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Free Range Mt Barker Turkeys
Berkshire Smoked Leg Ham (Limited Numbers)
With a flavour that is clear & strong these ‘fresh from the farm’
turkeys are tender and tasty. Sizes 3-10 kg available. Try one with one
of our home made seasonings
$17.95 kg
Turkey Breast Rolls
The finest available. Comes plain or with a choice of 3 delicious
seasonings (see below). Perfect for the regal Xmas dinner table.
Approx 2 kg each without seasoning
$26.95 kg
Boatshed Ballontine
Flavourful, tender & juicy everytime. A semi boneless turkey, with
boneless chicken and duck with a dried fruit medley.
You’ll savour every bite. Approx 4-4.5kg
$35.95 kg
Made from our own Culchee Farm black pigs, the flavour of this ham
is astounding. Approx 4-7kg
$39.95 kg
Naturally Smoked Leg Ham
Succulent, impressive & tasty. Delicious hand smoked hams made
from our very own pork legs. A real showstopper if you want to
turn heads. Approx 4-8 kg full leg
$19.95 kg
Naturally Smoked Boneless Hams
These beautiful boneless rumps of ham have a great depth of flavour
& are extremely moist. Approx 2kg each
$22.95 kg
Champagne Ham
Semi boneless ham (shank bone remains) This means its easy to carve
and will be sure to make your Xmas dinner memorable. Approx 5 kg.
Melt in your mouth delicious! Choose from 3 superb flavours.
$19.95 kg
Gammon Ham
A bountiful blend of fresh breadcrumbs, onion, parsley & spices sure to impress!
Cranberry, Proscuitto & Walnut.
Exceptional flavours that will sure to delight.
Fig & Pistachio.
A wonderful christmas blend that will add a great flavour
to your turkey.
40 Jarrad Street, Cottesloe Western Australia 6011
Telephone: 9385 3185 Facsimile: 9385 5780
On the bone, smoked using a traditional method. Ready for roasting.
Approx 8 kg full or 4 kg half.
$13.95 kg
Pickled Pork
Raw, on the bone. Ready to boil.
Ham Glaze Kits
Containing everything you need to have a ham for Xmas with all the
trimmings. Easy & quick to prepare complete with instructions.
Dry Age Beef
Cape Grim Ribeye
(Aged in our specific dry aging room)
$ 9.95
Bone in Aged
up to 40 days
A bountiful blend of fresh breadcrumbs, onion, parsley &
spices – sure to impress
Peach & Basil
For a unique summer Xmas roast. Impressive, absolutely delicious
& synonymous with freshness & taste.
Boneless Aged
Boneless Veal Roast (Stuffed)
up to 60 days
Young & lightly flavoured meat combined with the beautiful flavours
of two different stuffing’s. (see below)
$36.95 kg
Spiced Pear, Cognac & Cherve
Bon Appetit! A delicious accompaniment to
your veal with a lavish & rich flavour
Black Cherries, Jamon & Watercress
The dark sweet cherries offset the rich flavour of the Jamon
and the peppery freshness of the watercress.
Cape Grim Fillet
Thinly sliced eye fillet, perfect as an entree. 200g.
$26.95 per tray
Rolled Pork Loin
Tender, nutritious & lean. Available plain or seasoned with your
favourite seasoning. A real crowd pleaser!
$26.95 kg
Pork Legs
There’s something festive about pork on the bone. An amazing flavour
that doesn’t come any better.
$13.95 kg
Pork Racks
A Christmas delight, the flavour is interesting with a bit of integrity.
Easy to slice & serve
These ducks have a wonderful immense flavour. Taste the difference!
Approx 1.5-2.0 kg
$14.95 kg
Larger than a duck with a slightly stronger flavour. Sure to tempt
your taste buds. Approx 2.5-3.0 kg
$20.95 kg
This dark meat is full-bodied & interestingly flavoured
with a nice richness.
$39.95 kg (Limited Numbers)
Farmed spatchcocks
Beautiful for an individual serving & full of natural flavour
$10.95 ea
Brooklea Farm Fresh Western Aust Quail
Ideally suited for a tasty entrée. What a great way to start your
Xmas lunch. Tasty, tender & easy cooking.
$6.95 each
Farmed Pheasant
An all time favourite at Xmas – packed full of flavour.
The regal contribution to your meal.
$34.95 kg
Free Range Mt Barker Chickens
Fresh from the South! The most flavoursome chickens you will ever get to
taste. Synonymous with quality, freshness & taste. Sizes 1.6-2.5 kg
$9.50 kg
$24.95 kg
Organic Chicken
Berkshire Suckling Pig
$16.95 kg
A truly nostalgic Xmas feast which will reward you with the most
amazing smells when you bbq rotisserie or bake in the oven.
Approx 8-10kg pig
$220 ea
Full range of organic meats available for your
Xmas dinner table including beef, lamb & chicken
We wish you a safe & merry christmas thank you for
Your patronage during the year