ISSUE 3, 2014
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What Will Matter by
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Meet Our Committee
ALA Business of Law
September Chapter
Cable, Internet and
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2014 Chapter Retreat
October Chapter
Adobe Acrobat Pro X
Basics by Bonnie
Casa Jefferson Mission
Go Green: Truths &
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New Orleans Chapter
Association of Legal
Full Service Litigation Copy Support
Litigation Copying
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701 Poydras St., Ste. 113
New Orleans, LA 70139
Email: [email protected]
Jo Ann Light, CLM
Larzelere Picou Wells
Simpson Lonero, L.L.C.
[email protected]
Jo Ann Light
Chapter President
Association of Legal Administrators, New Orleans Chapter
Change is in the Air . . .
When I attended the regional meeting and the President’s Breakfast at the Annual Conference in Toronto earlier this
year, I first learned that ALA would undergo some changes over the course of the next year or two. The Association has
hired a consulting firm and through a series of studies and surveys, it was determined that some changes would be
necessary and incorporated over the next year or two to better position ourselves as the undisputed leader for the business
of law and increase the viability of the organization.
At Chapter Leadership Institute (CLI) held in San Antonio in July, it was again announced ALA would be undergoing
changes. The new fall conference format was announced. The regional conferences have been replaced with one Business
of Law Conference and held in four cities across the country. Attendees may now attend the conference in the city of their
It was also announced that the Association of Legal Administrators will undergo a name change. The new name will
cover a wider and more diverse spectrum to include all the roles its members play. While we are all professionals involved
in the administration of law firms, we are all not administrators. As members, we are engaged in diverse areas of work
such as finance, marketing, human resources, information technology, library, etc. In addition, our name does not always
translate appropriately internationally to convey the executive/managerial level of our membership. The new name has not
yet been determined but will likely be unveiled sometime in 2015. At that time a new logo and website will also be rolled
out. If you’d like more information about the coming changes, you may review ALA’s website, under “Strategic
Plan” (http://www.alanet.org/chapters/mo/strategicplan.aspx).
Malcolm Martin, Janet Dotson, Paulette Ziblich and I attended the Business of Law Conference held in Chicago, IL in
September. Because this was not a “regional” conference, there weren’t the usual familiar faces. However, we had the
opportunity to interact with conference attendees from all over the country. Being somewhat reserved, this was a very
positive, growing experience for me.
On the local level, you have noted our board is implementing some exciting changes, as well. We had the opportunity
to meet neighboring chapters, such as the Mobile Chapter at CLI. Our Directors learned about the plight and struggles
smaller chapters face. We realized as a Chapter we are able to provide opportunities to our members, that smaller chapters
cannot. We decided to reach out to the Mobile Chapter and invite them to participate and attend our retreat, as affiliate
members of our chapter. It was an amazing experience and we look forward to many future opportunities to network with
Mobile and other neighboring chapters. We learned our peers in the Mobile Chapter have much to offer us and we are
excited about the opportunity to share and broaden our network.
Now we are in the midst of our membership drive, “ALA Takes the City, Building by Building.” Many of you have
embraced this outreach and offered your firm as a meeting place for the informational meetings to be held. All members
are encouraged to participate. We are identifying and inviting non-members to attend and learn about the fantastic
opportunities available through ALA membership.
What does the future hold for the New Orleans Chapter? Over the next few years we will have a new name, logo
and updated website. We may add more affiliate members from other chapters. As we move into 2015, we will celebrate
our 40th anniversary as a chapter and look for more innovative ways to meet the needs of our members. Exciting, isn’t it?
I don’t know exactly when all these changes will take place but they are coming. I do know we have an incredible
T.E.A.M. and if everyone does “something” can you imagine what we will accomplish?
Jo Ann Light
- Page 3 -
Jo Ann Light, CLM
Larzelere Picou Wells
Simpson Lonero, L.L.C.
[email protected]
Shannon Hanken, CLM
McCranie, Sistrunk,
Anzelmo, Hardy, McDaniel
& Welch, LLC
Lynn Martin Johnston
Frilot L.L.C.
[email protected]
[email protected]
Laura Lee Isom
Lee, Futrell
& Perles, LLP
[email protected]
Kathleen Nuebel, CLM
Chopin Wagar Richard
& Kutcher, LLP
[email protected]
At - Large Directors
Carlotta Duhe'
Kasey Courtney
Johnson Johnson
Barrios & Yacoubian
[email protected]
Lewis, Kullman, Sterbcow
& Abramson
[email protected]
- Page 4 -
T. E. A. M.
Together Everyone Achieves More!
Business Partner Committee
Lynn Johnston, Past President, Chair
Cheryl Innis, Co-Chair
Carrie Dunn, CLM, Co-Chair
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
By-Law, Ad Hoc
Cheryl Innis, Co-Chair
Malcolm Martin, Co-Chair
[email protected]
[email protected]
Calendar & Events Committee
Kasey Courtney, Co-Chair
Laura Lee Isom, Co-Chair
Rebecca Lapeyrouse, Co-Chair
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Communications & Marketing
Dianne Klibert, Co-Chair
Rachel Koenig Kiedrowski, Co-Chair
GayNell Lerille, Co-Chair
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Community Connections
Linda Soileau, Co-Chair
Melissa Tokar, Co-Chair
[email protected]
Legal Community Outreach
Markell Currault-Holmes, Co-Chair
Teresa Douglas, CLM, Co-Chair
[email protected]
[email protected]
Bonnie Aucoin, Chair
[email protected]
Nominating Committee
Lynn Johnston, Past President, Chair
[email protected]
Professional Development
Patricia Hennessey, CPA, CLM, Co-Chair
Kevin Randazzo, Co-Chair
[email protected]
[email protected]
Salary Survey Committee
Ray Lightell, CPA, CLM, Chair
[email protected]
Website & Listserve Committee
Carlotta Duhe'
[email protected]
[email protected]
CLM National Committee
Stephen Wolf, CPA, CLM
Region 4 Council Representative Jo Ann Light, CLM
- Page 5 -
[email protected]
[email protected]
Jo Ann Light and Brian Kennel,
Speaker, Performance Management
Consulting, LLC, who spoke regarding
Attorney Compensation Issues
Brian Jenkins, Lynn Johnston
and Colin Shea.
Brian Jenkins, Benefit Consultant, Jo
Ann Light and Colin Shea, Benefit
Consultant with Gilsbar Specialty
Insurance Services, LLC,
Prizes where given away by
Gilsbar. Lynn Johnston was
the winner of a wine basket
and Renee Hymel was the
winner of a $100 gift
certificate as a precursor to
the Expo.
The second liners, Lynn
Johnston and Carrie Dunn,
were joined by Cheryl Innis,
Teresa Douglas and
Stephen Wolf.
- Page 6 -
- Page 7 -
New Orleans Chapter
2014 - Business Partner Sponsorships
Elmwood Records Center
Hub International
Austin Capital
Brooke Staffing
Grand Hotel Marriott Resort,
Golf Club and Spa
Gulf Coast Office Products
Iron Mountain
1ST Management Services, Inc.
Nuance Communications
Rippe & Kingston, LLC
The Quality Group
Thomson Reuters
Ricoh USA Inc.
Universal Data, Inc.
ABA Retirement Funds
Executone Systems Company
of Louisiana, Inc.
Gilsbar, Inc.
Multitech Office Machines
TW Telecom
Southern Imaging Solutions, Inc.
Have you visited your Chapter Website recently?
Need to find a local Business Partner?
Want to know who our Business Partner
Sponsors are?
Want to know what your Chapter’s Board
has been up to?
You can view the Board’s minutes
on our website.
Want to email one or all of our members?
Want to view a current or past newsletter?
- Page 8 -
Scott DeRouen
Shields Mott, LLP
New Orleans, LA
Misty M. Methvin
Keogh Cox & Wilson, Ltd.
Baton Rouge
Ariana H. Moore
Executive Director
South Alabama Volunteery Lawyers Program
David P. Constantine
Business Development & Compliance
Logical Computer Solutions
(ALA Lifetime Member, Past President)
Christine Chancery Cumbie
Chief Operating Officer
Gardberg, Clausen & Kemmerly, PC
Patty D. Risher
Frazer Greene Upchurch & Baker, LLC
Sherry S. Cates
Regional Office Manager
Adams and Reese LLP
Katherine W. Willis
Johnstone Adams
Sandra K. Anderson, Firm Administrator
Amanda D. Tanner, Bookkeeper
McDowell Knight Roedder & Sledge, LLC
William H. Kiszla
Firm Administrator
Armbrecht Jackson, LLP
James T. Allen, CLM, Executive Director
Terri F. Cane, Office Administrator
Hand Arendall, LLC
- Page 9 -
- Page 10 -
- Page 11 -
- Page 12 -
Calendar of Events
November 2
Daylights Savings Time Ends (2:00 a.m.)
November 3-5
Human Resource Management Conference for Legal Professionals
- Paris Las Vegas Hotel—Las Vegas, NV
November 6
ALA Webinar—Financial Management—It’s More Than Just Billing and Collection hosted by Kristan
Kremer, King, Krebs & Jurgens, PLLC located at 201 St. Charles Avenue, 45th Floor, New Orleans,
LA 70170 (504-582-3800)
November 7-8
ALA Board of Directors Meeting
November 8-9
Regional Nominating Committee Meeting
November 11
ALA Webinar—Risk Management Considerations in IP Practice (not scheduled)
November 12
New Orleans Chapter Board Meeting
November 14
VOA—Operation Backpack—Work Party to Decorate for “Kidz Shopping Day” Alice Harte
Elementary School, 4422 General Meyer Avenue, New Orleans, LA (Westbank)
November 15
Community Connections
November 20
Half-Day Seminar “Accountability and the QBQ” - Kristen Lindeen
8:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. (Continental Breakfast at 8:00 a.m./luncheon at noon) (Nominating
Committee to be selected for 2015-2016 Board of Directors), Hotel Monteleon, 214 Royal Street,
New Orleans, LA
November 27-28
Thanksgiving Holiday, ALA Headquarters Closed
December 10
New Orleans Chapter Board Meeting
December 11
New Orleans Chapter Christmas Luncheon, Commander’s Palace
- Page 13 -
- Page –14 -
- Page –15 -
- Page 16 --
- Page 17 -
Congratulations to the Business Partner Chair, Lynn Johnston and Co-Chairs, Cheryl Innis and
Carrie Dunn for staging an extraordinary event! The 2014 Business Partner Expo was simply
amazing! The Business Partner Committee is a great team and their commitment to planning a
successful event was clearly evident! Despite the fact, a family emergency prevented Lynn from
attending, the evening went off without a hitch. The success of the Expo can only be credited to the
strong leadership, advance planning and preparations made by this team.
Thank you to all the volunteers who had a hand in this massive undertaking. Thank you to all of
you who attended the event. Thank you for bringing guests from your firm. Thank you to our
Business Partners who continue to support and encourage our chapter. Our chapter has a strong
network of business partners and they are committed to our success, both collectively as a chapter,
and individually as firm administrators. We are definitely “in this together”.
Jo Light, Chapter President
Greg Madden
Rhodes Hieronymus Jones
Tucker & Gable
Tulsa, OK
At-Large Director
Katie J. Bryant, CLM
Udall Shumway, PLC
Mesa, AZ
Regional Representative
Grover J. Brittain
McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP
Denver, CO
Regional Representative
Tracy Clark, CLM, MBA
Bowman and Brooke LLP
Dallas, TX
Regional Representative
Jerry G. McPeake
Minor & Brown, PC
Denver, CO
- Page 18 -
- Page 19 -
Editor: Dianne Klibert
Editorial Policy
This newsletter is published by the New Orleans Chapter
of the Association of Legal Administrators.
Opinions expressed in articles and advertisements are
strictly those of the contributors and advertisers and do
not necessarily reflect the opinions of the New Orleans
Chapter or its members.
Comments, suggestions, and articles are welcomed by
chapter members and vendors.
Reprinting of any portion of this newsletter by any means
including photocopying, scanning or any information
storage system, is prohibited without the permission of
the Editor or the New Orleans Chapter.
- Page 20 -
- Page 21 -
(Together Everyone Achieves More)
Jo Ann Light
Chapter President
New Orleans Chapter, you are amazing! Everyone wants to be part of a “winning” team and you
are definitely winners! Regardless of the cause, you step up and contribute your time and energy. We
have accomplished so much in the past few months. Credit is due to the strong leadership by the
committee chairs and the work of dedicated volunteers.
By the time you read this article, you will have your Salary Survey in hand, a result of thoughtful
planning by the committee and the participation of many members who compiled and submitted their
information. We enjoyed a spectacular Business Partner Expo in August which surpassed all
expectations. Again a result of thoughtful planning by the committee and participation by many members
and business partners. Our education program planned by the Professional Development Committee has
been outstanding this year.
Our Community Connections Committee kicked off Operation Backpack and through your
generous donations more than $4,000 in school supply purchases (including cash & checks) was
collected. We will have the opportunity November 15 to participate in a “shopping event” for the kids
and roll right into a holiday gift drive to assist CASA Jefferson, Inc.
Our retreat was a huge success! The weekend was our first effort to liaison with the Mobile
Chapter. It was wonderful to greet our fellow ALA members and we look forward to many more
opportunities to collaborate. The weekend began with a 60’s party with 78 in attendance. It was a
beautiful evening, the music, the costumes, the food, the DJ all contributed to a fun, high-spirited
evening. We had hippies, go-go dancers and an appearance by Hugh Hefner and a Bunny! The half-day
seminar with Marsha Petrie Sue was fantastic!
Our Membership Committee is leading the way as we are now in the midst of our membership
campaign “ALA Takes the City Building by Building." You are “teaming” up to recruit non-members in
your building. As expected, you have responded with enthusiastic support.
As you read the following pages you will find articles contributed by some of our committee
leaders. If you have not been involved on a committee, I urge you to consider getting involved. 2014 is
drawing to an end. 2015 is around the corner and there will be a need for members to consider running
for a position on the Board of Directors or perhaps chairing a committee. If everyone does “something”
can you imagine what we will accomplish this year? Think “T.E.A.M.” (Together Everyone Achieves
- Page 22 -
Bonnie Aucoin
When I first joined ALA in 1998 I was told by a former office administrator that I would not fit in
and I had nothing to offer the Chapter. I had to prove her wrong so I jumped in with both feet and
joined a Committee right away. Dianna Stagg was Membership Chair and graciously welcomed me
into her Committee. I learned then and there that all were welcome in this Chapter and that everyone
has something to contribute!
Since that time I have served on or volunteered for various other committees including Retreat,
Community Challenge the BP Expo, eventually became Membership Co-Chair and then Chair on and
off for several years. These were all just stepping stones to the Board and eventually President! All of
this after being told I would not fit in!
Being the Membership Chair is something that is near and dear to my heart. The Membership
Committee has 4 members, Julie Merritt, Michelle Arseneaux, Tricia Hennessey and Vickie Generose.
In the background we are in charge of scouting out new members, keeping our ears open to law firm
changes, sending invitation letters, working on recruitment campaigns, keeping the Rosters up to date
and reporting to national. Outwardly, we are the Ambassadors and Cheerleaders of our Chapter. We
are the first contact new members have with our Chapter. We field lots of questions from Newbies and
try to partner them with Mentors so they don’t feel alone for their first few events. We are the faces at
the door handing out the nametags and making sure everyone signs those red (now white!) tickets. We
want everyone who attends events to feel welcome.
This organization is for everyone – we all have something to offer. Putting that hand in the air and
saying “I’ll do it” is scary but it is sooooo worth it! I have grown personally and professionally and the
added benefit is that I have made life-long friends along the way! The New Orleans Chapter is the
N.O. Chapter Recruiting:
The Membership Committee is actively recruiting new
members. If you know of someone in legal management
who is not a member of the Association of Legal
Administrators, please e-mail Bonnie Aucoin,
Membership Chair at [email protected]
- Page 23 -
Business Partner Sponsorship Program & Expo
In December of each year, we roll out the new “Mardi Gras Sponsorship Program”. This program
sets forth the different levels of sponsorship that a Business Partner can elect to choose. From the King
of Mardi Gras to the Krewe of Mardi Gras, there is always a level that provides a great opportunity for
any Business Partner. These sponsorships provide quality educational opportunities, professional
development and other benefits to all the Chapter Members. In early January, the Expo Committee
begins its work to locate a suitable venue to host this fabulous event. Once the venue has been secured,
the Committee starts putting together all the pieces of this puzzle and the end result is an event that
provides not only networking opportunities but a great place to form new relationships, both
professional and personally.
Being the Chair of this Committee has opened so many avenues for me and has helped me to grow in
every area of my life. I encourage all of you to get involved in the Business Partner Committee. I
promise it is worth the reward of stepping back and looking at this incredible event you have been a part
of creating! I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed being the Chair of this Committee and
developed many friendships with our Business Partners and Chapter Members along the way. Without
our Business Partners, we would not be able to enjoy the outstanding opportunities afforded to us by
their generous sponsorships. I thank the Chapter for giving me the opportunity to Chair this committee
and the challenge to make our Chapter’s Expo the best in ALA. I look forward to “passing the torch” to
Carrie Dunn who I know will do an excellent job. Of course, as I promised Carrie, I will stay active on
this committee. It has been fun!
I sincerely thank Cheryl Innis, Carrie Dunn, Mary Meyer and all the wonderful volunteers who
stepped in during my family crisis during our 2014 Expo. It was extremely hard not being there;
however, I was there in spirit!
Lynn Johnston, Chair,
2014 Business Partner Sponsorship
Program & Expo
“The Expo was another home run by NOALA!”
Roger Davis, General Manager, BurdgeCooper
- Page 24 -
What an experience!
I was sitting at a luncheon when someone at the table said that the Business Partnership
Committee chairman, Lynn Johnson was looking for a co-chair. I voiced that I would be interested in
getting involved and was very excited when asked to serve as Co-Chair on the BP Committee with
Lynn Johnson and Cheryl Innis. I went to my first committee meeting with a little apprehension as a
new member of the committee not knowing what to expect but immediately became part of a great
team. Lynn is so well organized and willing to delegate responsibilities so that I could learn but did
not leave me hanging if I needed help. The night of the event, Cheryl and I learned that Lynn had a
family emergency and would not be able to make the Expo. As would be expected with Lynn
unavailable, I was a little worried but knew that together with Cheryl we could handle it because
Lynn made sure to keep us well informed of all information and changes. I arrived at the venue and
met our wonderful volunteers who were ready to work and work they did. Couldn’t do this event
without them.
As the Business Partners started arriving, I made the rounds as co-chair of the event to make sure
they had everything they needed to get setup. What a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to
speak to each of the Business Partners. They are all so supportive of our Chapter and had such
wonderful things to say about us. I found out that many participate with other Chapters and they
love our event because of our members.
From a short conversation over lunch to co-chairing an event such as this, I have learned a lot
about ALA, our Business Partners and myself. We are always looking for ways to improve and
participating in our committees is a wonderful way to grow and learn something new. I encourage
everyone to get involved. It has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to working with
Lynn and Cheryl again next year.
Carrie Dunn, Co-Chair, 2014 Business Partners Expo
- Page 25 -
Melissa Tokar, Co-Chair,
Community Connection
Melissa Tokar, Co-Chair,
Community Connection
The Community Connection Committee works hard to find groups to support throughout the year
that don't get as much attention as many other non-profit organizations. We like to look for groups that
support women and children in our city. The committee consists of Melissa Tokar, Linda Soileau (cochairs), Rachel Kiedrowski and Shannon Hanken. The best part of being a part of this committee is the
"feel good" aspect when you reach out to a group that is in such need and are able to fulfill some of
those needs with our group efforts.
2014 has been a very busy year for us! We started out with our Eden House project in March.
Eden House is a 2 year residential program for women who have been commercially and sexually
exploited. Our efforts raised $5,200 in cash, a lawn mower, weed eater, several large pieces of
furniture, and miscellaneous office supplies. Our Business Partners got involved with this project as
well and SIS donated a multifunction copy machine and My Office Products donated office supplies.
We are currently working on Phase II of the Eden House project and will be assisting them with the
creation of a Policy & Procedure Manual and an Employee Handbook in the upcoming months.
Next, we had our 2nd Operation Backpack for the Volunteers of America Lighthouse Afterschool
Program. We ran the school supply drive from August 1- September 15 through the Amazon Smiles
website. We added a second part to the drive this year and will be assisting the VOA with coordinating
a "shopping party" for the children in the program in November. This will provide a more hands-on
opportunity for the membership rather than just giving dollars.
Finally, our Holiday season event will be working with the CASA- Jefferson kids and their
Christmas Party. This event will kick off in mid-October with a donation aspect (gifts) and a working
party aspect.
- Page 26 -
Ray Lightell, Chair
Survey Committee
One of our primary Chapter Goals is to conduct an annual compensation survey to be made
available to all members. The Chapter Board tasks the Survey Committee with the responsibility to
achieve this goal each year. The 2014 Survey Committee consists of the following members: Ray
Lightell, Current Chair; Malcolm Martin, Former Chair & Member; Nancy Claypool, Former Chair &
Member; Art Garrity, Member; and Brenda Christensen, Member.
The New Orleans Chapter Survey Committee is responsible for the development, distribution and
management of the chapter’s annual local compensation survey. In addition to compensation
information, the survey also collects select financial data, staffing ratios and billable hour information.
Our Chapter Survey has been conducted each year since the early 1980’s. It was originally prepared by
Price Waterhouse, the large national CPA firm, that was instrumental in targeting law firms in major
cities and regions with both financial and salary survey services.
The committee conducts two or three meetings in the first and second quarter of the year to review
prior year results as well as member’s comments and ideas concerning the personnel categories in the
survey. Based upon these discussions, job positions and job descriptions may be added, removed or
modified as deemed appropriate. In the past few years, the Survey has been expanded with a separate
survey for Baton Rouge firms, including New Orleans firms with Baton Rouge offices. Several years
ago, there was a Northshore Survey, however, participation was not large enough to continue at this
time. In addition to the committee meetings, the committee spends time reviewing the data instructions
and worksheets prior to publishing. Once published, the committee contacts members to cajole and
stress to each firm the importance of their participation in the survey. Currently about 40% of the
member firms participate each year. .
The survey worksheets and instructions are provided to the membership each July. All salary
survey data uses August 1 firm data. The final submission deadline is always the 2nd day after Labor
Day. To encourage participation and promptness, the Chapter offers an early bird deadline at a reduced
rate. The committee works closely with Laporte CPA’s in the completion and preparation of the survey
each year so that the survey can be distributed to participants by the end of October each year. Members
of the committee are available to provide assistance and to answer any questions for any firm that may
have issues in properly completing the survey.
The Survey Committee strongly believes that the survey is a valuable tool for an administrator and
its management to use to determine compensation amounts for every law firm. The continuing struggle
faced by the committee is to increase firm participation in the survey. Increased participation will result
in more complete statistical data, which, in turn, will provide all participating firms with more reliable
information to assist them with their compensation system.
The Committee’s goals continue to be focused on greater firm participation and continued
investigation of new ways to make the data submission easier and user friendly for members. The
Committee is always seeking new volunteers and new ideas to help with the process to continue to meet
one of our Chapter Goals.
- Page 27 -
Development Committee
(aka Education Committee)
Patricia Hennessey,
Kevin Randazzo,
I joined the Education Committee in the middle of the 2013/2014 fiscal year. I attended a meeting
and other than sharing ideas, I did not have to do anything! This group of amazing people had met at the
beginning of the year and planned out most of the events for the whole year. For the 2014/2015 year, I
joined Kevin Randazzo as co-chair. Our committee members are Dan Chapman, Teresa Douglas, Julie
Merritt and Steve Wolf. Each person brings a different level of experience, contacts and ideas. In one
meeting we had ideas for most of the upcoming sessions. It was then up to each member to contact and
follow up with one or two potential speakers.
Our goal is to present education that meets the requirements for obtaining and maintaining the CLM
designation but most importantly to be information that our members find useful and interesting. We hope
that our speakers give you something to take back with you to help you in your everyday role in your
The monthly meetings are a joint effort of many committees and members. We coordinate with the
event planner who secures the locations for the meeting and any audio visual needs. We provide the
speaker biographies and outlines to our Web Mistress for publication. We gain approval from ALA
national for CLM credits for our topics. We also provide reports to the Chapter Board Members and last
but not least, coordinate through our Chapter President.
I have greatly enjoyed working with this committee and have made great friends. We welcome
anyone who want to join us and share your visions for the future.
Patricia Hennessey
- Page 28 -
Rachel Koenig
Kiedrowski, Co-Chair
Dianne Kibert,
GayNell Lerille,
this committee opens those doors for you. It’s a way of always being a part of what is going on in
ALA, both locally and nationally. It definitely takes a committee to handle all the tasks . For
instance, I’m not a great photographer, but Rachel is and she has a great eye for detail. GayNell is
wonderful at keeping up with the news and communicating with the newspapers and magazines and
getting out the information on our local chapter. As for publishing A’LaCarte, it takes everyone to
make sure all the news and events is reported to our membership. WHAT A FUN JOB! We are
always looking for members’ input. Personally, although I started on this committee with no
experience of putting a paper together, I have learned much and glad that I have the opportunity to
serve on this committee..
Dianne Klibert
PHOTOGRAPH TO [email protected] BY
- Page 29 -
Co-Chairs, Cheryl Innis and Malcolm Martin
If//when ALA amends the International By-laws requiring changes to the New
Orleans chapter’s By-Laws, this committee would implement the changes.
Co-Chairs, Teresa Doiuglas, CLM and Markell Currault-Holmes
This committee is the liaison with Bar Associations, Paralegal Associations and
Legal Secretaries Associations. It seeks opportunity to educate community
regarding careers in the legal profession. Also this committee partners with
SHRM, Legal Marketing Associations, etc. to promote ALA awareness.
Carlotta Duhe’, Webmaster//Chairman
This committee is the forum monitor, maintains the vendor section, events/
calendar, membership /photographs of the New Orleans Chapter website.
Lynn B. Johnston, Chairman
This committee is headed by the Chapter’s Past-President who takes nominations
for the following year’s Board.
- Page 30 -
- Page 31 -
By: Malcolm Martin
The old regional conferences are out in favor of a new repeated program format held in various
locations around the country. They tried to keep the same speakers and topics at each event, but due to
conflicts, etc, some substitutions were made.
The speakers were all experienced and by the time they
presented at the Chicago event, they were also well practiced.
The program is truly non-stop. The conference opens mid afternoon with a keynote and runs until 8
PM that night. The next day starts at 7 AM and finishes with a reception in the exhibit hall at 6:30. The
final day is a half day ending shortly after noon. This does not leave any leisure time. Most time slots had
multiple choices for topics. Each slot would only last an hour or perhaps and hour and a half. That leads
to either an overview of the subject or a detailed presentation of a slice of the subject. They tried to use an
app for session handouts. That was not very successful, but one can do it the old way by downloading
from ALA’s web page. This is definitely more convenient than the paper handouts that had to be carried
around all day.
There was an effort made to include networking events among administrators and I think that was
successful. That included roundtable discussions at a dinner and a breakfast.
Administrators new to the practice would probably find this format a good way of experiencing an
ALA educational event before considering an annual conference. However, the total costs would not be
much less than the annual conference, other than some extra hotel days. The local scholarship offered by
Universal Data is a much appreciated support of our chapter and definitely makes attending the event totally
One element that our local chapter should be proud of: their vendor exhibit area was much smaller
than our Business Expo. The vendors tended to be national in scope, some of whom have no local
presence. Our ‘style’ of vendor relations is much preferred by me [and, I think the vendors as well].
Paulette Zibilich, Malcolm Martin, Jo Ann Light and Janet Dotson
- Page 32 -
Barbara W. Carlton, LCSW, Jo Ann Light,
and Monitertra M. King, LCSW.
Jason Cox, Octavian Pasa and Mike Dana of
Multi-Tech Office Machines, Royal Court of
Mardi Gras Sponsor
Mark Duhon, Clarence Nugent and
Athena Stanford
Kasey Courtney and Kevin Randazzo
Barbara W, Carlton, LCSW and Monitertra M. King, LCSW, members of the
Employee Assistance Professional Association of New Orleans spoke to the
membership regarding Employee Assistance Programs and resources that are available
to aid employees at risk.
- Page 33-
- Page 34 -
NOVEMBER 20, 2014
“Accountabiity and the QBQ”
Hotel Monteleone
Annual Christmas Party
December 11, 2014
Commander’s Palace
- Page 35 -
- Page 36 -
By: Jim Beck
Bundling is everywhere these days no matter who your provider is and it’s easy to be excited by the
low cost of each portion of the bundle and not realize the final cost or the issues that might affect your
business or home connectivity. Bundling is a good idea if you need or want the various services but it’s best
to prepared.
When bundling you will be paying a lower price for each of the three things you’re bundling but your
total bill will be three times the cost of each portion of the bundle plus various fees and costs. When bundling
check what your total monthly bill will be after the discount period (often just the first three months) and
budget for that.
Cox has done an excellent job of increasing internet speeds for all of its clients in the Greater New
Orleans area whereas uVerse is excellent only in those areas where their old telephone lines are well
supported. For instance someone in River Ridge might only get 1998 style dial-up internet access while their
neighbor one block over can get 60 times that speed. They both pay the same price. DirectTV provides
excellent quality television service but relies on your telephone dial-up to upload internet requests. It’s
awkward and can be a problem. And watch out for Cellular internet connections because even if they
advertise unlimited amounts, they throttle you when you reach your “cap” so even though it still works, you
will wear furrows in your cheeks from crying over the speed.
VoIP telephones are great but remember that they use your internet connection, not your old telephone
wiring. So if you have one of the lower cost, lower speed internet services and someone in the house is
watching Netflix when the phone rings, one of you is going to be watching the little Netflix “Waiting” wheel
while the other is guessing what the missing words are in your phone conversation. It’s easy to fix – make
sure you increase your internet speeds when you bundle.
And finally let’s talk about bundling at work. Everyone knows and understands internet access and
business television but when you add the bundled VoIP phone it adds a complexity that you have to watch out
for. Always involve your IT staff or ask the internet provider to send over an engineer or an IT person you
can pay to diagnose your systems. I’ll be happy to answer any emails on specifics for you but here is an
example. A company in Metairie was happy with their internet provider and decided to bundle and replace
their old analog phone system with a new VoIP digital phone service and phones. But just before the
changeover I discovered that they had tied their primary fax number to an RCF number that was not being
ported. And their primary fax number was well-known and marketed. We simply included that number in the
port and all went well. But if they had not, then that original number would have been lost and would not
have gone to their fax machine any more.
Questions about this article or any requests
[email protected] Enjoy your bundling!
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_ Page 38 -
- Page 39-
SEPTEMBER 26-27, 2014
Kasey Courtney , CoChair, with her husband,
Tony Courtney
Our annual retreat was held again this year at the Grand Marriott in Point Clear, Alabama
on September 26-27, 2014. The retreat started with a cocktail and dinner reception on
Friday night held outdoors on the Grand Ballroom Patio which overlooked the beautiful
Mobile Bay. This year’s theme for Friday’s reception was “Peace, Love & ALA – A
Flashback to the 60’s.” This year 78 members and guests attended the reception, which was
a very impressive increase from attendance last year. It was so exciting to see so many
members and guests participate in costume this year; and the costumes were very creative
and fun. It was a beautiful evening to welcome all of our members as well as the new affiliate
members from the Mobile, Alabama chapter. After dinner, we were all entertained by DJ
Step Daddy who played great music from the 60’s and got so many of us up dancing. Also
added this year was a photo booth which many of our members enjoyed and we were able to
take home photo strips to remember what a groovy night we had.
Saturday morning began with a breakfast buffet. Our educational seminar began soon after
and our speaker, Marsha Petrie Sue, did not disappoint. Several members, including a few of
our Mobile affiliate members, have been to Marsha’s presentations before and agreed that
you always get something new from Marsha every time she speaks. Marsha’s topic was a
combination of two of her most popular seminars: “Decontaminate Toxic People” and
“Reactor Factor.” We had 55 members and affiliate members in attendance, which again
was a significant increase from last year.
So far the feedback received from various members has been very positive and many have
expressed their interest in returning to the Grand again next year.
Kasey Courtney
Calendar & Events Committee
- Page 40-
tt N
ryl I
Kerry Caputo, Hula Hoop
Contest Winner
Cheryl Innis and
Nancy Claypool
Carlotta Duhe, Don
and Bonnie Champagne
and Thersea Douglas
Carrie Dunn, Karen Owens,
Debbie Rivolo and
Dawn Treuting
Tony Courtney, Shannon
Hanken, Kevin Hanken,
Cheryl Innis and John Innis
Hen and Bo
Bill and Diane Provensal
- Page 41-
Sisters, Greer
Griffin and
im nd
r, J i n a
Ri Auc ght
Pa Bonn Jo L
Sandra and Jorge’ Sanchez
Ricky Lee and
Shawn Clancy Lee
Maureen and Kevin Randazzo
Rachel and Scott Kiedrowski
Carlotta Duhe’ and
Jason Borja
Julie and Darren Merrit
Tricia Hennessy and Jo Light
Kerry and Steve Caputo
Kevin and Shannon Hanken
Linda Soileau and
Melissa Tokar
- Page 42-
Bonnie and David Aucoin
Carlotta Duhe'
Model for Toxic People
Marsha Petrie Sue and Jo Ann Light
Marsha Petrie Sue and
Jo Ann Light
Rachel K. Kiedrowski, Kerry Kaputo,
Renee Hymel, and Daniel Simpson
Laura Lee Isom, Shawn Clancy- Lee,
Vickie Generose, Cheryl Innis and
Shannon Hanken
- Page 43-
Prize winner, Melissa Tokar
Prize winner, Ray Lightell
Prize winner,
Bill Provensal
New Affiliate-Secondary Members from Mobile, AL,
Back Row: Sherry Cates, Christine Cumbie, Kathy Willis, Jim
Allen, Bill Kiszla, Terri Cain, and David Constantine
Front Row: Patty Risher, Sandy Anderson, Marsha Petrie Sue
(Speaker) and Amanda Tanner. Not Pictured is Ariana Moore
The Mobile Chapter was thrilled to be engaging with the NOLA Chapter at the recent
retreat. Here are a few of the comments from the Mobile members.
Very fun dinner/social with a very engaging educational session with Marsha.
Thanks to the NOLA chapter for including us - hope to continue in this
networking relationship!
It was so nice to be welcomed with open arms into another group’s retreat. We
were treated like family. **
I liked the venue, the party Friday night was a blast and the speaker was
fabulous. I am already looking forward to next year.
Everyone in the New Orleans chapter were so nice and inviting.
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- Page 45 -
- Page 46 -
Vic Hess, Executone Systems Co. of LA,
Royal Court of Mardi Gras Sponsor
Stan Anderson, Benefit Consultant, Hub
International, Jo Ann Light and Joe Maniscalco,
Senior Vice President, Hub International
Joe Maniscalco and Stan Anderson spoke to membership regarding the Affordable Care Act. In
particular, below were the areas covered:
Grandfathered vs. non-grandfathered plans
Community Rating (age banding vs. composit rates)
Level funded plans (pros and cons)
Update on 105 H discrimination rules
Federal reporting requirements for 2015
Variable hour employees (interns/temps)
- Page 47 -
- Page 46 -
Bonnie M. Schloegel provides computer training to law firms throughout the country. In addition
to providing legal computer training on site, Bonnie is now offering very affordable webinars. Find
out more by emailing [email protected]
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- Page 50 -
- Page 51 -
Go Green: Truths & Myths
By Judy Anderson
"It's not easy being green." - Kermit the Frog
"Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises." Pedro Calderon de la
Barca, dramatist and poet, the greatest Spanish playwright of the Golden Age, 1600-1681.
Any way you look at it, it's probably safe to say that green is all around us. On a recent drive in and
around northeast Oklahoma, I was struck by the beauty of the multiple shades of green along the countryside
and the lushness of the growth all around. It did tum my thoughts to all the talk about "green."
The word continues to represent the need for, and efforts toward, sustainability of people and all living
things. John S. Kirk, CLM, from Philadelphia, PA's, Manko Gold & Katcher, has done a number of
presentations to ALA groups over the past few years. John paraphrased the United Nation's Brundtland
Commission (1987) definition, "sustainability entails meeting the 'Triple Bottom Line' of economic, social
and environmental responsibility. It is about fostering respect for people and other living things while at the
same time wisely using and managing environmental and economic resources." John also repeats what ALA
Tulsa heard at a Chapter meeting several months ago from Michael Patton: "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." John
cites the following examples of Truths and Myths regarding sustainability:
Truth: Utensils made from corn plastic will melt if used for eating hot soup (but they are fine for
Myth: Recycled paper works poorly in copiers and printers. (Typically, the problem is with the
manufacturer's wrap; dust accumulates in the package. Unwrap and fan the paper ream several
times to eliminate the dust.)
Truth: Running a full dishwasher is more efficient than using paper plates.
Myth: When the TV or an appliance is off, it's off. (Be aware of phantom power use; use power
strips and tum off the strip rather than just the appliance.)
Myth: Leaving on lights, computers and other appliances uses less energy than turning them off
and makes them last longer.
Truth: Most screen savers do not save energy unless they actually tum off the screen or, in the
case of laptops, tum off the backlight.
Judy Anderson was President of the ALA Tulsa Chapter and Editor
of the Chapter Newsletter, “The Legal Pad” when this article was written.
Reprinted with permission from "The Legal Pad," the newsletter published by the Tulsa Chapter of the Association of Legal
Administrators, July / August 2010
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- Page 55 -
Proud Sponsor
of the
New Orleans Chapter
Association of Legal
A’LA Carte
P.O. BOX 51145
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