Knights of Columbus Bishop Larkin Council 4727 ... November 2014 Chaplain’s Message

Knights of Columbus Bishop Larkin Council 4727 Issue Number 2014-11
Fr. James Boddie
Grand Knight
John Klinkenberg
Deputy Grand Knight
Steve Bell
Nick Klepac
Mark Gregario
Financial Secretary
Ralph Mosley PGK
Netito Espejo
Jim Rogers
Outside Guard
Gary Foxworth
Inside Guards
Billy Morris
George Dewey
Three Year Trustee
Joe Brozovich
Two Year Trustee
John Morrissey
One Year Trustee
William Smith
Jim Bonitatibus PGK
District Deputy
Tom Guggisberg PGK
Insurance Agent
Derrell Murphy
K Cee President
Laura Morris
Chief Squire
Jake Zwass
November 2014
Chaplain’s Message
Grand Knight’s
By John Klinkenberg
What a great month October was. Our commitment to Pro Life was in full gear with the 40
days for Life, The Life chain and assorted other
events. Our Rosary procession was well attended
and our council gained new members in multiple
degrees. Our wives appreciation was an elegant
event, great fellowship, awe inspiring sunset
over the city and of course beautiful wives to
thank for their love and support.
November will be another busy month as
well. Our memorial Mass on November 7th will
be a reverent and respectful Mass. I encourage
all of our members to come and share in this
beautiful Mass. I ask that you read the annual
calendar and plan on attending some events. We
will have a fun Council dance with instructors
for all of us, normal scheduled meetings and of
course our Light the Night for Christmas on November 29th at 2pm. Let’s not forget we need
your help with our “Blue” golf tournament in
December as well. This is a fun outing, focused
on community building and steaks! Golf at Blue
Cypress and Steak dinner at the hall. Contact
Jim Bonnie or myself for information.
I would like to remind us all with the upcoming holidays we are to be the examples of keeping Christ in Christmas. This is not only a
Knights program but a message that we all need
to foster in our families and with our friends. All
too often we get busy with shopping and holiday
parties that we tend to forget the reason for the
season. Christ’s birth and life so we have an
opportunity to gain eternal Salvation.
So, Keep Christ in Christmas!
John Klinkenberg
[email protected]
By Rev. Father James R. Boddie, Jr.
Faithful to the Call of the Lord.
The Knights of Columbus respond to
the call of being faithful to the Gospel of
They stand in defense and protection of the unborn,
families, and the vulnerable in our community. The Knights
of Columbus respond to the call of praying for, and standing
for the protection of the sacredness of the Sacrament of Marriage. One Man, one Woman. The Knights of Columbus respond to the call of praying for and supporting our young
men in formation in preparing for the Priesthood. The
Knights are called to support young people discerning a call
to the religious life and in dedicating their lives to service of
the Catholic Church.
The Knights of Columbus always have been and always
will be that faithful servant who not only listens to the call of
the Lord, but who put their faith into action.
In our times, when the church calls us even more
strongly, to stand for the moral good and the Gospel of the
Good News, the Knights show us an example. The example
is that we are all called through our baptism to put on Christ
and have an impact in the world. We should all be faithful to
the call of the Lord in our lives.
Let us constantly pray for, encourage, and affirm our
Knights of Columbus in the way they serve the Diocese of
St. Augustine and our parishes.
May God Bless you and all those whom you Love.
Rev. Father James R. Boddie
Pastor, Christ the King Catholic Church
By Laura Morris
Blessings to you and your families. Thanksgiving is a special time to give thanks for all that God has
done for us and to us!
The Memorial Mass for the deceased Knights from
Council #4727 will be Friday, November 7th at 6:30 pm.
This is an important function for our Council so I hope that
we have a good turnout to support the widows and families
of our late Knights.
Our K-Cee Christmas party will be Saturday, December
13th at 6:30 pm at the KC hall. We will have a catered meal,
live entertainment and door prizes & raffles. The money
from our raffle ticket sales go for a monetary gift to our
Seminarians from Christ the King and Resurrection. Our
meeting in November will be Tuesday the 11th at 7 pm.
Please bring items for door prizes and raffle baskets.
Thank you,
Laura 904-220-7671
Page 2
Knightly News
Please pray for the souls of
our deceased Brothers
William Dando, Robert Knutson, George Morris
(PGK), Domingo Sadie, Timothy Dennis Stack
(PGK), Bob Onorato (PGK), Tony Germano, Dick
Cashen, Ward Berkey, Michael Capizzi (PGK),
Charles Strauss, Frank Gunther, Howard Sell, Joseph Ervolino, William Carlson, Troupe Turner,
Roy Baer, Dan Wendel, Millie Carlson, Delores
Bianco, Walt Miller, Everrett Comstock, Harry
Cross. George Boyko, George Rojics, Robert Wagner, John F. Kenny Jr..
Keep in Your Prayers
Cindy Weedon, June Costello, Joe Chorbak, Michael O’Connell, Liebhart Family, Grace Berkey,
Carol Coseo, George Coseo, Al & Wanda Martin,
Linton NeSmith, Lucy Hollum, Tina Ferrizzi,
Mike Seminario, Rita Wendell, Ann Boyko, Gino
Rocca., Nicholas (Nick) Gagnon, Bill and Mary
Misenhemer, Debbie Moore, Don Thompson,
Robert Roche, Cas Casterlin, Jim Middleton,
Rosemary Shami, Betty Belson, Darlene O’Neil,
Monsignor Danaher, Michael Bell, Debbie House,
Mickey Moneyhan, Marge Yarborough..
Coffee & Donuts CTK
Our Knights of Columbus has made a commitment to the Coffee and Donut Ministry at Christ
the King. This Ministry needs at least two people for the First Sunday of each month to represent the Knights. If you have not signed up for
your Sunday we need for you to do it NOW!
Contact John Lewis at 464-0187 or email at:
[email protected] or John
Lewis [[email protected]]
Financial Secretary Desk
Financial Secretary Desk
Brothers I would like to bring our
database up to date: PLEASE PRINT
Members Name______________
Parrish ________________
Wife name_________________
Anniversary Date_______________
Children Under 18yr________________
Phone / home /cell ___________ _______
Email _________________________
Tear it off /email me / give it at meeting
Ralph Mosley, FS
Council Dance
and Instruction
November 22nd at
the Knights Hall
Light up the Night for Christ
Please join us on Saturday November 29th at 2pm
as we decorate the hall in anticipation of the birth of
our Lord. We will be putting up our indoor and outdoor decorations so we need lots of help. We will be
playing Christmas music and will be serving seasonal
refreshments like hot apple cider. Please bring your
favorite Christmas cookies to share.
Deacons Report
By Deacon Stan Grenn
Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Remember the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz? He
was afraid of everything - even his own shadow. We all
have a little of that cowardly lion in us. All of us live in
fear of one thing or another at some time in our life. But
Jesus Christ has good news for us. In the Gospel of
Mathew he tells us: "Are not two sparrows sold for a
penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside
your Father’s care. And even the very hairs of your head
are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more
than many sparrows."
Jesus Christ doesn't want us to live our lives in fear.
He wants us to enjoy life. In fact he tells us in the Gospel
of John: “I have come that you may have life, and have it
more abundantly." The best defense against fear is faith. If
we have a strong faith, then we can face any fear head on.
God bless, Deacon Stan
Annual Memorial Mass
Please come out on November 7th at 6:30pm to help
us remember our dear departed Brothers who have left
this world to be with our Savior. So many of you who
attended last year complimented our team on the
changes that have been made to this Memorial and we
will continue with the same format this year. Mass will
begin at 6:30pm followed by the Memorial and lighting
of candles. Dinner will be served after the memorial. We ask you to please RSVP to John Klinkenberg
or Ralph Mosley so that we know how much food to
buy. Also we PLEASE ask anyone who is able to walk
without assistance to please park next door at Bivins
Tire so that we may provide parking at the hall for
those that need assistance. If you can carpool as well,
that would be much appreciated.
Council Dance and Instructions
You don’t want to miss this evening of fun on Saturday November 22nd from 7pm until 10pm! A Social Affair
Dance Studio will be teaching us how to dance. Don’t
worry – you do not need a partner. This evening promises
to be a fun evening with your friends, so please join
us. You will have a great time and the best part is that you
do not have to know how to dance – the instructors will
make it fun and EASY to learn! Even if you already know
how to dance, come out and show the rest of us how it is
done! Space is limited to the first 50 people who sign
up. RSVP to Maryellen Bell at 655-8250. The cost is $5
per person for 4727 Knights and 4727 KCees. All others
are $8 per person. Make checks payable to the Knights of
Columbus and mail them to the council hall at 6030 Arlington Expressway, 32211. Light hors d’oeuvres and soft
drinks will be served. 18 and older please. Wear comfortable shoes.
Knightly News
Page 3
CTK donuts
Savings ends
Annual Memorial
Mass at hall
CTK Country
Store Cooking
CTK Country
Store Cooking
Business &
Meetings 7PM
@ Hall
Road cleanup
Brotherly Care
ACA Cleanup
@ 8AM
Veterans Day
Feast of CTK.
Cooking at all
morning Masses
Committee &
Officer’s meeting 7PM
meeting 1:30
PM @ hall
Council Dance
& Instructions
2nd Degree
Dec 1
Dec 2
Dec 3
PBJ for Soup
Kitchen 6PM
Light the Night
for Christmas
Dec 4 Dec 5
1st Friday
mass at hall
Dec 6
Blue Golf
Tournament @
Blue Cypress
Page 4
Knightly News
Ponce de Leon Assembly # 0152
Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each month at St.
Matthew’s Catholic Church in the old convent building
next to the gym located at 1773 Blanding Boulevard,
Jacksonville, Florida 32210.
Holy Trinity Assembly # 2368
Butch Ferrizzi (641-3643)
Meetings are the 1st Tuesday of each month Blessed
Trinity Church 7:30 PM
Honor Guard and Color Corp.
Fourth Degree
Any fourth degree member interested in joining the HG
Or CC to please call Reggie Dubay 249-6941
Advocate's Corner—November
Knights of Columbus
Youth Organization
Knights of Columbus
Your Shield for Life
Chapter XVIII - Misconduct of Members and
Officers Sec. 162 and 163
Sec. 162 and 163 of the Charter (differentiated
from our Council By-Laws) cover three rather large
fine print pages and address Misconduct whereby a
member or an officer can be fined, suspended or
expelled from the order if found guilty, after trial,
depending specifically on the offense committed.
Offences include (but are not limited to):
Revealing work of the council or Order
to a person not a member
Misappropriation of funds
Divulging the cause of rejection of an
applicant, except to officers entitled to
Conviction of a crime by a court
Willful insubordination, contempt or
disobedience of lawful orders
Giving scandal or scandalous conduct
Publishing detrimental matter
False charges against another member
As previously intimated, the list above is not all
inclusive and members are encouraged to review
further the Chapter Constitution Laws as the
opportunity arises.
Wishing everyone God's blessing for a fine fall
and Thanksgiving.
George Dewey, Advocate
First Friday
Congratulations to our
New 3rd Degree Knights
John Molasso
Michael D. Duncan
Michael F. McQuade
Mark A. Plotz
Bruce W. Belet
Darrell A. Murphy
"Our Flag flying above the hall flies in Honor of our
Service Men and Women around the world.”
Note: If you have a flag and wish to honor a love one with it
flying over the hall call Ralph Mosley.
1st Friday Mass Requests
It is pious and praiseworthy custom for the faithful to have
Masses offered for their particular intentions, and especially
for departed friends and loved ones. Request should be made
at least two weeks before the mass. The suggested stipend is
$10.00. Point of Contact: Netito L. Espejo
Cell: 616-4560
Email: [email protected]
Note: At the discretion of the Grand Knight, intentions for
the good of the order may be added anytime.
2014 Mass Dates
Dec 05 - Penny Guggisberg by Tom Guggisberg
Jan 2 - In Thanksgiving – by Ed & Pat Aguilar
Feb 6 - Religious Appreciation Mass @ CTK by Bishop
Mar 6 - Matthew Morrissey – by John & Tina Morrissey
Apr 3 - Deceased Family Members of Ed & Pat Aguilar
May 1– Joe, Stella, & Carol O’Brien – by the Ferrizzi Family
Jun 5 – Howard Sell – by Jean Sell
Jul 3 – Evelyn Guilfoyle – Butch & Bernadette Ferrizzi
Aug 7 – Dan Wendel – by Rita Wendel
Sept 4 -Bob Knutson – Butch & Bernadette Ferrizzi
Oct 2 – Kevin O’neal – by Louis & Darlene O’neal
Nov 6 - Memorial Mass
Dec 4 - Penny Guggisberg – by Tom Guggisberg
St Vincent dePaul Thrift Store
Would you be happening to be sitting on something
that you would like to donate? Give the St. Vincent de
Paul thrift store a call at (904)396-7473, or drop it off.
They are located, on Beach Blvd, in the shopping
center where the traffic court used to be.
Sorry but due to limited budget and staffing they
are only able make pick-ups on Tuesday and
Thursdays. All profits goes to the St. Vincent de Paul
Society of Jacksonville which helps the needy. If you
bored are looking for something to do, come down and
VOLUNTEER. Stay an hour or all day, there is always
something to do, from sorting out and hanging clothes
to placing books on the shelf. We never have enough
volunteers. Check us out!
Knightly News
Page 5
Knightly News Sponsors
We would like to
sincerely thank
our Sponsors, our
Knight of the
month, and our
Family of the
Ed Aguilar
Pat Aguilar
E. Aguilar
Roy Baer
Marge Baer
Frank Becht PGK
Betty Becht
Memory Dolores Bianco
Pasquale Bianco PGK
James Bonitatibus PGK
In memory Doc Broome
In memory Harry J Burke
Marjorie Burke
memory Mike CapizziPGK
Irene Capizzi
Cas Casterlin
Dolly Casterlin
George Coseo PGK
Carol Coseo
Bob Crabtree
Ellen Crabtree
Charles Davis
Mabel Jean Davis
Vernon Duncan
Emma Duncan
In memory Joe Ervolino
Genevive Ervolino
Netito Espejo
Celia Espejo
John Faustini
Doris Faustini
Albert J. Ferraro
Butch Ferrizzi, PGK
Bernadette Ferrizzi
Helen Fitzgerald
In memory Anthony &
Sarah Germano
In memory Randy Gleason
In memory Ray Gleason
Eileen Gleason
In memory LeRoss Hulcher
Dick Hulcher
Nick Klepac
Bernie Klepac
Ceil Kulas
Ed Kulas
Peter F. Lamb
James Massengill
Lolita Massengill
Thomas McGivney
Beverly McGivney
In memory-Leo Mercado
Remy Mercado
Jim Middleton PGK
Maryann Middleton
Jesse Morgan
Inge Morgan
Ralph Mosley PGK
Shirley Mosley
Imogene Praxedes
Jose Praxedes PGK
Francis E. Prescott (D)
Helen P. Prescott
Al Rucci
Emily Rucci
In memory Howard Sell
Jean Sell
Antoine Shami
Rosemary Shami
Deacon Elias K Shami
Diane Shami
Emiel Shami
Sami Shami
Mike Shevada
LouAnne Shevada
In memory Tim Stack,PGK
Sally Stack
Sarah Stack
Margaret Stiles
In memory Bud Stiles
Marge Stiles
Joseph Stillo
Charles Strauss
Genie Strauss
Don Thompson
JoAnne Thompson
In Memory Dan Wendel
Rita Wendel
Elizabeth Wheeler
Family of the Month
October 2014
Our family of the month is Stanley and Virginia Moore.
Throughout this last year this family has had their share of hardships. In spite of multiple hospital stays, family members in
need of physical healing, Stanley & Virginia have been faithful
to our council. Many an event has been successful thanks to
their efforts. It is my honor to acknowledge Stanley and Virginia as our family of the month. Great job! Congratulations
Stanley & Virginia.
Knight of the Month
October 2014
Our Knight of the month is John Porter. John has returned as our chairman for the Knights of Brotherly care. This
man has reshaped the program, instituted name badges again
and has worked with both churches to make sure this program
fills the needs of all of our brothers and their families. Congratulations John on a job well done. Keep up the good work.
November Birthdays
Ronald Heying
Michael Ryder
Ruis Palacio
Robert Roldan, Nicholas Tillem
William Carlson III, Anthony
Erwin Eckstein
John Kenny Jr.
Timothy James
Kevin Curley, Benoir Desclefs
Charles Prince, Richard Rood
Orlando Avila
Dewey Holton
Joseph Loughlin
Sale Sale Sale
Nightly News Sponsors
Veterans Day
November 11th
Renew you sponsorship now for 2014
 Knight & Spouse - $20 ( Jack & Sally Smith)
 Knight only $10 ( Ben Smith PGK)
 In Memory of - $20 (In Memory - Jack
Please indicate your choice, if you have already
paid please indicate that. Check made to council &
mail to:
Ralph Mosley
FS Radio and T.V.
6030 Arlington Expressway
Jacksonville, FL 32211
Information for the newsletter can be sent via Email to Tom or Gerry by the 24th of the month.
Tom Heusinger 372-7196 - email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Make me an offer, Folding Work bench, Chop Saw, Belt
Sander, Antique Cherry Wood Glass top desk, 4 drawers on
each side and one middle.
Call or email me with your offer.
Ralph Mosley
New Book of the Sick and In Distress
Brothers, we have a new book of the Sick and in Distress at
the Hall. You will find it next to the statue of Mary accented
by candles. Inside you will find monthly pages upon which
to print the names of your special intentions. Each month
we will start a new page so be sure to carry forward anyone
who is still in need of prayers. If you are unable to attend a
meeting or function at the hall simply contact an officer or
brother Knight to place your intention in the book. There are
instructions within the book if you would like a visit from
our Knights of the Brotherly Care. Knightly News
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Jacksonville, Fl
Permit No. 2821
Knights of Columbus
Arlington Council
Bishop Larkin #4727
6030 Arlington Expy
Jacksonville, fl. 32211-7141
Tel # (904) 723-3810.
Upcoming Events - 2014-2015
"Current Resident or ”
First Friday Mass / KC 's provide food
Blue Golf Tournament @ Blue Cypress
CTK Donuts
Business & KC’s Meetings
Road Cleanup, Brotherly Care
KC's Christmas Party
Corporate Communion - CTK
Admissions Committee / Officer's Meeting
Squires Meeting
CTK Donuts
Bunko Night
CTK Honor roll breakfast
Corporate Communion/memb drive @ Resurrection
Parish [email protected] Resurrection
1st Degree
PBJ’s for soup kitchen
Pro-LIFE Message for November
October's Respect Life Sunday was a success with approximately 150 parishioners, Knights, priests and deacons from Christ the
King and Resurrection attending the hour and a half event. Thanks to all who attended. The Fall 40 days for Life Campaign continues through to November 2nd but all are welcome to continue to stand at "A Woman's Choice" or one of the other Abortion Facilities
that proliferate Jacksonville. For additional information please see your church bulletin or call:
Christ the King Parish: Dennis Scobie
(904) 723-3977
Resurrection Parish: Pam Dewey
(904) 743-6997
This month I wanted to address an equally important pro-Life topic - End of Life Determinations. In Florida we have a
"Designation of a Health Surrogate" document, which allows you to name someone you trust (be it family member or close friend) to
make health care decisions for you in case you become temporarily or permanently unable to make such decisions for yourself. The
surrogate is essentially standing in for you when it comes to making health care decisions. The document does not give the surrogate
authority to approve the direct and intentional ending of your life nor can they direct that you be denied food or fluids for the purpose of causing your death by starvation or dehydration. Should you give your surrogate other directions or express other special
provisions? This can be legally added in writing, but current thinking generally advises against such additions. It is not possible to
predict all circumstances or possible interventions that may need to be faced in the future. Adding specific written directions may
severely limit the discretion and flexibility that your surrogate needs and may restrict your surrogate's authority in a way you did not
intend. The recommended course is to discuss any additional directions, concerns, and/or provisions in detail with your trusted surrogate when you give them a signed "Designation" and at any time after that. Under Florida Law your spouse needs to be notified if
you appoint a "Designee" other than he/she; and, the "Designation" should be signed by you in the presence of two qualified witnesses who must then sign the witness statement part of the instrument. Additional information and forms can be obtained from the
Patients Rights Council web site at ...
This topic impacts upon both our younger and more mature council members. Please give it your attention and consideration.
George Dewey, Council Pro-Life Committee