Holy Family Catholic School, rooted in the teachings of Jesus... God, neighbor, and respect for all. The school, supported by...

Falcon’s Quill
Holy Family Catholic School, rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ, models the virtues of love of
God, neighbor, and respect for all. The school, supported by the entire community, cultivates a
passion about and provides the foundation for academic and life-long learning in a safe, nurturing,
and challenging environment.
November 18, 2014
786 26 1/2 Road
Grand Junction, CO
P 970.242.6168
F 970.242.4244
11/20 - 8am School Mass
at IHM with Fr. Don
11/24 - 11/28 No School
11/30 - First Sunday of
12/8 - 8am School Mass
at IHM with Fr. Don
12/10 - Spiritual
Religious Goods
12/12 - 8am School Mass
at St. Joseph’s with
Fr. Edmundo
See the menu
inside for the
change in lunch for
November 19!!!
Issue 15
Principal’s Corner
Happy Thanksgiving! Watching the
ball games this weekend I was caught
off guard by the Christmas advertising
that seemed to be in full steam. I am
not ready for the Holiday season. I was
enjoying fall. The colors, shadows,
and warmer temperatures are my
favorite time of the year.
It is obvious to state that these coming
winter days are cold, dark and even
somewhat depressing. Some mornings
it takes a great effort to simply get out
of bed and start the day in motion.
However, it is essential to stay
positive! Parents, we set the tone for
our families. Surround yourself with
positive people. Look for the good in
people when everything seems lost,
and remember you can determine who
you want to be; it will take discipline
and dedication but you can choose. Be
an example of light in the world.
Choose to be optimistic and find the
good, especially when it comes to
people. Challenge your children
everyday to see and search for the
I have written about this idea before,
but I believe the single most
significant decision we can make
every day is our choice of attitude.
“When my attitudes are right, there’s
no barrier too high, no valley too deep,
no dream too extreme, no challenge
t o o g r e a t f or me ” ( Po s i t i v e
Commands: Hampton Keathley, III).
As Christians we are called to focus
and trust in God. “The need is to think
with the same kind of viewpoint, to
possess the same kind of attitudes
toward life and one another. We need
to have the mind of Christ, to think
with His values, to possess His vision,
and to allow that to change our
attitudes which in turn will change our
actions and pursuits”(ibid).
How much time is lost worrying about
situations that we cannot control,
rather than pressing on with the
challenges at hand? Life is full of
storms and situations that we cannot
control or explain. But we can choose
to face these storms with a positive
It is important to keep in mind that as
adults it is easy to fall into the trap of
becoming cynical towards the world,
especially in these difficult economic
and controversial political times. We
must guard against these negative
emotions. We have a tremendous
influence on our children and
students. When it becomes their time
to step up and take leadership
positions in society, what lens do we
want them to view and process the
world through?
The next
Scrip order
date is:
Attention all HFCS Parents:
No one can be in the classroom,
allowed to volunteer or drive for a
field trip until they have a completed
background check and a Shield the
Vulnerable certificate on file. The
background check takes at least 72
hours from the day you bring in your
application until the results are in.
Georgia DeBever ~ Grandmother of Megan Formicola
Gary Chancy ~ Grandfather of Nick Lhotka, &
Annabelle and Jace Carter
The Seabert Family ~ Family of Kathy Pike
Danny Huber ~ Son of Frank & Gwen Huber
Please make your
check’s out to
HFCS not Falcon’s
Nest. We are
having difficulties
depositing these.
Sadie Harper ~ Cousin of Akelia Whitney
Nuala Whitcomb ~ Kindergarten Teacher
Morgan Rister ~ HFCS Student
Jiwen Yang ~ Grandfather of Zachary Smith
Please also write
“Falcon’s Nest” in
the memo on your
Frances Wells ~ Great Grandmother of Kiara Church
Roman Longo ~ HFCS Student
Maureen Mosher ~ Grandmother of Colton McCallum
Falcon’s Nest
You may pick up an application at the
office or on our website:
Thank you for your collaboration in
keeping your children safe.
Thank you.
Communications between school and home
have never been more important - for
weather notification, emergency alerts or
other general announcements.
Please provide the phone numbers you prefer
us to leave voice and/or text messages on.
The event includes food, fun, live music and
a cash bar. The JLRJ Band, Peggy Malone
and Morgan Crouse will play a wide variety
of music. Tickets cost $25 per person and
will be available at the IHM Marketplace in
November and December or by mail at
Sacred Heart Church, 503 E. Aspen Street,
Fruita, CO 81521. All proceeds benefit
Sacred Heart Church’s New Church Building
Fund. For more information, contact Larry
Archuleta (970-858-3137) or Sacred Heart
Church (970-858-9605).
Please return this to the office.
Family Name:____________________________
Phone No. _______________________________
Phone No.________________________________
Phone No.________________________________
T ha n k yo u f or yo u c o op e r a ti o n.
Falcon’s Quill Deadline
If you would like a blurb or flyer in the
newsletter, kindly submit via email to
[email protected] at least one week
prior to publication. The newsletter is completed
every Monday by 12 noon. Thank you for your
Wed. 11/19
Parents, please check the lost
and found bin located in the
Primary Building.
It is OVERFLOWING with jackets, other clothing
items, and water bottles, to name a few. Items
unclaimed will be donated to Catholic Outreach.
Thu. 11/20
Stromboli w/Pizza Turkey & Gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Carrots & Celery
Fruit Cocktail
Job Opening at
Holy Family
Catholic School
New Year’s Eve Celebration Dance at
Adobe Creek Golf Course from 7:30 pm to
Fri. 11/21
Mon. 12/1
Tues. 12/2
Chicken Alfredo
Hot Dogs
Garlic toast
Baked Beans
Toasted Cheese
Broccoli &
Cauliflower w/Dip
Pumpkin Bars
Cafeteria Supervisor
Responsibilities include but are
not limited to the following:
Ordering food & supplies,
planning menus in accordance
with USDA requirements,
supervision of cafeteria
employees, daily production
records for USDA, up keep of the
kitchen, serve and preparation of
meals. Food service card
required. Compensation
commensurate with experience.
Full time benefits offered. Apply
at front desk. Applications taken
until TOMORROW ~ Wednesday,
November 19th.
Orange Slices
Tomato Soup
Carrots & Celery
Class reporter - Allie Benton
If students are interested in
the youth choir that sings
at Sunday masses, please
contact the parish you
are registered at:
St. Joseph
Javier de los Santos
[email protected]
Middle School is working with IHM parish for the
Thanksgiving food drive.
We are inviting all levels to join us to help give some
needy families a good holiday.
The drive began on Monday, November 17th. We will
deliver the food items to the church on Friday the 21st.
Gwen Huber
[email protected]
Holy Family Girl Scout Troops 2214 & 65 are
collecting empty (and clean) gallon milk & water
jugs. There will be a collection box outside near
the Prayer Circle until December 4th. Make
sure to watch the Parade of Lights
on December 6th to see how the
troop will “Use Resources Wisely,”
with these donated bottles.
Thanks for your support!
Thank you!
Thanksgiving Food Box Donations Needed:
green beans
mushroom soup
chicken broth
stuffing mix
cranberry sauce
foil pans
loose onions
canned yams
dried beans
loose potatoes
white rice
brown sugar
pies – no frozen
or need
gravy mix/jarred
Primary: Aidan Shiao
This month’s student of the month for Primary level is Aidan Shiao.
Aidan has impressed us with his kind ways, his excellent behavior both in
the classroom and on the playground, and his dedication to accurate and
neat work. He has proven himself to be a respectful listener and a good
friend to all. Congratulations Aidan for being the kind of student who
represents what Holy Family Catholic School is all about!
Kelly Bremner
Kelly welcomes everyone with a smile.
The love of God shines through her
because she treats everyone with love
and respect. She helps everyone in
need and no job is too small or too big
for Ms. Kelly to handle. She knows
how everything runs and where
everything is! She takes care of
headaches, cuts, broken bones,
broken hearts, sadness and even
grumpiness. She makes children and
adults feel better! We are incredibly
blessed to have Ms. Kelly in our
Intermediate: Emma Ryan
She is always on task and does her best both in and outside the classroom. She is compassionate
to her classmates and helps out as often as she can. She is the first to friend someone who is
lonely, pick up things that aren't hers, and is ALWAYS smiling!!! She takes pride in everything she
does in life, including her work outside of school in gymnastics and other activities. Emma is
thoughtful and quiet with a delightful sense of humor.
Middle School: Watts Erb
Often when we think of leaders, we think of those who are charismatic, vocal and the center of
attention. But these characteristics can be misleading, describing someone full of loud and empty
words. Many successful leaders conduct themselves with quiet confidence and composure. They lead
by actions not by words. They show the courage to show restraint when others follow the crowd. They
show empathy by taking the time to use thoughtful words. They omit positivity by persuading others
through their rational thoughts and actions rather than through ego and forceful words. This type of
leader describes Watts Erb. Holy Family is proud to have a student leader like Watts who embodies
empathy, courage and the positivity that our student body strives to achieve.
Carpool Sign-up
Complete the following information and turn in to the office. A list will be put together and made available by request.
Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________
Area & Cross Section: ________________________________________________________
Day Phone: ____________________________________ Evening Phone: ___________________________________
Register your Value Card for Holy Family Fund Raising!
New this year, City Market Community Rewards changed their process of registering
supporters of non-profit organizations. Now, every December, supporters will need
to re-enroll their Value Cards so that Holy Family Catholic School receives a portion
of these sales. The members cannot be automatically re-enrolled and each
individual must do this on their own. City Market wants everyone to know who they
are supporting with their Value Cards.
After December 1st, each Value Card will need to be re-enrolled. Here are the stepby-step instructions for this process.
Go to www.citymarketcommunityrewards.com
1) On the left side of the page, click on City Market Community Rewards link.
2) This will take you to the Community Rewards page. Click on Enroll now or Re-enroll.
3) This will take you to a screen where you log in to your personal City Market online account. If you do not have one,
you must create one.
4) Once you are signed in, look for Holy Family Catholic School PTL as the organization name.
5) Select this as your organization and you are finished.
Each year, you will need to re-register your card with City Market and select Holy Family as the organization you are
supporting. If you have any questions or need help with the process, please contact Nicolana Walsh at 242-6168 or
[email protected] Thank you!
Small ways to help Holy Family
Purchase scrip- you can send in your order, through Kiddie Mail, on purchase dates. Scrip cards are also available to purchase at the front
office. This will even help with your tuition costs.
2) Box Tops for Education- please remove all Box Tops and Labels for Education. There are so many products that now have these labels;
even Goldfish crackers has them on the side their bags.
3) Register your City Market & Safeway Club cards- Make sure that your value cards are registered to benefit Holy Family.
Target cards- If you get a Target check card, which is just like a debit bank card, or Target credit card, register Holy Family to receive the 1%
back to education donation. The additional benefit for you will be receiving an instant 5% off every purchase you make.
5) Empty ink cartridges/toner - Bring your empty cartridges into the office.
This past year PTL received checks for $900 from Kroger/City Market and $700 from Target. That’s over $1,600 for just shopping! Imagine how
much money we could raise if every family would participate?! If you have any questions, please contact Nicolana Walsh at the school. Thanks for
your support!
Students Became Saints
On Wednesday, November 5, Mrs. Martin’s class presented
their saint reports. Mrs. Martin’s class, Mr. Keenan’s class, Mr. Aubert,
and parents all watched. They were presented in Mrs. Martin’s
classroom. Every year both 3rd grade classes do a Saint report. This is
so that they can know about holy people who the Catholic Church call
The students worked very hard and wrote a lot of words. They
dressed up as their Saint did. Mrs. Martin called then up one by one.
They were dressed like their Saints. They stood in front of the class
before a little stand. Some read their report, while others recited theirs
from memory. If they had their report memorized they got a better grade.
Some were nervous but that was OK. Every student was a different Saint
in Mrs. Martin’s class, and later when Mr. Keenan’s class presented their
reports some of the Saints were the same.
Class reporter - Allie Benton