SPARKS Corvallis, Oregon Rotary Club

Corvallis, Oregon Rotary Club
President Charlie Owen, Vice President Susan Poole . Secretary
Meredith Jung, Treasurer Sara Ingle, President Elect Selina Marshall
Web site:
Serving Corvallis since 1923
November 13, 2014
, 2014
Rosie The Riveter
Yvonne Fasold, PhD
President, American Rosie the
Riveter Association. “The history and
legacy of Working/Volunteer Women
During WWII”
Mark - thanks for doing
the Sparks for two weeks.
Last week
John G “chasing
down brag for a
buck people”
Mark requesting
basket workers
Help Tim sell the tickets to his home
made French dinner. It will be
prepared and served at Rob
Thurston’s home on December 5th.
He is only selling 50 tickets and as
of last week he has sold 40 of them.
Lets get the remaining tickets sold
this week.
John T announcing
the birthdays and
awarding prizes
To have great experiences, you
must be willing to take great
Coming Programs & Events
11-20 Larry Mullins, CEO Sararitan Health
Services “State of Samaritan and
care reform”
11-27 Thanksgiving - no meeting
12-4 Becky Strandberg & Freda Vars, OSU
Folk Club “65 years of service and still
going strong”
12-11 Paula Grace, JD, Executive Director,
Benton County Foundation
12-18 Holiday music program
12-25 No Meeting
Review these great upcoming
programs and invite a friend to one that
may interest them
11-6-14 Program
Wit & Wisdom
Scott Rueck OSU
Basketball head
Confidence lets you pull off anything,
even TEVAS with socks
Every bad situation is a blues song
waiting to happen
Death, taxes and childbirth. There is
never a convenient time for any of them
2014 PAC Coach of the
2014 ESPN PAC-12
coach of the year
Serving soup
at the men’s
cold weather
November 5th
Ken Johnson
Ken received the OSU College of
Science Distinguished Service
Award October 30th, 2014. He is
a 39 year member of this club
and was recognized as Corvallis
Senior First Citizen in 2009.
During his 42-year career as a dentist in Corvallis, Ken
directed his passion for service and dentistry into creating
opportunities for pre-dental students at OSU. He mentored
more than 2,000 science students throughout the years,
providing them with internships and pre-dental classes in
his office.
More than 45 years ago, Ken created the pre-dental club
at OSU. Ken estimates that nearly every student who has
participated in the internship In the last seven years has
been accepted into dental school.
After retiring in 2007, Ken established a program at the
Boys and Girls Club of Corvallis to provide free dental care
to low-income youth and their families. He has also
delivered dental services around the globe, treating
children in more than 40 countries.
Don’t let today’s enjoyment get lost in
the dreams of tomorrow
Red Badge Members:
Send me a short bio and I’ll publish it to help you
complete your Red Badge requirements.
Call or email me, I have a simple form for you to fill
541-745-2020 [email protected]
Last week’s
drawing consisted
mostly of OSU
basketball “swag.”
Tim opening
his gift bag
prepared by
If you want advice,
ask the person who
has succeeded
Service Above Self
Is it the Truth
Is it Fair to all Concerned
Will it build Good Will and Better Friendships
Will it be Beneficial to all Concerned