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The Courier • Tuesday, NOVeMBeR 18, 2014
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The Bestsellers List
By The Wall street Journal
1. “diary of a Wimpy Kid: The
Long Haul” by Jeff Kinney (amulet
2. “Gray Mountain” by John
Grisham (doubleday)
3. “The Burning Room” by
Michael Connelly (Little, Brown)
4. “Rush Revere and the american Revolution” by Rush Limbaugh
(Threshold Editions)
5. “The Blood of Olympus” by
Rick Riordan (disney Press)
6. “Havana storm” by Clive
Cussler and dirk Cussler (G.P. Putnam’s sons)
7. “Pegasus” by danielle steel
Recently born at Blanchard
Valley Hospital, as reported by their
• Charlotte addison Tisdale, girl,
shad and Kris Tisdale, Findlay, Nov.
• Edinson daniel alger, boy, Jon
and Jessica alger, Forest, Nov. 5.
• Jonathan Reid Rayle, boy, Bianca
Rayle, Findlay, Nov. 5.
• sofiya Marie Gonzales, girl,
Carlos Gonzales and Tamra Woods,
Findlay, Nov. 5.
• arlo Lawrence dale Taylor, boy,
Tim and LaCosta Taylor, Nov. 6.
• Michael steven Reinhart, boy,
steven and Heather Reinhart, Carey,
Nov. 6.
• alexavier Jordon Noble, boy,
Travis Jeffery Noble and Chelsea
Marie Raitz, Tiffin, Nov. 6.
• Baileigh sophia Wolford, girl,
Jacob and danni Wolford, Findlay,
Nov. 6.
• Corbin august Rider, boy, Matthew and anita Rider, Findlay, Nov. 7.
• Isla Claire Brunow, girl, Clay and
Erica Brunow, Findlay, Nov. 7.
8. “Prince Lestat” by anne Rice
9. “dork diaries 8: Tales from
a Not-so-Happily Ever after” by
Rachel Renee Russell (aladdin)
10. “The World of Ice and Fire” by
George R.R. Martin, Elio Garcia and
Linda antonsson (Bantam)
1. “Make It ahead” by Ina Garten
(Clarkson Potter)
2. “Killing Patton” by Bill
O’Reilly and Martin dugard (Henry
Holt and Co.)
3. “The Motivation Manifesto”
by Brendon Burchard (Hay House)
4. “For Love of Country” by
• Eli Kenneth derr, boy, Nicholas
and Tiffany Joy derr, Wharton, Nov.
• Carson david Lee Roberts, boy,
Matthew Ray Roberts and Jonna
Nicole Elizabeth Buchanan, North
Baltimore, Nov. 7.
• Nolan Christopher McColly and
Oliver Eugene McColly, boys, Kyle
and ashlee McColly, Upper sandusky,
Nov. 8.
• Haizley ann Kromer, girl, Chevy
Kromer and Jessica Wolf, Nov. 9.
• akollie, boy, aundra Parnell Jr.
and Megan awis, Bowling Green,
Nov. 10.
• Camden O’Neill Johnson, boy,
Chaderick and Bridgett Marie Johnson, Findlay, Nov. 10.
• Kaylie Marie Mathias, girl, Matthew and Jill Mathias, arcadia, Nov.
• Caiden Lee Zimmerman, boy,
Matthew Zimmerman and Cecelia
Peace, Findlay, Nov. 11.
• Lillith serenity Rayne Bowers,
girl, Colton Bowers and Justice Treft,
Findlay, Nov. 11.
,--(>gklgjaY9n]&$>af\[email protected]œ,)1%,*+%)..,
Howard schultz and Rajiv Chandrasekaran (Knopf)
5. “yes Please” by amy Poehler
(dey street Books)
6. “Minecraft: Construction
Handbook” by scholastic (scholastic)
7. “JJ Virgin’s sugar Impact diet”
by JJ Virgin (Grand Central Publishing)
8. “True Love” by Jennifer Lopez
9. “Guinness World Records
2015” by Guinness World Records
(Guinness World Records)
10. “Minecraft: Combat Handbook” by scholastic (scholastic)
1. “The Burning Room” by
Michael Connelly (Little, Brown)
2. “Gray Mountain” by John
Grisham (doubleday)
3. “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn
(Broadway Books)
4. “diary of a Wimpy Kid: The
Long Haul” by Jeff Kinney (amulet
5. “alpha Billionaire 3” by Helen
Cooper (JMC Creations)
6. “Blood Magick” by Nora Roberts (Berkley)
7. “RUIN--Part Three” deborah
Bladon (deborah Bladon)
8. “Leaving Time” by Jodi Picoult
9. “Not Quite Forever” by Catherine Bybee (Montlake Romance)
10. “I saw Her standing There”
TUEsday, NOVEMBER 18, 2014
by Marie Force (Berkley)
1. “yes Please” by amy Poehler
(dey street Books)
2. “ Killing Patton” by Bill
O’Reilly and Martin dugard (Henry
Holt and Co.)
3. “The Boys in the Boat” by
daniel James Brown (Viking Press)
4. “stonewalled” by sharyl attkisson (Harper)
5. “Call the Nurse” by Mary J.
MacLeod (arcade Publishing)’
6. “Collected Letters of C.s.
Lewis, Vol. 3” by C.s. Lewis (HarperCollins)
7. “Unbroken: a World War
II story” by Laura Hillenbrand
(Random House)
8. “you’re already amazing” by
Holley Gerth (Baker Publishing)
9. “Complete Idiot’s Guide to the
Bible” by James stuart Bell Jr.
10. “simplify” by Joshua Becker
(Henry Holt & Co.)
Nielsen BookScan gathers data
from about 16,000 locations, representing about 85 percent of the
nation’s book sales. Print-book
data providers include all major
booksellers and Web retailers, and
food stores. E-book data providers
include all major e-book retailers.
Free e-books and those sold for less
than 99 cents are excluded. Audio
books are excluded. Refer questions to [email protected]
Honor Roll
Findlay High School
Fi nd l ay H ig h s cho ol h a s
announced its honor roll for the
first nine-week grading period.
The following students were named
to distinguished Honor Roll:
seniors — Zachary armstrong,
Olivia Bair, Lindsey Barchent,
sarah Barwig, Eric Beard, Kristopher Berger, Cori Bibler, alexander
Bishop, Hannah Block, Heather
Bolmer, amanda Burrows, amanda
Campbell, Jacob Collins, stuart Collins, austin Corey, Cody Cornwell,
Kaitlin Coward, Trey Cruz, samantha deckard, Jackie dong, Kaitlin
duncan, Presley Elchert, Boden
Fisher, Victoria Fisher, Makenna Fox,
dalton Fry, Richard (duke) Gobrecht,
Nicholas Goldacker, Tanner Graves,
Hiromasa (alex) Harada, Jacey
Hardesty, Logan Harris, anthony
Heistand, Clay Higgins, Morgan
Hinshaw, Hannah Howard, Connar
Huddleson, Laura Inbody, Graciana
Janton, schenia Johnson, Nicholas
Kairys, Logan Kline, Emily Lazar,
aaron Lewis, aubrey Lewis, Elizabeth
Lonyo, Brandi Maag, Kaitlin Mabee,
Paige McCahan, Hannah McClellan, Braden Miller, sydney Miller,
See Honor roll, Page T3
Guidelines For Your ‘Celebrations!’
Welcome to Celebrations!, the place for your non-commercial announcements of nearly every kind. We encourage you to write your own announcement, but we can help
you with a traditional one.
When? Celebrations! is published Tuesdays. Your announcement will appear in one Celebrations! printed edition, and online at www. thecourier.com for one week.
Your deadline is 3 p.m. Wednesdays, at The Courier, for
the following Tuesday’s edition. Earlier is always better.
A form is helpful, but not necessary. You can pick one up
at The Courier, 701 West Sandusky St., Findlay, from 8 a.m.
to 5 p.m. weekdays; download a PDF from www.thecourier.com/celebrations, or call Celebrations! at 419-422-5151
and we’ll work with you. For engagements, weddings and
anniversaries, you can submit forms online, with payment
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How big and how much? Use a ruler to help.
• 1 column (2 in) x 5.5 inches: $30.
• 2 columns (4.1 in) x 2.75 inches: $30.
• 1 column x 11 inches: $50.
• 2 columns x 5.5 inches: $50.
• 2 columns x 11 inches: $90.
• 4 columns (8.4 in) x 5.5 inches: $90.
• Half page, 5 col. (10.5 in) x 5.5 inches: $105.
• Front page, full color, 1/4 Page ad: $85.
• Center pages available in full color, call for information
• Additional art (special borders, symbols): $5 per announcement.
Good photos wanted. Photos should be at least walletsized. Glossies help. Prints can be emailed, mailed, dropped
off, or put in the mailbox near our front door. Photos for
weddings, engagements and anniversaries can be submitted online. Photos will be returned by mail with your selfaddressed, stamped envelope; or pick them up within two
weeks or they may be discarded. The Courier assumes no
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Want a lot more impact? Put your photo on the cover of
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Special pricing for ANY active Duty Military Celebrations! ads. Front page of Celebrations! - ½ off, plus free
inside ad up to 11”.
Scholarships and academic honors, including dean’s list
honors announced by students, relatives or friends, should
be placed in Celebrations! Scholarships announced by civic and other organizations are treated as news stories.
We will print free, very-short announcements of engagements, weddings, anniversaries (50, 55, 60 years,
etc.), birthdays (90 years or older), and dean’s list honors
and graduations. They should be mailed or e-mailed to
[email protected] Examples:
Engagement: Jane Smith, of Findlay, and John Doe, of
Philadelphia, plan to marry Sept. 14 at St. Peter’s by-theSea Episcopal Church, Cape May Point, N.J.
Wedding: Jane Smith and John Doe, of Philadelphia, were
married Sept. 14 in Cape May Point, N.J. She is formerly of
Anniversary: John and Jane Doe of Findlay will celebrate
their 60th wedding anniversary on Sept. 14.
Birthday: Jane Doe of Findlay will celebrate her 90th
birthday on Sunday.
Dean’s list: John Doe Jr., Findlay, son of John and Jane
Doe, University of Findlay.
Businesses should contact their Courier advertising consultant.
Questions? Please call Celebrations! at 419-4225151 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays, or e-mail
[email protected]
TUEsday, NOVEMBER 18, 2014
Honor Roll
Continued from page T2
april Misamore, Cody Neice, Eliana
Neufeld Basinger, Emmalese Nuerge,
Mitchel Perry, Emily Peters, Emily
Pinski, Liza Praprotnik, Tasha Purcell, Rachael Rackley, Howard (Tyler)
Rash, Brittan Reichley, Hannah Richards, Bailey Ridge, Nolan Rodman,
shelby Roether, Emily schaefer,
Baylee schertzer, anna schumm,
austin secor, aditya sharma, alex
siefer, alexis simmermeyer, Georgia
snelling, Natasha snelling, Mitchell
stahl, Hyun (Tom) suh, Mariah Tate,
sarah Thomas, Tayler Thomas, Bryce
Tichenor, Travis Vogelsong, Emma
Wagner, Mara Wallace, anna Wank,
Ronald Warner, alexander Whikehart, Emma Whipkey, sarah Wintrow,
Zachary Zimmerman.
Juniors — Hassan almutawa,
Jacob Barger, shaylin Barnd, Kaitlin Boes, Kami Boney, Elizabeth
Bookmyer, Keith Bouts, sophie
Brahim, Patrick Breen, Blake Brickner, Brooke Brigadoi, abigail (abby)
Byrd, Michael Charlton, Julia Clay,
Julie Cole, Richard Coleman, andrew
Colich, Karli Combs, alyssa Cornwell,
Luke Cosiano, Briar Courtney, Naomi
Coutinho, Rachelle Crow, John dauer,
Trevor distel, Charity Emahiser,
Olivia Fenton, Kaitlyn Fillhart, Jacklyn Fontana, samantha Forwalder,
Kaylin Fuller, Isaiah Gaines, Michaela
Gault, sydney Geiser, Madalyn Gephart, Brandon Geradi, Evan Gladden,
Knakyia (Kyia) Gray, Grace Gregory,
Kathryn Harry, Evan Hass, Jessica
Haydel, Emma Hiatt, sarah Hofacker,
Jenna (Jenna Marie) Hohman, Brandon Hoop, Justin Hopkins, Margaret Hughes, avery Insley, Marciana
Janton, Lauren Johnson, Michael
Johnson, Jordan Jones, Cailey Jordan,
Elana Karhoff, Michael Karhoff,
Harley Keiser, Lena Kennedy, yuki
Kidahashi, Mackenzie (Kenzie) Kizer,
Kendra Konecny, Gabriel Kornblatt,
Marisa Kreinbihl, allison Kreinbrink,
Kayli Kuhn, Faith LaFleur, Courtney
Lanagan, alexander Langel, Cassandra (Cassie) Lawrence, Jarrett Lewis,
Jenna Lewis, Erin Long, Tristan
Lucas, Hailey Maguire, Jordan May,
Jacob McCutcheon, Chase Miller,
Taylor Montaine, Robert Montgomery, Ethan Moran, Zachary Morris,
Brant Morton, Emma O’Kelley, Tyler
Parker, salim Pepples, amanda
Petrella, John Quinn, Kyle Randall,
James (JJ) Reneau, Rachel Reynolds,
Cara Riker, aidan Roberts, Hannah
Robertson, Matthew Rosebrook,
Justin Routzon, samuel saltzman,
Courtney santos, ashle (ashley)
sayarath, Caitlynn sayer, Carlee
schmelzer, alisha schroeder, Brett
schulte, Zachary schumm, Bryant
shaffer, Justin shanahan, Victoria
silveus, James skellie, Taylor slone,
sarah smarkel, Harry snelling, Isa-
bella spearman, Trevor st. Jean, Chandler stillings, Tucker stocker, James
streicher, Kenneth styne, Reid sullivan, Chelsea summit, Faith Taylor,
Luke Taylor, Benjamin Templin,
samantha Thepsourinthone, Jordan
Tichenor, alexandria Tong, april Joy
Torres, Garmon Wagner, samantha
Walter, Mariah Ward, Joshua Warnimont, Cole Wasson, Jamie Watson,
Cole Weickert, Breanna Wellington,
Miranda Westrick, Elizabeth (Lizzy)
Williamson, Marissa Wintrow, Chloe
Wohlgamuth, Heather Wolfe, aubrey
Woodhull, Patrick Zeller.
sophomores — sarah abraham,
Brandon armstrong, Joshua Babione, Kaylee Beard, Logan Beasley,
Paige Bennett, Elise Billmaier, Emily
Block, Julia Bohland, Bryce Burrows,
Kaila Butterworth, Gabrielle Calvert,
Hannah Clinger, Kelly Coleman,
Khanh dang Le, Baylee deMuth,
Grace dickman, Michael dudash,
Mark dulaney, Hunter Emerson,
ariel Evans, spencer Evans, abby
Federici, Todd Federici, Elizabeth
Fisher, Jessica Foster, Richard Fox,
Chelsea Frey, Lindsay Geiser, Robert
Hammond, andrew Hapner, Cierra
Hauenstein, Hannah Herold, Camryn
Hessling, andre Hoffman, savannah Hosey, Mitchell Hucke, Jinsung
Jeon, Eric Johnson, austin Keppers,
McKenna Kouns, samuel Kovaleski,
Jillian Kreinbrink, Katelin Kreinbrink, Eloise Kutschbach, Ruxi Lalji,
Marquis Landers, George Lawton,
By Roger Powell
FHS Alumni Director
Class of 1954
Horacio Lerma II, alexander LeVeck,
Margaret Loarca, Erin Longo, Lillian
Lowd, Michaela Malone, Monica Mendizabel, Zachariah Metzler, Calvin
Meyer, alyssa Montalbine, Linzy
Mundy, Noah Murdock, Kimberly
Murphy, samantha Murtha, Zaresha Neal, Kyle Nunn, Jacob Pepple,
James Pepple, Katlynn Phillips, Ryan
Priest, Cassidy Pruitt, Will Quanrud,
Mikaela Ramsey, Megan Rauschenberg, Hannah Recker, Corey Redd,
Johnna Richter, Zachary short,
Jordan simons, aminderpal singh,
allison snider, Noah snyder, Taylor
steinke, Zachariah stinchcomb, Peter
strzempka, Jayme Tesnow, KahRon
White, Olivia Williams, Katherine
Wilson, Ryan Zheng.
Freshmen — Laney ankney,
Cameron armstrong, Jonathan
arthur, amy Barto, Jaclyn Bendt,
Emily Betts, donovan Bland, Jessica
Bloom, William Bloomfield, Omar
Bodnarik, susannah Brim, Bradley
Butler, Emily Cairns, sarah Campbell, alexander Canaday, Kayla Canterbury, sarah Clinger, Mason Clouse,
Katelynn Crist, Jaren dawson, Jonathan deckard, Wyatt deem, aidan
detterman, Cameron dillon, Emily
doepker, Benjamin douglas, andrew
duesenberry, Tessa Ervin, Olivia
Essinger, amy Feczer, Lacie Fickiesen, Megan Frost, Julia Fulk, Joran
Fuller, Evan Gephart, Tanmay Goel,
Margarita Gomez, anthony Gonzalez, Karina Gower, adam Gutting,
Brittney Haas, Georgia Hames, Grace
Hansen, Emma Harris, Lexie Harris,
Griffin Hartman, Jason Haynes,
Tessa Hazelton, Garrett Heath,
Emily Heiman, Trevor Hellman, Kyle
Herold, Kai Hildebrand, Carmen
Hoefs, Cheyenne Holzwart, allison
Hughes, Macie Hunt, Bahi Iboaya,
Kayla Keckler, Jennifer Kettinger,
akane Kidahashi, abigail Klausing,
amelia Koch, Jacob Kramb, Rachel
Krueger, Vashti Larsen, Kayla Laube,
Matthew Lichtinger, Heather Lim,
Jacob Logsdon, duncan Longberry,
Jordan Lynch, Vanessa Manley, Kiara
McCoy, Taylor McCutcheon, duncan
McMath, amber Meisner, alexander Miller, delaney Miller, Emily
Misamore, amanda Montgomery,
stefanie Moore, Bryn Moran, Jeffrey
Morsfield, Elissa Mowery, Timothy
Moyer, Lillianna Munoz, Matthew
Munoz, samantha Nicholson, Jordan
Nold, sinead Omelinn, Matthew
Opara, Madeline Parker, Jamie Parsell, Caleb Peltier, Chance Petiniot,
Brayton Rader, Grace Ramsey,
Jonathon Ricard, Kaitlin Ricketts,
John Ried, Hailee Rolofson, Lindsey
Roynon, Leanna salazar, Kanon sato,
shion sato, Taylor scalfaro, Isaac
schumm, Chloe sena, anzu shinohara, Zoe shiparski, Kaitlynn shisler,
Kyle shoffner, Margot simeon, Jade
smith, Rena song, Lindsey staschiak,
Reza sudarma, Bret swanson, Hunter
See Honor roll, Page T4
If you have info about your class
reunion for 2015 please E-Mail me
[email protected] to be put on
our web site.
Cole Wasson
FHS Yearbooks for Sale!
1920’s to 2000’s (not all years)
Contact: Ruth Rinker at
[email protected]
as to availability and prices.
Alumni T-shirts and sweat shirts
are available in gold or blue. T’s $10,
Sweats $20 plus $3 shipping. Send
check: name, address, size and color
to R.Powell, FHS, 1200 Broad Ave.
We are in need of volunteers in the
alumni office 4-6 hrs. a month.
Contact me at the E-Mail above.
Check out web site:
Love, Mom, Chuck,
Tab & Steve
Ronald and Pamela Young,
formerly of Findlay, currently of
Crestview, FL are proud to announce
that their son, Nathan J. Young has
been promoted to Sergeant in the
U.S. Army.
Nathan and his wife Samantha
along with their two daughters, Kayli
and Braelynn, are currently residing
at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs,
Nathan is the grandson of John
and Betty Young and Carol and Tom
Windau and the brother of Jacob
Young, all of Findlay.
Cole Wasson, a junior at McComb
High School, was officially presented
the rank of Eagle Scout on Sunday,
August 17, 2014. He is the son of
Joe and Becky Wasson, and Kim
Hollenback. The ceremony was held
at the McComb Church of Christ.
Scout leaders Jim Rode and Greg
Smith presented this prestigious
Cole joined scouts in 2004.
During his time in scouts he has
earned numerous merit badges and
climbed up the ranks while serving
in several leadership positions within
the troop. In 2013 Cole attended the
National Jamboree at the Summit
Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.
During that time he held the position
of scribe. Cole is also an active
member of OA, Order of the Arrow.
He currently is in charge of the OA
website. Cole has previously worked
at Camp Berry in the trading post,
and he currently works at the Boy
Scout Council office in Findlay.
For his Eagle Scout project Cole
assembled sixteen first-aid kits for
the boys’ baseball and girls’ softball
teams in McComb. Congratulations
Honor Roll
Continued from page T3
Tichenor, Jason Tornes, Jarred Treft,
Hayley Trytko, Cody Tweed, Jessie
Valentine, Hannah Vandevander,
dylan Wallen, Blake Watson, adelaide
Wirt, sophie Wohl, Cassandra Wood,
Brenna yanchak, Monica Ziebold.
The following students were
named to the Merit Honor Roll:
seniors — Mahailia adams,
Nicole alt, sybil anast, Katie arce,
Matthew armand, sarah Barkey,
aumama Bascal, sophia Beery, Joslyn
Bendt, alexia Blatnik, Khalil Brewer,
Rebekah Cantu, austin Clark, Jaquelynn Coppes, Graham Copus, Tiffany Crawford, Jessica darapheth,
Richard diltz, Collin dodds, Nathan
duff, Brandon Eck, austin Essinger,
Theodora Essinger, Mackenzie Evans,
ashley Feasel, Kelsey Fetterman,
sydney Fletcher, Benjamin Foster,
Laura Gephart, Kayla Gill, aubrey
Gordon, austin Gutting, Haley Haas,
Hailey Hahn, Kirstie Hans, Kaylee
Harbison, Jamela Hashemi, Richard
Hennessey, Carlie Hertel, Collin
Hiatt, Bayley Hill, Peter Ho, Nola
Jackson, Evan Johnson, Jose Jorge
Bernal, Megan Junge, Jonathan
Karhoff, Myranda Klein, stephanie
Koch, Celeste la Fleur, Matthew
LaFontaine, Lawrence Lauer, Hannah
Lee, dylan Llewellyn, Morgen Long,
Kyle Longnecker, Morgan Mastrocinque, Trevor McCall, Nicholas
Meyer, ashley Miller, Khai Morgart,
Katlin Murray-Mockensturm, Colton
Orians, Katherine Orr, Elena Palacios, Catalina Petrescu, Justin Pfiester, Nicole Polzin, Collin Prueter,
Jarrett Quanrud, Wesley Radabaugh,
Ciara Ralston, Chaz Ramirez, Hailee
Rennels, Patrick Riley, Justin Rose,
silverlLyn Roth, Ryan Runion, Kaylee
Rush, aaron scarberry, Bethany
schrock, alex schumaker, danielle
settlemire, sara shaheen, Kourtney
smith, Emily stacy, Ross stansbery,
Kelsey stoepfel, Elizabeth streib, Victoria sullivan, Zoe swisher, jasmine
switzer, Brandon Terrian, andrea
Troyer, Christopher Turley, Courtney Unverferth, Megan Varney, Jennifer Vielhaber, alexis Wade, Lucy
Wagner William (Chase) Wagner,
Hannah Warren, Mackenzie Wealleans, anthony Webb, Grant Weickert,
Rebecca Wells, Cassandra Williamson, Jacob Wilson, Jeremy Wilson,
Zara Wilson, Zachary young.
Juniors — Grant akin, Cody
arrington, Mackenzie atchison,
amanda aukerman, Camryn Barnett,
Makaila Barraza-Hardman, Miranda
Benjamin, Nicholas Berry, Clarissa
Broadwater, Lexi Bronston, Matthew
Cairns, Zachary Carman, Rebecca
Carter, Justin Chu, ashley Cole, Mackenzie Collins, Katie Conley, Jordan
Coppus, Hunter Copus, Mya Courtney, sarah Cramer, Connor Cruea,
samantha dalton, Rebecca (Becky)
davis, amber dawson, Bridget dunn,
Cassidy dunn, Jayden Egler, Bryan
Eidt, Paige Eisaman, Jacob Elbin,
aaron Elchert, Levi Elsea, Jacob
England, Kayla Fendley, Logan Fickiesen, alex Fischbauch, Katelynn
Fleming, Marcuise Fornof, Greyson
Foust, Laura Fox, anne Frankenburg,
alexis Franks, Isabelle Friend, alissa
Gibson, Brendan Graves, Erin Greer,
samuel Griffith, Jeffery Grilliot, Jake
Hahn, Jared Hall, sophia Hall, alyssa
Halstead, Forest Heistand, danika
Henley, Jesika Henley, alexandria
Hill, Jordin Hughes, audrey Hummel,
Logan Hummel, Caitlyn Huston,
Makalya Jackson, Zachary Johns,
Claire Johnson, Grace Johnston,
david Kauble, Katie Keys, Paige Kin,
Madison Kirk, scott Klausing, Travis
Koenig, Fumitaka Kondo, Jenna Kreinbrink, Timothy Krueger, Chanda
Landwehr, Taylor Lavey, Madison Lawson, Jadin Laytart, Travis
Lehman, Bailey Logsdon, shannon
Lowd, alexander Majors, Malinda
Marquart, Christian Martin, Titus
McBeath, Kenna McCaskey, Grant
McKinniss, Ivy Miller, Kenrick Mock,
shyanne Monroe, Ryan Montgomery,
Jordan Morris, Jordan Mosser, Jacob
Moyer, Mia Munoz, Chad Noon,
Jose Ochoa, Maria Ochoa, austin
Opsomer, Kaili Orians, Jessica Payne,
Taylor Pellam, sierra Perry, alan Potteiger, Hansen Rallis, Miranda Ravenscroft, Bryce Rettig, derrick Richards,
TUEsday, NOVEMBER 18, 2014
anthony Ross, santo Rossilli, Falkyn
Roth, Noah Routson, dennis saum,
Ryan schmidt, alexa scoby, Olivia
sears, storm shepherd, Caitlin shoemaker, Justice short, Laura schuck,
amanda simon, Megan smith, danielle snyman, abigail spitler, Codie
stapley, Ryan strzesynski,
abbey Thomas, Lacey Thomas,
Leah Thomas, Matthew (Matthew
Lee) Thomas, shelby Tipple, Joseph
Tornes, abagail Vantrease, Bradie
Warnecke, Hailey Warren, sierra
Weaver, Katheryn Wells, andrew
Westrick, Nicholas Williamson, Laura
Wilson, Jesiah Wright.
sophomores — sarah alzahrani,
Lily anderson, dakota arnett, Jonathan Baker, Hayden Baldridge, ashley
Beers, Jenna Bernhardt, Franklin
Betz, Lindsay Blackwell, Jacob Bohland, Victoria Bowman, William
Bright, Karina Bruce, Zachariah
Claflin, Lori Clemence, Courtney
Clemons, Corrina Cowden, Zachary
Cramer, Walker damon, ashlynn
dill, William douglas, Erin dunne,
Jared England, sophie Evans, Victoria Flores, Rachael Flugga, Madison Fulton, Mariah Garcia Bennett,
Thomas Gilgen, summer Gobrecht,
salina Gomez, aryana Gonzalez, Trey
Hall, austin Hamilton, Garrin Hamilton, Gabriel Hamlin, Zachary Hannah,
Jacob Harris, Taylor Heldman, david
Hernandez, McKaila Honse, Kody
Horstman, Cheyenne Howard, Emily
Howard, allyson Huether, alec
Hughes, Ivrae Huston, Nisreen Isbell,
sydney Kline, yuka Koyama, aaron
Kupferberg, Riley Langstaff, Hayleigh
Larmore, Noah Leeper, Taylor Leffel,
Brooke Makrancy, Tre Miller, Brock
Milum, Kristen Misamore, Kody
Monday, Zachary Montgomery, Claudia Morman, Chloe Nesler, Madison
Nuhfer, sierra Nunez, Chase Owen,
Clayton Perry, alyssa Pestana, sarah
Pippert, Matthew Pochard, stone
Pommert, Ellysia Price, Chad Quanrud, Joshua Radabaugh, samantha
Reffner, Brooke Rettig, abigail Rice,
ayla Risner, Garrett Rogers, Jarred
Romick, alexis Rothenbuhler, sami
salama, adison schumacher, Madison sloman, Hannah smith, Madalyn
smith, Gabrielle sons, aleksandria
spargo, Quinncy sprouse, Elizabeth
stahl, Maylai stewart, d’on stinson,
allison Taylor, Makenna Tipple,
Nathan Turney, Konner Vanatta,
Taylor Vansant, steven Wagner, Leah
Warrington, dane Weickert, Morgan
Werling, Nicholas Westenbarger,
Jordan Whitman, Hannah Willeke,
andrew Williams, James Wittenmyer, Olivia Wolf, Isabel Wolke, Kayla
Wooden, Brandon yammine.
Freshmen — austin aguado, destiny allison, Benjamin Baldridge, Jose
Barrientos, Nicholas Beier, alasia
Brown, Jonathan Brumbaugh, Cody
Burnside, Joseph Carlson, sierra
Castret, Jessica Caudill, Emma
See Honor roll, Page T5
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TUEsday, NOVEMBER 18, 2014
Honor Roll
Continued from page T4
Barrientos, Nicholas Beier, alasia
Brown, Jonathan Brumbaugh, Cody
Burnside, Joseph Carlson, sierra
Castret, Jessica Caudill, Emma
Cavitt, alyssa Cheney, Lisa Clemence, James Cleveland, Nicole Cobb,
Taylor Coleman, abbigaile Cotten,
dakota decker, Ethan doe, Boston
dubocq, adam Earley, Isabella Escobar, Madison Faulkner, Triniti Fisher,
david Forwalder, samuel Geideman,
Chase Gonyer, Christian Gower,
Lauren Hackenberg, alyssa Haines,
Tatam Haley, Jordan Halliday, Madeleine Hamilton, Blake Hamlin,
Zachery Hamlin, Julia Hardesty,
Ethan Heidepriem, Chelsey Helms,
dru Hernandez, Elizabeth Hoekstra,
Benahili Iboaya, Hailey Joseph, Mia
Kammeyer, Jason Kibble, William
Kiffmeyer, avery Lehtomaa, destiny
McRill, Nathan Miller, Trejen Miller,
Blake Mountaine, Owen Morse, Cynthia Napier, Mikena Nuhfer, Nicholas Partee, Bryten Perkins, sydney
Plesec, Carlynn Powell, Keaton Rider,
Robert Riffle, Courtney Rinesmith,
Carlie Roberts, Gabriela salazar, santiago sanchez, shelbi sargent, Frances shaull, Tyler sheridan, Natasha
shultz, Kyle silvers, Cheyenne smith,
Christian smith, dalton smith, Katie
speck, Lane spence, Blake spitler,
Caden spradlin, autumn stanfield,
Jazmane steiff, Josie stephens, Espyn
Taylor, Reagan Tipple, Caleb Wallace,
damien Walters, alyssa Warren,
Carsen Weaver, Julia Weigman, Claire
Whipkey, Chloe Williams, Logan Williams, starr Woodruff, aubre yoder.
The following students were
named to the a-B Honor Roll:
seniors — sarah Booze, Lincoln
Brandeberry, Bradley Crawford, alex
dewey, Hunter dillinger Kayla Farr,
Madison Frankart, Karissa Gamiere,
Brandon Grilliot, Nicholas Hagerty,
Zachary Hark, Jennifer Kitzler, Kelsey
Lanagan, Kyle Landwehr, Christopher
Loveridge, Chelsea Marquart, Patrick
Mcstraw, Paul Pruden, Christopher
Reed, James (Clay) Robertson, Jessica selhorst, Logan sherer, destiny
shoemaker, Lance smith, Jazmine
Waller, Kortnee Weber, stacie young.
Juniors — Marisa alva, Kayleen
apple, alyssa arrizola, Kristina
athey, Eric Beach, Ethan Bish, Brodie
Boone, Nina Brown, Lucas Carrigan,
Richard Cleveland, sarah Culbert,
amalia doepker, Fiona Giesey, dustin
Hammer, allena Heidlebaugh, Mark
(steven) Holtgreven, Caitlin Kelley,
Mathew Kellogg, Maxwell Kuhlman,
Kelly Nuveman, Maryann Opper,
Chaze Proehl, Russell Rayle, Morgan
Rieman, Jennifer snay, alexandria
steffan, Christian stewart, Mason
Thomas, auston Thompson, Jacob
sophomores — Bryce Esper, Ian
Kennedy, Renee Newman, Brookelynne schroyer, avery Wirt.
Freshmen — Zachary Fairbanks,
seth Johns, Larry smith, Tyler
St. Michael
st. Michael school has
announced its honor roll for the
first quarter g rading period.
The following students received all
Eighth graders — Claire Bishop,
dane Budke, aubrey Buford, Ethan
Camiscione, sarah Gerardi, andrew
Gilgen, sophie Johnson, Josh Kreinbrink, Maddie Kreinbrink, Lexie
Layne, ashley Puthoff, Jacob Reindel, abby Reynolds, Olivia sellers,
Ian starn, Kristin streacker, Kendra
Wurm, Izzy Zalat.
seventh graders — alexis doe,
Caitlin Elseser, abbey Hatch, Holly
Heck, Justine Hunt, Chloe Kin, Madeline Parmelee, Riley Russell, Lindsey
shaw, Leah stall, Joe Wohl.
sixth graders — Madison altenburg, Gannon Bahn, Grace Barto,
Tyler Bihn, Wesley Casselman,
Nathan Garcia, Tyler Gurney, Leah
Himebaugh, danny Kelly, Josh Reindel, Luke Reuille, Kristen scherger,
Kirsten selhorst, Lauren smith, Katie
suermann, alyssa Touhalisky
The following students received all
a’s and B’s:
Eighth graders — Victoria denike,
abby Filkins, Kathryn Gerschutz, Brianne Greer, Paul Hansen, Olivia Harr,
Emily Klein, Trent Land, stefanie Livinalli, Grant Morman, Jacob Murphy,
Lilly Myers, Jack Radabaugh, Lauren
Reitman, Maggie Rupp, Jack schetter,
Lauren selhorst, Zach Thomas, sean
Trenkamp, sophia Weaver, Lauren
Wolf Victoria denike, abby Filkins,
Kathryn Gerschutz, Brianne Greer,
Paul Hansen, Olivia Harr, Emily
Klein, Trent Land, stefanie Livinalli,
Grant Morman, Jacob Murphy, Lilly
Myers, Jack Radabaugh, Lauren Reitman, Maggie Rupp, Jack schetter,
Lauren selhorst, Zach Thomas, sean
Trenkamp, sophia Weaver, Lauren
seventh graders — Charles Clapper, Lillian Clay, Grant Conley, Jack
Conrad, Gavin Coutinho, Gabby
diehl, Claire doepker, Zoe Horne,
Caitlin Koomen, Michael Kramer,
Chloe Korecky Margeaux Lazar,
Jennie Longo, Casey McCauley, Eva
Meyer, dominic Mora, anthony
Moyer, Meghan Quaid, Lucy Reed,
Braden Richards, Ethan spradlin,
savannah Thiel, ava Welch.
sixth graders — declan adkins,
Matthew Berger, Jackson Farmer,
Max Farmer, Madeline Feighner,
amber Gerschutz, Bryan Haas, Virginia Harr, Gianna Kreuz, Kieran Lay,
Mya Lunguy, Olivia Miehls, Hannah
Mueller, alexis Nagy, Bryan Phung,
Jon Ricker, ainsley schroeder, Clayton skulina, Cole sprague, andrew
stechschulte, Patrick streacker,
aubreigh Ulinski, Niko Vidakovic,
Larkin Warner, Reed Warner.
Glenwood Middle
Glenwood Middle school has
announced its honor roll for the
first nine-week grading period.
The following students were named to
the distinguished Honor Roll:
Eighth graders — ammar alahmad, alexis aldrich, Morganne
atchison, Brianna Budreau, Kellyanne Bunkley, Harmony Cagney,
Jordan Carman, alyssa Cassata,
Eve Cramer, Chase Ebanks, Brendon
Egler, Emma England, aleah Feasel,
Katelyn Foster, Hayden Fox, Caitin
Fraley, Jacob Goble, Jamison Halliday,
Blake Hatlay, Hayli Herrera, allyssa
Hitt, spencer Householder, shelby
Howard, savannah Hummel, Lauryn
Humphreys, Hailey Jenkins, aliza
Johnson, Taylor Jones, ami Kondo,
Eden Lasley, Ian Laws, Christian Lee,
analese Lutz, Taiga Matsubara, Levi
McFadden, Margaret McGhee, sofia
Mendezlxcot, Megan Miller, Madison
Misna, Roman Nikolaev, Ryan Nunn,
Erin OKelley, Greyson Pollock, Leah
Ragland, Hannah Risner, Cameron
Robinson, Colton Ross, siera selick,
Claire short, sandy sonexarth, abby
souaysanga, Lauren spaeth, Jayden
stagnolia, Kaylor stocker, Blaine
Thom, Katie Thomas, dylan Turner,
See Honor roll, Page T6
You are invited to join
with us in a day of
celebration and
praise for our church’s
75th Anniversary,
Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014
at 9:15 or 10:45 a.m.
2501 Broad Ave.
‡ 129(0%(55'
‡ 75$3623(130
‡ 67,//6+2276
‡ %,5'6+2276
‡ 3527(&7,216
‡ $11,(2$./(<6
‡ 7:35'
Honor Roll
Continued from page T5
Bryce ajala, Branson Barker, Kylie
Bates, alexis Bibler, Jessica Bowman,
Klaudia Brown, Chase Brownawell,
Megan Cassata, Nolan Clouse,
Michael Copeland, Jadyn dawson,
angelet diaz Nava, Ethaan Engrissei, Elizabeth Fetterman, Parker Fetterman, steven Fletcher, Madeline
Fulk, alaya Fuller, Richard Gutierrez, desiree Hardwick, Kathryn
Harp, ashton Harris, Graham Hartman, Haleigh Heckaman, Emma
Hellman, Lila Hicks, Lydia Hollis,
arianna Householder, Brady Ireland,
Celia Johnson, andrea Kalani, Kira
Kammeyer, allison Kennard, Gregory
Konecny, Nicholas Kramb, Emma
Lammers, McKenna Leonard, Jennifer Lim, alfredo Maldonado, Caleb
Martin, anthony Martinez, Raeleigh
Martinez, Lei Melick, Colin Miller,
Wyatt Miller, Olivia Montgomery,
Elizabeth Moyer, antonio Munoz,
Cade O’dell, Ryohei Okamoto, abagayle Omlor, Esperanza Palacios,
Kianna Potter, Gabriel Quarles,
Makayla Rawl, Robert Reed, Maurice Rivera, deidra Rose, Carl Rupp,
destiny saltzman, Grant schroeder,
Brianna searls, Romel singkham,
Hannah stolzer, ami Tchevi, Tanner
Timbrook, ashlyn Tong, Kasey
Wagner, Justin Wilcox, dalton Wil-
liams, Zedric Wilson, Emma Wright,
Brooklynn Zahler, Carlos Francisco
Zaragoza, Ella Zawisza.
sixth graders — Tariq alnafee,
Brianna albert, Mariah ametrano,
Emilee asbury, Emily Barberree,
alex Beasley, Jonathan Beck, Zachary Beier, Halie Bowen, Kylie Britton,
McKenna Bruni, Mackenzie, Carpenter, Elayna Church, Grace Cobb, Noah
Coffman, Caydon Cooper, sierra
Cosart, Carson dale, Brianna davis,
Isabella doncyson, Levi Edwards,
alyse Fisher, Jalyss Fisher, Morgan
Foos, Marshall Frankforther, Olivia
Gargac, Makenna Gatchell, Zachary Geiser, Micah Gremling, Nicole
Hadley, Justin Hartman, Olivia Hartman, adam Hellman, salvatore Hoekstra, destinee Houck, ashley Hughes,
samantha Hunt, danielle Johnson,
Faith Johnson, Kaitlyn Johnson,
Kaleb Kammeyer, Jordan Keckler,
Jack Kenny, dalton Kingery, shannon Klotz, anthony Koon, shaswat
Kumar, Khushil Lalji, Grant Lane,
Jordan Lane, Zane Laws, Trinity Lee,
aliyona Lopez, Zachary Martin, Zoe
Mason, yui Matsubara, Kyley Mauger,
Keisey May, sara May, Lillian Meier,
Nathan Meier, Kenneth andrew
Melton, sydney Miller, daniel Moninger, Zoee Naftzger, alissa Perkins,
Caylin Price, Blaine Rader, Hayleah Rhodes, samuel Ried, abigail
Robosky, allison Robosky, Jonathan
Rousey, Nicole sacksteder, Makayla
saltzman, shane scalfaro, Taylor
seaholm, Zachary seal, Katherine
short, Leslii silveus, Justine smith,
Vivan smith, Lydia spaeth, Morgan
stacey, Brandon steffan, Van stolick,
Tiffany stultz, Jenna Taylor, Mireya
Trevino, Carolyn Turner, anakin
Wesney, Laci White, Titus Wilkinson,
Ivey young, Kathryn young, sophia
The following students were
named to the Merit Honor Roll:
Eighth graders — Zachary alic,
Michael Benedict, Grace Blatnik,
stephen Bower, Kayln duesenberry,
Julian Escobar, Robert Fletcher, Kaitlyn Fulmer, steven Gerdemann, Imani
Hassell, aspen Hauenstein, damien
Hotelling, Pohnpetz Keosavang, ainslie Lane, Jay Lopez, alexis Losek,
alexandria Montgomery, Nicolette
OBrien, angelia Osborne, Chase Robinson, Megan shisler, adrienne Trice.
seventh graders — sara alnafee,
ahmad alnujaidi, alexander armstrong, allisyn Ball, dawson Beck,
deziree Benedict, McKayla Brown,
Justice Cagney, Emily Cattell, dominic Cramer, Christine dearsman,
Gracie deLong, Owen Eckenrode,
Karlie Ellis, aidan Eubanks, danielle
Guirguis, david Hackenberg, ashlee
Hamm, destinee Hauenstein, Izaiah
Hicks, austin Hosler, Hunter HoslerLentz, dezirae Huether, Travis Jacobs,
Cameron Jenkins, Braydyn Johnson,
Cameron Might, Keaton Miller, Isaiah
TUEsday, NOVEMBER 18, 2014
See Honor roll, Page T7
Gene and Gloria Wolfe
On November 22, 2014, Gene and
Gloria Wolfe will celebrate their 50th
wedding anniversary. Rev. “Woody”
Faulkner united them in marriage on
November 22, 1964. They met while
in high school, being active in the
youth group at St. Paul’s Evangelical
United Brethren church (now St.
Paul’s United Methodist Church).
Gene (Charles E.) is the son
of Joseph and Ruth Wolfe (now
deceased); Gloria is the daughter
of Willis and Pauline King (now
deceased). They are proud parents
of Holly Beth Wolfe, Tanya Jean
Wolfe and Christopher John Wolfe.
They have 6 grandchildren: Douglas
Wolfe, Dana Hedrick, Jessica
Hedrick, Rebecca Hedrick, Dakota
Cassady and Dalton Cassady. They
also have one great-grandson, Saige
Douglas Wolfe.
Gene formerly was a Guidance
Counselor in the Findlay City School
system, then became an agent for
State Farm. Gloria was a former
secretary at Marathon Oil Company.
The 50th anniversary will be shared
with family and a trip is planned for
spring or fall.
November 23rd
We love you.
Matt, Kari, Kamryn & Mason
TUEsday, NOVEMBER 18, 2014
march to
the sea
EDITOR’S NOTE: This series
celebrating our heritage during the
150th anniversary of the Civil War
draws primarily from wartime dispatches credited to The Associated
Press or other accounts distributed
through the AP and other historical
Union forces had occupied atlanta
for more than two months when Union
Gen. William sherman departed in
mid-November 1864 on the so-called
March to the sea, a campaign to capture savannah, Georgia.
as sherman’s federal forces
advanced, the troops destroyed buildings, businesses, and property in their
path, a “scorched earth” policy that
angered and also demoralized southerners.
sherman split his roughly 60,000
troops into two wings and the two
groups kept miles apart as they
crossed Georgia, raiding farms and
plantations and occasionally clashing
with Confederates along the route.
Poetry Corner
Fall, the Changing of Seasons
It’s getting to be the time of year,
When the trees that have been green,
Turn to hues of gold, red, and yellow,
In the city and country side to be seen.
We know that winter is coming soon,
and we’re preparing for it too,
as every season has its time,
There is so much to do.
The fall Bazaars we prepare for,
Making mincemeat and noodles to
Preparing baked goods like cookies
and pies,
Knowing that they will taste swell.
and when all is over and done,
We breathe with a sigh of relief,
Then Thanksgiving and Christmas
are on our thoughts,
With such a wonderful belief.
Martha Jane Steen,
autumn has raised its lovely head
Telling us winter is on the way.
Trees are dressed in lovely attire
all is in a colorful array.
after the hot summer heat
The coolness is welcome to all,
It’s great to be out among nature
and watch the leaves as they fall.
We need to enjoy each day
absorb all the beauty that’s here
For winter is coming soon
The cold will be everywhere.
Now is the time for reaping
The farmers are busy, we know.
The grain is being harvested
and stored in bins all in a row.
shocks of corn we no longer see
Modern machines are here,
a field of corn is swiftly shelled
and a field of beans that’s near.
God has provided all we need
We may think different at times,
Like this summer and the drought
We didn’t think we’d get two dimes.
Remember He always comes through
For He knows us very well,
Now be sure to thank Him
For you have grain to sell.
Give Him all the praise and glory
Let Him know you care,
Enjoy God’s painted pictures
Then kneel and say a prayer.
Sue Gratz,
Herning – Williams
Kristina Herning and Adam
Williams were married on June 14,
2014, in Louisville, Kentucky, at
Riverside, the Farnsley-Moreman
Landing. The ceremony was
performed by Rev. Julie Rucker-Olt
and Rev. Schuyler Olt. The reception
followed at the same location.
Kristina is the daughter of Leland
and Teresa Herning of Findlay, Ohio.
She graduated from Hanover College
in 2004 with a BFA in Studio Art/
Art History and from the University
of Findlay in 2006 with a Master’s
degree in Visual Art Education.
She teaches art at Valley School in
Adam is the son of Angela Wilcox
and the late Martin Wilcox of
Leavenworth, Indiana. He graduated
from Indiana University in 2004 with
a Bachelor’s degree in finance. He
is a mortgage banker with Discover
Financial Services in Louisville.
Honor Roll
Continued from page T6
Hicks, austin Hosler, Hunter HoslerLentz, dezirae Huether, Travis Jacobs,
Cameron Jenkins, Braydyn Johnson,
Cameron Might, Keaton Miller, Isaiah
Moore, Kaitlynn Neer, Taylor Pack,
Kevin Pathana, Molli Patterson,
Laken Reed, Gabriel Riker, Madison
Romick, Jessica shisler, Terri siferd,
Joseph smith, steven souaysanga,
Jordan Tracy, sierra Williams, dylan
sixth graders — Ruba almotawa,
asil Bascal, Gabriel Bennett, Breanna Calloway, savannah Carnahan,
Jaela Chapin, daVon Cohen, Matthew
doncyson, Keegan Faulkner, Kayla
Flugga, Carter Folk, damani Frazier,
Conner Hastings, Jack Heater, Isaac
Hoye, Chellsea Johnson, azrael Lamb,
shelby Norton, Gracie Perkins, Zoey
Peterson, alexander Reisner, Zane
Richards, Mariah Rosado, andrew
Roth, Reymond saldana, Wynter
schroeder, Cayla snow, Malachi
springer, Forrest stacy, Jacob stans-
Burrell - Joyce
Marissa Burrell and Andrew
Joyce, both of Pittsburgh, PA, have
announced their engagement and
plans for a December 20, 2014
wedding at the MeadowBrook
Ballroom in Bascom, OH.
The bride-to-be is the daughter of
Larry and Ann Burrell of Vanlue, OH.
She is a 2003 graduate of Hocking
College and is employed as a nanny.
The groom-to-be is the son of
Dennis and Terri Joyce of Pittsburgh,
PA. He is a 2005 graduate of Virginia
Tech and received his MBA in 2012
from Duquesne University. He is
employed in Corporate Finance at
The NY Bank of Mellon.
TUEsday, NOVEMBER 18, 2014
[email protected]=F9
;@[email protected]=J