Monthly Newsletter
November 2014
First Presbyterian Church
P. O. Box 1519
Rev. Dr. Nancy Jo Dederer, Pastor
Homewood, Illinois
Vol. 49 No. 9
Web Site: www.fpchw.org
E-mail: [email protected]
If you are able to purchase the whole list, SUPER! If
you are able to purchase only one can of cream of mushroom soup, FINE! Just remember to bring the new food
items to church. Leave the items in the Narthex in the
“Thanksgiving Box,” [not the Jones Center Box] or in
the baskets in the Cloister by November 20th.
First Presbyterian Church hopes to deliver TEN Thanks
giving Dinner Baskets to families who live locally. The
families will be chosen for our church by our pastor and
other mission partners. Food on the “shopping list” has
been dribbling in, but the congregation has a ways to go
in order to feed 10 families. [At press time, only one
basket was complete, but one donor will fill another.]
We decided to be a “missional” church, so…let’s do it!
If you are unable to shop, please consider a cash or
check donation. Make checks payable to First Presbyterian Church of Homewood with “Thanksgiving Basket” on the memo line. Missing items will be purchased
with the money. More funding this year comes with the
FISH BANKS! Fish Banks are now available on the
table in the Narthex.
Step 1 – Take one home and place it in the center of
your most used table.
Step 2 – Each time you dine, place a few coins in the
Step 3 – Bring the fish bank to worship before Nov. 20.
This way, you essentially are preparing to help take
someone to dinner, as the Fish Banks will help fund the
baskets and turkeys!
Here is the Shopping List once again:
Canned green beans, fried onion rings, cream of mushroom soup
Canned cranberry sauce
Canned sweet potatoes
Canned corn / creamed corn
Canned fruit / applesauce
Jar of chicken or turkey gravy
Small canister of coffee
Box of hot chocolate—made with
Box of instant mashed potatoes
Box of instant stuffing mix
Box of brownie mix—no eggs needed!
Box of flavored jello
Small bottle of liquid dish detergent
Disposable foil roasting pan
One turkey
Contact Jack Day if you want to help deliver the baskets.
Let’s get to work and see if we can take care of more
than ten families. As Jack says, “Presbyterians are
known for either praying, paying, or breaking bread together; now we can help others have a great meal.”
November 2
November 30
10:30 a.m.
10:30 a.m.
Notification was received on the death of Active Member Deacon Sue Hall on Monday, September 15, 2014.
Rev. Dederer officiated her memorial service on Friday,
September 19, 2014. Her remains were cremated.
Other deaths include: former member Josephine Fish,
who passed away on Saturday, September 27, 2014; and
Violet Lantz, age 99½, mother of Active Member
Heather Miller, on Sunday, September 21, 2014.
All Saints’ Celebration
First Sunday of Advent
Are you a homebound member who
would like a Communion visit?
Let the church office know by
calling 798-0490 or emailing at
[email protected] .
Rev. Dederer officiated the marriage of David Andrew
Louis Conover II and Jean S. Bonthron at the church on
Saturday, September 20, 2014.
On All Saints’ Sunday, November 2, we
remember those saints who have died in
the past year since last November 1st. A
vase of white roses will be placed in the
sanctuary in their memory, and following
the service, family members are invited to take one of
the roses home with them. Please continue to keep the
families in prayer as they grieve the loss of their loved
ones and yet live in hope in Jesus’ promise of life
eternal. In life and in death, we belong to God. Amen.
Roll Call 2014
Margaret Reid
George Reister
Robert Hiemstra
Avis Ruklic
Anthony Pulec (brother-in-law of Norinne)
Willis Dillman, Sr. (uncle of Laura and Phil)
Laura Wolford (sister of Sally) Liliane Galt
Paul Malum (father of Susan Cwayna)
Jack Bechtal
Lida Sigg
Alice Anker (mother of Earl) Ethel Koves
JoAnne Bartolomei
Shirley Rippe
William Steiner
Ruth MacKenzie
Bernard O’Hanlon (uncle of Kathleen)
Sue Hall
Josephine Fish
Jean McNair Russell (sister of Eleanor Steiner)
Violet Lantz (grandmother of Heather Miller)
Linda Waddle-Bradford (daughter of Carol Burch)
Amy Ulrich
Rev. Dederer led a baby dedication in worship on Sunday, September 28, 2014, for Nala Navaeh Cook, granddaughter of Active Member Linda Cantway and greatgranddaughter of Active Member Mary Cantway, to
coincide with the 100th birthday celebration for Mary
The Sacrament of Baptism is an important element in
our Christian lives. Session discussed the challenges of
the congregation in keeping vows that we make to support the Christian growth and education of children
when the children are not in regular contact. There were
ideas presented and discussed for supporting the parents
and other family members when their baptized children
are absent.
The Community Dinners in Westminster Hall on Monday nights in October have been successful. Session
approved a request from Sally Wolford to continue the
Community Dinners through next May, and she will
continue to serve as the leader. Session approved a budget allocation of $500 per month from the Missional
Activities overall budget amount.
Ruling Elder Paul Gerrish presented an orientation demonstration of the AED machine. It is simple to operate
when the machine speaks clear directions to the operator, trained or not.
Session continued discussion on the subject of the recommended purchase of the new 2013 Presbyterian
hymnal. Discounted prices are available for orders made
prior to December 31, 2014. Session voted to proceed
with the purchase, which will be funded by contributions for numbers of copies ordered by our members.
Memorial dedications are welcomed. If additional funds
are needed to complete the purchase of the needed number of hymnals for the pews, they will come from the
invested endowment funds for church ministry.
Congregational Meeting, October 5
Kathie Darman and Emily Rozak were nominated and
elected to the office of Commissioned Deacon for a oneyear term through September 2015.
Special Session Meeting, October 19
The meeting was for informational purposes only.
Director of Music/Organist Tim Van Nasdale and Student Pastor Nathan Schulz introduced the new 2013
Presbyterian hymnal. Content and theological intent
were discussed. No decisions were made.
Regular Session Meeting, October 20
The Nominating Committee has an additional member
for nomination to the office of Commissioned Deacon
and full slates of nominees for the Session Class of
2017, the Trustees Class of 2017, and a Youth Elder for
the Session Class of 2015.
three things daily. You may want to start in the morning
and offer a prayer for one thing, add one at midday, and
then reflect on the day at bedtime with one more prayer
of thanksgiving. Surely, as we remember to thank God,
our lives will be filled with joy.
Session has called a Special Congregational Meeting on
Sunday, November 30, 2014, immediately after worship
for the purpose of hearing a report from the
Nominating Committee regarding the nomination of
persons as Commissioned Deacon, Ruling Elder, and
Trustee, and the election of church officers for 2015
and through 2017.
One BIG thing I am thankful for is our Session. These
eleven leaders have led us well over the year. We made
some significant changes in the past eleven months, one
of which, of course, was the change in Bylaws to decrease the number of Session members (approved by the
congregation in 2013). This has worked well, for the
most part, but it has also meant that we have let go of
some things we’ve done in the past in order to not overtax the ruling Elders as well as to try some new ideas.
While we still have two active ministry teams (Congregational Life and Stewardship & Finance), other Elders
have been responsible for ministry areas, such as worship, personnel, and Christian education. One of the
positive impacts of these changes has resulted in fewer
meetings! (Can I get an Amen?) And while Session
meetings are still full, we are discussing “bigger picture”
things and not the nitty-gritty of ministry team reports.
We are looking more for where we experience the movement of the Holy Spirit and what our calling is in this
Respectfully submitted,
Edward C. Wahl, Clerk of Session
On Saturday, November 1, come on
out to Irons Oaks Learning Center,
20000 Western Avenue, Olympia
Fields, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for an
adult day retreat. The topic of the
day is Thirsting for God: Everyday
Spiritual Practices, led by Diane
Stephens. As humans, we naturally thirst for God.
Together we will draw from the well of spirituality to
satisfy our thirst. Silence, friendship, and simplicity are
a few of the most time-honored spiritual practices that
speak to the modern mind and hurried spirit. Perhaps
you long for your first sip—or buckets-full. Come, taste,
and see what you have been thirsting for. Diane
Stephens is a certified Spiritual Director and an author of
The Thoughtful Christian curriculum on Spirituality 101
and Spiritual Practices used by the Tuesday Bible Study
at Panera Bread. She is an experienced retreat leader
and active Presbyterian in the Chicago Presbytery. The
deadline has passed, but speak with Pastor Nancy if you
are finally interested.
At October’s meeting we engaged in conversation about
children and youth in our church and how we can continue to support them even if they aren’t present on Sunday mornings. We are concerned about fulfilling our
part of the baptismal covenant, to nurture them in the
faith. That led to a review of things we have been doing
as well as thoughts about future possibilities. For example, what about outreach to grandparents? How can we
support and/or learn from grandparents in our congregation as they share their faith with the younger generations? Hmmmmmm….
Of huge significance at our October
meeting was the unanimous decision
to commit to our Monday Night Community Dinners through May 2015. We see differences
already in the relationships that are building through
these meals. What might God be doing with us? How
might a full year transform us? We heard concerns
about the work load, and yet we also know that sacrifice
is part of vital ministry. We do believe that what we are
doing on Mondays is relevant and connecting us to our
community in ways we haven’t experienced in the past.
Dear Friends,
Last month I was invited by a friend on Facebook to do the “Thanksgiving Challenge.” Each day for
a week, I posted three things I was thankful for: family,
friends, Andrew’s jazz ensemble that practices Sunday
afternoons in our living room and fills the house with
music, meaningful ministry…. I would say the challenge was in narrowing down my list!
November is a season that emphasizes Thanksgiving
and invites us to consider our
blessings and give thanks to God. I
encourage you each day to pray a
prayer of thanks-giving, lifting up
We do want to see more church ownership on this project. Sally Wolford and others will be working on enlisting more volunteer support. If we can rotate leadership, there is less chance of burnout. Start asking your3
self how you can get involved—even if you can’t physically be there on Monday evenings, how might you
support this Missional Venture that is drawn directly
from our New Beginnings congregational comments?
Could you send over some prepared food? Do you have
ideas for activities after the meal? Would you commit to
setting up tables and chairs or being a greeter at the
meals? Will you sit with people you don’t know and
share a meal with them? Will you pray for the one looking for work or the couple who just had to put down
their pet? Will you hang signs in the community to invite others to supper? Would you set up a craft or offer
a food or decorating demonstration or play games with
the children? Speak with Sally, Laurel Hamilton or me
to learn how to engage in this venture.
Submarine Packing Plans: Packing
plans for the crew of the USS Chicago
(SSN 721) sub-marine are being finalized
for the day after Thanksgiving (Friday,
November 28), happening in
Westminster Hall starting at 9 a.m. The
“ditty bags” are here, other gift are arriving, address
labels are being made ready, helpers are being lined up.
This year, the CO of GRTLKS NTS, better known as the
Command-ing Officer of Great Lakes Naval Training
Station, will be present to join the working party. This
will be the 28th year First Presbyterian of Homewood has
con-tributed to this project of gifts for 160 crew
members, which rates a Bravo Zulu (Well Done) to all
Advent: Sunday, November 30, is the First Sunday of
Advent. Worship with us that morning as we step into
this season with a Hanging of the Greens service with
Communion at 10:30 a.m.
Christmas Cantata: Sunday, December 7, is Cantata
Sunday. Put it on the calendar now and invite friends
and family as the combined choirs of First Presbyterian
Church and Zion Lutheran Church lead us in worship.
Still Night Service: This service has become a
tradition of First Presbyterian Church. The
holidays can be a difficult time for people,
particularly if they have lost a loved one, suffered a serious illness, or are going through a
major life transition. This quiet prayer service
of candlelight and Communion and, for those
who so choose, anointing and individual
prayer by the Pastor is designed to offer time
for reflection, comfort, and healing as we lift
our hearts to the One who brings us Light
when it seems it is still night. This might be the year for
you to reach out to a neighbor or co-worker who is going
through a particularly tough time and invite someone to
worship with you on Wednesday, December 17, at 7
Give thanks to God for this time in our church’s life that
is filled with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love.
Grace and Peace, Nancy Jo Dederer
[NOTE: Pastor Nancy will be on vacation
the weekend of November 7-9. Chris and
she are leading a Hymn Festival to introduce the new hymnal at First Presbyterian
Church of Goldsboro, NC, (Jayson Keeton’s new congregation). Please keep them in prayer as they travel.
Our student pastor, Nathan Schulz, will preach that
Sunday. Pastor Nancy will be on Study Leave the weekend of November 22-23. Laurel Hamilton will be on call
for pastoral emergencies. Rev. Amy Snedeker will
preach that Sunday.]
On October 5th, we elected Kathie Darman and Emily
Rozak as Deacons. Shortly after the meeting, Evelyn
Dixon indicated willingness to serve. There is still room
for others as we shape this new ministry. No Deacon is
responsible for the whole list of possible duties! Two or
three are plenty. Let Pastor Nancy or a member of the
Nominating Committee (chaired by Dan Hamilton)
know if you sense this call to caring ministries within the
Then sings my soul, my
Savior God, to thee, how
___ ___ ___
Here I am, Lord. Is it I
Lord? I have heard you
Interfaith Thanksgiving Service: The Community Interfaith Thanksgiving Service will be held Wednesday
evening, November 26, at 7:30 p.m. The location was
not available at press time, but keep an eye on the Sunday bulletin for an update. This long-standing tradition
is led by local clergy and the Homewood-Flossmoor
Viking Choir. Join our neighbors and friends as we give
thanks to God.
calling ___ ___ ___
You have come up to the __
Can you remember a time when these hymns were NOT
sung in our congregation? A few years back, these three,
plus Great Is Thy Faithfulness and Amazing Grace, were
our overall top five most treasured hymns. Can you
believe that out of the top five, three had not been in any
Presbyterian hymnal prior to 1990? Why? Well, the
first one hadn’t traveled from another country to the
United States until the second half of the 20th century,
and the other two had not been written until the late ’70s
and early ’80s.
ever), such as Standing on the Promises, It Is
Well with My Soul, and Rock of Ages.
The new Large Print version includes the music
and not just the words.
We have already been using it!! Eight songs in
our October worship services have come directly from the new hymnal. It will cut down the
number of music inserts in the bulletin.
The purchase of the new hymnal demonstrates
our readiness to grow and welcome newness. It
shows we are alive and growing spiritually. And
it connects our congregation more deeply to the
broader church.
About every twenty years, denominations publish new
hymnals. The hymnal is a “little theology book” containing songs that declare our faith. As the church is Reformed and Always Reforming, so does our music
change and grow to reflect our understanding of the Triune God and our calling as brothers and sisters in Christ
in this day and age. In 2006, the General Assembly of
the Presbyterian Church (USA) took steps to initiate a
new hymnal. The diverse Committee on Congregational
Song met over 3½ years and considered thousands of
hymns and songs. They worshiped, laughed, ate, prayed,
and sang together. Each hymn was sung and discussed
thoroughly, and when the committee was ready to vote,
the hymn needed two-thirds majority approval to move
forward in the process. The new hymnal Glory to God
was published in 2013 and has met with enthusiastic approval by congregations across the country.
We believe this new hymnal, Glory to God, will strike a
good balance for our congregation’s music and worship
ministry, and we are excited to move forward with it.
Financially, it is a good time as there is a significant discount for congregations that order before the years’s end
The pew edition of the hymnal is $17.50. A large-print
version is $25. As of Session’s approval, there were already over 60 hymnals promised! That’s exciting, isn’t
it? We invite the congregation to purchase one or more
hymnals, much in the same way people order poinsettias
at Christmas time—in honor or memory of a loved one
or to the glory of God. Look for an order form on the
Welcome Center in the Narthex. (Hint: A hymnal could
make a nice alternative Christmas gift!) Once we receive
the hymnals, bookplates recognizing the donors will be
placed in the cover of the hymnals.
At the October Session meeting, Session approved the
purchase of the new hmnal for our congregation. Our
Director of Music Tim VanNasdale and our Student
Pastor Nathan Schulz spoke with Session after worship
on October 19th, sharing why they are excited about the
new hymnal:
There is a wider variety of hymns and songs representing different cultures from six different
continents and music styles, including all major
historical and contemporary sacred genres.
There are many more hymns reflecting scripture
lessons, including musical settings of almost
every Sunday lectionary psalm. The indexes are
extremely helpful for worship planning.
The new hymnal, while the same size as our
current one, contains over 200 more songs, plus
worship orders for meetings, retreats, and daily
Approximately 50% of included hymns will be
from our current 1990 hymnal. The other remaining pieces will come from former Presbyterian hymnals, other denominational songbooks, and individual authors and composers.
Not only are there newer hymns and songs that
weren’t considered for the current hymnal, like
Will You Come and Follow Me, Gather Us In,
and Eagle’s Wings, but this new hymnal has revisited and included old standard hymns that
haven’t been in recent Presbyterian hymnals (if
What will happen with the current hymnals? That’s a
great question. When the time comes to retire the hymnals, we will offer them to the congregation first and
then look for other churches that might be able to use
them. Of course, we will keep some on hand in the
Chapel for small group use.
We hope you will take time to look at the hymnal samples in the Narthex and will support this action so that
we can continue to lift our voices in song, singing Glory
to God in th highest!
Peace, Pastor Nancy, Tim VanNasdale, and Nathan Schulz
Kathie Hazlett will provide food and program at the
November Women’s Association meeting on Thursday,
November 20, at 12:30 p.m. in Westminster Hall. We
will learn how to make a stir fry soup and then enjoy
eating the soup with homemade bread. We will then
learn how to make this easy bread! Rebecca Circle will
furnish dessert and drinks. As always, men are welcome.
Reservations are appreciated. Please contact Eve
Rossman at 798-8625 by Monday, November 17.
The cost is $5.
Darlene Giesbrecht
scarves, and socks. Volunteers are needed to help with
sorting, packing, and distribution.
11-12 the adult festivities conclude with this lunch. Donations of dessert, holiday plates, napkins, cups are
AFTER SCHOOL PARTY – Friday, December 19, 3 p.m. the
after school participants have a party. Donations include cookies, cupcakes, napkins, cups, and small gifts.
Volunteers can help with this group of excited, sugarfilled kids.
Contact Cheryl Roop at [email protected] or at
757-5395 if you can help.
LYDIA – Thursday,
November 13, 1 p.m. at the home of
Jonna James, 17313 Forestway Dr., East Hazel
Crest. The lesson is on Corinthians.
MARY – Mary Circle has blended with Lydia Circle.
REBECCA – Wednesday, November 12, 7:30 p.m. in the
Parlor, hosted by Laura Dillman. The co-hostess
is Kathie Ogden. The lesson is Ch. 5 of Space
for God by Don Postema, led by ????
First Presbyterian Church of Homewood will be serving
PADS on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Nov.
26th. Please remember that this is an all church mission.
We are serving women and children this year rather
than the men we have served for years and years. This
will be different! Watch the bulletin for what is needed
besides, of course, workers.
Charlene Hansen
At the October meeting of the
Trustees, Buildings and Grounds
Committee reported on the boiler
installation work and the “high up”
painting and other minor tasks contracted out to be paid from
contingency funds. Marv Austin donated a 28 foot
ladder that will be cut down to 16 ft. Grounds
Beautification Committee reported that Paul Gerrish and
Laura Dillman have been weeding the triangle and
trimming bushes. Carol Bruggeman has re-planted the
front urns for the Thanksgiving season. Jan Wahl is
feeding the driveway bushes in hopes of some recovery.
Insurance Committee reported that renewals are coming
in November. Do we try switching carriers? The
Trustees took a field trip during the meeting to see the
new boilers and how small they are. A list of tasks for
the All Church Work Day on October 25 was com-piled.
The Disaster Readiness Committee reported on the need
for fire or tornado drills for emptying the sanc-tuary.
The Trustees worked on the 2015 budget.
THANKS! to the Work Day Volunteers: Ed & Janet
Wahl, Rod Dunlap, Jay Ruklic, Dan & Laurel Hamilton,
Eleanor Steiner, Carmon & Kathleen Mest, Paul Gerrish, Laura Dillman, Merle Sluis, Craig & Cameron
Miller, Phil Dillman, Marge Errant, Shirley Armistead,
Charlene Hansen, Earl Anker.
Jones Memorial Center is gearing up for the holiday season. Donated goods and volunteer workers are much
PENNY & DIME STORE – Saturday, December 6, 9-11 a.m.
for kids only the Penny & Dime Store allows youth to
buy gifts for friends and family. No child is turned away due to lack of funds. Their purchases are gift wrapped by awesome volunteers. The Center needs donations
of gently used toys and small adult gift items (frames,
jewelry, candles, mugs…), wrapping paper, ribbon and
bows, gift bags and tags. Volunteer are needed to help
with shopping, crowd control, gift wrapping, and clean
up Saturday from 8-1 and for set-up at 9 a.m. Friday.
BREAKFAST WITH SANTA – Saturday, December 13, 9-11
a.m. at the annual Breakfast with
Santa, kids eat a tasty breakfast and
visit with Santa with a photo op. Kids
12 and under receive a stocking stuffed
with goodies. They need stockings,
candy, Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars, playing cards,
pencils & erasers, other small items. Volunteers set up
at 8 a.m. and then the fun begins as volunteers cook,
serve, clean, direct traffic, entertain, and clean up.
HOLIDAY SHARE – Thursday, December 18, 9-5 holiday
food baskets and gift bags will be given out to hopefully
200 families, so get your donations in early. Food donations include hams, green beans, corn, canned fruit,
brown sugar, canned yams, boxed scalloped potatoes,
corn bread mix, cake mix and frosting. Gift donations
include new toys, $15 gift cards, hats, gloves, mittens,
From other reports in The Carillon we know that the cost
of the sanctuary building boiler replacement project in
October 2014 had a total cost of $36,000. As of the date
this article was written, our members have donated over
$22,500 of the cost, with additional donations continuing to come in. This is an amazing response from a
simple announcement that donations were needed.
Thank you to all who have made generous donations so
far and to those who are preparing to contribute their
donations in the coming weeks. God truly works in
great ways! The remaining difference was paid from
one of the church’s investment accounts.
Thanksgiving Special Offering
The Pastor’s Discretionary Fund is a special fund outside of our operating budget that is used to help congregation members and folks in our community in times of
deep need. We have used these funds to pay for utilities, mortgages, medical treatment, counseling, educational needs, and food. These financial gifts become a
sign of hope for people who feel their back is against a
wall or whose financial savings are depleted, who have
nowhere left to turn, whose circumstances have changed
dramatically. The gifts meet both physical and spiritual
needs, reminding people that they are not alone and that
nothing can separate them from God’s love in Christ.
The Thanksgiving Special Offering is one way you can
help support the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund. In your
stewardship envelope box is an envelope for Thanksgiving. You don’t have to wait that long if you’d like to
help now, or use a pew envelope, or just send a gift to
the church. Your check should be made out to First
Presbyterian Church with “Pastor’s Discretionary Fund”
on the memo line. These (identified) gifts are tax deductible and will be included on the year-end statement.
Give thanks to God for your many blessings, and please
consider how you might support the ministry of Jesus
Christ to your church family and our community and
contribute to this fund. Thank you!
Pastor Nancy
Initial Offering
Per Capita
Required Min. Dist.
Housing Invest. Transf. 18,000
Designated Funds
Total Income
Missional Ventures
Faith Formation
Shared Mission
Admin. Support
General Expenses
Transfer to Invest.
Designated Funds
Total Expenses
Total Active Members—September 30, 2014
Average June 2014 Sunday Attendance
Average July 2014 Sunday Attendance
Average August 2014 Sunday Attendance
Average September 2014 Sunday attendance
Summary through September 2014 (9/12 of Budget):
Income Over/(Under) 2014 Budget
Expenses Over/(Under) 2014 Budget
Total Net Income (Loss) to Date
The amount of receipts and disbursements for the First
Presbyterian Church of Homewood for the month ending September 30, 2014, is in the following chart:
We need an average income of $4,200 each week to fund
our mission and operate the church. This is inclu-sive of
pledges and identified giving as well as other income
sources. So, how are we doing?
 Weekly average for January (4)
 Weekly average for February (4)
 Weekly average for March (5)
 Weekly average for April (4)
 Weekly average for May (4)
 Weekly average for June (5)
 Weekly average for July (4)
 Weekly average for August (5)
 Weekly Average for September (4) $4,261
Weekly average for 2014 (39)
In preparation for the celebration
of Christ’s birth and as a way to share the joy of Jesus,
the Worship Ministry Team is offering three options
again this year to make gifts in memory of, in honor of,
or in celebration of a person or event. Choose
poinsettias ($9), mumsettias ($19), or donation to
Respond Now ($10). The Christmas Eve bulletin will
acknowledge these gifts. Order forms will be available
in the Sunday bulletins and maybe on a full page at the
end of this Carillon. Please make checks payable to
First Presbyterian Church of Homewood and write
poinsettia or Respond Now on the memo line and use a
separate check from your weekly offering. Turn order
forms with the check in to the church office or mail to P.O.
Box 1519, Homewood, IL, 60430. The deadline for orders
and checks is Monday, December 8, 2014. Flowers may be
picked up after Christmas Eve service and through January 4.
Identified Giving
As the weather turns colder, let us remember our friends of all
ages at the Jones Memorial Center who are in need of warm
mittens/ gloves, hats, scarves, socks. The Mitten Tree will be
in the cloister from October through November. Thanks for
your generous donations!
Church sympathy is extended to the families of Josephine
Fish, Linda Waddle-Bradford (daughter of Carol Burch), and
Connie Bonner.
Joyce Shropshire, Arden Court, Hazel Crest.
Prayer is an important part of our faith life and transformation.
Prayer builds community and helps us to discern God’s will
for our own lives, our church, and our world. Kathie Darman
and Laurie Ulrich will host Evening Prayer and Share on
Tuesdays through Nov. 18, 7 p.m., at their home at 1945
Pine, just around the corner from the church. All are
I am the Resurrection and the Life saith the Lord: he that
believeth in me though he were dead, yet shall he live: and
whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.
The following have been recorded in the Memorial Book in
the Narthex: Linda Waddle-Bradford, Sue Hall, Connie
I would like to get a group of people together to knit or
crochet projects that can be used to show God’s love to people
in need. I see this as an outgrowth of the Prayer Shawl
Ministry and know of some additional outlets for our
handiwork. If you like to knit or crochet and are interested in
making some worthwhile projects with a group OR at home,
please meet me after worship in the Narthex on Sunday,
November 30. Con-tact me at 207-2813 anytime to let me
know you are interested.
Kathie Darman
James Ruklic traveled on the Honor Flight for World War II
veterans from Midway Airport on October 29. Besides festivities in Washington, D.C., a large group was at Midway for
the “Welcome Home.” He also received many notes for Mail
Call. Congratulations!
Cameron Miller became an Eagle Scout on October 26. What
a wonderful achievement. He will join the Marines in
In the hospital during the past month were John Anker, Donna
Miller Decker (mother of Bruce and Craig), Bruce Boersma,
Evelyn Van Horn, Jan Hamilton (sister of Dan).
Thank you to everyone for the help and support of the Fall
Fantasy Dinner and Fashion Show. A net profit of $1200 was
realized and has been given to the Boiler Fund.
Co-chairs: Carol Burch, Laura Dillman, Charlene Hansen
Nala Nevaeh Cook was born
April 17, 2014. The mother is Mary Cook. The grandparents
are Linda Cantway and Bob Cook. The great-grandmother is
Mary Cantway.
Thanks to Jack Day for his leadership in bringing the Holy
Cowgirls quartet from Purdue University to worship on
October 26. What a gift!
Pastor Nancy
James Michael Hamilton was born September 27, 2014.
The parents are Natalie Hamilton and James Calderone.
The grandparents are Kim and Tim Hamilton.
Nia Maya Campbell was born October 8, 2014. The mother is
Lauren Campbell. The grandmother is Debra Campbell.
Remember that Daylight Saving Time ends early in the morning on November 2nd. Turn the clocks back one hour when
you go to bed Saturday night. This will give you an extra
hour of sleep.
Paxton Tate Smith was born October 22, 2014. The parents
are Adam and Lindsay Smith. The grandmother is Barbara
Smith and the uncle is Andy Smith.
See what love the Father has given us, that we should be
called children of God and so we are.
The deadline for having articles placed in the December Carillon is
Thursday, November 20th. Thanks to November reporters.
Giver’s Name: ______________________________________________________
(Please list name/s as you would like it printed in the Christmas bulletin.)
Number of ___Poinsettias at $9.00 each
Number of ___Mumsettias (white mum with red poinsettia center) at $19.00 each
Number of ___Respond Now donations at $10.00 each
(Respond Now gifts will go toward fresh fruit and meat distribution for Christmas meals.
Respond Now donations are tax deductible.)
Please remember to return this form with your check to the church office by Monday,
December 8th. If writing a check, please use a separate check from your weekly
offering. Make check payable to First Presbyterian Church with “Flowers/Respond
Now” written on the memo line. Flowers may be picked up after Christmas Eve Service
through January 4th.
For the Christmas bulletin, please specify how you would like name/s listed:
___ In Memory of ________________________________________________________
___ In Honor of __________________________________________________________
___ In Celebration of
___ I would like my plant delivered to a shut-in.
Giver’s Name: _____________________________________________________
(Please list name/s as you would like it printed in the bulletin and on the bookplate.)
______ # of Glory to God hymnal/s at $17.50 each
= $________
______ # of LARGE PRINT Glory to God hymnal/s at $25.00 each
= $________
_______ Total Order of Hymnals
= $________
Please remember to return this form with your payment to the church office by Monday,
December 8th. If writing a check, please use a separate check from your weekly
offering. Make check payable to First Presbyterian Church with “Hymnals” written on
the memo line.
For the dedication, please specify how you would like name/s listed:
(Use additional paper if you have multiple orders.)
___ In Memory of _______________________________________________________
___ In Honor of _________________________________________________________
___ To the Glory of God.
Birthday greetings to our church family:
1 Ken Bednarcik
4 Todd Wagge
5 Kathie Ogden
7 Darlene Giesbrecht
8 Michael O’Donnell
9 Kim Hamilton
11 Paul Gerrish
Laurie Ulrich
Randy Tufts
Jim Foster III
Susan Guzinski
Derek Morales
Brian Tufts
Corey Oswalt
Elizabeth Goeltzer Palumbo
Deborah Maxwell
May God grant birthday blessings on you all this coming year.
Day Retreat at Irons Oaks
2 9:30 Sunday Schoo
10:30 Worship
All Saints’ Sunday
Heavenly Perks
Daylight Savings Ends
5:30 Community Dinner
4 Tuesday Bible Study
5:30 Community Dinner
7:00 Stewardship Team
10:30 Tuesday Bible Study
Panera Bread
Veterans Day
7:00 Trustees
7:00 Prayer and Share
7:30 Rebecca Circle
23 9:30 Sunday School
10:30 Worship
Christ the King Sunday
Preacher Rev Snedeker
Heavenly Perks
6:30 Handbell Choir
7:40 Chancel Choir
-------- Pastor’s -------------
---- Vacation Nov 7-9 -----
1:00 Lydia Circle
6:30 Handbell Choir
7:40 Chancel Choir
10:30 Tuesday Bible Study
Panera Bread
7:00 Congreg Life Team
7:00 Prayer and Share
5:30 Community Dinner
7:00 Session
9:30 Women’s Board
9 9:30 Sunday School
10:30 Worship
Preacher Nathan Schulz
Fish Bank Deadline
Heavenly Perks
9:30 Sunday School
10:30 Worship
Heavenly Perks
10:30 at Panera Bread
Election Day
12:30 Women’s Lunch
Carillon Deadline
Food Basket Deadlne
6:30 Handbell Choir
7:40 Chancel Choir
7:00 Prayer and Share
--Pastor’s Study Leave----
4:00 PADS Volunteers
9-12 721 Submarine
10:30 Tuesday Bible Study
Panera Bread
5:30 Community Dinner
7:30 Interfaith Service
30 9:30 Sunday School
10:30 Worship
Communion Advent
Hanging of the Greens
11:45 Congregation Meeting
12:00 Knitters/Crocheters