HHES DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS Birthdays: Market Day Change:

Friday November 21, 2014
Birthdays: Shawn Hammack
NEW Market Day Change: Due to weather issues, pick-up will be this Monday, November 24th, in the HHES gym,
Tutoring: Free Tutoring available every Tuesday at the Cicero Library. Time will be 5-7pm on the following dates: Dec 2, 9
Tis the Season: Officer Ireland wanted to remind us that the season is upon us for break-ins to vehicles. Please don’t leave
items visible in your cars if you are out shopping or at home. That includes packages, laptops, purses, cell phones, etc. Take all valuables in or put
them in your trunk. Thank you to Officer Ireland for this safety tip.
HHHS Food Pantry: HHHS S.W.A.G. Club sponsors a food pantry at the high school every third Thursday of each month. The
doors will open from 4-7. (We will not open early. Please do not come on to school property before 3:30). Please use entrance by the tennis courts
in the back of the building.
Husky Wrestling Club will begin practice Tuesday November 11th at 6pm in the high school wrestling room. Open to all
children ages 4-18. For details, email [email protected]
Art Camp starts Monday and Tuesday after school, November 24 & 25 .
Congratulations Spell Bowl Team: Our HHES Spell Bowl team won 1
Place!! Congratulations to Anne
Petty, Kaleigh Scott, Colin Kuhn, Norah Thompson, Allyson Dinwiddie, Grant Cain, Rachel Watson,Clay Forrer, Grace Anderson, Faith Hittle, Joey
Phelps, Morgan Carey and Coaches Mrs. Sayers and Mrs. Lodge.
Thanksgiving Break: Just a reminder, school will not be in session on Wednesday, November 26 – Friday, November 28.
Math Bowl Team: I have the names 2014-2015 Math Bowl Team! To all those that tried out, thank you so much for coming
out and showing your love for Math! Mr. Bullock had a lot of great students try-out and they all did a wonderful job! If you did not make the team,
please keep working hard in Math and try-out again next year!! The students that are on the 2014-2015 Math Bowl Team are: Colin Kuhn, Landon
Poland, Jane Pache, Greyson Halik, J.T. Bailey, Zach Spurgeon, Kaitlyn McGill, Alex Rickey, Evan Shropshire, Clay Forrer, Landon Hurley, Tyler Hulka,
Jenn Houser, Lilly Pruitt, Aiden Helm , and Allyson Dinwiddie
What’s the Scoop?
3rd Grade:
Reading: Theme, Point of View, Nonfiction Text Features
Writing: Singular & Plural Nouns, Adverbs & Adjectives, Voice, Word Choice
Math: Place Value to Add and Subtract, Meanings of Multiplication, Multiplication Facts
Science: Rocks & Minerals
Social Studies: Native Americans (Miami & Lenape/Delaware) and Cicero History
4th Grade:
Reading: Genres: Poetry, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction; Comprehension skills: Ask and answer questions, point of view, context clues, visualize,
point of view; ELA Acuity testing
Writing Thanksgiving writing pieces, word choice, combining sentences, suffixes; Grammar: action verbs, verb tenses; Spelling: using “r”
controlled words, using words with silent letters
Math: Multiplication facts; Double-digit multiplication; Division
Science: Forces and Motion: relative motion, speed, velocity, acceleration, friction, thrust, lift, and drag
Social Studies: The Northwest Territory and how it’s formed; American Indians take a stand in an effort to keep settlers off their land
5th Grade:
Reading: Author’s purpose/Figurative Language
Writing: Persuasive Writing
Math: Fractions/PEMDAS
Science: Not this month
Social Studies: Explorers/Biztown