-2016 2015 ENT

Vanderbilt University
Resident Adviser 2015 - 2016
Position Description & Responsibilities:
The Resident Adviser (RA) is a paraprofessional student staff member for the Office of Housing and
Residential Education. RA’s assume responsibility for fostering an environment where all students feel
supported in the pursuit of their academic and personal development. RA’s work closely with our
professional Area Coordinators, Head Residents, and faculty to create a premiere residential
experience where students can learn and grow. RA’s create educational and social programs, provide
mentorship, and serve as a resource to students on their floors. The position requires dedication,
flexibility, commitment, and enthusiasm. As student leaders, RA’s will actively work to incorporate
Vanderbilt’s Leadership Excellence Philosophy (ACCESS) into their daily work.
Eligibility - Applicants must...
 Have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA
 Be in good conduct standing with the university
 Be able to commit to the position for a full
academic year
 Be at least a rising sophomore
 Be a full time student at Vanderbilt University
Free, private bedroom on campus
$2000 paid monthly over 9 months
Access to training and special RA programs
Availability Requirements - RAs must…
 Hold the RA position as their primary cocurricular activity
 Frequently work nights and weekends
 Be able to come back to campus early in
August and January for training
 Be able to work 15 hours per week
Skills You Develop as an RA:
Group Facilitation
Multicultural Competency 
Conflict Mediation
Event Planning
Interpersonal Skills
Leadership Skills
To Apply:
Go to Vanderbilt.erezlife.com to create a profile using your Vanderbilt email and submit your application.
Applications will be available starting November 14th and are due by 11:59pm on January 16th.
If you have any questions please contact Kevin Cleland, Graduate Program Coordinator for Staffing &
Training, at [email protected]
Office of Housing &
Residential Education
Office of Housing & Residential Education