Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas

Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Application Process for Business Licence
All businesses are required to be licensed under the Business Licence Act 2010, as
amended. A non-Bahamian applying to conduct business in The Bahamas requires
approval from The Bahamas Investment Authority.
1. Application Process
Complete a business licence application form. Request for a business name/
trade name can be registered from three (3) possible options in order of
preference (if the first choice is not available, the second will be used; the
second choice is not available, the third will be used). If all names are taken the
applicant will be notified and the business licence processed in the applicant/
owner’s name given on the form.
The following documents must be submitted with the completed application
form for a telecommunications business licence:
A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and a current annual company
Local persons/companies must provide proof that the company is 100%
Bahamian owned.
Foreign persons/companies must be approved by the National Economic
Council/ The Bahamas Investment Authority:
National Insurance Board Registration, current letter of good standing
(for the business) and personal National Insurance Board Card for an
A copy of the lease or rental agreement for the business location or Proof
of Ownership (copy of conveyance) along with approvals from
o Department of Physical Planning (zoning)
o Ministry of Works/ Building Control Unit (inspection)
o Department of Environmental Health Services (sanitation)
Proof of Payment of Real Property Taxes in respect of property or
premises on which a business of the applicant is located and the
applicant is the owner of such property or premises.
A copy of the relevant licence or grant of approval in writing from the
Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA).
The completed application form and supporting documents must be submitted
to any Business License Division office where the business is located.
A business license fee of BS$ 100.00 must also be paid for a new business upon
submission of the application. Payment must be made by certified cheque
(payable to the Public Treasury) or by cash or by credit card at the office
location: Charlotte House, Charlotte Street South, Nassau Bahamas.
Turn-around time: Applications are generally processed within seven (7) working
days of submission of completed application form and the approval of the
business name.
The applicant is to contact the Business License Unit to confirm that the licence
is ready for collection.
2. Contact Details
Inland Revenue (Business License/Valuation Unit)
Ministry of Finance
Charlotte Street.
New Providence, Bahamas
P. O. Box N-13
Primary Contact
Shunda Strachan: (242) 502-7148
Email: [email protected]
Secondary Contact
Michael Moss: (242) 502-7109
Email: [email protected]