The Heritage Newsletter

The Heritage Newsletter
A Bimonthly Newsletter of First United Methodist Church of National City
Vol. 128.5
“We Are the People of Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors”
October & November 2014
One day, while I was using my computer, the keyboard stopped working. I
couldn’t even go to a different webpage. No matter what I was trying to accomplish, nothing could be done. The computer seemed frozen, but not completely.
After struggling with the problem, I was finally able to figure out why my keyboard would not work. A book was placed partially over the keyboard and was
pressing the Esc (Escape) key at the top left. Every time I tried to type, the escape key cancelled the keystrokes. The escape key is intended to undo the mistakes I make, but ironically, this key was blocking everything I tried to do.
Pastor Kim & Family
This small happening made me think about our life. Just like the escape key, all kinds of obstacles, frustrations, disappointments, failures, and many other negative events block our progress in life in different ways.
We become helpless and hopeless because of things that happen beyond our control or expectation. In one
sense, these things can be proof that we are still alive! However, in most cases, these events imprison us in a
dark hole of fear and anxiety.
Jesus shows us not only how to become his true disciples but also how to be freed: “You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teaching. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you
free” (John 8:31-32, CEB). The “truth” here is not a general reference to truth, but to God’s truth shown
in Jesus Christ through his Incarnation. And the culmination of Jesus’ presence and teachings is love. Only
love can set us free. Only “perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18).
Recently, I watched the popular family movie Frozen. In this animated film, the characters define “love” as
an “open door,” and emphasize that “love will thaw” our frozen state in relationships.
The theme song “Let It Go” is played throughout the whole movie. The song repeats
these lines: “I'm never going back,” “the past is in the past,” “I’m free,” and “Let it go.”
Yes, we need to let it go in order to be free.
According to a recent news article titled “Stunning, Yet Deadly,” there have been 264
people killed by lightning strikes since 2006. I remember the shocking news that even
in Venice, California, one person was killed and 13 were injured by lightning. This kind
of random death is truly awful, but it is beyond our control, and we become speechless.
However, it is also terrible to hear that people commit suicide, because they believe
death will let them escape their problems and hardships. Some give up their lives due to
their mental illness, such as depression, which keeps them from experiencing genuine
love from God through their healthy relationships with other people. Sadly, these victims are prisoners, living in a “kingdom of isolation.”
We are not so different from these prisoners if we do not love one another.
That’s why Jesus has given us his new commandment: “love one another
as I have loved you” (John 15:12). We are so grateful to God for the love
Christ has shown to us. This love – this truth – will (Continued on page 9)
‐1‐ &
First United
Methodist Church
of National City
(619) 477-2741
FAX (619) 477-1435
[email protected]
Rev. Ji Tai Kim, Pastor
[email protected]
Office Hours:
Monday thru Thursday
9:00 am—2:00 pm
Rosario Pangilinan
Choir Director
Noemi Villanueva
Lorena Pangilinan
Administrative Assistant
Hillary & Edgar Manalac
Youth Directors
Ruben Manacop
Rosalie Pableo
Nursery Coordinator
Sunday Schedule:
9 a.m.
Adult Sunday School
(English and Pilipino)
10 a.m.
Worship Service
Children's Sunday School
11:30 a.m.
Coffee Fellowship
Chancel Choir
Committee Meetings
The Heritage
242 E. 8th Street
National City, CA 91950-2298
All materials must be received
by the 15th of the month. We
reserve the right to edit
submitted materials.
***Our prayer list needs to be updated constantly. Please inform the
church office of any updates immediately.
For Healing & Health: Ava Amplement (Brock), Dely Salva
Cruz (Montalla), Alice Dumlao (Australia), Josie Grant's
children, Monty Montalbo & Jocelyn Klauber, Connie Antonio & Norma
Quimson (Brock), Chana Mesina (Ravancho ), Richard Jerome (Grant),
Rebecca Wolf, Paz Generoso, Jet Marteja (Briones), Jack & Shirley
Hadfield, Jeremy Buenviaje, Felipa Borje, Pastor Godfrey Catanus
(Manacop ), Butch Dela Cruz (Pableo), Samuel Tovera (Pableo), Natalie
Caro, Nely Malit, Isagani Manacop, Pastor Jay Sicat, Emily Nelson, Ruth
Castillo Intal (sister of Homer Castillo), Charity & Melanie Credo, Felix
Leboriante (Tangonan), Virgilio Estabaya, Gizelle Cortez. Magel Saidilla,
Teresita Jones, Colton James Berry, Ruth Manacop, Gertrudes Legaspia,
Katie Bohak, Louisa Cabling, Edgar Refuerzo (Bautista), Kaden Fuentes
(Bernardo), Revs. Harry & Carmen Pak, Eddie Arce, Ivan Galang, Gladys
Sagun, Toti Carmona, Faith Manacop, Aida Ramos, Leila Gobaleza,
Melardo Liwanag, Josie Paling, Fely Vernon, Laura Bakken, Lynn Estrada,
Julie Abalos Riola, Concepcion Acibar, Jane Fernandez, Angel & Carmen
Caguiat, Loida Santos Sanchez, Dely Briones Ilagan, Myrna Rabina, Roger
Pangan, Minette Lara, Katharine Wesner, Emilia Genido, Avelino Pajo, Sr.,
Jon Brock, Gaily Liano, Mike Bowers, Christine Villarin, Don Faas, Benny
Reyes, Everlyn Borje, Maria Carmella Choquette, Velcy Abracosa, Phyllis
Dye, Mila De Ocampo, Fred Conte, Lorenzo Parades, Karen Cacpal, Hazel
Y. Pangayan, Zeny Pangilinan, Jennifer Bowers, Luz Haduca, Linda Dullas,
Alex Pangilinan, Amyrah & Kamani Northern, Marie Robles, and Amy
Military Members Serving Our Nation: David Aceron, Emily Almonte,
Garry & Gerald Delos Reyes, Mark Meneses, Christopher Serna, Troy
Venzon, Jojo Paule, Roger Bernales, Robert Dinnell, Justin Velis, Michael
Heath, Christopher Lopez, Mark Padrigo, Genesis Ayson, Adrian Galang,
Rambo Aragon, Christian Danan, Deva de Vera,
Annaliza Nilo, Sailanka Pangilinan, Julison Lusung,
John Arce, Amel Rivera, Peter Sunico, Philip Sunico,
Angelia Mulrooney, Philip Swartzlander, Alain Valena,
Sr., Michael Briones, John Darwin Olaes, Richard Ola, Zarred
Lusung, Palmer Carreon, Baron Pableo, Philip Noel Manacop, Ramon
Corpuz, Justin Santoyo, Carolyn Sison, Steven Stroud.
For Strength, Guidance & Love: Adoracion Adamos, Louise Martin,
Florfina Arce, Family of Johnny Zaparta, and Ruben Ramos & Family,
Family of Wadiyah Northern.
For Traveling Mercies: Emma Santos (Switzerland), Ron & Amie Briones
(Japan/Korea), and everyone traveling this month.
First United Methodist Church of National City strives to be a faithful
and fruitful congregation through the practices of:
Passionate Worship
Radical Hospitality
Intentional Faith Development
Extravagant Generosity
Risk-Taking Mission & Service.
‐ 2 ‐ Blessings to you!!! October & November 2014 Birthdays
Jed Philip Lusung, Joshua Ocamoto,
Josefina Olermo
Margallo Malit, Jeannie Zapata
Dionisio Academia, Julianne Hadfield
Luis Tamayo
Sang Sook Kim, Querobin Rabina,
John Salini
Jun Bautista, Benny Fontillas,
Raquel Haines
Johnathan Ajero, Brigitte Meneses
Gladys Afalla, Rustico Hernandez,
Angela Macale
Elmer Delacruz
Annaliza Nilo
Elena Matangob, Mark Meneses
Paul Afalla, Buffie Gooden
Radley Angeles, Aaron James Haines,
Rebecca Haines, Florentino Montalla,
Nina Quidasol
Mariane Borromeo, Ester Pableo,
Ely Clauster Pableo, Marianne Ramirez
Reno Bagasin, James Bueviaje,
Joanalynn Celestino, Kenneth Stevens,
Cindy Danan Yates, Baron Pableo
Irene Baquiran
Filipina “Fely” Venzon
Gene Manning, Jason Nilo,
Maricris Joy Oreas
Miriam Borromeo, Leon Cunanan,
Cloe Magpoc, Joseph Morris Jr.,
Christy Padua, Diana Vitin
Michael Briones
Tristan Moore,
Joseph Raymund Pangan
Rosalinda Sangco
Nanette Oreas
Zarred Lusung
Eric Delossantos, Faith Gooden
Ed Manalac, Jovita Pajarillaga,
Malachi Tripett
Jessie Pangan
Adrian Galang, Minerva Morris,
Roger Ricanor
Eliseo Arenas
James Santos
June Camber
Miriam Bernales, Daniel Cunanan,
Rosario Pangilinan
Andres Casuco
Justin Santoyo
Zenaida Afalla, Marilouvic Bagasin,
Rev. J.T. Kim, Ruben Ramos,
Graciel Santos
Jelline Ileto
Ryan Magpoc
Mary Jane Dullas, Harold Mishenko
April De Ocampo, Reginald Gobaleza
Tess Briones, Eleazer Danan,
Cristina Taylor
Alyssa Pauline Angeles, Erlinda Dullas
Honesto Celestino
Sharach Oreas
Joseph Montalla, Arthil Valena
Rolinda Tabangin
Sailanka Pangilinan
October & November 2014 Anniversaries
Ian & Erlinda Pajo
Herschel & Angela Macale
Mark & Jessica Faustino
Alain & Larlyn Valena
Nedie & Helen Sicat
Noel & Jovita Pajarillaga
Joseph & Minerva Morris
‐3‐ Andres & Erlinda Casuco
Amparo Rabina & Sebastian Pancho
Nol & Lily Quiwa
Alex & Roasrio Pangilinan
Benny & Naty Reyes
Isidore & Lita Pacio
Dennis & Fely Vernon
Shelter Matters
A Very Personal Interview with a Past Shelter Guest
Our Shelter Season is around the corner.
For this season, FUMC of National City is
scheduled to host on Feb 14-27, 2015. Plan
ahead to make yourself available on those
days, to volunteer for church sleep over, evening meal provider, or anything that could
make a difference.
Here is a success story from a past shelter
guest from San Diego East County:
“When I got out of jail with big debt, no
money, and nowhere to go, I was told to call
the Interfaith Shelter Network for help.” It
was hard to imagine the clean-cut blond
woman relaxing in a deck chair outside of
Starbucks wagging a long term battle with
crystal meth addiction. She also recounted
during the interview about her divorce, lost
jobs, an abusive relationship, crimes.
“It was when I did some jail time that I
really hit bottom.” She reminisces, shuddering. “Nobody tells you how bad you will be
treated in there. It was really awful.” Once
there, she became ready to do whatever it
took to turn things around; for starters, she
underwent a harrowing eight-day withdrawal
from crystal meth. Out of jail on four year
probation, she started searching for the help
she needed to start a new life.
“Although for me, it was about getting my
life back.” During a marvelous past of methfree years in her early twenties, she had married, had two children, became PTA president,
taught Sunday school… all of these things had
been taken away. “I had a great family, wonderful people. I knew what life could be like.
I just did what lots of kids in East County do;
I tried drugs.”
Network (ISN) shelter in La Mesa United
Methodist Church, she was completely demoralized. There she found nothing but welcoming, non-judgmental people. “After being
treated so badly in jail, being given so much
acceptance and love was deeply re-assuring.
They said that I would be OK, made me believe that it was possible, they showed me that
it was possible.”
She credits the outpouring of love and acceptance, coming at that crucial time, for giving her the start that she needed. “I slept in a
sleeping bag; they fed me, helped me with resume writing, and sent me out into the world.
I felt deeply supported. They loved me in
spite of who I was at that time.”
“I did three rotations, going from La Mesa
Methodist, to St Andrew, then to St Dunstan’s. Every stay was wonderful. Each group
of volunteer was great. I got exactly what I
needed and have nothing but great memories
of the shelter.”
Since that time her life had blossomed. Her
children were returned to her, she is a popular
and trusted employee in a job that she loves
and has had for many years now, and is happily re-married. She has left her past behind
but not her gratitude for the many people
who reached out their hands to her when she
needed help.
Don’t miss out this great opportunity of
changing someone’s life this coming shelter
Sonny and Liza Rabina
Interfaith Shelter Network Coordinators
FUMC of National City
When she arrived at the Interfaith Shelter
‐ 4 ‐ Annual Community Thanksgiving Lunch!
First United Methodist Church of National City’s
Mission Outreach Committee
needs your help and would greatly appreciate donations towards
this event —both monetary and food donations.
(pies, turkeys, vegetables, paper goods, utensils, etc.)
Also, if you would like to volunteer in the preparation, serving,
and/or clean-up of the community event, please contact
Sonny & Liza Rabina for more details.
Let’s all get together to make this a great Thanksgiving
lunch and help those in need of a warm meal.
First United Methodist Church
242 East 8th Street
National City, CA 91950
When: Tuesday, November 25, 2014
from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM.
First United Methodist Church of National City
is hosting a
Community Thanksgiving Service
Everyone is welcome to join.
First United Methodist Church
242 East 8th Street
National City, CA 91950
Wednesday, November 26, 2014.
Starting 7:00 PM
‐5‐ P
7/13 Thanks to VBS Leaders
7/24 Happy 90th Birthday Faith DeLong
8/2 Happy Birthday Castillo Family
8/10 Children’s Ministry Leaders
8/17 God be with Timmy Villanueva
8/17 With Praise Band
9/7 Dedication of New Hand Bells
9/13 Young Adult & College Gathering
9/14 Children’s Worship
9/50 Venzon 50th Wedding
9/21 Praise Band
9/27 Ileto Family Home Blessing
Photo on left: S.A.M.
Choir on August 31, 2014.
Senior Adult
Photos on right: First Year
Death Anniversary of
Ligaya Ravancho and the
home of James & Lynn
(September 20, 2014)
‐ 6 ‐ M
8/7 Alex Fedalizo Celebration of Life
8/7 Alex Fedalizo with Honor
8/10 Afalla Sisters Special Music
8/24 Special Music by Lite Malit
9/7 Young Adult Leadership Team
9/7 Back-to-School Sunday Blessing
9/16 Caring & Praying Ministry Team
9/17 DS Rev. John Farley’s Visit
9/20 Ligaya Ravancho Death Anniversary
9/28 Chancel Choir
9/28 Stewardship Kick-Off Sunday
9/30 Congratulations to Richard & Malee
‐7‐ October 9, Thursday
Happy Angels Circle, 10:00 a.m.
Sunbeam Circle meeting to be announced.
October 18, Saturday
Susanna Wesley Circle meets.
October 25, Saturday
UMW Annual Conference at Bell Memorial UMC
(1747 S. Nogales St., Rowland Heights, CA 91748-2944)
Keynote Speaker Rev. Lorenza Andrade Smith.
November 11, Tuesday
Sunbeam Circle, 10:00 a.m.
November 13, Thursday Happy Angels Circle meets, 10:00 a.m.
November 15, Saturday
Susanna Wesley Circle meets, 10:00 a.m.
COMING SOON: UMW Annual Christmas Tea will be on Saturday, December 13, 2014
The Handbell Choir is recruiting new
members!! Get the chance to play an
enjoyable and fun filled musical instrument
heard throughout our church. The
Handbell Choir looking for members who
can preferably read notes in addition to
already know how to count notes. Can’t read or count notes?
NO PROBLEM!! We here at the Handbell Choir will teach
you the basic fundamentals of music, which consist up of
reading notes and knowing how to count notes. In addition,
guidelines must be followed when joining the Handbell
Must be dedicated to the Practices (Times & Dates)
Must be present at all performances
We hope that you will join this wonderful group and
experience all the fun that comes along with it!!! If you
have ANY questions, comments or concerns, in regards
to the Handbell Choir, please feel free to contact me or
the Music Director, Rosario Pangilinan. God Bless!!
(Jeremy Buenviaje, Handbell Choir Director: Cell (619)818-4067, e-mail: [email protected])
‐ 8 ‐ NEEDED: Ushers & Greeters
Have you wondered how you could help
our church or saw our church ushers or
greeters and thought, “I could do that!”
or “How can I sign up to serve the
church as they do?” Well, we’re always
looking for new volunteers to assist
during the worship services. If you or
another family member would like to
volunteer an hour or two of your time, a
few Sundays out of the year, to help the
church, please contact Pastor Kim, the
church office, or Homer Castillo. Thank
(Continued from page 1)
set us free!
Apostle Paul already witnessed this love from God in Christ: “…I am convinced that neither death, nor life,
nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor
anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our
Lord” (Romans 8:38-39).
My brothers and sisters in Christ!
Throughout October, we will respond to God’s amazing love with our faithful stewardship. Our stewardship
project is not a mere fundraising campaign but an expression of our love. God is generous and faithful, and so
should we be. This effort invites us to give more thanks to God for everything in life. In November, the month
of thanksgiving, we will celebrate God’s abundant love through our grateful hearts. It’s all because of God’s
love for everyone. Thanks be to God!
Love and blessings,
Pastor J. T. Kim
Wo r s h i p A s s i s t a n t s f o r O c t o b e r & N o v e m b e r 2 0 1 4
November 2
Gene Ablola
Myelene Carreon
Rebecca Haines
Maricris Cruz
Michael Bernales
Joy Bernardo
Sonny Rabina
Sheryll Mishenko
Lita Brock
October 5
October 12
October 19
October 26
November 2
November 9
November 16
To Be Announced
November 23
Communion Stewards
November 30
October: Robert & Jenny Silvino
November: Jun & Alicia Bautista
‐9‐ Mariel Rabina
Jahzel Montalla
Camille Taylor
Jeremae Delacruz
Annabelle Pangilinan
Bryanne Pangilinan
Joshua Danan
Jeremiah Danan
Juilenne Lusung
Pauline Angeles
Annabelle Pangilinan
Bryanne Pangilinan
Kyle Pajarillaga
Patrick Pajarillaga
Camille Taylor
Jessica Pangan
Mariel Rabina
Jahzel Montalla
Meet Our New
Youth Directors!
Edgar & Hillary Manalac
We are so blessed to have our new Youth Directors
who are “home-grown” in our congregation. Hillary and Edgar Manalac have assumed
their new responsibilities as Youth Directors (Staff) effective September 26, 2014. They
will be leading the Youth Friday Gatherings at 7 p.m. on every Friday. Please send your
youth (Jr. High & Sr. High) who are in Grades 7 (6 OK if in middle school) through
12). Please pray and support for our Youth Ministry, Youth Members, and Youth
Directors. Hillary is the main Youth Director while Edgar is assisting her in Youth
Ministry. Their proud parents are Ed & Merilou Manalac. Congratulations!
“I was baptized at First United Methodist Church in 1992. I attended youth group and
was active with Christmas institute (CI). I spent more than eight years attending CI and
took the role as a staff leader. In 2012, I became involved in children's ministry for two
years teaching fifth and sixth grade. I also teach grades 9th-12th during Vacation Bible
Currently, I’m at San Diego State University pursuing journalism. I enjoy fitness and
reading on my free time. I am working with my brother, Edgar Manalac, to become the
new youth directors. Our main goals are to help the youth grow, raise money for Youth
Ministry, and help the youth develop a stronger relationship with God.
“I have attended FUMC of National City from as long as I could remember. From
childhood I have been involved in Children’s Choir, acolytes, hand bells, VBS, Youth
Group, and more recently Christmas Institute. I am currently studying nursing and have
to prioritize my time as a student and as a youth leader. With my sister, Hillary, I hope to
see more of the youth grow and impact our community – not only by their presence, but
also with their service and outreach. My overall goal for the youth is for them to enjoy
this unique experience and grow closer to God.”
‐ 10 ‐ Children’s Ministry
Great things are happening with your children in our
newly formatted Sunday School, K-6. First, two new
Co-Coordinators, Dr. Christine Hoffman and Dr.
Laurie St. Gean have agreed to be responsible for the
overall coordination of our program.
Dr. Christine Hoffman has been a member of our
Church for over 30 years. Early on, Christine was an
Dr. Christine Hoffman
active member of the Chancel Choir under Dr. Jim
& Dr. Laurie St. Gean
Doyle’s direction. Christine is now preparing for
retirement as a public school administrator with close to 36 years of service where she
began as a band and choral teacher at National City Junior High. Later in her career,
Christine served as a high school principal in Orange County, and for the last 18 years, as a
school district superintendent. Dr. Hoffman has returned to “active service” with First
United Methodist Church of National City to assist with restructuring the K-6 Sunday
School program.
Dr. Laurie St. Gean also has extensive experience in public education having served as a
middle school social studies teacher. Later, Laurie served as a high school principal. Dr.
St. Gean has also been a district office assistant superintendent and for the past 10 years
and currently she is serving as a deputy superintendent. Laurie joined our Church this past
May and is also looking forward to what she can contribute to our Children’s Ministry.
One of the changes in the new format each Sunday is the incorporation of singing. Each
session begins with a large group setting of our children learning traditional hymns as well
as new songs that correspond with the Sunday School materials. One of the goals to be
accomplished this fall is to have the children sing newly learned songs periodically for the
The current curriculum focuses on God’s Creation and the early families of the Old
Testament. The children are learning Bible verses that correspond to each unit as well as
readings and stories from the Bible. Following the lesson, there is always a craft or activity.
If your child or children are enrolled in grades K through six and are not currently
participating in Sunday School, you may want to bring them up to the Sunday School
rooms this Sunday. We start promptly at 10:00 a.m.
And, by the way, Dr. Hoffman and Dr. St. Gean are looking for more Sunday School
teachers. If you are interested, please call Dr. Hoffman at (760)533-7535. Training and
the curriculum will be provided.
‐11‐ Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 20
Chula Vista CA
First United Methodist Church
242 E. 8th Street
National City, CA 91950-2298
ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED FIND US: “First United Methodist Church of National City”
‐ 12 ‐