relations. We have come a long way since
the establishment of bilateral ties some 50 years
ago. Our shared common values, interests and work
ethic have stood us in good stead and contributed
to the development of a substantial and multifaceted
relationship. We enjoy excellent co-operation across
a broad range of fields from science and technology
to research and education and of course, business
and economics, as well as a high level of political
exchanges. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is slated
to visit Germany in 2015 in conjunction with our 50th
anniversary celebrations.
Third, exciting developments are afoot in the wider
ASEAN region. The ASEAN Economic Community
(AEC) will be launched in 2015. With a fast-growing
market of 600 million people and a combined GDP
of over USD $2 trillion, ASEAN is well on its way
to becoming one of the most exciting business
propositions for European companies looking for
new market opportunities. The AEC, which will see
the establishment of a single ASEAN market and
production base, will be crucial in enabling German
companies to tap into the vast opportunities provided
by a single ASEAN market.
Message by
Dr Martin Wansleben
CEO, Association of German Chambers
of Commerce and Industry (DIHK)
The economic relations between Singapore and
Germany are closer than ever: Germany is Singapore’s
most important trading partner within the European
Union. In 2013, goods amounting to more than 11.1
billion euros have been traded between our two
countries. There is more good news for Germany’s
innovative Mittelstand companies: Singapore, with
its GDP per capita being among the highest in
the world, has identified a stronger SME sector
and growing research expenditures as economic
development priorities.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
It is obvious that, even amidst geopolitical challenges
in other parts of the world, the Singaporean-German
relations have a promising future.
And this future starts now: Singapore’s free trade
agreement with the European Union is now in the
ratification process. Singapore has been the first
ASEAN country with which the EU launched bilateral
FTA negotiations. On regional level, Singapore will play
an important part in the forthcoming ASEAN Economic
Community. Both steps will lead to deeper economic
integration and enhanced business opportunities.
To grasp the opportunities arising all across the
ASEAN region, German businesses have professional
partners on their side: the Singaporean-German
Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SGC), the
bilateral Chambers in Indonesia, Malaysia and
Thailand as well as the Delegations in Vietnam and
Myanmar. Together, they have formed the GermanASEAN Chamber network; a network which pools the
Chambers’ know-how so as to provide its members
and clients including enterprises from the host
countries with high-quality service tailor-made to their
specific needs and a unique networking platform.
These Chambers and Delegations as well as our soon
to be established Chamber in the Philippines are part
of Germany’s foreign trade promotion scheme. Some
130 offices in 90 countries worldwide constitute
the German bilateral Chambers abroad (AHKs). A
true asset for Germany’s internationally orientated
businesses, this network is coordinated by the
Association of German Chambers of Commerce and
Industry (DIHK) in Berlin.
From the very beginning, SGC has been playing an
important role within the AHK network. Not only has
the number of SGC member companies increased
continuously over the years. At the same time, the
range of quality services and activities has grown
considerably. This year’s dialogue of Deputy Prime
Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam with SGC
members on the occasion of the 10th annual general
meeting illustrates the recognition SGC has gained as
a stakeholder organization.
Congratulations to SGC on a particularly successful
first decade!
I would like to express DIHK’s gratitude to everybody
who has been contributing to the Chamber’s
achievements over the years, starting with President
Wolfgang Huppenbauer and his predecessors, board
members, all member companies and partners in
Germany and in Singapore as well as the SGC staff.
DIHK will continue to enjoy its close relationship with
SGC. Together, let us work toward a bright future and
ever closer economic relations between Singapore
and Germany.
Dr Martin Wansleben
Association of German Chambers
of Commerce and Industry (DIHK)
Message by
Mr Wolfgang Huppenbauer
President of the Singaporean-German Chamber
of Industry and Commerce
The SGC started in 2004 and today, the membership
stands at more than 500. During the past decade,
the Chamber has organised hundreds of events and
dozens of business delegations between Singapore
and Germany. The SGC has actively engaged
businesses in Germany at various levels to support
and inform them of the opportunities in Singapore and
on how to set up business in Singapore.
The SGC is a bilateral chamber and our membership
reflects this duality as we not only have German
companies, but also Singapore companies as
members. For our members and guests, both
Singaporeans and Germans alike, the Chamber
serves as platform for knowledge-sharing and
exploring business opportunities through the meeting
of fellow members, guests and partners from
Germany, Singapore and the region. Over the past
ten years, the Chamber has welcomed high-profile
speakers from both countries. From Germany,
we were honoured to have Chancellor Dr Angela
Merkel, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr FrankWalter Steinmeier and Federal Minister for Finance,
Dr Wolfgang Schäuble. From Singapore, we were
privileged to welcome Deputy Prime Minister and
Minister for Finance, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam
and Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr Lim Hng
Kiang. Singapore Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong
was also a Guest of Honour and dialogue partner
at the Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business
(APK) 2010, organised in Singapore by the SGC.
All these activities serve to further strengthen the
relations between the members of the Chamber,
German and Singaporean companies and in
this process create a conducive platform for
understanding, cooperation and support.
I thank our members and in particular our Corporate
Gold Members, for their strong support of the
Chamber’s activities over the last ten years. I also
warmly thank all our partners in Singapore and
Germany for their cooperation, especially the
Deutsche Industrie- und Handelskammertag (DIHK)
and the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und
Energie (BMWi) for their continuous support. Last
but certainly not least, my sincere thanks to the
staff of SGC for their energy and hard work at the
Chamber over the past ten years.
I look forward to even greater successes and
achievements in the work of the Chamber in the
next decade and beyond.
Wolfgang Huppenbauer
President of the Singaporean-German Chamber
of Industry and Commerce
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
The past ten years have been eventful for both
Singapore and Germany with both countries reaping
the rewards of their economic success and facing
challenges as they go forward. During this period,
both countries have continued to develop and
strengthen their bilateral ties. Today, Germany is
Singapore’s most important economic partner in
Europe and German companies continue to come
to Singapore as they expand in South East Asia
and beyond. I am proud of the contributions of the
Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and
Commerce (SGC) in actively promoting business
relations between Singapore and Germany.
Through its various activities, the SGC remains as
a one-stop hub connecting people, businesses
and opportunities.
SGC’s Membership and Events
Over the course of the last twelve months, the SGC successfully organised more than 60 events, such as
the trademark Business Luncheons, Breakfast Briefings, Committee Meetings and B2B Networking Events. In
addition, we supported, co-organised and participated in various other events, thereby offering our members
a multitude of networking opportunities to establish strong relationships with other chambers, government
agencies and other organisations.
SGC Business Luncheons
The SGC Business Luncheons are signature events for the Chamber, serving as an ideal networking
platform. Our members are given opportunities to gain insights about relevant issues, interesting topics and
current trends. Experienced speakers and experts from diverse fields and industries such as Dr Heinrich
Hiesinger, Mr Bernd Stange and Dr Andreas Dombret shared their first-hand knowledge and experiences
through these luncheons.
Economic Transformation
for Sustainable and Quality
Growth – 4 October 2013
Due to his position as Managing Director of the
Economic Development Board, Mr Yeoh Keat Chuan
was able to deliver a highly informative talk about
Singapore’s economic direction. In addition to painting
an interesting picture about Singapore’s economic
future, he gave insights about measures that are being
taken towards more sustainability. v
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Talent opportunities (challenges)
in the hospitality industry
– 20 November 2013
Talent is a key success factor for many organisations.
Mr Martin Rinck who is the Executive Vice President and
President Asia Pacific for Hilton Worldwide demonstrated
this through his thoughtful speech highlighting the hospitality
industry. Mr Rinck also presented methods on retaining talent,
discovering and educating leaders. v
– 22 January 2014
For the first Business Luncheon of the year 2014,
Mr Manohar Khiatani, President & CEO
of Ascendas spoke about the vast
opportunities that were being created
for businesses at Iskandar, Malaysia.
Iskandar aims to become Southern
Peninsular Malaysia’s most developed
region by forming a new metropolis in
a strategic location. v
From German Steel Giant to Global Diversified
Industrial – An Exciting Journey – 4 March 2014
10th AGM Luncheon
– 28 March 2014
At the occasion of the SGC’s 10th Annual General Meeting (AGM),
Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Mr
Tharman Shanmugaratnam was invited for a dialogue session
at lunchtime. Mr Tharman discussed questions regarding
Singapore’s role, its current developments and challenges in
dialogue with the newly elected board of SGC and its members. v
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
At a Special Breakfast Briefing in Orchard Hotel, Dr Heinrich Hiesinger (Chairman of the Executive Board
and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Thyssen Krupp AG) talked about the topic “From German Steel Giant to
Global Diversified Industrial – An Exciting Journey”. In an insightful speech he shared Thyssen Krupp AG’s
experiences and the challenges it overcame. v
Iskandar, Malaysia – How Ascendas
is creating a platform to enable
manufacturing investments
Teamwork (Football
Team Management)
– 6 May 2014
“For many, football is not just a game.”
Mr Bernd Stange delivered a thoughtful
and entertaining speech about the
essentials of team building in football,
which are easily transferable to team
work (e.g. in businesses). The head
coach of Singapore’s national team
illustrated how teams not only have
to learn from examples but also
need to create their own identity – or
brand name. Injected with humorous
anecdotes from his own experience as
coach of football teams in five countries,
Mr Stange noted that “Nothing great in
this world has ever been accomplished
without passion”. v
Global Economic Developments and Implications
in Asia Pacific and European Regions
– 20 June 2014
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
In a joint luncheon with the Singaporean Indian Chamber
of Commerce and Industry (SICCI), the SGC invited
Dr Andreas Dombret, Member of the Executive Board of the
Deutsche Bundesbank, and Mr Manu Bhaskaran, Director
of Centennial Group International, to speak on the European
and Asian perspectives of current global developments and
their implications. Dr Dombret explained that “What happens
in different areas of the world is like the pieces of a puzzle”,
meaning that no crisis happens in isolation, while Mr Bhaskaran
focused his speech on the strong growth in India and the
ASEAN regions. A panel discussion moderated by Mr Mak
Swee Wah, Board Member of our Chamber, coupled with
many interesting questions from the audience added further
insights into this rather complex topic. v
– 21 July 2014
The month of July was marked by a special visitor from Germany. On 21
July, a private luncheon for invited guests was held in the Tower Club. The
guest of honour for this luncheon was Mr Stefan Kapferer, State Secretary
at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. v
SGC Breakfast Briefings
Ms Brigitta von Dresky, Luther LLP, and Ms Claudia Kabbe,
Commerzbank AG, readily shared an overview on how to do
business in Myanmar in October 2013, while Pricewaterhouse
Coopers LLP’s Ching Ne Tan and Jonathan Ragsdale gave insights
into the tax challenges and opportunities associated with R&D.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
SGC Breakfast Briefings offer insider tips into the latest developments and
trends in many business fields. The bi-monthly sessions, which combine
insightful speeches and a comfortable breakfast atmosphere, bring
together the decision makers from our member companies. They
offer the opportunity to engage in discussions amongst fellow
experts. In the past twelve months, the SGC organised 20
Breakfast Briefings with knowledgeable speakers on a myriad of
informative yet interesting topics.
Lunch Meeting with
Mr Stefan Kapferer
During the first Breakfast Briefing on January
14th, Dr Andreas Respondek provided the
participants with background information on
Thailand’s current developments and on doing
business there along the lines of “Change
brings opportunities”.
Mr Michel Anliker from PwC shared his thoughts
on the Singapore Free Trade Agreement with
the European Union, on February 14th 2014.
On 19 February Prof Dr Martin Hoegl stated
that due to the high degree of multiculturalism
and diversity of its workforce, understanding
the challenges of an intercultural collaboration
would be crucial for businesses in Singapore.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
In March, Mr Choo Eng Chuan, Director at Ernst
& Young Solutions LLP, introduced the 2014
Singapore Budget and the changes and challenges
it brings especially for businesses to an audience of
SGC members.
Mr Hock-Chong Oh, Managing Director of Matches
Consulting Pte Ltd, also gave a very insightful
presentation on how the usage of job profiling tools
would greatly aid companies in matching jobs with the
right talents.
At the Briefing on “The Importance of CrossBorder Transactions between Germany and
East Asia and the Key Factors for their Success”
Mr Norman Rafael, Mr Nils Keller and Mr Jacques
Pickering stressed the importance of the Asian
markets for German companies developing in
East Asia. Their presentation of specific case
studies was followed by a very interesting
Q&A session.
“KISS” - Mr Lars Culmann, Appario Pte Ltd,
introduced the latest trends and tricks in
Marketing by sharing insights about creative
methods and effective strategies such as “Keep
It Short and Simple”.
A quite philosophical Breakfast Briefing on
Innovation, Business Growth and CSR took place
with the words “Do companies do well because
they are good, or are they good because they
are doing well?”. Mr Bill Rylance, WATATAWA,
shared interesting insights on this topic.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
The topic of bilateral investment presented by
Mr Mark Mangan provided information for
companies exploring foreign markets. Dr
Andreas Respondek’s presentation on “Nine
Costly Mistakes in International Contracts and
How to Avoid Them” was followed by a lively
Q&A session and an engaging discussion. v
Other SGC Events
Further events of the Chamber included the
unveiling of the logo for the SGC’s 10th anniversary
with a beach party in November 2013, the annual
Meet the Chamber event on 4 December 2013 and
the Annual General Meeting in March 2014.
Newcomers to Singapore were greeted by the
Chamber at the Welcome to Singapore Night in
the beginning of September 2013. In addition to
the diverse Business Luncheons and Breakfast
Briefings, the SGC also co-organised and
participated in several other events such as the
B2B Networking Events with The German Centre
Singapore. B2B themes during the past year were
Meet the Chamber
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Welcome to Singapore Night
B2B Bundesliga
Christmas, Weiberfastnacht for Carnival at the end of
February, the Bundesliga in April and the celebration
of Midsummer in June. Once again, the SGC
participated in the Asparagus under the Stars
dinner in May 2014. Another highlight was the media
luncheon, with the unveiling of the 3rd annual ASEAN
Business Climate Survey on 29 August 2014.
A very touching and inspiring reading was given by
Christoph Hein in June, presenting the new book
‘India’s suppressed truth’ on women in India, which
he co-authored with Georg Blume. v
Christmas Networking
Midsummer B2B
Asparagus Dinner
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Media Luncheon
German Elections Party
Inspiring Reading
We Are Your Partner
Who we are and what we do
DEinternational is the business service division of
the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and
Commerce (SGC). DEinternational is the first address
on the spot for business people seeking information,
professional services and reliable contacts. One of
DEinternational’s core competences is the promotion of
trade between Germany and Singapore. DEinternational
provides the following range of services:
Market Entry Support
The SGC provides interested companies with general
market and industry information as well as their
comprehensive expertise about Singapore and the
Address Research
Based on your criteria we will provide the addresses of
suitable Singaporean companies. Our broad network of
business contacts, access to up-to-date databases and
a variety of connected sources of information allow us to
provide verified business contacts your company wishes
to make. The address research can also be conducted
throughout several countries within one region.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Business Partner Search
Are you looking for a potential business partner or client
in Singapore or the region? Do you plan to increase
your distribution network? Do you want to establish your
products and services in Asia?
We offer you individual consulting - our business partner
search supports you in every single step to a long-lasting
and sustainable business cooperation:
• We support your market entry by finding the business
partner that meets your specifications.
• We identify and approach these potential partners in a
dedicated time frame.
• We arrange your meetings and assist you in every step
of building your business cooperation.
In both 2013 and 2014, DEinternational organised
Business Partner Search for multiple sectors such as
Precision Engineering, Building Materials, Food and
Beverages, Jewellery, Financial Services, Hardware, IT
and Security, and many more. These companies have
given very positive feedback and many have successfully
found a business partner through these meetings.
Market Studies and Research
We compile market reports with all the relevant
information on the market of your target country. An
in-depth market analysis gives you detailed knowledge
of the current frameworks, the market potential of your
product/service, a specific sector and your competitors.
Your key benefits are:
• Individualized market analysis for your product/service
• Information on your competitors
• We answer all specific questions you might have
• Access to our network and local sources of information
• As an independent and well-established service
provider we stand for neutrality
Business Representation
The business representation in Singapore enables
German enterprises to establish themselves in
the Singaporean market and the region within a
manageable timeframe and realistic financial budget.
The advantage is to connect with Southeast Asia
without the need of having its own headquarters. The
Singaporean-German Chamber (SGC) represents your
company with one full-time staff dedicated to your
business needs and will provide business facilities at the
premises of the SGC. Currently the SGC has Business
Representations in the following areas: German Food
Industry, German Consumer Goods, Metals, Hardware
and Recycling and German Electrical Equipment.
The bilateral Chambers of Commerce abroad are one
of the first addresses when it comes to inquiries on job
opportunities and employment practices in the host
countries. As a result, the Chamber network, under the
umbrella of the DIHK, has developed an online tool for
job seekers to place their CVs on the Chamber
webpages. With JobXchange the CVs are not publicly
available but can be selected by the Chamber for
companies which are recruiting.
Beside the support through the job database SGC
offers a full range of services to companies looking
for staff in Singapore - from publishing the job
advertisement in the local newspapers to a prescreening of the incoming CVs and the management of
the interviews. In Singapore, the SGC is a fully licenced
Employment Agency.
- October 2013
For the first time since the launch
of the Energy Efficiency Export
Initiative by the German Federal
Ministry of Economic Affairs and
Energy, DEinternational organised
an Energy Efficiency Industry delegation from 28th
to 30th of October 2013. The three day intensive
programme saw seven German companies meeting
with local companies and multipliers to share about
their technologies and services from Germany, and
also gaining knowledge about the landscape in
A total of 38 individual meetings were organised for
the delegates to look for potential business partners
in Singapore. Meeting partners included government
agencies, associations and production companies.
On 29th of October, DEinternational also organised
a conference where the delegates were given the
opportunity to present their companies to an
audience of 120 participants. Apart from the
delegates, German and local speakers from
RENAC AG, Institute for Energy Efficiency, Fraunhofer
Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, National
Environment Agency and the Sustainable Energy
Association of Singapore, gave presentations on
specific topics. The delegates and participants
benefited from the networking sessions during the
conference where many contacts were exchanged
and fruitful discussions were held.
Energy Efficiency
in the Industry
The positive response from the local industry players
prove that there is much potential in the field of
Energy Efficiency in Singapore, especially within the
industry. DEinternational looks forward to organising
more of such delegations and events in the future
to bring together both German and Singaporean
expertise in this area, which will continue to be one of
the most important topics. v
- October 2013
Together with AHK Malaysia, DEinternational invited
10 German companies from the Marine and Shipping
industry to participate in the five-day programme we
organised for them, out of which one and a half days
took place in Singapore.
The purpose of the delegation was to allow participants
to gain insights into the industry in Southeast Asia and
the business opportunities that lie ahead of them. As
such, DEinternational organised a presentation event
where experts from the Marine and Shipping industry
were invited to share their experiences in doing
business in this region. The event allowed the German
participants to network with local business partners
and obtain some valuable advice.
Following this networking session DEinternational also
organized site visits with companies like Sembcorp
Marine and Keppel Singmarine. These visits were
essential in giving real-life demonstration of the
operations in Singapore run by local companies. v
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Marine and
Shipping Delegation
GTAI Investor
Conference and Luncheon
- November 2013
On the 28th of November 2013, Germany Trade &
Invest (GTaI) and DEinternational invited interested
Singaporean companies for an investor’s conference
and luncheon at Goodwood Park
Hotel. German and Singaporean
Germany Trade & Invest and
Saxony Economic Development
Corporation, provided insights
into current and future investment
opportunities in the German
market. Local entrepreneurs who
have successfully invested in
Germany, particularly in Eastern
Germany, were also present to share their own investment
success stories. Mr Justin Lee from Xmi Pte Ltd and
Mr Casey Owyong from Singapore Airlines shared
their insights on Europe’s largest market, Germany,
which offers excellent investment opportunities for
Singaporean companies. Entrepreneurs were able
to benefit from unique partnership opportunities with
leading German manufacturers, project developers
and research institutes. The event was a great success
with more than 100 guests
attending it. Singaporean
interest in the region was
also outlined by the media
NewsAsia, which included
the event in their business
looking forward to support
every company interested
in investing in the German
market and works closely together with German
partners such as GTaI. v
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Innovation Seminars
- April 2014
In April 2014, DEinternational organised for the
first time a series of seminars with top Singaporean
universities on the topic of energy efficiency. German
technology experts were invited from both, Germany
and Singapore, to present innovative energy efficiency
solutions to students from the National University of
Singapore, Nanyang Technological University as well
as Singapore Institute of Technology.
The audience comprised mainly of students,
researchers and professors from the engineering
departments. The response to the seminars was
encouraging. The universities were very supportive
of the programme, as they could see an immediate
benefit to have industry players speaking with
the students. The networking sessions were also
very productive, as they allowed the students
and professors to mingle with the invited German
speakers. Furthermore, the German company
representatives were given the opportunity to discuss
potential collaborations between the local universities
and their own research hubs. v
Delegation to
- May 2014
DEinternational collaborated with
SPRING Singapore in May this
year to organise a delegation
trip for a group of SMEs from the
precision engineering sector to Germany, as part of
the Germany-Singapore Business Forum (GSBF). The
delegation took place from 5th to 7th of May, following
which, the group proceeded to attend the GSBF on
the 8th of May. The goal of the delegation was to
allow local enterprises to understand more about the
German Mittelstand background, and to visit these
companies which have successfully transformed their
business models to be more sustainable and become
a market leader. DEinternational therefore arranged
five company visits in Munich and some of the
surrounding cities. The 11 participating Singaporean
companies had the opportunity to engage with the
German representatives in a productive exchange
of ideas and experiences of doing business in both
Singapore and Germany. v
Transport Delegation to Germany
- June 2014
The three day programme included company site
visits, presentations by German SMEs in this industry,
briefings by local government officials and business
networking sessions. Some of the highlights of the
programme were the technical company visits at
Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund Servicegesellschaft mbH
and INIT AG, where participants got to see first-hand
the implementation of integrated transport solutions. v
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
In cooperation with our partner SBS, Systems for
Business Solutions, DEinternational co-organised
a transport delegation to Germany from 3rd to
6th June 2014. The main aim of the business
delegation was for Singaporean companies and
agencies to discover innovative transport solutions
in Germany, and open up opportunities for future
cooperation in the field of transport. The topics of
the delegation were transport systems planning,
integrative information systems, car sharing, and
many more. A group of seven participants from
government agencies and companies such as the
Land Transport Authority, IE Singapore and TransitLink
Pte Ltd travelled to Frankfurt to meet with more than
12 German multipliers.
German Wine Business Delegation
- June – July 2014
As commissioned by the German Federal Ministry
of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), the SGC led a
business delegation consisting of seven German wine
companies which visited Singapore from 30th June to
4th July 2014. Based on the success of the delegation
trips in the past two years, the delegation was aimed
at promoting foreign trade between Germany and
Singapore within the F&B industry.
The delegation commenced with an initial briefing
conducted for the seven companies, giving an
overview on the characteristics and features of the
Singaporean business environment and its wine
market. The second day of the delegation saw
all delegates attending their individual business
meetings with various potential business partners.
A wine tasting event took place on the following
day, providing the delegates with an excellent
opportunity to showcase their companies and wines
to the attendees.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
This German wine delegation was a strong affirmation
for the interest that has been sparked towards
German wines in recent years. The high level of
interest was also evident in the 56 individual business
meetings that were secured for the delegation,
similarly with the wine tasting event which enjoyed a
highly positive turnout of 50 participants. It provided
an excellent platform that facilitated further interaction
between the German wine producers and several
potential partners in Singapore.
At an evaluation and debriefing session that marked
the end of the wine delegation, there was a unanimous
consensus amongst the delegates that the delegation
had been meticulously organised and well-executed.
All seven participating wine companies agreed that
the customised market study, individual business
meetings as well as the scope covered in the various
presentations were highly beneficial for them in
gaining relevant contacts and information about the
wine market in Singapore. Some of the delegates
already managed to successfully secure their first
wine orders from their Singaporean counterparts and
have since embarked on concrete plans regarding
future cooperation as discussed in their meetings. v
Printed publications
SGC has several printed publications for its members
and the public. In addition to the ‘Membership
Directory’ which lists all details of SGC members, we
also publish the ‘Business Magazine’ which gives
excellent exposure to SGC members and partners of
the Chamber. The display of institutions provides an
overview of SGC activities and contains an editorial
portion covering various topics.
Another useful publication is the ‘Bizguide’, the only
publication in German. The target group are companies
that are looking for comprehensive information on
starting their business in Singapore. This year, SGC
brought out the latest edition of ‘Bizguide 2014’. It can
be downloaded free of charge on our website.
SGC Business Magazine 2013 / 2014
SINGAPUR Ein Ratgeber von
Unternehmen für
4. Auflage
Another excellent source of information on SGC activities
is the corporate website. Not only do you find our
events there, but also our services, current economic
contacts of our committees, specific
companies and SGC staff. Moreover, you can upload
your CV in the ‘JobXchange’ tool which helps us to
serve companies in search of new staff members.
Find out more on: www.sgc.org.sg
Exchange among experts and networking are imperative
in the business world of today. In view of this reality
the SGC offers a platform to members for this purpose
and maintains ten committees. These groups meet on
a regular basis to discuss new developments and work
• Automotive
• Chemical Industries
• Food & Beverage
• Financial Management
• Health Care
• Human Resources Asia
• Information Technology
• Mittelstand
• New Technologies
• Research & Development
Recently, The SGC has organised a new committee
called “New Technologies”. The focus of this group
will be:
•New Technologies that consider sustainability and
environmental protection
• Financial aspects and funding for new technologies
in Singapore
• Dialogue with governmental agencies
This new committee has merged the ‘Environment’ and
‘New Members’ committees to combine aspects of new
companies with innovative new technologies entering
the Singaporean market. The aspect of sustainable
technologies and services will be the main focus.
The SGC committees are our expert-groups. They
consist of professionals from different industries who are
interested in site visits to companies, research institutes,
education centres, so as to acquire first-hand information
of the latest trends and industry developments.
Furthermore, the committees invite professional
speakers to talk on specific topics that are relevant to
their respective industries. What is more, the committees
are able to produce position papers to express a
substantiated view on special topics regarding new
policies or policy changes. Moreover, committees
also worked together with business delegations from
Germany to Singapore by providing delegates with
their knowledge in doing business in Singapore.
Essentially therefore, all the undertakings of the
committees do have a focused approach to knowledge
transfer. Through these meetings and engagements,
networking is a natural by-product that further helps
committee members. This voluntary engagement of
business people widens and enriches the work of SGC
members and serves as an important function within
the Chamber community. The Committee work is open
to all members of the SGC and strongly advocates
the idea of sharing experiences to help solve difficult
questions constructively.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Online publications and Web
On a weekly basis, SGC provides a News Flash with
upcoming and past events and other activities of the
Chamber. Once a month this newsletter has an added
economic section. Also, the SGC in cooperation with
The Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce (MGCC)
and Germany Trade and Invest (GTAI) publishes a
German Newsletter called “Wirtschaftsnachrichten”.
It contains information and news about the economic
development of Singapore and Malaysia.
on projects, and have between eight and 15 members
on average. Some committees have reached out to the
committees of other Chambers from Europe to find areas
of cooperation. The following committees have been
established so far:
Publications and Committees
Committee Chairpersons
Chemical Industries
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
New Members Committee
Food & Beverage
Financial Management
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Information Technology
Human Resources Asia
Health Care
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Research & Development
New Technologies
Go Global with us
Fairs&More is the international trade fairs division of the
German Chamber network. It provides a complete range
of services. The guaranteed satisfaction comes from a
dedicated team that offers expert advice and dependable
customer care.
With more than 15 years of experience in the industry,
Fairs&More has built up its reputation and relationship with
various government agencies, associations and trade fair
organisers across the globe.
“Well informed representatives assisted in navigating
foreign rules, regulation and guidelines”
Mr Justin Lee
Business Development Director of XMI Pte Ltd
“Fast and efficient team – very prompt in replying all
emails & queries and provided very detailed planning and
organising flow to make this a success”
Ms Doris Chon
Corporate Affairs of Big Box International Pte Ltd
With the services and opportunities provided, Fairs&More’s
clients have managed to internationalise successfully by
venturing into their desired markets such as Germany, China,
Hong Kong and India.
These turnkey solutions are offered at a competitive rate with
high quality materials. Fairs&More ensures German standards
and precise workmanship to ensure the utmost satisfaction of
our clients. A full range of integrated marketing services are
offered to suit the clients’ needs. The services that Fairs&More
provides are:
• Exhibition stand/ national pavilion design and construction
• Exhibition stand/ national pavilion management
• Freight/ exhibition logistics
• Travel and accommodation
• Product launches
• Press releases and press conferences
•Messe Berlin
•Nürnberg Messe
Currently, the Fairs&More team is working with its partners and
associations to organise or manage the Singapore Pavilion for
different industries.
One of such is the organisation of the Singapore pavilion
IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany. The global innovation show
for the consumer electronic industry. It provides a platform
of opportunities for exhibitors to showcase innovations and
services in the international arena. This year, Fairs&More
has broadened their services by organising IFA Singapore
press preview and business matching services, which allows
Singapore companies to be able to meet with potential buyers,
retailers and distributors.
Another pavilion managed by Fairs&More is the Aquarama
2015 in Singapore. The 14th International Ornamental Fish
and Accessories Exhibition. Currently, we are collaborating
with Singapore Aquarium Fish Exporters’ Association (SAFEA)
and Marine Aquarium Association Singapore (MAAS) to form
the Singapore Pavilion.
With continuous support from government agencies,
associations and trade fair organizers, Singapore companies
are able to go global with Fairs&More.
Singaporean-German Chamber of
Industry and Commerce (SGC)
25 International Business Park
#03-105 German Centre
Singapore 609916
Phone : (+65) 6433 5330
: (+65) 6433 5359
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.sgc.org.sg
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Their expertise in the trade fairs management enables smooth
implementation of the National Pavilion, which had received
numerous positive feedbacks.
Fairs&More is the official representative for the following
German trade fair organisers in Singapore (with projects):
Master Craftsman
– a unique co-operation between
Nanyang Polytechnic, SGC and IHK Munich
For the first time, a validation, audit and certification
of the ‘Precision Engineering Master Craftsman’ by
Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) was carried out by the
SGC and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Munich, Weiterbildungs GmbH (IHK Munich).
This programme offers career advancement for
working adults and has many aspects of the German
‘Industriemeister Metal’. Intensive theoretical and
practical training are combined and increase the
technical competence of the workforce of the
participating companies in precision engineering.
The programme is characterized specifically by a
very close co-operation between the industry, NYP
and students.
The first batch graduated on 19th May 2014 in the
presence of Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, Second
Minister for Home Affairs and Second Minister for
Trade and Industry, Mr S Iswaran. On that occasion,
the Executive Director of the SGC, Dr Tim Philippi,
handed the certificate issued by the IHK Munich to
NYP’s principal and CEO, Mr Chan Lee Mun.
This is the first time a certificate for qualification
standards has been issued outside Germany by the
IHK Munich. Intense analysis of content and a three
day on-site audit at the NYP persuaded both, the
SGC and IHK Munich about the excellent teaching
environment and outstanding technical equipment
at NYP as well as the close co-operation between
teaching staff, companies and students. v
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
SGC Board Members 2004
From left to right: Dr Udo Loersch, Mr Mak Swee Wah, Mr Joachim H Ihrcke, Mr Tileman A Fischer, Dr Tim Philippi, Mr Alexander C Melchers,
Mr Manfred Schmoelz and Dr Rüdiger Ackermann
27 April
SGC Dinner with Mr Martin Wansleben (CEO of the DIHK in Berlin)
First Board Meeting
Mr Mak Swee Wah appointed as first
Singaporean Committee Member of
the Chamber
24 May
Mr Kishore Mahbubani (Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of
Policy Studies, NUS) as speaker at Business Lucheon
17 June
First SGC Breakfast Briefing with Mr Matthias Kurth (President of
the Regulatory Authority of Telecommunications & Post)
1 July
Move of office to the German Centre
9 July
Afternoon Tea with Dr Thomas Bach (Vice-President of the
International Olympic Committee (IOC))
29 July
First B2B Networking Event at German Centre after SGC’s moving
to German Centre
4 October
Mr Chew Choon Seng (CEO of Singapore Airlines Ltd) as speaker
at Business Luncheon
24 October
Renewable Energies 2005 Symposium
22 November
Inauguration of the SGC
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Formation of DEinternational
24 – 26 March
German Expo 2006 (in Singapore)
Mr Michael Glos (German Federal Minister for Economics
& Technology), Mr Lim Hng Kiang (Singapore Minister for
Trade and Industry) & Mr Manfred Schmoelz (President of
the SGC)
20 June
FIFA World Cup viewing at Bar Opiume, Indochine
6 September
Mr Vivian Balakrishnan
(Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports &
Second Minister for Information, Communication and the
Arts) as speaker at Business Luncheon
18 September
SGC Special International Monetary Fund & World Bank
Luncheon with German Federal Finance Minister
Mr Peer Steinbrück
9 – 10 October
Delegation from AiF to Singapore
30 October
Singapore Minister-of-State for Finance & Transport
Mrs Lim Hwee Hua as speaker at Business Luncheon
31 January
Visit by Prof Dr Ludwig Georg Braun (DIHK
President) at a Breakfast Briefing at the
National Library Board.
15 – 21 March
First Singaporean Pavillion in Cebit
14 – 18 May
Renewable Energies Business Delegation with
Mr Manfred Schmoelz
(President of the SGC),
Mr Edwin Khew
(Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore),
Mr Folkmar Stoecker
(Ambassador of the Federal Republic of
Germany to the Republic of Singapore) &
Mr Gerhard Stryi Hipp (German Solar Industry
7 January
Visit by Dr Norbert Lammert
(President of the German Bundestag)
28 February
Visit by
Mr Frank-Walter Steinmeier
(German Minister for Foreign Affairs)
23 April
Discussion with Mr Achim Steiner
(UN Under Secretary General & Exective Director of UNEP)
16 May
Mr Lim Hng Kiang (Singapore Minister for Trade and Industry)
as speaker at Business Luncheon
17 September
Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam (Minister for Finance) as
speaker at Business Luncheon
27 – 31 October
Vermarktungshilfeprogramm (VHP) - Business Delegation
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
28 January
Dr Jürgen Weber (Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Lufthansa AG) as speaker at
Business Luncheon
24 March
Fifth AGM Panel discussion with HE Jörg Ranau (Ambassador of the Federal Republic of
Germany to Singapore), Mr Klaus Regling (EU-Commission & Fellow at The Lee Kuan Yew
School of Public Policy), Mr Png Cheong Boon (Chief Executive of SPRING Singapore) and
Mr Peter Kneipp (President & CEO of MTU Asia Pte Ltd)
9 May
Prof Tommy Koh (Ambassador-At-Large at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs; Chairman of the
Institute of Policy Studies and the National Heritage Board) as speaker at EuroCham’s Europe
Day Celebration Luncheon
18 May
Dialogue session with the Singapore Tripartism Forum:
Mr Stephen Lee (President of Singapore National Employers Federation), Mr Lim Swee Say
(Secretary General of NTUC), Mr Dirk Eilers (SGC) & Mr Gan Kim Yong (Minister for Manpower)
13 August
Prof Norbert Walter (Chief Economist of Deutsche Bank Group and CEO of Deutsche Bank
Research) as speaker at Business Luncheon
27 October
Mr George Yeo (Minister for Foreign Affairs) as speaker at Business Luncheon
Launch of JobXChange
8 March
Mr Roland Koch (Minister-President of Hesse) as
speaker at Business Luncheon
14 March
AGM with Prof Bullinger (President of the
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft) as speaker
13 –15 May
12th Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business in
Singapore (APK)
chaired by Dr Jürgen Hambrecht (Chairman of APA)
& Mr Rainer Brüderle (German Federal Minister for
Economics and Technology)
11 May
Mr Martin Blessing (CEO & Chairman of the
Board of Managing Directors of Commerzbank
AG) as speaker at Breakfast Briefing
2 June
31st Singapore Lecture
by German Federal Chanellor
Dr Angela Merkel
with Prof Wang Gungwu (Chairman of the
Managing Board of the Lee Kwan Yew School of
Public Policy) & Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam
(Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Finance)
22 – 24 Aug
Lower Saxony Maritime and Logistics Business
28 October
SGC Gala Dinner with A-Capella group
1 June
Prof Annette Schavan (Federal Minister for Science in
Germany) as speaker at Business Luncheon
19 November
First SGC Annual Gala Dinner with
Steinway Artist Joja Wendt
Baden-Wuerttemberg Delegation
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Today we have
SGC Members
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
21 March
German Beer and Dairy Products
Business Delegation
23 March
Mr Bert Hofman (Chief Economist of the
East Asia and Pacific Region & Director of
the Singapore Office of The World Bank)
as speaker at Business Luncheon
19 May
Asparagus under the stars dinner
26 June
First ASEAN Business Climate Survey &
first SGC Media Luncheon
14 October
Visit by German Finance Minister
Mr Wolfgang Schäuble
1 Nov
Founding of the German-ASEAN
Chamber Network (GACN) at the Asia
Pacific Conference for German Business
(APK) in Delhi, India
SGC Members hit 500 member mark
31 January
SGC Business Delegation to Iskandar Park, Malaysia
10 May
Singapore’s Manpower Policies going forward - Business
Luncheon with Mr Tan Chuan-Jin (Acting Minister for
Manpower and Senior Minister of State for National
Development Board)
3 – 6 June
German Food and Beverage Business Delegation
6 – 11 September
First Singapore Pavilion at IFA in Berlin
29 November
SGC 10th Anniversary Logo Unveilling at the first SGC
Beach Networking Event
28 March
10th anniversary AGM - Dialogue session with
Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam
(Singapore Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Finance)
19 May
The ‘Precision Engineering Master Craftsman’ Certificate issued to Nanyang
Polytechnic by SGC and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Munich
Dr Tim Philippi (Executive Director SGC), Mr S Iswaran (Minister, Prime Minister’s
Office, Second Minister for Home Affairs & Trade and Industry) &
Mr Chan Lee Mun (Nanyang Polytechnic Principal & CEO)
26 June
Honorary Membership awarded to
Ms Angelika Viets at Farewell Lunch (Ambassador of the Federal Republic of
Germany to the Republic of Singapore)
30 June – 4 July
German Wine Business Delegation
29 August
3rd ASEAN Business Climate Survey presented by
Dr Lim Boon Huat (Managing Director of Rohde & Schwarz Asia),
Mr Wolfgang Huppenbauer (President SGC) and
Dr Tim Philippi (Executive Director SGC) at the Media Luncheon
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Message by
Dr Tim Philippi
Executive Director
Singapore-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Looking back on the 10 years since the establishment of the Singaporean German Chamber
(SGC) in Singapore, I would like to highlight some of our key areas of achievement. From
the beginning it was our main objective to promote and facilitate trade between Germany
and Singapore by supporting and enhancing business co-operation. This is our core
expertise, making the SGC one of the largest national business chambers in Singapore
with more than 500 members and numerous member activities and targeted professional
services for members and non-members from Singapore and Germany. We organised regular
business conferences, breakfast briefings, seminars and our popular business luncheons
with highly respected speakers, be it government ministers, state-secretaries or decision
makers from businesses. We conducted business delegation to Germany and to Singapore
and over the years the SGC achieved an excellent reputation in the business communities in
our two countries.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
I would like to thank those who made this remarkable journey possible: All the members
of the Board of the SGC over the years, the Corporate Gold Members and all the SGC
Members for their continued support. I also would like to thank our partners in Germany and
in Singapore, the trade associations and government institutions, and most importantly the
DIHK (Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce) and the BMWi (German
Federal Ministry for Economics Affairs and Energy) for their support and encouragement.
And last, but not least a big thank you to the entire SGC team for their dedication and
professionalism in servicing members and clients and for their tireless efforts to strengthen
Singapore-Germany economic relations.
10 successful years lay behind us and we at the SGC see this as encouragement to strive to
make the next ten years even better.
Dr Tim Philippi
Executive Director
from 2004 – 2014
Mr Thomas Jakob
Mr Joachim H. Ihrcke
“Nice people that are working hard tote
GBA memb
“When I did the presentation to thequesti
ons from the
Robert Bosch (South East Asia) Pte Ltd
promote German industry and facilita
networking within the community.”
best interest of the
“Always having the
German community in mind.”
Mr Klaus Borig
DZ Bank AG Singapore
“Dr Tim Philippi and Ms Margit Kunz
as the face of the Chamber for the
10 years.”
“Hand over a Singapore (Merlion)
Droege Group Asia Pte Ltd
on 14 April 2004, there were many
GBA members. Most were worried that the German
Business Community in Singapore would lose it’s clout
by becoming part of a German institution which was
governed out of Germany. However, the GBA memb
voted unanimously to come into the fold of the Germa
Chamber Network and
of criticism for this decision since. To the contrary:
The integration has increased our standing among
the German Business Communities worldwide and the
number of high-ranking visitors we received over the
years attests to this. And the constantly rising numb
of memberships, of course.”
“Typical German, but with a hint of chili.”
or German token (“Berlin Bear”) of
appreciation for the speaker at events/
luncheons of the Chamber. Other
Chambers don’t do that in general.”
Mr Peter Schellenberger
Dr Charles Chow
“Home away from Home: continuously
through a variety
“Glorious business insights
that accompany our coffee and
dessert at our monthly lunches.”
“I think, we are the only chamber
in Singapore that puts industry
before commerce.”
Mr Alexander C Melchers
C. Melchers GmbH & Co.
“Monthly Luncheons”
“Tim Philippi”
Sinwa (Singapore) Pte Ltd
es the
link to German business and culture
of activities such as lunches, committees and B2B
events that keep you linked and connected to Germa
abroad even after many years of “exodus”. Conducting
business in Singapore is now quite easy compared
25 years ago when I came so at that
recommendable to go through the SGC for initial steps.
Nowadays the SGC manages to attract interest throug
other services and releva
newcomers engaged.”
Mr Fabian Hoffmann
Europcar Singapore
in Singapore.
“SGC is a piece of German qualityunity
is essential
support for startups and the comm
to many companies – not just from Germany – in
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
East-West Group
004 – 2
Mr Alexander C Melchers
Mr Klaus Borig
C. Melchers GmbH & Co.
DZ Bank AG Singapore
the ‘regular’ of Prof Norbert
luncheons were
“Most memorablemos
s but we
tly wrong on his US$/S$ forecast
Walter, who
all loved his speeches.”
Managing the Question & Answer
session with the German Finance
Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, in
after shocks of the
Mr Thomas Jakob
Robert Bosch (South East Asia)
SGC ball in 2010
Mr Joachim H. Ihrcke
Droege Group Asia Pte Ltd
Singapore Lecture in 2011,
ch at the 31st
“During her speencel
lor Dr Angela Merkel praised the
Pte Ltd
the German Cha
iness Community and the
cooperation of the Singapore Bus
that as an endorsement from
Chamber Network. We interpret
integrate the independent GBA
the highest level for the move to
an Business.
into the global community of Germ
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Dr Charles Chow
Mr Thomas Jakob
Asia) Pte Ltd
East-West Group
Robert Bosch (South East
doing well and
what you are
“Continue to doe coo
peration in selected areas
further increas
re to gain
with other chambers in Singapo
critical mass for events and
Mr Klaus Borig
DZ Bank AG Singapore
rean lunch/
cal Singapo
“Organize a typiber
s (chilli crab/fish head curry/
dinner for mem
German one
laksa/chicken rice, etc) and a
ristklindl Market,
business and
etc) per year as get toge
culinary culture.
vant in Singapore,
ain rele
“To continue tolikerem
to consider engaging young
the SGC may
Community for
entrepreneurs listed in Action
Entrepreneurship (ACE).
Ser Luck, to
Minister for Entrepreneursh
s and start
talk at one of our lunch getments for
a series of physical and virtu
entrepreneurs between Sing
Mr Joachim H. Ihrcke
Droege Group Asia Pte Ltd
into the SGC-long
mittees more
“Bind the ComThe
y are the heart of SGC and can
term strategy.
ct feed-back to the
probably give frequent and dire
Board on what is going on.
Mr Alexander C Melchers
C. Melchers GmbH & Co.
members’, i.e.
for ‘young
“Create a chapter
r employed managers of
typically younge
ld not be able
German companies who wou
where the
to fund the full membership or
who are keen in
company wou
ing networks.
participating in events and join
Ms Henrietta Chong
t World Serviced Apartments
Midpoint Properties Ltd/ Grea
tive, continue to
relevant, be informa
Europcar Singapore
Sinwa (Singapore) Pte Ltd
is one of the best
“Keep up the good work. SGC
right amount of
chambers in Singap
events and always
“Keep up the good work andlinkstay
the host
and engaged, keep a close
country and our European
Mr Alexander C Melchers
Mr Thomas Jakob
C. Melchers GmbH & Co.
Robert Bosch (South East Asia) Pte Ltd
of the GBA I was one
“As a Committee Member the
Chamber structure
“Well done and keep it up – your work is
really appreciated!”
East-West Group
“ ‘Bravo Zulu’ – an international naval code
for a job well done.”
Mr Klaus Borig
DZ Bank AG Singapore
Congratulation to the 10 years and the
development of the Chamber. Best wishes
and my full support for the next years ahead.
My second hope is, that the Chamber continues
to develop its bilateral character and to attract
Singaporean companies with interest in Germany.
Mr Frank Reppel
Reppel & Partners
munity here in Singapore. In
rtant pillar of the German Business com
if not the most impo
“The SGC is one, the
an companies closer together and to
SGC was working hard on bringing Germ
the past 10 years
ly, did a terrific job and
of Dr. Philippi, and he himself particular
Singaporean Business realities. The team
the German business
the business and networking oppo
frequently tried fresh angles to further
ess during frequent
tude of topics high-quality speakers
community. One example is the multi
Among many personal
outside the box of regular busin
number of times I bumped into a
the participants of their events, is the
only did I have to show him the
pany who visited Singapore often. Not
tually he could also remember my nam
way quite a number of times, but even
friends over the years.
ed, many of the staff have become also
Looking beyond the duty the SGC carri
inue supporting the events,
ting them regularly is great and we
s and beyond.
where we can for the coming 10 year
activities and gatherings of the SGC
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
of the pro-ponents to start
under the DIHK umbrella. At that time, by far not
all GBA members were in favour to give up the
Association and to create a much larger Chamber.
Ten years later I am very happy that SGC has
remained very member-centric while growing
a portfolio of relevant services. I hope that this
remains the same in the future, and that the main
purpose of SGC continues to remain relevant for
the Singapore based members.
Dr Charles Chow
Mr Fabian Hoffmann
Mr Peter Schellenberger
Economic Development Board
Partnering Singapore for success in Asia
Contributed by Mr Beh Kian Teik
International Director (EU),
Singapore Economic Development Board
Asia has moved past its
traditional role as a supplier of
components, and the region
is fast becoming a driving
force for the global economic
demand. Apart from China and
India, there has been a growing
recognition of Southeast Asia
(SEA) as the third driver of
economic growth in Asia.
The region offers a market for
technologies and products
that satisfy the needs of more
than 600 million people.
headquarters, research & development facilities, as well
as regional competence centers to serve the regional and
global markets from Singapore.
Tapping Asia’s growth through Singapore
As the global transportation hub with the most extensive
and comprehensive network of trade agreements in Asia,
Singapore’s unparalleled connectivity and infrastructure
paves the way for better market access and trade flows.
GMCs can benefit from the 20 regional and bilateral free
trade agreements (FTA) that Singapore has signed with
31 trading partners.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
The growing middle-class in Asia is also increasingly
demanding higher-end and better quality products. Many
global leaders, including German Mittelstand, have hence
anchored manufacturing and research & development
activities in Asia.
As a founding member of ASEAN, Singapore is also
engaged in pushing forward the development of the
entire region. The ten member states are in the process of
establishing the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). A key
principle of AEC 2015 is the free flow of goods, services
and investments in ASEAN to establish a single market and
production base.
To successfully find one’s way within the different regional
regulations, cultural habits and business conditions, a
reliable, secure and well-connected location is crucial to
conducting business in Asia.
Singapore and the European Union (EU) are also in the
process of establishing a free trade agreement that is set to
strengthen EU trade and investment with Singapore and the
ASEAN region.
Singapore: Made for German Mittelstand
Singapore, situated at the heart of SEA, stands out as a
trusted and sophisticated business hub for German
companies to expand into high growth markets like
China, India and the rest of Southeast Asia. Many German
companies have benefitted from Singapore’s stable political
environment, highly skilled workforce and sophisticated
infrastructure. In the last decade, the number of German
companies with a presence in Singapore has increased
by almost three times. Today, there are more than 1,400
German companies in Singapore.
As GMCs grow their leadership positions globally, and
capitalize on the opportunities in Southeast Asia; Singapore
will continue to offer business and innovation friendly
environment making Singapore the ideal partner for German
companies to achieve long-term success in the region.
As Singapore continues to develop, the contributions of the
German Mittelstand Champions (GMC) are just as important
as the big Multinational companies. Hence the government
is committed to attracting more GMCs to establish high
value manufacturing and R&D activities in Singapore.
The GMCs are guided by three core principles in their
search for a suitable location to implement their Asia
strategy: economic sustainability, trustworthiness, and a
business-friendly environment.
Singapore offers excellent solutions to the business
requirements of the German Mittelstand, and is a proven,
reliable partner in Asia. With renowned research institutes
and universities, a diverse pool of local and international
talent and strong IP protection, Singapore enables a
business-friendly environment for companies.
GMCs, such as TRUMPF and Rohde & Schwarz, put great
emphasis on continuity and stability as preconditions for
long-term economic success. Economic sustainability
driven by long-term thinking is part of both Singapore and
German Mittelstand’s DNA. Over the years, Singapore
has shown its ability to make sustainable long-term plans,
and will continue to have this focus to grow the economy
for the future.
Pepperl+Fuchs, SICK, and Festo have made Singapore
their strategic second mainstay, and have found Singapore
to be a trustworthy partner to enable them to harness the
potential of Asia Pacific. They have established regional
About the EDB
The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) is
the lead government agency for planning and executing
strategies to enhance Singapore’s position as a global
business centre. EDB dreams, designs and delivers
solutions that create value for investors and companies
in Singapore. Our mission is to create for Singapore,
sustainable economic growth with vibrant business and
good job opportunities. EDB’s Home strategy articulates
how we are positioning Singapore for the future. It is about
extending Singapore’s value proposition to businesses not
just to help them improve their bottom line, but also to help
them grow their top line through establishing and deepening
strategic activities in Singapore to drive their business,
innovation and talent objectives in Asia and globally.
For more information on EDB, please visit www.sedb.com.
Singapore Head Office
Economic Development Board
250 North Bridge Road #28-00
Raffles City Tower Singapore 179101
Phone : (+65) 6832 6832
: (+65) 6832 6565
Email : [email protected]
Frankfurt Office
Economic Development Board
Bleichstrasse 45, 60313
Frankfurt am Main
Phone : (+49 69) 273 9930
: (+49 69) 273 9933
Email : [email protected]
European Chamber of Commerce (Singapore)
Our Mission
We represent the common interests of European businesses
in promoting bilateral trade, services and investments
between the countries of Europe, Singapore as well as the
wider ASEAN region.
We offer European business with a communication and
advocacy channel to Singapore and European political
& economic circles. We are also the sole European
representative in the Singapore Business Federation Council
Throughout 2014, EuroCham has organized several
key events which have encouraged greater action in
safeguarding European business interests in Singapore. Our
flagship event, Europe Day Luncheon, was once again well
received, reaffirming the ties between EU and Singapore that
are strengthening year after year and culminating with the
finalisation of the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement. Our
quarterly networking nights have successfully opened up
new business opportunities and forged great partnerships
within the local community. EuroCham’s Committees have
also increased their undertakings with increased dialogue
and discussions with relevant stakeholders of the industry
concerned. Lastly, EuroCham’s continued collaboration
with the various European NBGs and corporate members
have stepped up our presence in Singapore as well as in
the region.
EuroCham is an independent, non-profit organization
governed by our members.
Mr Matteo Vezzosi
Executive Director
European Chamber of Commerce (Singapore)
1 Phillip Street, #12-01, Royal One Phillip,
Singapore 048692
Phone : (+65) 6836 6681
: (+65) 6737 3660
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.eurocham.org.sg
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
The European Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, known
as EuroCham, was established in 2001. The Chamber
comprises of the European National Business Groups
(NBGs) in Singapore as well as direct corporate members.
German-Singapore Business Forum
Singapore strives to remain in a top position among
the developed countries by strengthening its use of
science and high-technology. That is why there are
more than 50 ongoing bilateral cooperation projects
between German higher education institutions on
the one hand and Singapore’s five universities on
the other. Among the learners of foreign languages,
German ranks third after Japanese and French.
Message by Dr Axel Stepken
Chairman of the Board of
Management of TÜV SÜD AG
German-Singapore Business Forum (GSBF) Co-Chairman
The bilateral relations between Singapore and
Germany remain one of the best in the region. They
are based upon a close cooperation in bilateral
and multilateral areas. Singapore’s constructive
role in ASEAN, its exceptional stability and regional
significance make Singapore one of Germany’s most
important partners in matters of foreign policy.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Singapore´s economic governance has been
outstanding. The country does not only support
future growth industries, it also has made major
investments in its education and R&D sector. Thus,
the city state managed to strengthen its international
competitiveness. Singapore therefore is the perfect
place to do business: Also, the city-state provides
excellent investment conditions, a reliable legal
system and an efficient administration and low levels
of corruption ; Singapore lives and thrives on business
– in a way that few other places in the world do.
Besides, hardly anywhere in the world is there a
country as adaptable as Singapore. The global market
requires speed and flexibility, as well as the ability to
identify and adapt to new trends early – this is yet
another art, people in Singapore have mastered. With
its love of innovation, fundamentally positive attitude
towards new technologies and highly-educated
population, Singapore is able to position itself as a
“test-bed” for new products and innovations.
The city-state has been focusing on the biotechnology
and high-technology sectors for some time now
and has also set the standard for environmental
technology. Many German companies have a long
proven record of solution-oriented inventiveness,
what makes them natural partners for Singaporean
enterprises. There are also strong ties in the field of
scientific cooperation.
To put it in a nutshell, Singapore offers excellent
conditions and tremendous opportunities for German
businesses to thrive in Southeast Asia. More than
1,400 registered German companies have already
set up offices or divisions here. For many companies,
Singapore also serves as the gateway and a
springboard to the ASEAN region. With the ASEAN
Economic Community (AEC) starting at the end of
next year, the ten countries will comprise a market of
more than 600 million people with a combined GDP of
almost 2,3 trillion U.S. dollars!
This year’s German-Singaporean Business Forum
in Munich was once again one of the key platforms
for companies of both nations to exchange ideas,
network and identify collaboration opportunities.
The GSBF had a clear focus on innovations and
future technologies in general, and the three sectors
of precision engineering, medical technology and
environmental technology in particular. These areas
will continue to play a crucial role to the development
of both the German and Singapore economies over
the next few years.
I am confident that Singapore will remain a reliable
partner in terms of foreign policy and German
companies will keep going on to recognize the
benefits of starting their ASEAN endeavors from this
extremely open and stable hub.
German-Singapore Business Forum
Message by Mr Philip Yeo
Chairman, SPRING Singapore
German-Singaporean Business Forum (GSBF)
Singapore Co-Chairman
As geographical differences continue to narrow
in today’s globalised market place, the bilateral
economic ties between Singapore and Germany have
grown from strength to strength. The robust and long
standing relationship between our two economies
has yielded significant business opportunities for
partnerships in trade and industry. In 2013, Germany
is Singapore’s largest trading partner in the European
Union, accounting for almost 22% of our trade in
the region. Similarly, within ASEAN, Singapore is
Germany’s top trading partner.
With the aim of fostering winning partnerships between
Singapore and German companies, and establish
mutually beneficial collaboration, the biennial GermanSingaporean Business Forum (GSBF) was formed
in 1994 to focus on attracting Singapore SMEs and
German Mittelstands from three key industries,
Precision Engineering, Medical Technology and Clean
Technology to network, share ideas and explore
collaboration opportunities.
Beyond T.Ware, Singapore also has keen interest to
collaborate with Germany in other areas of medical
technology. SPRING Singapore, in partnership with
International Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore
Manufacturers’ Federation will organise the 4th
Singapore pavilion at MEDICA 2014, one of the largest
medical technology trade fairs in the world, held in
Dusseldorf, Germany. The delegation is set to expand
as innovative start-ups and healthcare companies will
be on board to scout for opportunities for partnerships
and innovations in the market to sharpen their
competitive edge.
I am heartened to know that Singapore and Germany
are deepening our bilateral relations for the mutual
benefit of both economies. As GSBF grows, I have no
doubt that it will yield even more fruitful collaborations
in the future with more companies joining the Forum. I
hope that the GSBF will continue to play its significant
role and bring about many opportunities for German
Mittelstands and Singapore SMEs to collaborate.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
With Asia set to remain the most dynamic region of
the global economy in the near-to-mid term, German
Mittelstands looking to expand into the region will find
capable partners in the SMES of Singapore. With their
knowledge, expertise and familiarity with the region, our
SMEs are well positioned to help German companies
navigate in the region. The EU-Singapore Free Trade
Agreement (EUSFTA) will also strengthen the ability of
EU companies to use Singapore as a hub and take full
advantage of the growing commercial opportunities in
Asia. Singapore’s political stability, strong legal system
and comprehensive IP protection framework will serve
to enhance the potential for collaboration.
Recently concluding its 11th edition, GSBF in 2014
featured the largest delegation comprising over 50
business leaders from 27 SMEs from Singapore. They
were also joined by close to 70 German companies at
the forum to identify opportunities for partnership. The
interest from Singaporean and German counterparts to
identify collaboration opportunities and build business
partnerships is strong. An example is Singapore startup ‘T. Ware’, which has secured product trials for
its proprietary smart jacket with two German autism
centres, to work with children with autism spectrum
disorder (ASD). The results from the trials will bring
T.Ware closer to commercialising its product, and
eventually distributing its product for autistic children
in Germany.
International Enterprise Singapore
Our presence in Germany
government agency driving Singapore’s external
IE Singapore has an overseas centre in Frankfurt
which helps Singapore-based companies to identify
project and investment opportunities in Europe as
international trade.
well as European companies in finding suitable
partners in Singapore. From the Frankfurt office,
Trade has always been the backbone of Singapore’s
IE’s market coverage extends to Austria, Italy, the
economy. In addition to promoting export of goods
Scandinavian and Nordic countries, Switzerland and
and services, IE Singapore also attracts global
Central Eastern Europe.
commodities traders to establish their global or
Asian home base in Singapore. Today, Singapore is
Visit www.iesingapore.com for more information.
a thriving trading hub with a complete ecosystem for
the energy, agri-commodities and metals & minerals
trading clusters.
Renowned worldwide for their dedication to quality
and innovation, Singapore-based companies make
ideal business partners. With its global network in
over 35 locations spanning many developed and
emerging markets, the agency connects businesses
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
with relevant Singapore-based companies for their
business expansion by:
• helping to identify and cultivate relationships with
Singapore-based partners that have a pan-Asian or
global presence
• keeping companies abreast of the latest business
trends and opportunities in Asia
Headquarters (Singapore)
International Enterprise Singapore
230 Victoria Street
Level 10, Bugis Junction Office Tower,
Singapore 188024
Phone : (+65) 6337 6628
Germany (Frankfurt)
International Enterprise Singapore
Singapore Centre
60313 Frankfurt am Main
Phone : (+49) 69 9207350
: (+49) 69 92073522
Email : [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Apex Business Chamber
The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) is the
Business missions to Europe to explore
apex business chamber that champions the interests
opportunities and capitalize on impending
of the Singapore business community in trade,
conclusion of EUSFTA
investment and industrial relations. It represents
21,000 companies, as well as the local and foreign
In 2013, SBF led business missions to Hungary,
business chambers and key national and industry
Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, France and Poland
associations from business sectors that contribute
to enable delegates to gain first-hand understanding
significantly to the Singapore economy.
of the overall market dynamics and opportunities in
Singapore Business Federation
these countries against the backdrop of the European
Established on 1 April 2002 by the SBF Act, all
Singapore registered companies with a share capital
(EUSFTA) that is expected to come into force by
of S$0.5 million and above are members of the SBF.
2015. More importantly, the missions sought to help
Singapore companies establish useful business and
official contacts.
representation of major interests of business entities in
Singapore and abroad.
SBF, as the apex business chamber, has been
proactively assisting Singapore companies to venture
SBF presents a strong collective voice that:
overseas to seek opportunities in European markets.
SBF is encouraged by the progress of the EUSFTA
and will focus more efforts in market facilitation to
business community in Singapore to create and
equip companies with practical know-how to tap on
enhance a conducive business environment
this free trade agreement when it is rolled out.
• Represents the business community in bilateral,
regional and multilateral fora for the purpose of
promoting trade expansion and business networking
in Singapore and abroad
• Help
resilience through capacity building initiatives
and services
Singapore Business Federation
10 Hoe Chiang Road
#22-01 Keppel Towers
Singapore 089315
Phone : (+65) 6827 6828
: (+65) 6827 6807
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.sbf.org.sg
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
•Acts as the bridge between the government and
Singapore International Chamber
of Commerce (SICC)
their peers and industry leaders on a regular basis.
These platforms facilitate the sharing of expertise,
insights and knowledge.
Mr Victor Mills
SICC Chief Executive
Singapore-German Ties
The Singapore International Chamber of Commerce
(SICC) warmly congratulates the German Chamber on
its 10th Anniversary in Singapore. It has been a decade
of dedication to the German business community in
Singapore. Here’s to many more decades of service
and success!
The German – Singapore Business Forum which
took place in Munich this year focused on the
precision engineering, medical technology and
green technology sectors. All of these are key growth
sectors in Singapore and offer both countries many
business opportunities.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
In 2013, Germany was Singapore’s 13th largest
trading partner, with a total bilateral trade amounting
to S$20.9 billion. Within the European Union, Germany
is Singapore’s largest trading partner. Singapore
continues to be Germany’s largest trading partner in
ASEAN. With more than 1,300 German companies
operating in Singapore, the growth trend looks set
to strengthen.
About SICC
SICC is a wholly independent, not-for-profit business
association founded in Singapore in 1837. Its mission
then as now is to stand up for Singapore as a global
business hub.
Representing members from over 40 nations and
across 20 industry sectors, SICC achieves its mission
in a number of key ways.
Connecting people and their businesses— our aim is
to help enhance our members’ personal effectiveness
by expanding their network to enhance business
opportunities. Chamber events and industry and crossindustry committees enable members to connect with
Advocating member concerns—we undertake this
role for two reasons: to achieve greater mutual
understanding between business and policy makers
and practical, win-win outcomes. Our member exclusive
closed-door dialogue sessions with government and its
agencies allow members to ask questions and provide
direct feedback on issues affecting their business and
its success. SICC’s sustained access to key policy
makers gives members a real competitive advantage
in their businesses in Singapore.
Shaping thought leadership for business and societal
sustainability—SICC actively engages in discussions
and debates with members, prospective members
and all interested parties on significant societal issues
affecting business in Singapore. We are currently
working on the following key topics. How can we
improve workforce attitude in a tight labour market?
Again, are we all doing enough to combat ageism?
Lastly, how do we encourage more Singaporean talent
to take overseas assignments to grow job skills and be
considered for top leadership roles?
Facilitating international trade—SICC delivers on this
aim by the issuance and endorsement of certificate of
origin and other trade documents. SICC also issues
the temporary admission ATA Carnet which saves
businesses import duties and taxes.
SICC is honoured to have German companies as
members and looks forward to continuing to serve
them. SICC is also keen to collaborate with the wider
German business community in Singapore. Its insights,
expertise and contributions are greatly valued.
Singapore International Chamber
of Commerce
6 Raffles Quay #10-01
Singapore 048580
Phone : (+65) 6500 0988
: (+65) 6224 2785
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.sicc.com.sg
Championing Manufacturing and Driving Innovation
The Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) is a national
institution that champions the growth of manufacturing
sector. As the ‘voice’ of the manufacturing community,
SMF promotes its interests by working with government
agencies, public and private associations and enterprises to
foster the growth of the industry.
Established since 1932, SMF has expanded in tandem
with Singapore’s economic growth. Currently, it has more
than 3,000 corporate members including both SMEs and
MNCs. As the industry leader, SMF offers companies a
comprehensive approach towards transformation through
innovation and raising productivity.
Supported by industry groups and Centres of Excellence,
SMF facilitates tripartite communication between the
government, foreign delegates, and the local enterprises.
Through the workshops, dialogues, seminars and other
activities organised by SMF, companies are able to learn
to innovate and increase their productivity. Leveraging on
its extensive network of contacts and wealth of industry
knowledge, SMF is well-poised to assist its members in
overseas business ventures, thus enabling them to remain
competitive both locally and internationally.
Our Industry Groups
SMF members hail from both manufacturing and
manufacturing related sectors. To address each industry’s
specific needs and interests, member companies are
categorised into the following industry groups:
• Automation Technology
• Building Products & Construction Materials
• Electrical, Electronics & Allied Industries
• Energy & Chemicals
• Food & Beverage
• Life Sciences
• Lifestyle
• Medical Technology
• Metal, Machinery & Engineering
• Packaging Council of Singapore
SMF’s Latest Efforts in Driving Innovation and Raising
• Manufacturing Solutions Expo 2014
(8-10 October)
Organised by SMF, the Manufacturing Solutions Expo
(MSE) 2014 is the first and only exhibition in Singapore
targeted at manufacturing professionals, policy
makers and business decision makers. MSE 2014
aims to showcase the industry’s best ideas, innovative
technologies and cost effective manufacturing solutions
to help companies improve their productivity in a
manufacturing environment. For more information,
please visit http://www.ms-expo.com/
• Singapore Innovation and Productivity Conference
2014 (9-10 October)
In conjunction with the National Productivity Month, the
annual two-day conference features more than eight
top-notch industrialists, academicians and researchers
in an exciting pipeline of plenary and panel sessions.
At the conference, SMF will release the findings of two
debut national research and benchmarking studies
on innovation and productivity. For more information,
please visit http://www.sipc.org.sg/
• SMF Awards
The inaugural SMF Awards were launched in May
2014. The prestigious national awards comprise of
two categories: the Sustainable Growth Awards and
the Business Model Innovation Awards. The SMF
Awards aim to recognise companies for outstanding
achievements in quality business growth and profitability,
innovative business model, and the adoption of best
practices. For more information, please visit http://www.
Singapore Manufacturing Federation
2985 Jalan Bukit Merah
Singapore 159457
Phone : (+65) 6826 3000
: (+65) 6826 3008
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.smfederation.org.sg
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
SMF Services include:
• Business matching events
• Trade missions and exhibitions
• Networking sessions
• Forums, conferences, seminars and workshops
• Dialogue with government agencies
• Standards development
• Certificates of Origin
•Capacity and capability building through education
and training
Centres of Excellence
To supplement the activities and events organised to
enhance members’ knowledge and expertise, SMF has also
established Centres of Excellence to impart specific skills
and competencies to its members:
• SMF Centre for Corporate Learning (SMF CCL)
• SME [email protected]
• GS1 Singapore
• SMF Standards Development Organisation (SMF-SDO)
• SMF Institute of Higher Learning (SMF Institute)
• Singapore Innovation & Productivity Institute (SiPi)
Singapore Manufacturing Federation:
SPRING Singapore
To Help Singapore Enterprises Tap Opportunities
for Growth and to Foster Cross-border Partnerships
About SPRING Singapore
Fostering Meaningful Partnerships
Trade and Industry responsible for helping Singapore
economic relations and a lot in common. Both countries
enterprises grow and for building trust in Singapore
have political stability, a sound legal system protective
products and services. As the enterprise development
of intellectual property and a strong commitment to
agency, we work with partners to help enterprises in
high value manufacturing and a skilled workforce.
SPRING Singapore is an agency under the Ministry of
Germany and Singapore have longstanding and robust
financing, capability and management development,
technology and innovation as well as access to markets.
SMEs or Mittelstands form the backbone of our
SPRING also helps to grow innovative companies and
economies and both governments are focused on
foster a competitive Small and Medium Enterprise
developing and growing the SME sector. In fact,
(SME) sector.
Germany and Singapore promote innovation and
productivity as key drivers for growth and are the
We develop an environment conducive for enterprise
leading economies within the Europe and Southeast
growth, nurture innovative startups, develop key
industry clusters, and grow dynamic and innovative
conducive for German and Singaporean enterprises to
foster trust and meaningful partnerships.
Given our access to a network of growth-oriented
and create new market opportunities, SPRING serves
SMEs and our commitment to developing meaningful
enterprises across 17 industry sectors, such as
partnerships between German and Singaporean
Precision Engineering, Marine & Offshore, CleanTech,
companies, SPRING is well-positioned to help you
Biomedical, Logistics, Healthcare, Retail and Food.
identify the right partner to meet your business needs.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
An integral part of SPRING’s work involves helping
to foster collaborations between local SMEs and
For more information,
foreign partners to build new capabilities and to access
please visit www.spring.gov.sg.
new markets.
Limonium SUA
1 Fusionopolis Walk
#01-02 South Tower, Solaris
Singapore 138628
: +65 6279 3180
Email : [email protected]
Audi Singapore Pte Ltd
The Audi Group delivered approximately 1,575,500
of the most successful models, the Audi A3 has been
goal is CO2-neutral mobility.
awarded the title of “World Car of the Year 2014“ by
In Singapore, the exclusive retail partner of Audi is
consumption in l/100 km: 7.1 – 3.2; combined CO2
Alexandra Road Singapore 159938 (+65 68382223)
an international jury of journalists (combined fuel
emissions in g/km: 165 – 85). The company operates
globally in more than 100 markets and has production
facilities in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm (Germany), Győr
(Hungary), Brussels (Belgium), Bratislava (Slovakia),
(India), Changchun (China) and Jakarta (Indonesia).
Wholly owned subsidiaries of AUDI AG include
quattro GmbH (Neckarsulm), Automobili Lamborghini
S.p.A. (Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy), Ducati Motor
Holding S.p.A. (Bologna, Italy), the sports motorcycle
manufacturer and Audi Singapore Pte Ltd. Globally,
Audi is committed to its corporate responsibility and
has anchored the principle of sustainability for its
Premium Automobiles Pte Ltd with facilities at 281
and 55 Ubi Road 1 Singapore 4088699 (+65 63662323).
Audi Singapore Pte Ltd
1 Kim Seng Promenade
#17-10 Great World City West Tower
Singapore 237994
Phone : (+65) 6501 9600
: (+65) 6834 1561
Email :[email protected]
Website: www.audi.com.sg
Mr Jeff Mannering
Managing Director
Audi Singapore
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
cars of the Audi brand to customers in 2013. As one
products and processes in its strategy. The long-term
Ascendas Pte. Ltd.
Real Estate Services
Ascendas offers a whole host of business space solutions
that take care of all your real estate needs - from planning,
development, management to ownership - that gives you a
complete customer experience
• Development & Project Management
• Property & Estate Management
• Renovation Services
• Consultancy Services
• Business Networking Services
• Venture Acceleration Services
Ascendas is Asia’s leading provider of business space
solutions with more than 30 years of experience across the
region. Based in Singapore, Ascendas has built a strong
regional presence and serves a global clientele of over 2,400
customers in 30 cities across 9 countries including Singapore,
China, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia.
Real Estate Funds Management
Beyond its role as a real estate owner, developer and
manager, Ascendas demonstrated a consistent track record
in managing listed and private real estate funds. Leveraging
on its complete in-house real estate and fund management
expertise, Ascendas is your trusted real estate partner.
Listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange:
• Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust (A-REIT)
• Ascendas India Trust (a-iTrust)
• Ascendas Hospitality Trust (A-HTRUST)
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Ascendas differentiates in the capability to provide integrated
masterplanning, developing, managing and marketing IT
parks, industrial & logistics parks, business parks, science
parks, hi-tech facilities, office and retail space for a host of
industries. Leveraging on its track record and experience,
Ascendas has introduced new business space concepts
such as integrated communities and solutions which
seamlessly combine high-quality business, lifestyle, retail
and hotel spaces to create conducive human-centric worklive-play-learn environments. Its flagship projects include the
Singapore Science Park and Changi [email protected] Business
Park in Singapore, International Tech Park Bangalore in India
and Dalian-Ascendas IT Park in China. To the customers,
Ascendas provides end-to-end real estate solutions, assisting
corporate customers through the entire real estate process.
Our core business
As a proven business space solutions provider, Ascendas’
goal is to assist you throughout the real estate process and
partner you in your business expansion across Asia.
Real Estate Products
Wide range of business space for industrial, distribution, hitech, R&D, office and commercial activities:
• Prepared Land parcels
• Ready-built facilities
• Build-to-suit space
• Science and Business Parks
• Flexible financing solutions
Ascendas will custom-build the space to your
requirements and lease it back to you
As an owner, you can sell your existing facility to
Ascendas and immediately lease it back without any
disruptions to business operations.
Ascendas Pte. Ltd.
61 Science Park Road, #04-01
The Galen Singapore Science Park 2,
Singapore 117525
Contact Person: Ms Ariel Ko
Phone : (+65) 6508 8613
: (+65) 6872 3731
Email :[email protected]
Website: www.ascendas.com
[email protected]
Ascendas I-Hub, Suzhou China:
IT park with full amentities
Singapore-Hangzhou Science &
Technology Park, Hangzhou China:
Integrated IT park space with full amenities
Nusayaja Tech Park, Iskandar Malaysia:
Ascendas-Protrade Singapore Tech Park,
Binh Duong Vietnam: Industrial park with
Modern, green industrial park with ready built
factories and build-to-suit solutions
ready built factories and fully prepared land plots
OneHub Chennai, Chennai India:
Aperia, Singapore:
Industrial park with fully prepared land plots
Integrated hi-specs industrial & retail space
avodaq Pte. Ltd.
avodaq has been a leading provider of IT
communications and infrastructure solutions from
1997 to today with four locations in Germany and
Singapore. With about 100 highly qualified employees,
we generated sales of around SGD 40 million in 2013.
Mr Andreas Kusch
CEO avodaq
As a system integrator, avodaq stands for quality,
reliability, and superior expertise: We successfully
implement projects where others have given up. We
offer our client’s qualified services, timely procurement
of hardware and software, reliable service, maintenance,
and operational services.
avodaq is more than a system integrator, our product
portfolio includes training as well as comprehensive
change management services. That means we ensure
that the employees of our customers will take full
advantage of the solutions developed by us and create
additional added value.
Mr Edmund Wee
Regional Sales Manager
Email: [email protected]
In Singapore we serve domestic clients as well as our
multinational customers in the Asian region including
Australia and New Zealand.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
We provide all our customers with the same high quality
so that we are able to fulfil the most exacting demands
of our customers, suppliers and business partners.
avodaq Pte. Ltd.
2 International Business Park
#10-06 Tower 1 The Strategy
Singapore 609930
Phone : (+65) 3106 4170
: (+65) 3106 4171
Email : [email protected]
Website: www.avodaq.com
Our instinct – your success
We have a passion for technology and a unique sense of subtlety. From the
wide range of what’s available on the IT market, we develop solutions that
will assure you maximum success with certified quality.
Meeting a new challenge successfully requires two things: expertise and
instinct. We do not immediately adopt every new “innovation” without a
critical review. We want our customers to have a genuine benefit.
This is why we invest massively in quality assurance measures. We do not
have a single ‘best’, but a team of the best. Young engineers go through
an intensive six-month training period before they are carefully introduced
to real projects. Our colleagues regularly sit for new tests that certify their
development – including the most recognized and most difficult tests for
system engineers to become a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE).
We have the highest proportion of high- and highest-level Cisco-certified
staff worldwide.
However, the technical implementation of a solution is only one side of the
coin. We also work according to certified standards (PRINCE2 and ITIL) in
project management and in our service sector. Here too our specialists take
the corresponding exams.
Smart IT Solution. System Integration. Consulting.
Bayer (South East Asia) Pte. Ltd.
Bayer: Science For A Better Life
Bayer is a leading global research and inventor
company with core competencies in the fields of
health care, agriculture and high-tech materials.
Founded in 1863, Bayer continues to set trends
in research-intensive areas developing innovative
products and solutions to help meet global challenges
in the areas of health and nutrition, and also energy,
resources and safety.
Its core businesses – Bayer HealthCare, Bayer
CropScience, Bayer MaterialScience – are guided by
its mission statement “Science For A Better Life”
to deliver products and services that are designed to
benefit and improve the quality of life for the people.
Singapore serves as the regional headquarters and
administration hub for Bayer’s operations in Southeast
Asia mainly Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.
Singapore is also a major research hub for the region.
Bayer’s core businesses and research strength
and development of high yielding, high quality seeds
and hybrids. Singapore is one of the seven laboratories
in Bayer’s Crop Analytics network.
Bayer MaterialScience is a renowned supplier of
high-performance materials and innovative system
solutions used in a wide range of products for
everyday life. Principal customers are the automotive
and construction industries, the electrical/electronics
sector, and manufacturers of sports and leisure articles,
packaging and medical equipment. Four business
units comprise of Bayer MaterialScience: Coatings,
Adhesives, Specialties; Polycarbonates; Polyurethanes;
and Thermoplastic Polyurethanes.
One breakthrough application of Bayer’s Makrolon®
and Apec® polycarbonates is for smartphone’s camera
flash lens, which provides better impact resistance,
durability and clarity. Bayer has various UV-protection
solutions for Makrolon® including UV absorption
technology that ensures images that are taken at high
temperature will not face discoloration and warping.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Bayer HealthCare strategically situates its Asia Pacific
headquarter in Singapore to meet Asia’s rising demands
for quality health care services and innovative medical
treatments. Bayer HealthCare combines the global
activities of the Animal Health, Consumer Care, Medical
Care and Pharmaceuticals divisions with the aim to
provide medical excellence vis-à-vis a robust portfolio
of innovative products.
Bayer established the Integrated Translational
Oncology Network in 2013. Together with key Singapore
research institutions and hospitals, Bayer HealthCare
aims to strengthen its ongoing research commitments
in Singapore and to facilitate drug discovery and
development of novel oncology therapeutics for
cancers prevalent in Asian populations. Since 1997,
Bayer has conducted more than 30 clinical trials in the
areas of oncology, cardiology and hematology, and
has invested more than S$16 million into collaborative
research projects from 2008.
Bayer CropScience occupies a leading position in the
areas of crop protection, non-agricultural pest control,
seeds and plant biotechnology. Its business units – Crop
Protection, Seeds, Environmental Science – offer an
outstanding range of products and end-to-end services
to better support farmers today. Bayer is leading the
way in innovation in the region with its Singapore-based
Seeds Analytics Laboratory spearheading the discovery
Bayer (South East Asia) Pte Ltd
63 Chulia Street, 14th Floor
OCBC Centre East
Singapore 049514
Phone : (+65) 6496 1888
: (+65) 6496 1491
Website: www.bayer.com
B. Braun
– 175 Years of Leading Innovation
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Innovation, more than any other factor, has shaped the
history of B. Braun Melsungen AG. In every division,
innovation has been the driver for growth, progress,
success for this family-owned group.
The B. Braun success story first began 175 years ago
– June 23, 1839. What was once a small pharmacy
in Melsungen, Germany, has, over six generations,
grown into a global corporation. With approximately fifty
thousand employees across 61 countries worldwide,
the family-owned B. Bruan Group is today one of the
world’s leading providers of healthcare solutions.
B.Braun Singapore Pte Ltd
600 North Bridge Road,
#15-05 Parkview Square
Singapore 188778
Phone : (+65) 6213 0933
: (+65) 6213 0930
Website: www.bbraun.com
» Sharing Expertise «
Our global promise of commitment
B. Braun supplies the healthcare sector with a comprehensive range of products for anesthesia, intensive care medicine, cardiology, surgery, and extracorporeal blood treatment,
as well as services for hospitals, healthcare practitioners, and the homecare sector.
Our philosophy of Sharing Expertise exemplifies our commitment to advancing medical
knowledge and expertise in the healthcare sector, in an effective and sustainable manner
and on the basis of a continuing dialog with our partners – in 61 countries worldwide.
DVB Group Merchant Bank (Asia) Ltd
DVB Bank SE, headquartered in Frankfurt/Main,
Germany, is the leading specialist in the international
transport finance business. The Bank offers integrated
financing solutions and advisory services in respect of
Shipping Finance, Aviation Finance, Offshore Finance
and Land Transport Finance. DVB is present at all
key international financial centres and transport hubs:
at its Frankfurt/Main head office, as well as various
European locations (Amsterdam, Athens, Bergen,
Hamburg, London, Oslo and Zurich), plus offices in
the Americas (New York City and Curaçao) and in
Asia (Singapore and Tokyo). DVB Bank SE is listed at
the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE0008045501).
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Further information is available on www.dvbbank.com.
DVB Group Merchant Bank (Asia) Ltd
77 Robinson Road #30-02,
Singapore 068896
Phone : (+65) 6511 3433
: (+65) 6511 0700
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.dvbbank.com
C. Melchers GmbH & Co.
Competence on Asian Markets since 1806.
C. Melchers GmbH & Co. Singapore Branch
Product Groups Overview
Bark “C. Melchers”.
C. Melchers GmbH & Co. is a long-established trading
company founded in 1806 in Bremen, Germany.
It now has a wide network of branch offices and
affiliated companies, mainly in the Far East and
Southeast Asia. “We are not here for the long term,
but we are here for good” – is the motto of the
Asian organization.
Over a 1,800 highly qualified staff, in Germany and abroad,
make their valuable expertise available to customers
and worldwide suppliers. Engaged in extensive import
and export of commodities, technical and consumer
products, C. Melchers has built a name for itself in the
global engineering and technical area.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
C. Melchers GmbH & Co. Singapore Branch was
established in 1954 to coordinate the trading activities
in South East Asia. Due to the rapid economic
development in the region, affiliated and subsidiary
companies were set up in all ASEAN countries to
cope with the increased trading, service and
manufacturing activities.
The Singapore branch’s extensive business operations
are coordinated by separate teams of regional and
local managers, who are competent and experienced
professionals with thorough knowledge of their
respective fields. Efficient support services provided
by the store, delivery and service departments
contribute towards providing the best services to
both clients and agency principals. C. Melchers GmbH
& Co. Singapore Branch is known for its successful
marketing of both technical and consumer product
lines in the ASEAN region and Greater China. Breitling,
Raymond Weil, Patek Philippe, Caran D’Ache and
Steinway & Sons are some of the well-established
brands of the company.
The company has also
developed strong expertise in the theme park/tourism
and attractions’ industry; it is the developer of the Sky
Tower and the Singapore Flyer. It is also active in the field
of aviation and airline supplies.
•Gas Valves and Fittings
•LNG Storage Systems
•Compressed Natural Gas
Technology (CNG)
•Plastic Processing and
•Plastic Manufacturing Software
•Material Testing –
Non-Destructive Testing
•Theme Park Equipment
•Waterpark Technology
•Regional Service and
Spare part Supply
•Road Building Equipment
•Automated Vehicle Wash equipment
•Wafer Manufacturing
Airline / •Marketing, sales and after sales
Aviation Industry technical support of solutions including
Supply products, services and technologies
Consumer Luxury •Pianos (Steinway & Sons, Boston, Essex)
•Watches (Breitling, Raymond Weil, Vulcain,
Patek Philippe)
• Premium Writing Instruments and Accessories
(Caran D’Ache)
• Consumer Goods
Material Supply
•General Imports
• Green Roof Technology
• Synthetic Sport Surfaces Supply
• Construction Building Products
Tourism / •Observation Towers and Giant
Attraction Observation Wheels
• Consultation and Development Services
• Development of Iconic Viewing Platforms (IVP)
IT •Thin Client Technology (IGEL)
• Server based computing solutions
Subsidiaries :
Melchers Time Pte Ltd (Breitling)
Sky Tower Pte Ltd (Sky Tower)
Melchers Aviation Technical Services Pte Ltd
Breitling (China) Ltd
Geneva Master Time Commercial (Beijing) Ltd
Geneva Master Time Commercial (Shanghai) Ltd
C. Melchers GmbH & Co.,
Singapore Branch
101 Thomson Road
#24-01/05 United Square
Singapore 307591
Phone : (+65) 6259 9288
: (+65) 6259 9111
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.melchers.com.sg; www.melchers.com;
www.skytower.com.sg; www.cng.com.sg;
SINCE 1806.
Competence in Asian Markets. Melchers has been established in Asia for 150 years and plans on
being here, not just for the long term, but for good.
By combining a strong tradition of quality, innovation and reliability, we have steadily expanded our
international trade, marketing and representation services. Today we have offices throughout the Far East
including all the major cities of China. Through our network we continue to cultivate lasting partnerships
that underscore our commitment to the region. A unique blend of local expertise and specialist knowledge allows us to embrace a diverse range of disciplines and industries. We market, sell and distribute
products such as technical materials and machinery, aviation technology, luxury goods and watches as
well as garments and fast moving consumer goods. To serve our customers worldwide, we have extensive sourcing facilities in our region. We even have the turn-key expertise to build and maintain worldclass entertainment and tourism facilities.
With our background, we believe there are few companies better positioned to offer you the experience, people, infrastructure and spirit of partnership needed to attain success in Asia. Whether you are
a buyer, manufacturer, supplier or entrepreneur, join us as we continue building a future of business
opportunities in Asia.
101 Thomson Road #24-01/05 United Square Singapore 307591
Tel: (65) 6259 9288 Fax: (65) 6259 9111 E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.melchers.com.sg
Commerzbank AG
The bank at your side
Commerzbank is a leading bank in Germany and
Poland. The Commerzbank Group has a strong
global presence, with around 54,000 employees in
Germany and more than 50 countries as well as with
a network of more than 5,000 correspondent bank
connections worldwide.
Through a strategic cross-border relationship
approach, we provide our clients with a fully integrated
Corporate Banking solution from a single source. Your
trusted Commerzbank relationship manager is also
your central point of contact for all your banking
business. With his or her knowledge of your ambitions
and needs, he or she will coordinate the international
specialists and relationship managers from Corporate
and Investment Banking in our Client Service Teams.
Our specialists from Cash Management and
International Business develop individual concepts
in order to satisfy your business’ requirements along
your value chain. They dispose also of many years
of experience in the Pre-Export Finance and Trade
Finance domain. Furthermore our corporate sales
teams have built up a profound knowledge of risk
management and offer bespoke solutions in Foreign
Exchange, Interest Rates and Commodities.
Corporate Solution Sales
• Interest Rate Derivatives
• FX / Money Market and Deposits
• Commodities
Corporate Finance & Investment Banking
• Corporate Finance Advisory
• Debt Capital Markets (Loans, Bonds)
• Equity Capital Markets
• Structured Finance
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Mr Dirk Verlage
General Manager
Mr Jens Hinrichsen
Senior Relationship Manager
Phone: (+65) 6311 0228
Email : [email protected]
Phone: (+65) 6311 0575
Email : [email protected]
Ms Rebecca Marx
Relationship Manager
Mr Gregor Diem
Relationship Manager
In Singapore, we have a long established local
presence for more than 40 years. Moreover, we are
the market leader in German foreign trade: In 2013,
no other German bank settled more letters of credit
opened in favour of German exporters.
We have the expertise, global reach and on-the-ground
local knowledge to make international business happen
for you: whether you sell into Germany, out of Germany,
or both.
Our Corporate Banking services in Singapore
Phone: (+65) 6311 0738
Phone: (+65) 6311 0748
Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]
Financing Solutions
• Tailor-made Financing Solutions
Cash Management & International Business
• Cash Management & Treasury
• International Electronic Banking Platform
• Global Payments Transactions
• Documentary Business / Guarantees
Structured Export & Trade Finance
• Export Finance
• Trade Finance
Commerzbank AG
Singapore Branch
71 Robinson Road, #12-01
Singapore 068895
Phone : (+65) 6311 0000
: (+65) 6225 2792
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.commerzbank.sg
Corporate Banking
If the world is your market:
you’ll find us there for you!
Seamless and nonstop. The proven cooperation you enjoy with Commerzbank in Germany can be
easily transferred to all your international markets. Our relationship managers can offer you the full
spectrum of Commerzbank Corporate Banking services, anywhere in the world. Always in close
contact with your personal relationship manager in Germany and always with a detailed knowledge of
the relevant markets. With Commerzbank, the world is your market. www.commerzbank.sg
Commerzbank AG, Singapore Branch, Relationship Manager: Jens Hinrichsen +65 6311- 0575,
Rebecca Marx +65 6311-0738, Gregor Diem +65 6311-0748, 71 Robinson Road, #12-01, Singapore
068895, [email protected]
Continental Automotive Singapore Pte Ltd
About Continental
Continental is one of the world’s leading automotive
suppliers. As a provider of brake systems, systems
and components for powertrains and chassis,
instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle
electronics, tires, and technical elastomers, Continental
contributes to enhanced driving safety and global
climate protection. Continental is also an expert
partner in networked automobile communication.
Continental currently employs around 186,000 people
in 49 countries.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
As a partner of the automotive and commercial
vehicle industry, it develops and produces innovative
products and systems for a modern automotive
future, in which cars provide individual mobility
and driving pleasure consistent with driving safety,
environmental responsibility and cost-efficiency.
About Continental Singapore
The Continental Automotive Singapore R&D Centre
at 80 Boon Keng Road meets the growing demand of
engineering capacities worldwide, particularly in Asia.
The two 7-storey buildings with a total floor space of
15,170 square meters serve three major purposes:
an office site for R&D and related daily operations;
a specialized automotive product verification and
validation hub; a reliability test laboratory as well as a
test car space for in-vehicle R&D activities.
Under the highest level of quality control, the new
center will drive the product creation process
from conception to realization and onto the mass
production of instrumentation clusters and displays,
multimedia and telematic devices, radio navigation
devices, centre stacks, interior modules and control
systems. It also serves as a major engineering
resource and competence pool for Continental in the
Asia-Pacific region.
Continental Automotive Singapore Pte. Ltd,
Continental Building,
80, Boon Keng Road
Singapore 339780
Phone : (+65) 6580 0000
: (+65) 6634 1623
E-Mail : [email protected]
Website: www.continental-corporation.com
New Answers for
Future Mobility
We are one of the leading automotive suppliers worldwide. As a supplier of
brake systems, systems and components for powertrains, instrumentation,
infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics, tires and technical elastomer
products, and as a skilled partner in networked automobile communication,
above all we offer new answers for future mobility. With 186,000 employees
in 49 countries, we are working full speed ahead to make tomorrow’s mobility
safer, more comfortable, affordable, and better for the environment.
Daimler South East Asia Pte. Ltd.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
About Daimler
Daimler AG is one of the world’s most successful
automotive companies. With its divisions MercedesBenz Cars, Daimler Trucks, Mercedes-Benz
Vans, Daimler Buses and Daimler Financial Services,
the Daimler Group is one of the biggest producers
of premium cars and the world’s biggest
manufacturer of commercial vehicles with a global
reach. Daimler Financial Services provides financing,
leasing, fleet management, insurance and innovative
mobility services.
The company’s founders, Gottlieb Daimler and
Carl Benz, made history with the invention of the
automobile in the year 1886. As a pioneer of automotive
engineering, Daimler continues to shape the future of
mobility today: The Group’s focus is on innovative and
green technologies as well as on safe and superior
automobiles that appeal to and fascinate its customers.
For many years now, Daimler has been investing
continually in the development of alternative drive
systems with the goal of making emission-free driving
possible in the long term. So in addition to vehicles
with hybrid drive, Daimler now has the broadest range
of locally emission-free electric vehicles powered by
batteries and fuel cells. This is just one example of how
Daimler willingly accepts the challenge of meeting its
responsibility towards society and the environment.
Daimler sells its vehicles andservices in nearly all the
countries of the world and has production facilities on
five continents. Its current brand portfolio includes,
in addition to the world’s most valuable premium
automotive brand, Mercedes-Benz, the brands smart,
Freightliner, Western Star, BharatBenz, Fuso, Setra
and Thomas Built Buses. The company is listed on
the stock exchanges of Frankfurt and Stuttgart (stock
exchange symbol DAI). In 2013, the Group sold 2.4
million vehicles and employed a workforce of 275,000
people; revenue totalled €118 billion and EBIT
amounted to €10.8 billion.
Daimler South East Asia Pte. Ltd.
3 Temasek Avenue
#29-01 Centennial Tower
Singapore 039190
Phone : (+65) 6849 8000
: (+65) 6849 8400
Website : www.daimler.com
Deco Expression Pte. Ltd.
Deco Expression is an established company within the
construction, architectural and design industries
for supplying and installing various high quality surface
finishes since 1995. Our products have been widely
embraced as the most innovative and creative.
Our range of products include:• Floor Covering
• Customised Rugs (Wool & Sisal)
• Special Effects Paints/Coatings
• Metal Finishes
• Porous Paving
Besides our standard product range, we also provide
customised services.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Deco Expression is the exclusive distributor of
Vorwerk Carpets and Re/cover green, an elastic
organic flooring. Vorwerk is a household name and
market leader in Europe with a reputation for quality
since 1883. Vorwerk’s innovations combine aesthetic
demands with functional standards.
The Vorwerk global enterprise evolved from the carpet
factory founded in the 19th century. Today Vorwerk
Flooring is one of the leading international supplier of
high quality flooring. Innovation,quality and ecology
form the basis of all activities at the company. The
collections are comprised of high grade models
oriented towards diversity, all the way to luxury
collections which are custom-made individually on
request.Time and again, the company sets standards
revolving around the central theme of the floor. Which
turn Vorwerk Flooring into a supportive element of
architecture, as well as coveted design brand that is
much in demand. The key terms ecology, designs,
health, innovation,sophistication, quality and Made in
Germany form a framework that benefits every product.
The Environmental Aspects of all Vorwerk products• are suitable for persons suffering from allergy and are
recommended by the DSSB (German Association of
Allergic and Asthmatic people)
• have obtained CRI label(green label plus) ,BRE and
• are certified by the GuT
• offer high accoustical comfort
• are odourless
• offer better walking comfort.
Vorwerk has a range of sustainable carpets and organic
flooring, for both residential and commercial contract.
Range available includes:
• Wall to Wall carpet
• Carpet Tiles
• Rugs
• RE/COVER green, an elastic, organic flooring
The Scale and Freescale tile collections have set a
completely new basis for the concept of the floor tile.
A new product, the RE/COVER green,an elastic
organic flooring is predominantly made of renewable
raw materials, emits a neutral odour, contains no PVCs.
It’s healthy, hygienic floor covering with aesthetics.
Besides Vorwerk flooring, Deco Expression is also
exclusive distributor for renown brands like Amtico,
Wicanders cork flooring, 2tec2 woven vinyl, Crucial
Trading ,natural fibre floor covering, Floover (100%
waterproof LVT) Wattyl and FX special effects paints
and coatings.
For more information on our range of products, visit our
website www.decoexpression.com
Deco Expression Pte. Ltd., Singapore
97 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, Level 4
Shun Li Industrial Park
Singapore 415983
Phone : (+65) 6841 4850
: (+65) 6844 0865
From the Art Collection
Devon 9 8D17 U. Moritz
From Bauhaus collection
For more information on our range of products,
visit our website www.decoexpression.com
DZ BANK AG Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank, (“German Central Co-operative Bank”) is the
fourth largest bank in Germany by asset size and has
the best credit rating among all German private banks
with a long term Standard & Poor’s rating of AA-.
DZ BANK is a central bank for more than 1,000
cooperative banks and their 12,000 branch offices.
We can count on a long lasting business experience
of over 125 years.
With 30 million German clients, the co-operative
financial network is one of Germany’s largest private
sector financial service providers.
Mr Klaus G. Borig
General Manager
Managing Director
: (+65) 65 6223 2761
: (+65) 6219 9756
: [email protected]
DZ BANK functions both as a central institution and as
a corporate and investment bank.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
DZ BANK is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main,
Germany and maintains branches, subsidiaries and
representative offices in key financial centers worldwide. The bank is represented in Asia-Pacific with two
branches – in Hong Kong and in Singapore - as well
as two representative offices in Beijing and Mumbai.
DZ BANK Singapore branch is responsible for ASEAN,
Indian Subcontinent, Australia and New Zealand.
With a highly-qualified, dedicated team, the bank offers
commercial and investment banking products with
focus on (Structured) Trade Finance, Documentary
Business such as Guarantees and Letters of Credit,
Export Finance in cooperation with Export Credit
Agencies, Transaction Banking as well as a wide
range of Treasury and Capital Market products such as
deposits, currency and interest rate risk management
One of the goals of our corporate strategy, which
defines our activities, is the strengthening of the close
ties to German small and medium sized enterprises,
not only in Germany but also overseas.
DZ BANK Singapore branch has a German/ Corporate
Desk, which acts as a bilingual contact point for
German corporates and their subsidiaries in South
East Asia, and supports Asian companies doing
business with our German clients.
Mr Josef Foit
German / Corporate Desk
: (+65) 6438 3764
: (+65) 6223 0082
Email: [email protected]
Singapore Branch
50 Raffles Place, # 43-01
Singapore Land Tower,
Singapore 048623
Phone : (+65) 6438 0060
: (+65) 6223 0082
Website : www.dzbank.com
Established in 1907 in Paris, France, ESSEC Business
School is an academic institution of excellence
characterised by its pioneering spirit throughout its
history. A centennial institution with a partnership
network of companies and academic institutions
across the globe, ESSEC focuses its strategic
development on three principles: innovation,
involvement and internationalisation.
Headquartered in Singapore since 2005, ESSEC’s
operations in the Asia-Pacific region present the
perfect foothold for ESSEC to be part of the region’s
vibrant growth. ESSEC Asia-Pacific offers high level
programmes with Asian insights and perspectives
and is expanding its activities in the region,
complemented by the opening of a 6,500m² campus
at one-North Business Park in 2015.
Discover the ESSEC Executive MBA Asia-Pacific
This century has been touted by many experts as the
“Asian Century”. The message is that much of the
growth in the world will come from Asia, which heralds
much positivism but along with it, challenges.
Leveraging on over 20 years of experience in
managing Executive MBA programmes, ESSEC has
designed the ESSEC EMBA Asia-Pacific to address
the ever-changing demands on senior management
operating in Asia.
Programme Highlights
• An innovative curriculum incorporating Big Data and
Mass Targeting, Value-creating Innovation, Business
Negotiations in Asia and Digital Branding
• An inclusive approach with a strong focus on
actionable learning and tactical frameworks
applicable back in the workplace
• An international outlook with a pan-Asian core,
providing access to an influential network of 46,000
alumni across 65 capital cities
• Programme will be delivered in Singapore over
the course of 15 months with residencies in China
and USA
ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific
100 Victoria Street, # 13-02,
National Library Building,
Singapore 188064
Phone : (+65) 6413 9715
Email : [email protected]
Website: www.emba-asia.essec.edu
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Through our numerous market researches with
companies in the region, ESSEC Asia-Pacific found
that companies suffer from a shortage of talent
across all fronts as there is a growing need for
developing business leaders who are entrenched in
Asian cultures and values in business management,
and at the same time possess an astute global
outlook. This challenge/shortage can in fact be
overcome through the provision of proper training of
executives. This includes understanding the latest
developments in sophisticated technologies, being
acquainted with the new drivers of business and
developing global strategies.
ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Ed Zublin AG ranks among the largest German
Building Structural and Civil Engineering Contractors
with offices and associated companies throughout
Germany and abroad. The company is active
in all fields of construction, such as tunnels,
habours, dams, bridges, industrial buildings, sewer
treatment plants etc.
Ed Zublin AG, Singapore Branch was established
in June 1997. Its main activities to date include the
construction of Northeast Line MRT Contract 706,
Bored Tunnels and Shafts for Contract T-06 Queensway
Tunnel of the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS),
construction of the (DTSS) Upper Thomson Link
Sewers and Submarine Gas Transmission Pipeline.
Zublin currently has several ongoing projects that
include the construction of sewers in Jurong East
and Jurong West Areas as well as Jurong Eastern
Catchment Package A2 and B. In addition to that,
Zublin is engaged with the Design and Construction of
Underpass for Bukit Panjang Station Contract C9057.
In order to maintain competitiveness in a high standard
environment like the Singapore Construction Industry,
and to show our great emphasis in providing our clients
with high quality services, the achievement of the
ISO 9001:2000 certificate is timely. This achievement
marks another milestone in the successful history of
Zublin in Singapore after having achieved the ISO
9001:1994 certificate in June 1999. We thank all our
clients and business partners for their continued
support and we also like to thank our staff for their
outstanding performance and high commitment to
achieving this certification.
Singapore Branch
47 Scotts Road #17-02 Goldbell Towers
Singapore 228233
Phone : (+65) 6339 0436
: (+65) 6339 0460
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.zublin.com.sg
47 Scotts Road #17-02 Goldbell Towers
Singapore 228233
Tel: (65) 6339 0436 Fax: (65) 6339 0460
Email: [email protected] Website: www.zublin.com.sg
Member of STRABAG Group
Evonik (SEA) Pte Ltd
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Evonik Industries AG, the creative industrial group
from Germany, is one of the world leaders in specialty
chemicals and active in over 100 countries. Our
activities focus on the key megatrends health and
nutrition, resource efficiency and globalization.
We offer products, technologies, and solutions to
genuinely create added value for our customers. With
the knowledge, passion and imagination of our 33,000
employees we address the issues of tomorrow.
Since our beginning, the creative minds of our
employees were the key to our success. And Evonik
can look back on a colorful history. The historic roots
of Evonik and its preceding companies – among
them famous names like Degussa AG, Hüls AG,
Goldschmidt AG, Röhm GmbH, and Stockhausen
GmbH – date back to the first half of the 19th century
and have proven a long track record in the chemical
industry. Over the years, our activities started to shift
to specialty chemicals creating ideas which offer
maximum benefit to customers and society.
Evonik in Singapore
In Singapore, Evonik has been active for more than
thirty years starting off with importing a broad range
of products and later with productive engagement.
Today, Singapore is home to the headquarters of
Evonik’s South East Asia, Australia & New Zealand
Region. Supplying and producing locally, we are
constantly stepping up our presence to strengthen
the competitiveness of our customers through
technological services.
Core activities in the region include among others feed
additives, lubricant additives, hydrogen peroxide,
precipitated and fumed silica, acrylic resins, personal
and household care additives, coating additives,
performance and specialty monomers, molding
compounds, and high performance polymers.
Our manufacturing activities in Singapore center
on Evonik Oil Additives - a leading global supplier
of high performance VISCOPLEX® lubricant
additives and VISCOBASE® synthetic base fluids
for use in automotive and industrial lubricants. A
new manufacturing complex for the amino acid DLmethionine, an essential amino acid for healthy and
sustainable animal nutrition, will come on stream later
this year.
Evonik (SEA) Pte Ltd
3 International Business Park #07-18
Nordic European Centre Singapore 609927
Phone : (+65) 6809 6666
: (+65) 6809 6866
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.evonik.com
Feinmetall Singapore Pte Ltd
The rapid development in semiconductor technology
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
is a major challenge for all companies that are active
in this segment.
FEINMETALL today assumes a leading technologies
position in the contacting of wafers. The vertical probe
cards, offered under ViProbe brand name are among
the leading products in the market.
Feinmetall Singapore Pte Ltd
35 , Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 3,
#03-03 , Singapore 739257
Phone : (+65) 3152 9103
: (+65) 3152 9108
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.feinmetall.de
Frasers Hospitality Pte Ltd
Fraser Place Fusionopolis, Singapore
Modena by Fraser; the second-tier serviced
residences for ‘road warriors’ and Capri by Fraser
hotel residences, which caters to the ‘always-on’
International Gold-Standards
Frasers Hospitality Pte Ltd (Frasers), a member of
Frasers Centrepoint Limited, is a global leader in
premier serviced residences that constantly strives
to provide excellent service and innovation to meet
the evolving needs of the corporate traveler. Since its
inception in 1998, Frasers has been growing rapidly
from an initial 412 residences in Singapore to more
than 16,350 residences worldwide.
A visionary company, Frasers has 92 properties,
including those in the pipeline. In 49 key gateway
cities in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North Asia.
Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific and Australia by 2017
through its branded lifestyle offerings, which include
Frasers Gold-Standard luxury serviced residences
(Fraser Suites, Fraser Place and Fraser Residence),
With numerous awards adding to its achievements,
Frasers continues to make its mark on the international
hospitality scene with its strong vision for growth and
exceptional service offerings.
Frasers Hospitality Pte Ltd
491B River Valley Road,
#14-04 Valley Point,
Singapore 248373
Central Reservations Singapore: +65 62 700 800
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.frasershospitality.com
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Fraser Place Robertson Walk, Singapore
Frasers’ intrinsic understanding of the importance
of quality service and the unique needs of business
executives is reflected in the number of industry
accolades it has garnered to date, which most recently
include the World’s Leading Serviced Apartment
Brand by World Travel Awards, Corporate Housing
Provider of the Year by Asian Expatriate Management
and Mobility Awards, Best Serviced Apartment
Group by Business Traveller Middle East, and Best
Serviced Apartment Brand of China by China Hotel
Starlight Awards.
Heraeus Materials Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Assembly Materials
Pioneer Crescent
Thin Film Materials
Medical Components
Bonding Wires
Ang Mo Kio
Worldwide Competence in
Precious Metals and Special Materials
Make the most of our Precious Metals and Special Materials Expertise
Heraeus, the precious metals and technology group
headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a global, private
company with more than 160 years of tradition. Its fields
of competence include precious metals, materials
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
and technologies, sensors, biomaterials, medical and
pharmaceutical products as well as quartz glass, and
specialty light sources.
patent applications. Over 550 R&D employees in 25
development centers around the world are producing
the innovations that are the hallmark of our company.
With more than 13,600 employees in over 120
subsidiaries worldwide, Heraeus holds a leading
position in its global markets.
for all stages of precious metals extraction, refining,
and distribution.
Singapore has been a main hub and production
location for Heraeus. With the recent expansion in
production and R&D capacity in the North and West
Currently, Heraeus holds over 5,300 patents and
range of their portfolios of high technology produces
Materials Technology belong to the largest business
segments of the Heraeus group and are global leaders
in the business of precious metals and special metals
for industrial use. They have production and sales in
Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia with the full
of Singapore, Heraeus strengthens its commitment to
customers in South East Asia.
Heraeus will continue to stand for existing innovations,
responsibility and commitment. Our strategic goal
– sound and sustainable profitable growth – is a
major undertaking; we will continue to pursue it with
confidence and entrepreneurial vigor.
Heraeus Materials Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Block 5002, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5
#04-12 TechPlace II
Singapore 569871
Phone : (+65) 6571 7888
Email :[email protected]
make the world go round
Landesbank Baden-Württemberg
LBBW is one of Germany’s largest banking group.
With our worldwide network of Branches, Representative Offices and German Centres, LBBW is the
ideal partner especially for small and medium-sized
enterprises as well as multinational corporations in
shaping their future.
LBBW Singapore Branch, together with our Seoul
Branch and Representative Offices in China, India,
Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam, offers crucial support
Mr Reinhard Pasch
Head of German Desk and
Transaction Banking Asia
finance, foreign exchange, and other capital market
Phone : (+65) 6562 9298
: (+65) 6562 9249
Email : [email protected]
to our clients in Asia such as banking facilities, trade
transactions. We also assist in startup operations
and developing financial strategies for the region.
Remittance services are now made easy with our
internet banking “[email protected]”.
As a universal bank with strong regional roots,
dedication, we are able to assist the German
customers in exploring Asia’s long-term growth
potential. We empower our customers to become
successful or stay successful with our excellent
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
banking solutions.
Mr Hartmut Dongus
Vice President, German Desk and
Transaction Banking Asia
Phone : (+65) 6562 9252
: (+65) 6562 9249
Email : [email protected]
Mr Ingmar Burgardt
General Manager Asia
Phone : (+65) 6562 7722
: (+65) 6562 7727
Email : [email protected]
Landesbank Baden-Württemberg
25 International Business Park
#01-72 German Centre
Singapore 609916
Montblanc Meisterstück pen
Inventor: Simplo Füllfedergesellschaft
Germany, 1924
Partnership. Made in Germany.
More than just a signature.
Market expertise, sophisticated products and services and a
dedicated team of experienced professionals – that is exactly what
German companies find in LBBW’s Singapore Branch. We are
committed to the highest client satisfaction and it is the long-term
Landesbank Baden-Württemberg
relationship we focus on. Discover the benefits of partnering up
with LBBW Singapore Branch. Please call +65 6562 9339 or visit us
at www.LBBWsg.com
Luther LLP
Luther in Singapore
With total staff strength of about 70, Luther is by
far the largest German law firm in Singapore. 16
lawyers cover the whole range of corporate and
commercial legal work as well as the structuring of
investments within South and South East Asia. Luther
provides legal and tax advice in all areas relevant to
companies, investors and the public sector. Knowledge
of the market in which our clients are active is a
prerequisite for providing successful advice.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Luther in Germany
With 350 attorneys Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft
mbH is one of the top addresses among German
commercial law firms. Luther provides legal and tax
advice in all areas of commercial law. We focus on
providing efficient and farsighted advice which leads
to the desired commercial results. This, together
with the sensible allocation of time and personnel
resources, provides the basis for our innovative
advice. The German offices are located in Germany’s
major business centres. Additionally, Luther
has offices in key European and Asian markets:
Brussels, Budapest, London, Luxemburg, Shanghai
and Singapore.
Luther in Asia
Singapore is hub and regional headquarter for many
German and European companies in Asia-Pacific and
Luther supports global players as well as companies
of Germany’s dynamic Mittelstand with their regional
projects in Asia and advises Asian clients on
their investments in Germany and Europe. With our
Luther offices in Singapore and Shanghai we are
present at two of the most important business centres
in the region. Through our longstanding relation-ships
with our regional partners our network has expanded
from Australia and New Zealand to countries such
as Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the
Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and India.
One Stop Concept
The law firm Luther LLP is comple-mented by the
services of Luther Corporate Services with offices
in Singapore and Malaysia. Our accountants´ and
tax consultants offer all services which our clients
expect of a one stop concept: accounting, payroll
services, tax compliance, outsourced administration. This is complemented by a corporate secretarial
service team.
Our legal services:
•Business establishment and start-up advice
•Commercial and contract law
•Corporate restructurings
•Tax structuring, Tax advice
• Due diligence and transaction support
• Employment matters
• Immigration and work permit matters
• Foreign direct investment
• International trade and distribution
• Joint ventures
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Outsourcing and reorganisation
• Private equity, venture capital
Our corporate services:
•Corporate secretarial services
•Provision of nominee director, shareholder and agent
•Provision of registered office
•Book keeping
•Preparation and submission of annual accounts
•Tax compliance (corporate and individual)
•Financial reporting
Luther LLP
4 Battery Road
#25-01 Bank of China Building
Singapore 049908
Phone : (+65) 6408 8000
: (+65) 6408 8001
Email : [email protected]
Website: www.luther-lawfirm.com
Luther Corporate Services Pte Ltd
25 International Business Park
#02-78/79 German Centre
Singapore 609916
Phone : (+65) 6408 8000
: (+65) 6408 8001
Email : [email protected]
Website: www.luther-services.com
*For the contacts of our other offices.
Please visit our websites.
Asia in Focus.
Our legal services
Singapore – Luther LLP
4 Battery Road, #25-01 Bank of China Building
ƒ Business establishment and start-up advice
Singapore 049908
ƒ Business Succession and Private Clients
[email protected]
ƒ Commercial and distribution law
ƒ Corporate Law / Merger & Acquisition
Singapore – Luther Corporate Services Pte Ltd
ƒ Due diligence and transaction support
25 International Business Park, #02-78/79 German Centre
ƒ Employment law
Singapore 609916
ƒ Joint Ventures
[email protected]
ƒ Private equity, venture capital
ƒ Protection of intellectual property
China – Luther Attorneys
ƒ Tax structuring, tax advice
2/F AZIA Center, 1233 Lujiazui Ring Road
Shanghai Pudong New Area, Shanghai
邮政编码 200120
[email protected]
Our corporate services
Malaysia – Luther Corporate Services Sdn Bhd
Peti #11, Level 4, East Block, Wisma Selangor Dredging,
142B, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
ƒ Accounting & Financial Reporting
[email protected]
ƒ Business establishment
ƒ Cash, fund & payment administration
India – Luther Corporate Services Pvt Ltd
ƒ Company Secretarial Services
German Centre, Building No. 9, Tower B, Level 12,
ƒ Dissolution, deregistration
DLF Cyber City Phase III, Gurgaon - 122 002, Haryana, India
ƒ Human resources & payroll administration
[email protected]
ƒ Immigration and work permit matters
ƒ Individual and corporate tax compliance
Myanmar – Luther Corporate Services Limited
Myawaddy Bank Complex, 4th floor, Apartment 401
Bo Gyoke Road cnr. Wa Dan Street
Lanmadaw Township, Yangon, Myanmar
[email protected]
Berlin, Cologne, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt a. M., Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart
Brussels, Budapest, Gurgaon Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, London, Luxembourg, Yangon, Shanghai, Singapore
Living Innovation
Merck in Singapore
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Every year, Merck invests more than EUR 1 billion
in innovations, so that our work will benefit as many
people as possible. Our aim is to address the needs
of society while creating the foundation for future
business success. This is the only way for us to meet
our aspirations of commanding long-term leadership
positions in the pharmaceutical, chemical and lifescience sectors. We have full confidence in our
employees, whose daily work and creativity are the
drivers of our research and development activities.
By acquiring companies and entering into
partnerships and strategic alliances across industry
and geographic boundaries, we are creating the
best environment to continually expand our research
capacities and our expertise.
The Asia Pacific (APAC) region has emerged as one
of the prominent centres of global economic growth,
driven by growing population, rising middle class
income, enabling government policies and focus on
education and urbanisation. The natural consequence
of such a scenario is an enhanced demand for
advanced and affordable solutions and products
across all sectors. In APAC, Merck has a strong
presence in almost all countries, where around 8,000
employees are delivering our innovations directly to
the people and our business partners.
At Merck, we run our operating business in four
divisions: Merck Serono, Consumer Health, Merck
Millipore and Performance Materials. The Merck
Serono division markets prescription medicines. It
discovers, develops and manufactures both chemical
and biological molecules. Merck holds strong
positions in neurodegenerative diseases and
oncology. In addition, the division markets fertility
treatments, a field in which Merck is the world market
leader. The Consumer Health division offers over-thecounter products for preventive health care and the
self-treatment of minor ailments. The Chemicals
business sector offers a very wide range of
specialty chemicals to technologically sophisticated
applications. Merck is the global leader in the liquid
crystals market.
Besides the display materials
business, the Performance Materials division focuses
on lighting materials for energy saving OLEDs
(organic LEDs). Pigments for the plastics, printing and
coatings industries as well as for cosmetic
applications are also an important part of the
Performance Materials portfolio. The Merck Millipore
division offers products for life research such as
assays, biomarkers and target solutions, as well as
bioprocessing, lab water purification and filtration. In
addition, the division supplies specialty chemicals
mainly to regulated markets, for example the
pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.
Merck in Singapore
Established in 1995, Merck Pte Ltd (Singapore)
is the local sales organization for the Singapore
market. More than 200 employees are handling sales,
marketing, relationship management and logistics
for the Singaporean customers of the four global
divisions. In addition, regional management for
Merck Serono, Merck Millipore, Consumer Health
and Supporting Functions is operating out of the
Singapore office which is located in International
Business Park.
MTU Asia Pte Ltd
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
MTU Asia Pte. Ltd. (formerly Tognum Asia Pte. Ltd.) is
the home of our power brands MTU and MTU Onsite
Energy in Asia-Pacific.
MTU Asia supports all MTU and MTU Onsite
Energy products and services in over 30 countries
in the Asia-Pacific region. Our core operations cover
the areas of application engineering, sales and
marketing, communications and other essential
corporate functions.
MTU is one of the world’s leading manufacturers
of large diesel engines and complete propulsion
systems. Our product range is among the widest
and most modern in the sector. We cover diesel
engines as well as complete propulsion systems
for ships, for construction, industry and mining,
agricultural, rail and military vehicles, and for the oil
and gas industry.
MTU Onsite Energy
MTU Onsite Energy offers complete power system
solutions: from mission critical to standby power to
continuous power, heating and cooling.
A Century of Powering Our Customers’
Greatest Ambitions
For more than 100 years, we have developed the
world’s most precision-engineered engines and
propulsion systems. We powered the world’s largest
trucks, the biggest yachts, the fastest high-speed
trains, the largest stadiums and the tallest
skyscrapers. Our customers trust our power systems
to operate in some of the most extreme and
challenging environments.
We are the power behind what is possible, we are the
power behind our customers’ greatest ambitions.
MTU Asia Pte Ltd
1 Benoi Place
Singapore 629923
Phone : (+65) 6861 5922
: (+65) 6862 2871
Website: www.mtu-online.com
MTU Asia Pte. Ltd.
Your Strong Partner
MTU Asia is among the world leading suppliers
or engines as well as propulsion and onsite
energy systems. As one of the technology
leaders we offer holistic and individual product
solutions to our customers around the globeseconomic, reliable and powerful.
For more information please visit:
Robert Bosch (South East Asia) Pte Ltd
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Bosch is a leading global supplier of technology
and services. In the areas of automotive and
industrial technology, consumer goods and building
technology, some 4,500 associates generated sales
of SGD 1.05 billion in Southeast Asia in fiscal 2013.
The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH
and its more than 360 subsidiaries and regional
companies in roughly 50 countries. The company
was set up in Stuttgart in 1886 by Robert Bosch
(1861–1942) as “Workshop for Precision Mechanics
and Electrical Engineering.” The special ownership
structure of Robert Bosch GmbH
the entrepreneurial freedom of the Bosch Group,
making it possible for the company to plan over the
long term and to undertake significant up-front
investments in the safeguarding of its future.
Bosch has been present in Southeast Asia since
1919. Today, its regional presence includes activities
from all four of its business sectors: Automotive
Technology, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods,
and Energy and Building Technology. Established in
1923, the Southeast Asia headquarters in Singapore
is an important location for Bosch in this region,
overseeing business developments across the 10
ASEAN member countries.
In the past decades, Bosch has been strengthening
its presence in Southeast Asia by establishing
new regional subsidiaries, investing in R&D and
promoting green technologies. Bosch is committed
to the region, and will continue to enhance its
global profile and create more business opportunities
to further develop its role as an important technology
player in this part of the world. Bosch will continue
to diversify across regions and sectors in the coming
years. With the slogan “Invented for life”, Bosch
focuses on beneficial products that help increase
energy efficiency, conserve resources and protect
the environment. This fundamental strategy helps
Bosch to achieve sustainable economic success and
a leading market position in all of its activities.
The Southeast Asia headquarters of Bosch in
Singapore is also the Asia Pacific headquarters of
the Automotive Aftermarket and Security Systems
divisions, as well as Bosch Software Innovations.
Bosch also set up its Asia Pacific headquarters for
Corporate Research and Advance Engineering in
Singapore, studying trends and market opportunities
in the region to identify local technology trends and
strategic research opportunities.
Robert Bosch (South East Asia) Pte Ltd
11 Bishan Street 21
Singapore 573943
Tel : +65 6258 5511
Fax : +65 6258 4671
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.bosch.com.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BoschSingapore
The Bosch mindset:
There‘s only
one kind of
technology we
call advanced –
the kind that
benefits people.
As an international leader in technology and services, Bosch is committed to improving quality
of life. That is what Bosch employs more than 281,000 people to do, why it invests some 7.5
billion SGD annually in research and development, and why it applies for nearly 5,000 patents
per year. The resulting innovative Bosch products and solutions have one thing in common:
they make people’s lives a little better each day.
More information at: www.bosch.com.sg
Siemens Pte Ltd
Siemens is responsible for many of Singapore’s key
infrastructure projects, and our innovations permeate
every aspect of Singapore’s economy. On the power
front, one third of Singapore’s power plants are built
by Siemens. In the area of healthcare, the company
provides hospitals and clinical laboratories with
the latest in diagnostic technology. Our MRT trains,
traction systems and fire safety solutions provide safe
and reliable transport for thousands of commuters,
while our gate management system supports our
airport operations. In addition, Siemens automation
systems are deployed for the state-of-the-art Deep
Tunnel Sewerage System, and our industrial solutions
ensure that our ports and critical public infrastructure
run optimally.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Siemens in Singapore
Siemens is a global powerhouse in electronics and
electrical engineering, operating in the industry,
energy, healthcare and infrastructure & cities sectors.
In 1908, the company established a Technical
Bureau in Singapore as a sales office of the Londonbased Siemens Brothers Dynamo Works Limited,
to search for new business opportunities in the then
flourishing British colony. More than 100 years on,
Siemens has grown with Singapore, and has helped
to develop the Lion City into the modern, economic
powerhouse it is today.
At present, Siemens has five companies, employs
more than 2,000 people, and is one of the largest
European companies in Singapore. In fiscal 2013
(October 1, 2012 – September 30, 2013), sales to
customers amounted to EUR 459 million. New orders
totaled EUR 365 million.
Siemens is an active member of the community in
Singapore. Since 2003, Siemens has been a steadfast
supporter of the President’s Challenge. Most recently
in 2013, we raised more than S$215,000 for the
President’s Challenge through a series of internal
activities, including a charity golf tournament. In
addition, Siemens has an employee volunteerism
program – Siemens Caring Hands, in which every
employee is given a working day off to engage in
community services.
Siemens Group of Companies in Singapore
• Siemens Pte Ltd
• Siemens Industry Software Pte Ltd
• Siemens Medical Instruments Pte Ltd
• Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics Pte Ltd
• Siemens Rail Automation Pte Ltd
Siemens Pte Ltd
The Siemens Center
60 Macpherson Road
Singapore 348615
Phone : (+65) 6490 6000
: (+65) 6490 6001
Website: www.siemens.com.sg
We innovate to advance
human health.
Siemens answers are improving lives with advancements
therapy, and
and healthcare
healthcare IT.
in imaging and lab diagnostics, therapy,
The desire for happiness is shared by every human being
on earth. And because the potential for a happy life
depends on good health, Siemens constantly innovates
to advance human health. We’re helping hospitals
operate more efficiently, enabling clinicians to make
more informed medical decisions for over 195,000
patients every hour. We’re improving 83 million lives
alone, every year, fighting the world’s six deadliest
diseases. We’re in booming cities and remote villages,
working to extend life for individuals, and enhance
quality of life for all. So that more people can have a life
that is longer, richer, and more filled with happiness.
Answers for life.
TÜV SÜD Group, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is a leading international technical service provider of testing, certification,
auditing, inspection, training and consulting.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
TÜV SÜD’s history dates back to the mid 19th
century, a time when heavy steam boiler explosions
caused fatalities and severe damage TÜV SÜD
was established to protect people, environment
and property against the possible adverse effects
of technology. Our technical services provided the
confidence to use this technology safely.
Today, more than 150 years later, TÜV SÜD remains
true to its founding principle by supporting our
customers to overcome the quality and safety
challenges of innovative technologies. We have since
developed ourselves to be a leading international
technical service provider. We partner clients with
testing, certification, auditing, inspection, training
and consulting services that deliver tangible
economic benefits throughout their entire value
chain, from design to recycling. Our services span
a wide range of industries including automotive,
medical devices, electrical and electronics,
building and construction, consumer products
and chemicals.
Headquartered in Munich, Germany, TÜV SÜD is
represented internationally by 20,200 employees
in more than 800 locations. With a wide network
of laboratories and expertise, our clients benefit
from TÜV SÜD’s one-stop interdisciplinary solutions
and international accreditations, enabling fast,
efficient access to global markets for their products
and systems.
Our presence in Singapore
TÜV SÜD is represented in Southeast Asia by TÜV
SÜD ASEAN with its headquarters in Singapore.
Employing more than 760 staff across Singapore,
Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia
and the Philippines, TÜV SÜD PSB is a one-stop
integrated solution provider with more than forty
years of experience in testing, inspection, auditing
and certification.
1 Science Park Drive
Singapore 118221
Phone : (+65) 6778 7777
: (+65) 6779 7088
Website: www.tuv-sud-psb.sg
TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
3 Science Park Drive
#04-01 The Franklin
Singapore 118223
Phone : (+65) 6427 4700
: (+65) 6872 4948
Website: www.tuv-sud.com
Enabling tomorrow’s
innovations today
As the leading provider of impartial and independent certification,
inspection, testing, auditing and training solutions, TÜV SÜD is
dedicated to adding tangible value to businesses, consumers and
the environment. We possess deep domain knowledge and insights
gained from over 150 years of experience. This industry-leading
expertise enables our customers worldwide to achieve quality,
safety and sustainability that make real business sense. Working
in partnership, we can support your development of innovative
technologies that will ensure a greener and safer future for the
world around us.
Choose certainty.
Add value.
TÜV SÜD PSB Pte Ltd 1 Science Park Drive, Singapore 118221
Tel: +65 6778 7777 Fax: +65 6779 7088 www.tuv-sud-psb.sg [email protected]
Wincor Nixdorf Group
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Wincor Nixdorf is one of the world’s leading providers
of IT solutions and services to retail banks and the retail
industry. The company is headquartered in Paderborn,
Germany, and is publicly traded on the Frankfurt
Securities & Stock Exchange. Operating at a global
level, Wincor Nixdorf assists retail banks and retailers
by supplying successful IT solutions designed to
optimize their processes at the interface with
customers. This is all the more important when one
considers that both industries are exposed to intense
competition, forcing them to improve their business
processes continuously. We develop technologies
tailored to our customers’ consumer-facing operations.
In doing so, we are able to capture the essence of
market trends in new methods of interaction while also
pursuing process excellence. We are fully committed
to exceeding the expectations of our national and
international customers through innovative solutions and
highly competitive deployment processes.
Wincor Nixdorf has established a presence in over
130 countries around the globe, with its own
subsidiary companies in 42 of these. Our Asia Pacific
business is controlled and regionally managed from
Singapore, which serve as the regional nerve centre
for the control and coordination of Sales and
Marketing, R&D and Development Engineering,
Supply Chain Management, as well as Software
Development and Professional Consultancy Services.
It also acts as the knowledge centre for retail,
banking and services by supporting the entire Asia
Pacific geography. Wincor Nixdorf Group has a total
workforce of around 9,000 people globally.
Solutions Portfolio and Core Competencies.
Wincor Nixdorf provides IT-based solutions aimed at
efficiently shaping and automating business processes.
We have developed particular expertise in bringing
together advanced solutions comprising of hardware,
software, and services to create a well-balanced,
seamless offering. This provides us with a solid
platform from which to optimize business processes
on behalf of our customers, e.g., with regard to total
cost of ownership. Our portfolio thus encompasses
everything from process consulting and design to the
on-site provision of solutions, as well as the integration
and operation of installed technology.
Wincor Nixdorf as Technology Manufacturer.
Focusing on cash and checkout systems, in particular,
we provide our customers with state-of-the-art
IT hardware and software products as well as services
that meet the very highest standards of quality. The
services are standardized and provided on an individual
project basis.
Wincor Nixdorf as Global Solution Provider.
We develop and configure packaged as well as
tailored software and hardware solutions for our
customers and roll them out in their international
branches and networks. We also support our customers
with standardized IT services that deliver the same
high level of quality whatever the location.
Wincor Nixdorf as Business Transformation Partner.
As a strategic partner, we are closely involved with
our customers’ activities and processes and so can
play a proactive role in shaping the transformation of
their technology using our IT expertise. Our twin focal
points here are productivity and enhancing the end
customer experience. Our software expertise and
Professional Services play a pivotal role in this context.
This type of partnership is a long-term one, resulting
in maximum performance and the closest levels of
trusted collaboration.
For more information, please contact us.
Wincor Nixdorf Pte Ltd
151 Lorong Chuan
New Tech Park #05-01 A/B
Singapore 556741
Phone : (+65) 6747 3828
: (+65) 6747 1577
Website: www.wincor-nixdorf.com
Your Preferred Global Partner
for IT Solutions and Services for
Retail Banks and Retailer
Wincor Nixdorf – Experience meets Vision.
Wincor Nixdorf Pte Ltd
151 Lorong Chuan
New Tech Park #05-01 A/B
Singapore 556741
Phone: +65 6747 3828
Fax: +65 6747 1577
SEB Group
Singapore Branch
SEB is a leading Nordic financial services group with
16,000 employees, total assets amounting to SEK
2,651 billion and assets under management totalling
SEK 1,504 billion.
Rewarding relationships are the cornerstones of the
bank’s business. Ever since the foundation in 1856,
SEB has provided financial services to assist it’s
customers in reaching their financial objectives. The
foundation of SEB´s client activities are trust, active
listening, developing solutions together with the
clients as well as strong and lasting dedication to
professional and pro-active high level services.
According to a recent Bloomberg ranking, SEB is one
of the world’s ten strongest banks.
Mr. Jan Stjernström
General Manager
: (+65) 63501 381
: [email protected]
SEB is serving large corporations and financial
institutions with corporate banking, trading and
capital markets and global transaction services. The
international nature of SEB’s business is reflected in its
presence in some 20 countries worldwide.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
The banks focus in the Asian region is serving
Northern European and German clients. SEB helps
home market companies entering and establishing
operations in Asia as well as Asian companies
expanding operations into Northern Europe and
Germany. SEB has been working with home-market
clients in Asia since 1979. The bank knows the
market and its opportunities. It has a broad footprint
in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and
New Delhi. Close working relationships between the
sites, in Asia and home markets, provide a seamless
experience. With more than 170 employees in the
region we have the knowledge and competence to
meet customer needs.
SEB’s corporate banking services in Singapore:
• Trade and Export Financing
• Commercial Loan Facilities including Working
Capital and Capital Investment Financing in global
and local currencies
• Broad range of Cash Management and Treasury
• With a 24 hour Foreign Exchange network service
we offer a full range of FX products tailored to the
specific client needs.
• We provide a locally based research team covering
the major Asian economies.
Mr. Lars Hagne
Head of Corporate Coverage
: (+65) 63501 384
: [email protected]
Mr. Kai Borchard
Client Executive German clients
: (+65) 63501 387
: [email protected]
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ)
Singapore Branch
50 Collyer Quay #12-03, OUE Bayfront
Singapore, 049321
Phone : (+65) 6223 5644
Website: www.mb.seb.se
Connecting Asia and Europe
understanding, strengthens relationships and facilitates
cooperation among the people, institutions and
organisations of Asia and Europe. ASEF enhances
dialogue, enables exchanges and encourages
collaboration across the thematic areas of culture,
economy, education, governance, public health and
sustainable development.
ASEF is the only permanently established institution
of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), which was
initiated in 1996. The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)
is an intergovernmental forum for dialogue and
cooperation established in 1996 to deepen relations
between Asia and Europe, which addresses political,
economic and socio-cultural issues of common concern.
ASEM brings together 49 member states plus the
European Union and ASEAN.
ASEF in 2014
ASEF has a dynamic agenda in 2014: ASEF is ready
to make its contributions to the upcoming 10th ASEM
Summit in Milan, Italy and the 6th ASEM Culture
Ministers’ Meeting in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Alongside the 10th ASEM Summit, where the Heads
of States and governments from ASEM member
countries will convene, ASEF will be organising a range
of projects including the 7th ASEF Editors’ Roundtable
and Model ASEM 2014.
At the same time, during the Asia-Europe Business
Forum in Milan, ASEF will launch the second edition
of the ASEF Outlook Report. The publication will
offer an analysis of emerging global and regional
challenges associated with sustainable growth and
development. It will be a ready reference for the
governments and civil society representatives as well
as business communities, interested in the state and
evolution of Asia-Europe relations.
ASEF will also participate in the 6th ASEM Culture
Ministers’ Meeting on “Creative Industries for
Society: Talent, Technology and Trade” on 20-21
October in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Closely linked
to the agenda of the Ministerial Meeting, ASEF will
Asia-Europe ENVforum Seminar on Sustainable Development Assessment
Towards Measureable Goals in Singapore (November 2012)
organise an Experts’ Meeting alongside, bringing
together policy makers and practitioners from
creative industries in Asia and Europe.
The 14th Informal ASEM Seminar on Human Rights:
Human Rights and Businesses will be organised by ASEF
on 18-20 November in Hanoi, Viet Nam. With over 125
international representatives participating, this seminar
will address the relationship between corporate
responsibility and human rights protection within the
ASEM framework.
Asia-Europe Economic Forum in Germany
ASEF is part of a consortium of top think tanks in
Asia and Europe, which organises the Asia Europe
Economic Forum (AEEF). Established in 2006, the
AEEF serves as a high-level forum, offering Asian
and European policy experts a platform for in-depth
research-based exchanges on regional, inter-regional
and global issues of mutual interest. In May 2014,
ASEF supported the Asia-Europe Economic Forum on
“Asia and Europe in Times of Global Change” that was
organised in Berlin, Germany.
Ambassador ZHANG Yan
Executive Director
Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
31 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
Singapore 119595
Phone : (+65) 6874 9700
:(+65) 6872 1135
Email : [email protected]
Website: www.asef.org
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Over the years, ASEF has created many useful
networking platforms and directly involved the
general public in its events and activities. ASEF’s
programmes and projects have reached a far wider
audience across its member countries. With its
successful and proven track record, its large pool of
partners and participants and its sustained idealism,
ASEF continues to make itself pertinent to the needs
of the increasingly inter-connected regions of Asia
and Europe.
ASEF Executive Director, Ambassador ZHANG Yan at the 4th Asia-Europe
Meeting of Ministers of Education in Malaysia (May 2013)
Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
DAAD Information Centre Singapore
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the
The DAAD Information Centre Singapore was established
international exchange of students and scholars. Since
(near Outram Park MRT station) for better accessibility.
largest funding organisation in the world supporting the
it was founded in 1925, more than 1.9 million scholars
in Germany and abroad have received DAAD funding. It
is a registered association and its members are German
institutions of higher education and student bodies. Its
activities go far beyond simply awarding grants and
scholarships. The DAAD supports the internationalisation
of German universities, promotes German studies and
the German language abroad, assists developing
countries in establishing effective universities and
in September 2001. In March 2014, we moved to Neil Road
Free and compre-hensive advice on all matters related to
study and research in Germany are provided. We have
compiled a lot of useful information online about:
• Study and Research in Germany
• International Degree Programmes
• Scholarships and Funding Options
• The German Higher Education System
• Summer Courses and much more
advises decision makers on matters of cultural, education
If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to
DAAD maintains contact with and provides advice to its
Director: Claudia Finner (right)
Information Officer: Dinar Rullyarvie
and development policy.
contact us.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
main partner countries on every continent via a network of
15 regional offices and 54 information centres.
In 2013, the DAAD funded more than 112,660 German
and international scholars worldwide. The funding offers
range from a year abroad for undergraduates to doctoral
programmes, from internships to visiting lectureships,
and from information gathering visits to assisting with
the establishment of new universities abroad. Voluntary,
independent selection committees decide on the funding.
The selection committee members are appointed by
the DAAD’s Executive Committee according to certain
international activities of German institutions of higher
education through marketing services, publications, the
staging of events and training courses.
DAAD Information Centre Singapore
c/o Goethe-Institut
136 Neil Road
Singapore 088865
Phone : (+65) 62234226
Email : [email protected]
Website: http://ic.daad.de/singapore/
Further information on studying in Germany
please visit: www.daad.de
The Fraunhofer Project Centre for Interactive Digital
Media (Fraunhofer [email protected]) was launched in June
2010 under the auspices of Nanyang Technological
Europe’s largest institution for applied research. The
Centre is facilitated by the IDM Programme Office and
funded by the National Research Foundation, and is
part of the International Research Centres landscape
in Singapore.
Fraunhofer [email protected] brings industry partners to the
forefront of innovation by providing expertise and stateof-the-art technologies in Visual Computing. In this way,
the Centre envisions transforming the way we learn, live
and work.
The Centre’s research in interactive digital media
technology covers a range of key topics under Visual
Computing. The principal areas of focus are Realtime Rendering, Virtual and Augmented Reality,
Medical Computing, Visual Analytics, Visual Haptics,
Neuroscience and Neuromarketing and HumanComputer Interaction.
The Centre participates also in Fraunhofer’s Morgenstadt: City Insights research project on today´s cities as
future markets for systems innovations towards smart
and sustainable cities.
Fraunhofer [email protected] is the coordinator of the Joint
PhD Programmes between NTU and Technische Universität Darmstadt and Graz University of Technology.
This collaboration promotes and advances international
research and developmental collaborations, and helps
to nurture a new generation of experts in Interactive Digital Media.
Next Generation Human-Machine Interfaces
– recognize emotions and workload
to increase safety in cockpits, control
centres etc.
The Energy Dashboard – energy consumption
at your fingertips.
These enabling technologies developed at Fraunhofer
[email protected] provide added value to various industries
such as tourism and culture, education, aviation, maritime, advertising, medicine, science and engineering,
and many more.
Another highlight is currently the new visual solution
Discover Germany, a one-stop-information point
providing an information-rich, interactive and engaging
visual journey through study, research, culture,
business in Germany on a multi-touch interface. This
has been realised in cooperation with the German
Embassy Singapore.
Fraunhofer [email protected] works closely with Fraunhofer
Institute for Computer Graphics Research (Fraunhofer
IGD, Darmstadt) and NTU.
Discover Germany – get in touch and
explore enormous opportunities.
The Waste Management Visual Cockpit –
interactive infographics for effective waste
collection and disposal.
Augmented Anatomy – enhanced learning,
by blending real with virtual, for students
of the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
(NTU and Imperial College London).
Molecular Motors - an interactive educational
tool for molecular biological processes
Assoc. Prof. Dr Wolfgang Müller-Wittig
Fraunhofer [email protected]
Nanyang Technological University
NS 1, Level 5,
50 Nanyang Avenue,
Singapore 639798
Phone : (+65) 6592 2668
: (+65) 6792 8123
Email : [email protected]
Website: www.fraunhofer.sg
Linkedin: www.linkedin /company/FraunhoferSG
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
In particular, in a world of information overload, it
becomes increasingly important to present big data in
a comprehensive way. Tailored Visual Analytics
Cockpits with meaningful visuals on intuitive user
interfaces help to explore and to better understand
complex data spaces and its interrelationships
addressing operators as well as managers. The
Energy Dashboard, jointly developed with NTU’s
Energy Research Institute ([email protected]) is such an example;
here, sensor data collected from various buildings is
translated into concise graphical representations for
monitoring energy consumption, further evaluation and
decision making.
Fraunhofer IDM @ NTU
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) was founded in 1925 as a
political legacy of Germany´s first democratically elected
president, Friedrich Ebert. Presently, the Friedrich-EbertStiftung maintains representations in more than 100
countries worldwide.
Since the beginning of the foundation’s work in Asia
nearly 50 years ago, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung has focused
on promoting democracy and strengthening the social
dimension of economic development. Furthermore, FES
has promoted international dialogue within Asia as well as
between Asia and Europe for many years.
The FES Office for Regional Cooperation in Asia, based
in Singapore, aims at promoting Social Justice in Asia.
Key topics are the strengthening of an (inter-)regional
dialogue on social justice, promoting a progressive
discourse on social protection, identifying future-oriented
solutions for decent work in Asia as well promoting the
social dimension of regional integration processes in
ASEAN and SAARC. FES conducts dialogue programmes,
international and regional conferences, expert workshops
and regular research in countries all over Asia.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
In its projects FES cooperates with government
institutions, trade unions, political parties, NGOs, media
and scientific institutions, as well as international and
regional organisations.
Examples of our recent activities:
Enhancing Socio-Economic Welfare of Labour
Migrants – Good Practices from Asia and Europe
(Official side event at the 26th Session of the UN
Human Rights Council)
Geneva/Switzerland I 10 June 2014
As more than two thirds of all international labour
migrants live in Asia and Europe, there is consensus
among experts that inter-regional collaboration on labour
migration is needed, and that current migration policies
in Asia and Europe need to be improved to enhance
the socio-economic welfare of migrant workers. Latest
research indicates that due to the lack of institutional
and legal frameworks as well as protection mechanism
better management and coordination of migratory flows is
required. Migrant workers are among the most exploited
workforce during both their recruitment and subsequent
employment processes.
Against this background, FES and the Asia-Europe
Foundation (ASEF) have embarked on a programme
on migration policies in Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)
member countries, focussing on how to best improve
the socio-economic welfare of migrant workers. The side
event at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva brought
together experts in the field of labour migration to discuss
essential policies in both regions in support of fair and
equitable migration systems.
5th Regional Tripartite Social Dialogue Conference
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei I 16-17 June 2014
The ASEAN Community 2015 will further deepen the
regional integration between ASEAN member states.
While businesses await the advantages of a common
market, the ASEAN Services Employees Trade Unions
Council (ASETUC) is committed to protect and strengthen
workers’ rights throughout this integration process.
Therefore ASETUC established a tripartite regional
dialogue platform for the service sector including
employers, employees, and governments of the ten
ASEAN member states.
Supported by FES, the 5th Regional Tripartite Social
Dialogue conference was held in Brunei Darussalam
hosted by the Department of Labour of Brunei Darussalam.
The Conference discussed how tripartite partners in
ASEAN can work together to improve work and safety at
the workplaces. Over 70 representatives from ASETUC
affiliated trade unions, the ASEAN Employers Federations,
as well as delegates from the ASEAN governments for
Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) exchanged good
practices and discussed ways to further and closer
cooperation between governments and social partners.
The joint communiqué of the conference reaffirmed the
principles of OSH as a basic human right and an integral
part of the Decent Work Agenda.
Office for Regional Cooperation in Asia
7500A Beach Road
#12-320/321/322 The Plaza
Singapore 199591
Phone : (+65) 6297 6760
: (+65) 6297 6762
Email : [email protected]
Website: www.fes-asia.org
The German Association – Deutsches Haus in
Singapore looks back on more than 150 years of
history, albeit with extensive interruptions due to the
two World Wars, starting with the “Teutonia Club”
founded in 1856, nine years before the Tanglin
Club was opened and only 37 years after Stamford
Raffles founded modern Singapore.
Its first address was in North Bridge Road. After
many years at Blanche House – the site of the present
York Hotel – a grand new building, the present
Goodwood Park Hotel, was inaugurated in 1900.
When World War I broke out in 1914, the property was
confiscated by the then British colonial Government
of Singapore and all Germans were interned in
Australia. Just before World War II broke out, a new
Deutsches Haus was opened in Shelford Road which
again was confiscated when the war broke out and
all Germans were this time around interned in
Dehradun at the foothills of the Himalaya. Both times
the German community lost all possessions then.
Special events are also organised at other locations,
among them an “After-Work-Treff” at various
restaurants, the very successful annual ‘Spargelessen’
[Asparagus Dinner], visits to the Tiger Brewery and
an “Afternoon at the Races”. Other events include
sightseeing and nature tours as well as museum visits
within Singapore, monthly golf and fortnightly bowling
tournaments. Together with the German European
School Singapore, the Association organises an annual
Charity Christmas Bazaar. Members are entitled to
free use of the library of the German European School
Singapore and benefit from discounts at various
restaurants and shops.
The magazine is endorsed by the Austrian, German
and Swiss Embassies. Complimentary copies of
IMPULSE – The Magazine of the German-speaking
Community in Singapore are sent to expatriate and
local households, service apartments, hotels, clubs
and other organisations servicing expatriates as well
as selected airlines.
Editor-in-chief: Dr. Petra Bracht
([email protected] )
Advertising : [email protected]
: www.impulse.org.sg 1
[September 2014]
The Magazine for the German-speaking Community in Singapore
Hinter den Kulissen
der Formel 1
Tipps für „Newcomer”
Our Club House, 61A Toh Tuck Road
IMPULSE September 2014
German Association – Deutsches Haus
61A Toh Tuck Road
Singapore 596300
Office hours Monday – Friday 09:30 – 12:30
:(+65) 6467 8802
:(+65) 6467 8816
[email protected]
Committee Members:
Dieter Gumpert (President);
Maren Schlichting-Nagel (Vice-President);
Charlotte Riechers (Hon. Secretary),
Benedikt Machens (Hon. Treasurer) and
Committee Members Brigitte Koppelmann, Pia Machens,
Gabriele Scholz, and Christian Nagel,
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Eventually, the ‘Vereinigung Deutsches Haus’, now
called “German Association – Deutsches Haus”
was established in 1955 with a Club House at 12,
First Avenue owned by the German Government.
This remained the focal point of the community until
2000 when new residential zoning laws resulted in
its closure. Many members then joined the Swiss Club
under a special arrangement. In 2003, the Club was
revived with a “Treffpunkt” (meeting place), first at
36 Watten Rise and now at 61A Toh Tuck Road,
where meetings, workshops, talks and language
classes take place. Games like Mahjong, Skat and
Doppelkopf are played at the Club House or at
other venues. Classes in Yoga and Pilates are held.
Members of the Association meet regularly every
Wednesday between 10.00 and 12.30 to welcome
German-speaking newcomers to Singapore. A
“Zwergentreff” [a playgroup for toddlers] takes place
at the same time.
The German Association is the publisher of
IMPULSE, the informative magazine for the Germanspeaking community in Singapore. With a monthly
circulation of approx. 3,500 copies, it provides upto-date information on cultural and social events in
Singapore as well as on tourist destinations in the
country and region. Furthermore, it serves as a platform
for sharing information with the German-speaking
social and business communities, comprising more
than 10,000 expatriates.
German Association —
Deutsches Haus in Singapore
German European School Singapore (GESS)
Learning, Living, Giving
Learning to live and give
Dedicated and caring international faculty members
encourage students to develop their strengths. GESS
believes “learning to live and to give” to be crucial
in supporting and nurturing the students to become
balanced, responsible and informed world citizens.
All students participate in various social projects and
activities, such as community service, environmental
days and collaboration with Singaporean charity
organizations. The highlight for the students is a trip
to the Indian state Kerala in grade 10 during which
the entire class gets involved in different social and
development projects on site.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
GESS (German European School Singapore) is a
multi-lingual, international school in Singapore with
a distinct European flavour. With two green campus
locations, GESS provides international education to
1,500 students of more than 50 nationalities from preschool to grade 12. Since its foundation in 1971, the
school has evolved into a school with two sections:
as an authorised IB World School, our European
Section offers education for students from 3 years old
to high school across all three IB programmes, the
PYP, the MYP and the IB Diploma. As an accredited
‘Excellent German School Abroad’, the German
Section of GESS offers all major German school leaving
certificates. Unlike the many proprietary schools in
Singapore, GESS is a not-for-profit organisation which
is governed by elected parents. It is accredited by
the Council of International Schools.
Focus on languages and mother tongues
One of GESS’ core strengths is language acquisition.
The European Section supports multiple languages
with a high proportion of students being bi- or even
trilingual. German, French, Spanish and Mandarin
are all delivered within the regular curriculum and
integrated mother tongue programmes in Dutch and
Danish were implemented with great success several
years ago.
German European School
Main Campus
72 Bukit Tinggi Road
Singapore 289760
Phone : (+65) 6469 1131
Junior School Campus
300 Jalan Jurong Kechil
598668 Singapore
Phone : (+65) 6461 0802
Email : [email protected]
Website: www.gess.sg
Founded in 1868 by King Ludwig II, Technische Universität
München (TUM) has long established itself as a premier
institute of higher learning in Germany. Ranked as Germany’s
number 1 university in the 2011, 2012 & 2013 Shanghai
Ranking (ARWU), & among the “Top 50 Universities”* in the
world, TUM’s dedication has maintained its reputation of
being a provider of excellent academic education. Currently,
TUM boasts of 13 faculties with more than 35,000 students
(about 20 percent come from abroad), 501 professors and
around 9,900 staff.
*Ranked by 2013 Shanghai Rankings (Academic Ranking of World Universities)
Asian in location, German in execution
As the first German academic venture abroad, TUM Asia
opened its doors in Singapore in 2002. Though situated in
an Asian country, the academic model employed by TUM
Asia is nevertheless German in its roots, with an emphasis
on industry readiness and innovation. Having celebrated
its 10th year anniversary in 2012, TUM Asia has seen more
than 500 graduates come through its programmes, including
graduates from various countries in Asia and Europe such
as China, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria,
France, Germany, Poland etc.
TUM Asia currently offers 5 Master of Science programmes,
MSc in Industrial Chemistry; MSc in Integrated Circuit Design;
MSc in Green Electronics; MSc in Aerospace Engineering;
and MSc in Transport and Logistics. The former four
programmes are run jointly with either National University of
Singapore (NUS) or Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
– two of Asia’s top universities, and the latter programme is
a pure TUM programme. Lecturers and professors hail from
as far away as Germany and their wealth of knowledge from
the various fields provides a spectrum of experience for the
students to glean from.
TUM CREATE, a research initiative by TUM Asia, was
incepted in June 2010 to propagate research programmes
where scientists and researchers from both Germany and
Singapore can utilize their expertise and work together for the
advancement of science and technology. With the research
agreement in TUM CREATE Centre for Electromobility in
Megacities sealed between TUM Asia and National Research
Foundation of Singapore (NRF), the research programme
will focus on developing innovative systems that incorporate
safety and reliability with functionality and energy efficiency
in electric vehicles.
German Institute Of Science & Technology –
TUM Asia Pte Ltd
10 Central Exchange Green, Pixel Building,
#03-01/02, Singapore 138649
Phone :(+65) 6777 7407
:(+65) 6777 7236
Email : [email protected]
Website: www.tum-asia.edu.sg
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
TUM’s high regard for innovation has earned itself the
reputation of being an institute that produces world-changing
technologies. Some notable inventions from the TUM alumni
include the refrigeration technology invented by Carl von
Linde; the Dornier airplane by Claude Dornier; and the diesel
engine, invented by Rudolf Diesel. To date, TUM has seen
a total of 13 Nobel Prize Laureates come through its ranks,
including distinguished chemists and physicists such as
Ernst Otto Fischer and Rudolf Mößbauer.
A one-stop higher education facility
Recognizing the demand for engineering excellence, TUM
Asia partnered Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) to offer
Bachelor of Science programmes in Electrical Engineering
and Information Technology and Chemical Engineering in
2010. Applicants are stringently assessed in order to secure
places in a 2 ½ year programme which includes a 10-week
overseas exchange at the Munich campus to complete
their thesis. In addition, Singapore Workforce Development
Agency (WDA) has launched a series of Executive Education
programmes with TUM Asia, tapping on TUM’s engineering
expertise in various industrial sectors to develop professionals
in the workforce.
German Institute of Science and Technology
— TUM Asia Pte Ltd
German Speaking Catholic Community
- St. Elisabeth
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Being one of 120 German speaking foreign Catholic
Communities across the globe, our community aims at
providing German speaking Catholics in Singapore a
spiritual home.
As a matter of principle each baptized German
speaking Catholic, regardless of nationality, may
belong to our community. Furthermore, any interested
person, irrespective of religious denomination, is
invited to take part in our various activities.
Besides the regular Sunday Mass and special Sunday
Services for children, we offer preparation courses
for the Sacraments of “Baptism”, “First Communion”,
“Confirmation” and “Marriage” and a wide range of
activities for children, adolescents and adults such
as Spiritual counseling and guidance, sharing groups
on the Bible and issues of life, the celebration of
St. Martin and St. Nicolas, the Christmas Caroling,
Catechism Classes, Choir, Flute ensemble, PastaMovie-Night and Altar-server-groups. We give due
consideration to our social responsibility and organise
various cultural events.
With our activities we aim at strengthening spiritual
life and at making the faith of our church accessible to
all who are interested. We facilitate social encounters,
grow a sense of community and strengthen solidarity
with each other. We strive to enhance our cultural
heritage and life in order to contribute to the
development of a strong sense of identity in each
individual. In our opinion, a sense of personal identity
is an important prerequisite for tolerance and respect
with regard to all other cultures and religions which we
have the chance to encounter here in Singapore.
Rev. Fr. Hans-Joachim Fogl
1B Victoria Park Road, Singapore 266480
Phone : (+65) 6465 5660
: (+65) 6465 5661
Mobile : (+65) 9731 1266
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.dt-katholiken.sg
Holy Mass
Sunday, 10.30 am
Chapel of Maris Stella Convent
49D Holland Road, Singapore 257752
Our worship places on Sundays: 1.The chapel of
the Orchard Road Presbyterian Church (ORPC, MRT
Dhoby Ghaut, 3 Orchard) at 4.30 pm. 2. From 2015
on Queenstown Lutheran Church, 709 Commonwealth
Drive, MRT Commonwealth) at 3.30pm. Children can
join our Sunday school, which takes place at the
same time as the service. 3. The primary Campus of
the German European School once a month at 10.30
am or other locations. Send an email and you will be
informed every week.
In our community there are many activities for and
with children, including, KidsGo (age 6- 12 years), a
confirmation class for 13-14 year olds and a regular
Bible adventure day in one of Singapore’s beautiful
parks. www.orpc.org.sg/german.
A gospel choir and brass band (Posaunenchor)enrich
many of our services. If you like to sing or play a brass
instrument, you are welcome to join in, praising God
through music! You are also invited to the annual
organ recitals, which take place in the sanctuary of
the ORPC.
As followers of Christ it is our duty and privilege to
support those who are less fortunate than us, which
we do through two social programs: We work with
the centre for the Protection for Children’s Rights in
Bangkok, to provide shelter for street children, and in
Singapore we support the Humanitarian Organisation
for Migration Economics (H.O.M.E. www.home.org.sg)
which was set up in 2004 to help abused housemaids
and migration workers.
God is present in our lives - if we let Him! If you would
like the chance to give thanks for blessings received,
or would like to join our congregation or if you would
simply like a chance to take stock of a busy and hectic
life, then you are invited to join our service on Sundays,
or contact our Pastor by telephone or email.
Rev. Lidia Rabenstein
4 Angklong Lane,
#01-09 Faber Garden,
Singapore 579979
Phone : (+65) 6457 5604
Email : [email protected]
Website: www.orpc.org.sg/german
Worship services:
Sunday 4.30pm ORPC, 3 Orchard Rd,
Singapore 238825 (MRT Dhoby Ghaut)
Change in Jan 2015:
Sunday 3.00pm Queenstown Lutheran Church
709 Commonwealth Drive, Singapore 149601
(MRT Commonwealth)
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Our congregation, which has been active in
Singapore since 1972, provides a place of worship
and community for German and Swiss Lutherans,
Reformed, United and Baptist church members, all
united in Christ’s name.
German Speaking Protestant
Congregation in Singapore (DEGSIN)
Goethe-Institut Singapore
The Goethe-Institut, with a worldwide network
of over 150 institutes in 92 countries, promotes
German language abroad and international cultural
cooperation. In Singapore, the Goethe-Institut was
established in 1978 and has become a relevant
partner for the local cultural and educational
institutions. It is located at 136 Neil Road since
March 2014.
German Language Courses
Goethe-Institut sets internationally recognised
standards in the teaching and learning of German as
a foreign language. It runs language courses
and trains trainers. In Singapore Goethe-Institut
additionally provides company courses specially
tailored to the needs of Managers and local
employees of Singaporean Institutions and German
Companies and offers a youth programme for
bilingual families.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Cultural Co-operation
Goethe-Institut monitors trends in Germany and
encourages cultural collaboration across the
globe by organising programmes of events and
making contributions to various festivals and
exhibitions in the fields of film, dance, music, theatre,
literature and translation. In Singapore the focus
is mainly on the highly acclaimed German Film
Festival and the commissioned co-productions in
dance and theatre of both countries, as well as
artists exchange programmes.
Library and DAAD Information Centre
The Library of the Goethe-Institut and the DAAD
accessible through the designated entrance on Bukit
Pasoh Road. The library holds over 4 000 books,
periodicals, CDs, DVDs and offers WIFI access.
Personalised advice and consultations are available.
Café and Restaurant
“LOKAL” in German means local and Restaurant.
That’s why the Restaurant and Café on the first floor
is called The LOKAL, serving hearty and healthy
German and European dishes of a wide variety
from breakfast to dinner. The Restaurateurs and
Chefs from “SCHNITZEL Productions” make sure the
taste buds of locals and Germans alike are tickled.
Mr Andreas Schiekofer
Ms Anja Geissel
Head of Language Department
Ms Serah Soon
Head of Library
136 Neil Road
Singapore 088865
Phone : (+65) 6735 4555
: (+65) 6735 4666
: [email protected]
Website : www.goethe.de/singapore
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gi.singapore
- Deutsche Seemannsmission DSM
to this crisis and I am delighted that we could offer
free phone-cards to seafarers who needed to call
home. In this time of emergency, we made it possible
for them to contact home quickly and bring some
peace of mind to them.
These seafarers are people whom all of us
unknowingly rely on for most of our daily lives. The
men and women who make up the crew make huge
sacrifices to provide us with the modern way of life to
which we have become accustomed.
ILSM has had many opportunities to be of service in
the event of abandonments. We have been on hand
to provide communication and access to expert
advice and services – including medical aid, wages
claiming, provisions and supplies.
What we do: Our services include ship-visiting,
justice and welfare services, communication,
counselling, transport, emergency support,
hospital visits and post-trauma care.
The crew members on arrested vessels collected
phone cards, gift bags and hampers from ILSM.
Our counselors reach out to these merchant seamen
and fishermen by visiting them on their ships or
offering them telephone and Internet facilities in our
seafarers’ centers. Communication is without doubt
the most important welfare concern for seafarers.
The work of ILSM again proved invaluable to
seafarers and fishermen, especially in the aftermath
of Typhoon Haiyan. In response to the disaster, we
provided in our centres in the container port and in
the fishery port much-needed communications
facilities and mobile top-up phone-cards to help them
contact their families back at home and to find out
how they had been affected. They were desperate for
details and anxious for answers: is my family safe? Is
our home still standing? ILSM immediately responded
Rev Christian Schmidt, Senior Port Chaplain
Please feel free to contact us for further information:
International Lutheran Seafarers’ Mission
Ghim Moh Estate Post Office,
P.O. Box 406,
Singapore 912744
Company Account No:
OCBC Centre Branch
Port Chaplain:
Rev. Christian Schmidt
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: (+65) 9671 0216
Charity Registration No.: 01413 (Incorporated in Singapore)
Seafarers’ Mission is a registered charity organization that
serves and supports seafarers coming to Singapore.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
We offer a warm welcome, a helping hand and
friendship to seafarers from around the world who
enter the ports of Singapore. In our ministry we
serve international seafarers regardless of nationality,
race, rank or religion.
International Lutheran Seafarers’ Mission ILSM
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS)
The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is one of the
Germany’s political foundations. It is named after the
first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany,
Konrad Adenauer. With its international activities and
projects, the Foundation realizes a substantial contribution to international cooperation and understanding.
Based in Singapore, the foundation runs three
regional programs that focus on political dialogues,
medial development and the rule of law.
The KAS Political Dialogue Program aims to contribute
to the strengthening of democratic processes, regional
integration and international dialogue between Asia
and Europe. Its main activities include:
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
• Training programs for members of political parties
and civil society organizations;
• Political
and politicians within Asia and between Asia
and Europe;
• Political analysis and consultation;
• Cooperation with the Institute of Southeast Asian
Studies Singapore (ISEAS) to promote analysis and
events on regional integration;
• Organisation of dialogue and exchange between
representatives of leading think tanks from Europe
and ASEAN+3;
• Conferences on issues relevant for international
understanding and global governance like regional
and international security politics, climate change,
energy security etc.;
• Publication of books and papers and the journal
“Panorama: Insights into Southeast Asian and
European Affairs”.
Since January 2012, KAS Political Dialogue Program
with Asia runs a joint project with the European
Union. The three-year project “EU-Asia Dialogue
– Shaping a Common Future for Europe and Asia”
aims to promote dialogue and enhance exchange of
knowledge between policy-makers, governmental
and non-governmental organisations as well as
research institutes from Europe and Asia. The project
organises conferences and produces papers as well
as book publications on the topics Climate Change
Diplomacy, Eco-Cities, Migration-Integration, Social
Cohesion, Human Trafficking, Maritime Security and
Piracy, and Food Security.
The KAS Media Program aims to promote a free,
responsible and ethical press in the region. This
is achieved by intensifying the dialogue amongst
leading journalists in Southeast Asia through regional
conferences and meetings as well as through training
activities for journalists in the region. The KAS media
program consists of the following key initiatives:
• The promotion of Asia News Network (ANN) that
brings together the leading English language
newspapers, their editors and/or publishers in Asia,
to share knowledge and exchange news and views;
• The KAS E-lection Bridge Asia-Pacific which
discusses the use of social media surrounding
elections in the Asia-Pacific region and digital
• The co-operation with the Council of Asian Press
Institutes (CAPI). This Apex organisation comprises
press institutes from ten Asian countries and aims to
set standards for responsible journalism;
• The support of the Konrad-Adenauer Asian Center
for Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University in
the Philippines.
The KAS Rule of Law Program aims to promote the
rule of law development within the ASEAN+3 Region
through regional seminars, research and training
activities. Key initiatives of the legal program are:
• Annual conferences of Asian Constitutional Court of
Judges and Justices;
• Regular colloquia for representatives of human
rights organizations and anti-corruption agencies;
• Roundtables for experts from legal institutions such
as the drafters of the ASEAN Charter.
Together, the three programs of the KonradAdenauer-Stiftung organise and sponsor more than
50 international conferences and seminars annually.
For more information on KAS Singapore and the
EU-Asia Dialogue please visit http://www.kas.de/
politikdialog-asien/en/, http://www.eu-asia.eu or follow
us on facebook and twitter.
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Ltd.
34-36 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089848
Phone : (+65) 6603 6161
: (+65) 6227 8343
Email : [email protected]
The Embassy represents Germany and promotes its foreign
policy goals. It supports German citizens in Singapore.
Furthermore, the Embassy promotes political and economic
relations between Germany and Singapore and enhances
the cultural and scientific cooperation.
The essential tasks of the Embassy include:
•collecting information,
•reporting on issues of relevance to various authorities
in Germany,
•helping German citizens in emergencies,
•assisting German companies in Singapore and enhancing
mutual trade,
•initiating and maintaining people-to-people contacts,
•promoting cultural exchange,
•informing Singapore’s public about Germany,
•preparing and escorting high-level visits from Germany.
The Ambassador
The Ambassador represents Germany in Singapore in
his capacity as the representative of the German Federal
President. The Ambassador is also Head of the Embassy.
The Political Section
The main task of the Political Section is to promote the
political relations between Germany and Singapore. It
explains German politics and economic strategies to
Singaporean authorities and informs and advises the
German Federal Government and other institutions about the
Singaporean points of view.
The Economic Section
The Economic Section promotes German business in
Singapore and trade between Germany and Singapore.
It supports German companies in Singapore in close
cooperation with the Singaporean-German Chamber of
Industry and Commerce (SGC) and the German Centre
(GC). It also evaluates economic developments in
Singapore and compiles and provides trade information and
statistics. Moreover, it promotes German participation in
trade fairs and informs about trade fairs in Germany.
The Financial Section
The Financial Section observes and analyzes the financial
markets, monetary and fiscal policy, as well as banking and
capital markets regulation. Furthermore, it accompanies
the work of multilateral financial institutions. On request the
Financial Section provides information on European monetary
policy and the German banking system. The Financial
Counsellor is also the representative of the Deutsche
Bundesbank for macroeconomic analysis of Southeast Asia.
The Science and Technology Section
The Science and Technology Section deals with issues of
research and technology policies, coordinates promotion
programmes and informs about the structure of the
scientific landscapes in Germany and Singapore. It
accompanies the various bilateral German-Singaporean
cooperations in R&D. With the Science Circle it provides a
platform for German scientists in Singapore. The Science
and Technology Section is the Embassy’s contact point
for Universities Research Institutes and the Industry.
The Press Section
The Press Section’s main activities lie in the area of
public diplomacy: presenting Germany in its variety to
the Singaporean public. It maintains contacts with the
Singaporean media and provides up-to-date information
about Germany, its politics, economy, society and culture,
mainly through the Embassy’s website and the distribution of
information material.
The Consular Section
For Germans residing in or visiting Singapore, the Consular
Section is the liaison point with Germany for all legal matters.
For Singaporeans who want to stay for longer in Germany and
other nationals who want to travel to Germany, the Consular
Section issues visas.
The Administrative Section
The Administrative Section is in charge of the organization
of the mission. Its areas of responsibility include the
management of the Embassy’s personnel affairs, its material
assets as well as its budget.
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
50 Raffles Place #12-00 Singapore Land Tower
Singapore 048623
Phone :(+65) 6533 6002
:(+65) 6533 1132
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.sing.diplo.de
Head of Mission
His Excellency Dr Michael Witter
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary
Economic Section
Dr Steffen KOCH
Counsellor & Deputy Head of Mission
Financial Section
First Secretary & Representative of the
Deutsche Bundesbank
Science & Technology Section
First Secretary
Cultural & Press Section
Ms Cristina ZAMETZER
First Secretary
Consular Section
Second Secretary
Administrative Section
Mr Frank LÜTJE
First Secretary
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For visits by governmental and parliamentary delegations
from Germany and Singapore the Political Section
contributes ideas, informs the participants, and drafts and
organizes programmes. German delegations are briefed on
the newest developments in Singapore and the Embassy
takes part in the delegations’ talks.
The Cultural Section
The Cultural Section coordinates cultural, educational and
scientific relations between Germany and Singapore as well
as Germany’s presentation in these areas in Singapore.
It works closely with the Goethe-Institut Singapore (GI)
in organizing cultural exchange and in promoting the
German language in Singapore. The Cultural Section also
assists the Information Center of the German Academic
Exchange Service (DAAD) in Singapore in promoting study
opportunities in Germany. Furthermore, the Embassy
supports the German European School Singapore (GESS).
The Embassy of the
Federal Republic of Germany to Singapore
The Embassy of the
Republic of Singapore to Germany
The Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Germany
was established in April 1973 in Bonn. On 10 August
1999, the Embassy moved to its first premises in Berlin,
which were located at Friedrichstrasse 200. Since 15
September 2011, the Embassy has been operating
from its new Chancery located at Vossstrasse 17.
The Embassy is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
(MFA), which conducts and manages Singapore’s
relations with other countries. MFA promotes and
protects Singapore’s national interests by working
towards the enhancement of regional peace, stability
and cooperation, the maintenance of economic
progress and prosperity, and the consolidation and
improvement of friendly relations with all countries.
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
The political section in the Embassy serves to further
the aims of our MFA by promoting exchanges and
fostering closer cooperation between Singapore
and Germany. The long-standing cooperation and
relationship between Singapore and Germany is
multifaceted. Our scope of work includes deepening
our political, economic, defence and cultural ties
through regular high-level visits and consultations
at the political and working levels. The work of the
section involves both cooperation with the federal
government and the various state governments,
with whom we try to reach out and build a strong
relationship. Besides enhancing and facilitating the
cooperation between the two countries at the bilateral
level, we also work closely with Germany at various
multilateral fora. To achieve these aims, the Embassy
works hand in hand with our other Singaporean
agencies based in Frankfurt, e.g., Contact Singapore,
the Economic Development Board, International
Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore Tourism
Board. Together, we hope that our efforts will profile
Singapore in Germany and help Germans better
understand Singapore. Likewise, we also try to profile
Germany and its 16 federal states to Singaporeans
and help them better understand Germany.
The Singapore Embassy in Berlin also has a consular
section to serve the needs of overseas Singaporeans.
The Embassy is assisted by our Honorary ConsulGeneral in Stuttgart. Besides providing Singaporeans
with information and advice, our consular officers stand
ready to render consular assistance to Singaporeans in
Germany such as issuing overseas Singaporeans with
emergency travel documents or contacting, notifying
and liaising with their friends / next-of-kin when there
is an emergency. For Singaporeans who have been
arrested or imprisoned, our consular officers will ensure
that due process under the German judicial system is
accorded to them. In addition, the embassy’s consular
section will assist with queries related to Singapore,
process visa applications as well as provide notarial
services (legalisation of documents).
Embassy of the
Republic of Singapore in Berlin, Germany
Voßstraße 17, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Phone :+49 (0)30 226 343 0
:+49 (0)30 226 343 75
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.mfa.gov.sg/berlin
His Excellency Mr Jai S Sohan
Deputy Chief of Mission and Counsellor
Mr Chivy Li
First Secretary (Administration and Consular)
Mr Terrence Hong
Second Secretary (Political)
Ms Pamela Ong
Honorary Consulate-General
Mr Hans Peter Stihl
Badstrasse 98
71336 Waiblingen
Phone : +49 (7151) 263 033
: +49 (7151) 268 1405
Email : [email protected]
Singapore at a Glance (2013)
Total Population
Total Population
Total Land Area
: 357 000 sq Km
: 80.5 million
Total Land Area
: 712 sq Km
: Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism
: 5.31 million
Religions (2012)
: Protestant (29.2%),
Roman Catholic (30.1%),
Muslim (4.9%), Undenominational and
others (35.8%)
Government System
Government System : Parliamentary democracy
comprising two main decision making
bodies, the Bundestag (Lower House)
and the Bundesrat (Federal Council;
16 Federal States)
Major Trading Partners (%share):
Major Trading
: France, Netherlands, China, USA,
Partners United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland
: €1,094 billion
: €0,986 billion
Gross Domestic Product
: €2.74 billion
GDP Growth
Gross Value by Industry (billion €):
Agriculture, Forestry,
Industry 626.46
Construction 114.76
Trade, Hotel and
Restaurant & Transport 355.24
Information and
Finance and
Insurance Services
Real Estate and
Insurance Services 299.15
Corporate Services 280.12
Public Services,
Education, Health
Other Services 112.62
:11.5% EU
United States
: 7.7%
Hong Kong
: 6.0%
South Korea
: 5.4%
Total Trade (2010)
: S$984.88 billion
: S$544.59 billion
: S$474.55 billion
Current Account
: S$64.27 billion
Gross Domestic Product (2012) : S$305.2 billion
GDP Growth
Bilateral trade
between Singapore
and Germany (2013)
Exports to Germany (2013)
: S$20.916 billion
: S$7.3 billion
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
: Singapore is a republic with a
parliamentary system of Government
Imports from Germany (2013) : S$13.6 billion
Foreign trade Ranking
Position of Germany
for Singapore (2012)
:14th position1
Singapore’s direct
investment in Germany (2012) : S$ 1.7 billion
Exports to Singapore (2013)
Germany at a Glance (2013)
: €6.33 billion
Imports from Singapore (2013) : €4.81 billion
Major exports
: Electronic products,
to Singapore machinery,cars, chemicals
Major imports
: Machinery, computers,
from Singapore electronic products,
chemicals, food products
Foreign Trade Ranking Position of
Singapore for Germany:
Import : 31st Position
Export : 33rd Position
Foreign trade ranking position of
Germany for Singapore :13th Position
German direct investment in Singapore (2012) : €12.13 billion
Singaporean direct
investment in Germany (2012)
: €1.06 million
Department of Statistics (Ministry of Trade and Industry) - ‘Monthly Digest of
Statistics Singapore – July 2014’
Ministry of Trade and Industry- ‘Economic Survey of Singapore 2012’
Sources: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie,
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Deutsche Bundesbank,
Statistisches Bundesamt, Singapore Department of Statistics, IE Singapore
1 IE Singapore’s StatLink
SGC Board Members for 2014/2015
President, SGC
Vice-President, SGC
President & CEO
Daimler South East
Asia Pte Ltd
Managing Director &
General Manager
DZ Bank AG,
Singapore Branch
Mr Wolfgang
Mr Klaus Borig
Vice-President, SGC
Mr Mak Swee Wah
Secretary, SGC
Mr Dirk Eilers
Executive Vice President
Singapore Airlines Ltd
Member of
the Board of Management
Board Member, SGC
Board Member, SGC
Managing Director
German Centre
Managing Director
Dexteritas Pte Ltd
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Treasurer, SGC
Dr Claus Trenner
Board Member, SGC
Dr Christian
Ms Hanna Böhme
Board Member, SGC
Board Member, SGC
Board Member, SGC
Board Member, SGC
Executive Director
of Industry and Commerce
Managing Director
SP-Asia Pte Ltd
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General Manager
Commerzbank AG
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Partner, Attorney-at-Law
Luther LLP
Dr Tim Philippi
Regional Director
Lufthansa German
Mr Roger Stadler
Mr Teo Soon Hoe
Mr Joerg Kalisch
Mr Dirk Verlage
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Executive Director
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Staff Details
SGC Staff
Ruby Gala
Membership / Events /
Communications /
DID: +65-6433-5332
Email : ruby.gala
Sofhian Suratman
Fairs and More /
International Trade Fairs
Email: sofhian.suratman
Margit Kunz
Central Tasks / HR /
Special Projects
DID : +65-6433-5335
Email: margit.kunz
Nordin Abdul Kadir
DID: +65 6433-5344
Email: nordin
Jacqueline Maerz
DEinternational /
Trade Promotion
DID: +65-6433-5341
Email : jacqueline.maerz
Katja Münzer
DEinternational /
Trade Promotion
DID: +65-6433-5339
Email : katja.muenzer
Peggy Lim
DEinternational /
Trade Promotion
Email : peggy.lim
Raymond Tan
Business Representation
– German Consumer Goods
DID: +65-6433-5342
Email : raymond.tan.melvo
Lakshmi Swarnam
Membership / Events /
DID: +65-6433-5337
Email : lakshmi.swarnam
Fons Krist
Business Representation
– Metals, Hardware and
Recycling (MHR)
Email :fons.krist.aurubis
Michael Teo
Business Representation –
German Electrical Equipment
DID: +65-6433-5350
Email : michael.teo
Lily Tan
Finance / Corporate Affairs
DID: +65-6433-5333
Email: lily.tan
Valdemar Llenos
Central Tasks / HR /
Special Projects
DID: +65 6433-5336
Email : [email protected]
Thoo Yew Li
DID: +65-6433-5334
Email: accounts
Ernie Arniza
Membership / Events /
DID: +65-6433-5338
Email: ernie.arniza
Jens Martin
DEinternational /
Trade Promotion
DID: +65 6433-5340
Email : jens.martin
Zerrin Arslanoglu
Central Tasks / HR /
Special Projects
DID: +65-6433-5346
Email : zerrin.arslanoglu
Werner Schanzl
Business Representation
– German Food Industry (GFI)
DID: +65 6433-5353
Email : werner.schanzl
SGC Business Magazine 2014/2015
Dr Tim Philippi
Executive Director
DID : +65-6433-5331
Email : tim.philippi
The SGC has around 500 members
We organise close to 100 events for our
members anually
We look for business partners for you
We recruit staff for you
We organise business trips for companies
We possess broad industry knowledge about both
Singapore and Germany
We train your employees
We inform you extensively about your business
possibilities in Singapore and Germany
We link you up with the right contact persons
Be part of our network!
Simply give us a ring and
we will support you!
Tel.: +65 6433 5330 or
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.sgc.org.sg
For profitable investments in Asian markets, you need
a strong team. As a central bank for more than 900
cooperative banks (Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken)
and their 12,000 branch offices in Germany, we have
long been known for our stability and reliability. We are
one of the market leaders in Germany and a renowned
commercial bank with comprehensive expertise in international financing solutions, maintaining representations
in major financial and commercial centers.
You may contact us in Singapore:
Mr Josef Foit, German / Corporate Desk
Phone: (+65) 6438 3764, Fax: (+65) 6223 0082
[email protected]
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