“Catholic Charities provides compassionate social services that respond to the... of the vulnerable and those in crisis in our local...

“Catholic Charities provides compassionate social services that respond to the suffering
of the vulnerable and those in crisis in our local communities.”
Your gifts have provided help and created hope for…
• Karen: A single mother who received burial assistance
for her late husband.
Karen was distraught when her husband Mike was killed in an
accident leaving her and their 5-year-old daughter. As the main
provider for the family, Mike’s death left a heavy emotional and
financial burden on his family. With only her part-time job to
support her and her daughter, Karen sought out assistance to bury
her husband.
With the help of Catholic Charities, Karen was able to say goodbye
to her husband in a dignified manner that respected both his last
wish, and their shared religious values. Karen was humbled by the
unwavering support of Catholic Charities and has often called to
thank us for helping during an extremely difficult time.
At Catholic Charities, we have the honor of witnessing
the incredible impact of your generosity in the lives
of the families that we serve every day.
• Elliot: An elderly man who received prescription
assistance for his life-saving medication.
When we met Elliot he was barely living off the small monthly check he received from Social Security. It was not
sufficient enough to pay for his rent, groceries, and his blood pressure medication. Elliot came to Catholic Charities
desperate for help. He knew that the longer he went without his medication the more damage it would cause his
heart. Elliot had already been hospitalized twice in the past month because of his elevated blood pressure.
With the help of Catholic Charities, Elliot is making progress toward living a healthier life. Catholic Charities was
grateful to provide Elliot with prescription assistance and groceries to fit his special dietary needs. Not only was he
joyful in his demeanor, but also he was relieved when he realized that he didn’t have to choose between paying rent,
eating, or buying his medication anymore.
As you continue on your spiritual journey this Lenten Season, we invite you to support our work by
partnering with us through the age-old tradition of almsgiving. Your generous support to help those in need
is an inspiring testament of our shared Catholic values of caring for the poor and putting our faith in action.
April Issue 2014