Class 6 LITTLE GENIE Classroom Program for Students going to in 2015

Classroom Program for Students going to
Class 6 in 2015
One Year Foundation Program
Program aims at raising the IQ / Mental Ability of the Students to two years ahead of time and
will develop logical thinking required for success in various future exams especially NTSE.
This Program will also guide the Students to approach Science & Mathematics
in an objective manner to solve complex numerical problems.
Success is never defined in absolute sense. It is very much a subject of relative performance. Children need to imbibe the spirit
of competitiveness from an early age and start preparation for major milestone achievements, well in advance so as to avoid
stress and pressure of preparation. The Program Trains a Student for Overall Logical Thinking and Scientific Aptitude at
an early age thereby Transforming the Academic Life of Students. This is the time while a Student Encounters Change in
Academic Methodology from a text based Academics in Class V to a Matured Academic Life in Class VI and Beyond…
Parents will be able to notice substantial difference in the analytical skills and IQ of their little ones.
The entire course will be covered in 4 Phases and duration of the program will be around 175 hours. IQ, Physics, Chemistry,
Biology & Mathematics subjects will be covered. Besides Student will also get the following as an Integral part of the
v Single comprehensive study material: Additional problems will be supplemented wherever necessary Students should not
require any additional books etc. v Chapter Practice Problems: On each chapter Students will be given Chapter Practice
Problems which they have to attempt and submit before the beginning of the next chapter. These solutions will be checked
by the faculty and will be returned to the Students with remarks and suggestions. Thus helping every Student to have a very
strong command over fundamental concept knowledge very crucial for getting Top ranks. v Work Books for Home Assignment.
v Mock Test Papers for class VI. v Regular feedback & Test Analysis Sessions. v Special Sessions on Vedic Mathematics.
v Students also gain important exam practice through quizzes, phase tests, & mock tests (conducted in a simulated environment
giving the Students a ‘feel’ of the real exam) that can help them improve their examination temperament - a necessary
element for success in any competitive exam. v Success Potential Index (SPI): We are the only institute in India having the
capability to predict Success Potential Index (SPI) of a Student. We constantly encourage our Students to emulate their Success
Potential Index (SPI).
For FIITJEE Centres offering this program, please refer to Program Availability Grid available at the Centre.
For Admission Test & Batch Commencement Dates please refer to Dates Grid available at the Centre.
FIITJEE has four FIITJEE World Schools in Hyderabad with hostel facility. Parents also have an option
to send their little ones to FIITJEE World School, Hyderabad.
There is direct admission to FIITJEE World Schools on First Come First Serve Basis and as per the Regulation of
Telangana Board. For more details please refer to page nos. 38 - 45
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