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KONE marine solutions
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First in experience
KONE is the leader in providing vertical
transportation solutions for marine applications –
first in market share, first in global service
coverage, first in innovative solutions that
improve efficiency and reliability.
First things first
KONE has been designing, manufacturing, installing
and maintaining people flow solutions since 1910.
We have been working in the marine sector for
decades. In that time we have delivered thousands
of elevators and escalators for hundreds of cruise
ships, cargo ships and Ropax vessels. All of our marine
solutions are backed by our global service network,
serving you in all major ports worldwide.
A full range of solutions
We are the leading global partner of shipowners
and shipyards, and we are the top choice for naval
architects and hotel managers. There are some good
reasons for this.
We supply a full range of solutions for cargo and
passenger ships: luxurious passenger elevators and
reliable service elevators; scenic elevators that make
a great first impression on passengers; low-speed
elevators, which are very convenient when space is
limited; and KONE escalator solutions, which provide
efficient vertical transportation to eliminate bottlenecks, for example during disembarkation.
For a full range of requirements
For shipowners, KONE solutions provide excellent
reliability and efficiency, for low overall lifecycle costs.
In addition, both KONE elevators and escalators are
highly eco-efficient, providing considerable energy
savings over the lifetime of the installation.
For naval architects, we provide elevators and
escalators that are integrated into the ship’s design
scheme. You can choose from a wide range of
modular pre-engineered cars for quick installation,
or create a unique state-of-the-art scenic elevator.
For shipyards, we provide total turnkey solutions
from consulting, design, engineering and materials
supply to factory testing, complete installation and
commissioning onboard.
And for hotel managers, we provide stylishly designed
solutions that make an excellent first impression on
guests as they travel to their staterooms.
We are first because we pay attention to every detail.
First time, every time.
First in capability
We provide comprehensive consulting, installation, after-sales, maintenance
and modernization services. We are first in the shipbuilding process, and we
are still working for you long after the ship has set off on its maiden voyage.
The place to start
The best way to start is with a thorough analysis of
the elevator traffic. The KONE TrafCal™ elevator
traffic analysis provides a comprehensive assessment
of different flows – passengers, crews, goods, luggage –
together with an analysis of different situations, such as
embarkation, disembarkation, and everyday operation
at sea. This analysis helps us create the ideal solution
for your requirements and ensure the best possible flow
of people and cargo.
The KONE TrafCal™ traffic analysis tool helps you
plan the best possible flow of people and cargo.
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Modular plug-in solutions
Plug-in trunk construction of the elevator saves
considerable time during shipbuilding. The elevator
equipment is pre-installed in a pre-fabricated trunk
module which is manufactured as a steel framework.
The entire module is pre-assembled and tested – car,
mechanical and electrical systems, etc. – before it is
sent to the shipyard. Only a minimal amount of work
needs to be done at the shipyard: the unit is lowered
into position and welded in place. Then it is ready to
serve other people working on the ship.
Plug-in trunk construction saves time during
ship construction. The pre-fabricated module
is lowered into position and welded in place.
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First impressions matter
People look forward to a cruise for weeks, months
or even years. When they come on board, they
expect everything to be perfect, from the first
impression to the last look back as they disembark
and head for home.
Scenic elevators
The panoramic view over the promenade deck from
a KONE scenic elevator, the perception of splendid
light and abundant space, the overall excitement of
being in the midst of a luxurious environment, all
these create a great first impression of the ship. An
impression that stays.
KONE provides scenic elevators with a variety of
pre-engineered models and shapes, both with flat
and curved glass, making it easy to integrate the
elevator into the ship’s design. Also KONE works
with you to create a unique scenic elevator to
match your unique vision.
Passenger elevators
Both the machine-room-less KONE MonoSpace®
elevator and the KONE MiniSpace™ elevator, with
a small machine room, are powered by the KONE
EcoDisc® hoisting machine. Proven KONE EcoDisc®
technology ensures that passengers are transported
safely, reliably, with ease and comfort. The gearless
KONE EcoDisc® lowers energy consumption,
reduces demands on building space, and ensures
greater reliability. It is designed for a lifetime of at
least 25 years, in daily operation.
KONE escalator solutions provide continuous,
efficient people flow between decks. They show
their irreplaceable value in solving bottlenecks
during ship embarkation and disembarkation. They
are also very useful when the galley is below the
restaurant, so that waiters can move smoothly
between decks.
First in efficiency and reliability
KONE MonoSpace®
Revolutionary machine-room-less elevator concept
The KONE MonoSpace requires only a single space –
the shaft. This eliminates the need for a machine room,
giving naval architects greater flexibility and saving
on construction costs and weight. Machine-room-less
elevators can also easily serve the ship’s deck. Powered
by the KONE EcoDisc® hoisting machine, the KONE
MonoSpace provides energy-efficient vertical transport
in a compact space.
KONE MiniSpace™
Gearless hoisting machinery in a compact machine
In the KONE MiniSpace concept, the machine room
is simply an extension of the elevator shaft, which
makes it very easy and cost-efficient to construct. The
compact machine room can be located above, beside,
or below the shaft, whichever solution integrates best
with the ship’s design.
The compact KONE EcoDisc hoisting machine means
there is plenty of space in the machine room.
Machine-room-less elevator
Rated load (kg)
400 - 2000
6 - 26
Machine room elevator
Rated load (kg)
400 - 10,000
5 - 13 (133)
Maximum stops
Maximum stops
Travel height (m)
Travel height (m)
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Service elevators - Catering for your needs
KONE elevators for transporting ship’s provisions and
catering products meet strict hygienic requirements.
The stainless steel cladding of the elevator car can be
also provided with smooth and rounded corners to
comply with USPHS requirements.
Dumbwaiters - When space is limited
For the transportation of food or goods – but not
people – KONE provides dumbwaiters, which are
equipped with a self-supporting shaft and hinged
or sliding doors.
First in maintenance coverage
Every port is your home port for KONE maintenance
and spare parts. Our global service network serves
you in more than 50 countries and all major ports.
Service in all major ports
KONE provides maintenance services in all major ports.
Maintenance services, equipment upgrades and
modernization are carried out by our skilled technicians
when your ship is at port or en route between the ports.
We do everything possible to ensure that there is as little
disturbance as possible to the passengers and the crew.
After-sales and inspection services
KONE can provide technical and performance
inspections to ensure that the equipment meets
all relevant regulations. We can also provide detailed
recommendations on how to maintain and modernize
the equipment. KONE issues required certification
and technical documentation for the relevant
authorities and insurers.
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KONE Care™
KONE Care™ Marine maintenance packages
You can choose the KONE Care™ solution based on
a required service level. KONE offers Standard and
Premium contracts; these modular packages can be
tailored to meet your specific maintenance strategy.
We can provide worldwide service for a single ship
or for your entire fleet. We focus on keeping your
equipment operating reliably.
KONE Care™ Marine Standard
The KONE Care™ Marine Standard solution maximizes
equipment’s life time performance and safety with
preventive service program and decreases equipment
downtime. It offers full compliance to safety
requirements by law and standards.
KONE Care™ Marine Premium
The KONE Care™ Marine Premium package provides
comprehensive maintenance including repairs and
spare parts to agreed limit. The Premium contract
ensures that you can accurately budget maintenance
costs, with no surprises.
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Eco-efficient™ elevators
Efficient hoisting
The KONE EcoDisc® made energy hungry DC gearless and geared hoisting machines obsolete. This
permanent magnet synchronous machine, together
with a vector controlled drive system and regenerative options, provides the highest total efficiency
and minimizes both mechanical and electrical losses.
Elevators equipped with the KONE EcoDisc hoisting
machine are 50–70% more efficient than elevators
that use conventional traction 2-speed or hydraulic
technology. The KONE EcoDisc contains no oil.
KONE EcoDisc® – gearless hoisting machinery
Quick facts
Less energy consumption
Less space
Less weight
Less maintenance
Energy regeneration
When the car is descending with a heavy load (or
ascending with a light load), it contains potential
energy. The regenerative drive recovers this energy,
saving 20-35% of the total energy consumed.
Energy-saving car lighting
KONE elevators are equipped with modern fluorescent tubes and LED lights that can last up to 10 times
longer and use up to 80% less energy than conventional lighting solutions.
Energy-efficient standby operation
Standby solutions power down the equipment when
it is not in use, providing substantial energy savings,
especially in places with periods of low elevator usage.
Automatic car light operation turns off the lights
when the car is not in use and on again when
the car is called.
The power stage of the drive is set to sleep mode
when not in use.
Signalization displays are dimmed when not in
The car fan is turned off when the elevator is not
in use.
Corridor illumination control automatically adjusts the light on the destination floor.
The environmental impact and recycling of KONE products
Lifecycle assessments of KONE elevators have shown that the greatest environmental impact of an elevator or
escalator stems from the electricity used to operate it. Therefore, KONE is focusing on systematically reducing
the energy consumption of its solutions with each new product release.
Elevators consist mostly of metals, meaning that approximately 90% of the material can be recycled.
Royal Caribbean International
“Oasis of the Seas”
Celebrity Cruises
STX Finland
Meyer Werft, Germany
The Oasis of the Seas is the world’s largest and most
extraordinary cruise ship, launched in late 2009. She is
more than 40% larger than the largest cruise ships afloat,
spanning 16 decks, encompassing 220,000 GT, featuring
2700 staterooms, and carrying 5400 passengers at double
occupancy — a number once thought unthinkable in the
cruise business. Construction started on December 11, 2007
at STX yard in Turku, Finland. The ship operates Caribbean
cruises out of Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Celebrity Solstice is the first ship in the
Solstice class, launched in 2008. These are one of
the Celebrity’s largest ships at 122,000 GT,
holding 2850 passengers each, and measuring
1,033 ft (314.86 m) in length, with a beam of 121
ft (36.88 m).
KONE Scope of supply
Number of elevators:
12 passenger
12 scenic
17 service
3 low-speed (impaired mobility)
2 escalators
25 KONE MonoSpace®
16 KONE MiniSpace™
Modular plug-in installation
Her four sister Ships, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity
Eclipse, Celebrity Silhouette and one as-of-yet
unnamed ship, enter service in 2009, 2010, 2011 and
2012, respectively.
KONE provides its innovative and eco-efficient elevator
solutions for the whole Celebrity Solstice class.
KONE Scope of supply
Number of elevators:
4 passenger
8 scenic
9 service
1 low-speed (impaired mobility)
2 dumbwaiters
12 KONE MonoSpace®
9 KONE MiniSpace™
KONE marine solutions 15
P&O Ferries
“Spirit of Britain” & “Spirit of France”
Higashi Nihon Ferry Company
“Natchan Rera” and “Natchan World”
STX Europe, Finland
Incat, Australia
These 49,000 GT ships with the length of 212 m are to be
the largest ferries in the English Channel. Each ship will be
capable of carrying up to 1,750 passengers and there will
be space for more than 180 freight vehicles and, additionally,
for up to 195 tourist vehicles.
The Evolution One12 is the largest diesel-powered, highspeed wave-piercing catamaran in the world, capable of
carrying up to 1500 tons deadweight. Constructed as a
base ship or SeaFrame, the craft can be fitted out for
numerous purposes, including passenger/commercial and
military deployment.
The latest technologies of the industry will be applied both
in design and construction of the ships. In particular, the
ferries will offer signifi cant advances in fuel effi ciency
through a hydro-dynamically effi cient hull form that will
optimize ship performance with minimum fuel consumption.
KONE supplies innovative and eco-effi cient Marine
MiniSpace™ elevators to these new P&O ferries built by STX
Europe shipyard in Rauma, Finland. KONE marine Eco-Effi
cient™ solutions, combining both energy and space saving
onboard, will help P&O in achieving its goal of delivering
highly environmentally friendly ships.
Ship facts
Length: 212 meters
Width: 31 meters
Gross tonnage: 49,000
Passenger capacity: 1,750
Speed: 22 knots
KONE scope of supply
Number of elevators:
3 passenger
2 service
2 easy access platform lifts
1 dumbwaiter
KONE technology solutions
For Higashi Nihon Ferry the first 112m ship has been
specifically fitted with luxurious yet practical accommodation
to meet its intensive passenger ferry service requirements.
Ship facts
Length: 112 meters
Width: 30.5 meters
Passenger capacity: 1746
Speed: 36 knots
KONE Marine facts
Number of elevators:
1 dumbwaiter
Number of escalators: 4
KONE Marine provides innovative and
eco-efficient solutions for elevators and
escalators. We support our customers
every step of the way; from design,
manufacturing, and installation to
maintenance and modernization.
KONE is a global leader in helping our
customers manage the smooth flow of
people and goods throughout their ships.
Our commitment to customers is present
in all KONE solutions. This makes us a
reliable partner throughout the life-cycle
of the ship.
We challenge the conventional solutions
of the industry. We are fast, flexible, and
have a well-deserved reputation as a
technology leader, with such innovations as
KONE MonoSpace®, KONE MiniSpace™,
KONE EcoDisc®, and modular plug-in
installation. KONE Marine is the global
leader in marine people flow solutions
– every second cruise ship sailing
today is equipped with KONE elevators
and escalators.
KONE employs approximately 34,000
dedicated experts to serve you in over
50 countries.
KONE Marine
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