Jefferson County Retired Teachers Association A Message from the President

Jefferson County Retired
Teachers Association
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2014-2015 Officers
Titus H. Exum
2806 Springbud Court
Louisville, Ky. 40220
1st Vice President
Joyce Cecil
2nd Vice President
Marianne Humphries Treasurer
Cyril Wantland
Recording Secretary
Marilyn Puckett 241-7535
Audit and Budget
Ann Hafling
Melanie Wood
Joyce Cecil
Pennant Litho
Melanie Wood
Donna Duncan
Laura Marquess
Gail Moody
Pat Brock Blewett
Trips and Tours
Martha O’Bryan
Ruth Boone Trips/Tours Treasurer
Bonnie Wantland
This is my favorite season of the year, the “Fall Season.” Trees
begin to change and exhibit beautiful colors, cool weather for
football becomes a welcome joy and fire places start to work
in earnest. It is a time to reflect on where we have been for the
past ten months and what is important to us.
Past President/Parliamentarian
Jim Hicks
KRTA Membership
A Message from the President
KRTA Representative
Linda Ratti
Tara Parker
Corresponding Secretary
Debbie Utz 452-1241
Community Liaison
Anita Donaldson
Volume XI, Number 2
Titus H. Exum
JCRTA President
The holiday season is another wonderful time of the year.
In November, the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving,
which is a wonderful time to be with family and friends. We should give thanks
for another wonderful year even though there may have been a few setbacks. We
recognize our blessings and good fortune by giving thanks again. In the month
of December, we should give religious praise by celebrating the holiday season.
Christmas is not only for children, it is a time to get together with family and
friends.We give thanks for our accomplishments, and reflect on the educators who
many years ago had the knowledge and wisdom to start the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System (KTRS). Today, we are reaping their achievements as we
strive to provide a better retirement system for future retired educators.
Please remember to bring your non-perishable food items and school supplies
to the December 2nd meeting. These supplies are greatly appreciated. Also, we
ask that all retired educators submit their volunteer hours to Anita Donaldson at
[email protected] by December 31st. The volunteer hours demonstrate time and
service educators contributed to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In addition, the
educators’ involvements provide a great economic impact that benefits our local communities. The volunteers have saved the people in the Commonwealth of
Kentucky and in the local communities millions of dollars.
KRTA/AARP Essay Contest
Charlene Bush 254-2444
“Working to Preserve Your Retirement!”
Marianne Humphries,
2nd Vice-President
We are looking forward to a festive December meeting! Remember to send your
reservation in early and before the November 17 deadline! It is early because
of the Thanksgiving Holiday!! See you
in December!!
Executive Council
Linda Ratti
The Executive Council for KRTA was
held on August 18th and Faye Sheehan,
our new president presided.
(Be sure to read the Insurance Article in
this Newsletter by Mrs. Tara Parker, the
new Insurance Representative)
The Over 65 Insurance will change to
Basically the insurance will remain the
same and no action is required on your
part. This change will save KTRS millions of dollars.
• Silver Sneakers will continue with the
new carrier
• Spousal Premiums will actually
• Express Scripts will continue to be the
Part D Prescription Drug Plan
The under 65 will have a new carrier
for 2015 and you will have already received information for the enrollment
by this time for Anthem Blue Cross and
Blue Shield. Your Pharmacy will now be
CVS Caremark.
Current Membership in KRTA statewide
is 23,641. That is 376 more members
than this time last year.
Acknowledge the generosity and volunteerism of KRTA members valued at over
$19.1M to benefit the state of Kentucky
and our local communities last year.
• Increased Membership is Crucial.
• Do you have friends who need to
become a member?
• Each local and district has a
membership goal.
There are currently several well financed
attacks at work against Public Pensions
such as ours. KRTA is aware of these
groups and hopes to be able to protect
our interests with your help and future
involvement when needed.
KRTA members are working very hard to
preserve the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System. There is a new Teacher’s
Pension Refinancing Plan that is in the
works that will perhaps be very helpful.
This plan was discussed in the KRTA Fall
Workshops and you can read about it in
the upcoming newsletters.
Fall Elections and our Future Legislators
Remind Legislators that a weak retirement system will not attract good teachers to Ky.
All House Members are running for Office.
• Be sure you know who to contact.
• Work on obtaining their stand on retired
teachers’ issues and inform others.
•Legislators and candidates listen to
people in their districts.
• Emphasize to legislators the importance
of our issues.
• Improve our actuarial soundness
of KTRS.
• Keep the current KTRS governance
• Keep KTRS as a Defined Benefit
Group Retirement Plan
• Promote full funding of KTRS and
maintain the medical insurance fund.
• Acknowledge that Kentucky’s retired
teachers do not have the income
“Safety Net” of Social Security.
• Keep adequate health insurance
coverage accessible and affordable for
retired teachers.
It is often easy to sit back and let someone else “handle” issues after we retire.
We never want to look back after it is too
late and realize our involvement could
have helped to preserve our retirement
and our benefits for which we worked so
many years!
Be sure to stay up to date on all the new
issues by reading the newsletters that you
receive both from the State (KRTA) and
our Jefferson County Retired Teachers
Association (JCRTA).
Volunteers Are Needed
Many organizations in the United States
of America could not exist without an
important resource, called volunteers.
JCRTA is no exception. Volunteers are
needed in the following positions which
can be shared with another volunteer…
KRTA Membership
KRTA/AARP Grandparent
Essay Contest
JCRTA Membership
Please contact any JCRTA Board Member
to volunteer on one of these committees or
email [email protected]
JCRTA Membership
Ann Hafling
There are over 5,000 retired educators in
the greater Jefferson County area. Due
to the ever increasing prices in the cost
of printing and the mailings of the four
(4) newsletters, plus the special mailing
in July, only those members who have
paid their dues will receive the newsletters. In addition, membership cards will
no longer be mailed. A list of all paid
up members are on file. JCRTA needs all
retired educators to become members of
the organization.
Legislative Up-Date
Melanie Wood
Our Pension Plan...
Troubles Ahead?
For many years we have enjoyed having an outstanding pension plan with the
Kentucky Teachers Retirement System.
In fact, it is considered one of the finest
defined benefit plans in the country. But
times may be changing.
Last December the KTRS reported that
the funding level is at 51% with $13.85
billion in unfunded liabilities.
Kentucky Floor Leader, Jeff Hoover
states there is a great cause for concern
with our system and it must be addressed
before it collapses. KTRS reports that
if our pension plan is not funded they
will write the last check 2036. Throughout the nation pension plans are being
contested. Many Defined Benefit Plans
such as ours have been eliminated for
new employees and replaced with 401k
plans and in some cases completely
eliminated. What’s more, this movement is financed with billions of dollars
from large Foundations and we understand that we may be the next target.
The KTRS has developed a partial solution with a Pension Refinance Plan
that doesn’t require new money from
the state or from taxpayers. Legislators,
many of them newly elected in November, will be making decisions about the
future of our pension plan. Now is not
the time for us to be complacent. We
must rise to the occasion and support the
KTRS plan. You will be hearing much
about this in the coming months.
I hope to see you at the JCRTA meeting
on December 2nd when we will discuss
this serious problem.
Importance of Community
& Volunteer Service
Anita Donaldson, Community Liaison
Some members have inquired as to the
feasibility and importance of tracking
volunteer hours. More information on
volunteering can be found on the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association’s
website. The collection of our volunteer
hours transferred into dollar amounts
will prove our worth to legislators and
other organizations.
Local Community Service Projects
The local associations report one or more
community projects annually. Examples
are: supplies for special needs students,
food drives, donation to displaced workers and tornado and flood victims, school
career days, personal care items to nursing homes, and award scholarship to local student and teach local history.
Volunteer Service
Examples of agencies/services included
in the volunteers’ reports are: Literacy
Program, Blood Drive, American Cancer Society “Relay for Life”, American
Red Cross, Senior Citizen Programs,
Local Bicentennial Celebration and
Heritage Days, Salvation Army, Family
Care Center, Tutoring, Tax Aid/Adult
Education, hospitals, Historical Society, Headstart Career Development,
Foster Grandparents.
What Should Members Do?
• Encourage others to volunteer
• Keep an account of hours—indicate
youth volunteer hours
• Give numbers of hours to
Anita Donaldson by the end of December 2014
KRTA Volunteer of the Year
• Recognition at Annual Convention
• Not based exclusively on number
of hours
• Based on uniqueness of service
• Each district will submit a winning
candidate’s name to KRTA
Submit your volunteer hours to Anita
Donaldson, [email protected] A volunteer log can be found on the JCRTA
website. Copies of the volunteer form
will be available at the December meeting. PLEASE, PLEASE, WRITE YOUR
Technology Update
Pat Brock Blewett
Are you in the
Are you receiving our updated information
in your email? If you are, great! If not, then
send us an email so you can be added.
Put JCRTA SUBSCRIBE in the subject
and email to [email protected] You’ll be
glad you did. Also remember to check
our website and our FB page.
NOTE: We will NOT give out your
email address to anyone or any organization. Your email address will only
be used to provide our membership updated information.
JCRTA Insurance Chairperson
Tara Parker
By the time this newsletter has been published, the time to enroll
in our health insurance plans will have passed. This serves as a
reminder of the changes that are taking place in coverage for 2015.
MEHP Medicare Eligible Health Plan 2015 (Age 65 & over):
•The KTRS Medicare Advantage plan was awarded to United
Healthcare (UHC) and becomes effective January 1, 2015.
Similar to the current Medicare Advantage Plan, it will be a
national, passive Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).
•Don’t worry if you did nothing to enroll because those currently participating in the KTRS MEHP are automatically
enrolled for January 1, 2015. Everything will stay basically
the same as far as benefits are concerned. You will receive
a NEW United Healthcare Medical Card in late December,
2014 to replace your existing Humana card.
•Continue to use your Express Scripts card now and in 2015
for prescription purchases as this provider did not change.
•If you were participating in the Humana Vitality Bucks program, please use the bucks and points before December 31,
2014. The new UHC Wellness Incentive Program will begin
on January 1, 2015.
•Above all, do not panic or be worried when you receive a
Humana termination notice for December 31, 2014. That is
necessary to get you out of their system. But you will also
receive new member welcome materials and your Medical
ID card from United Healthcare. Your coverage will continue uninterrupted.
•Many MEHP plan enhancements were made and can be
explored in the KTRS September, 2014 “Special Medical
Insurance Retired Member Edition” newsletter which you
should have received through the mail.
Turning 65 Soon:
•If you are turning age 65 in the future and you are currently
covered through the Kentucky Employees’ Health Plan, you
will receive a KTRS MEHP enrollment packet that must be
completed and submitted to KTRS approximately 30 days
before turning 65.
Kentucky Employees’ Health Plan –
Under age 65 & Not Medicare Eligible:
•Mandatory Open Enrollment was October 1 through October
31, 2014.
•KEHP has new medical and prescription vendors for plan
year 2015. The medical vendor will be Anthem Blue Cross
Blue Shield (Anthem) and the prescription vendor will be
CVS Caremark.
•The KEHP still has CDHP-Consumer Driven Health Plan &
PPO-Preferred Provider Organization style plans.
•The Living Well Promise is still a part of the two CDHP
plan choices.
•Humana Vitality is still the Wellness vendor for KEHP.
•(Compass) Smart Shopper is the Transparency vendor.
•The new COBRA/HRS vendor is Wageworks.
Hopefully everyone is enrolled in the KEHP of their choice.
We all should be thankful for our benefits. KTRS – especially
Jane Gilbert, is to be commended on keeping all retired teachers informed regarding their healthcare benefits. She worked
countless hours traveling the state to present this information at
the KRTA Fall Workshops. Thanks, Jane!
Trips & Tours
Ruth Boone & Martha O’Bryan
1. The one day trip to Ferdinand, Indiana for Chriskindlmart
is still planned. The date is November 15, 2014
2. Savannah, Jekyll Island and Beaufort, Sunday April 12th
– Saturday April 18th , 2015 is sold out. The cost is only
$525.00 per person. ***
3. Savannah, Jekyll Island and Beaufort, Sunday, April 19th
– Saturday, April 25, 2015, is nearly full! The cost is only
$525/00 per person. ***
4. The Alaska Cruise Tour, 12 days/11 nights, May 16th –
May 27th on the Princess Cruise, is also nearly full.
The cost will vary based on your accommodations. ***
5. Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, &Black Hills of South
Dakota, Saturday September 19th – Sunday, September
27th, 2015. The cost is only $709.00 per person. ***
For information, please contact Ruth Boone at 451-6430 or
Martha O’Bryan at 426-5394.
*** Prices may vary based on single or double occupancy
and the type of housing on the cruise.
Musical Memories
Joyce Cecil, 1st Vice President
Over the years, we have enjoyed several musical groups at
our December JCRTA meetings. We have hosted a group from
Hite Elementary School and also the Cardinal Singers from
the University of Louisville School Of Music. This year, we
are happy to welcome the Chamber Choir and Men’s Choir
from the Youth Performing Arts School. Mr. Jacob Cook is
the Director of both groups from YPAS.
Congratulations Retirees!!!
New Retirees For
July 2014
Barbara Accordino
Patricia Adams
Jennifer Alexander
Deborah Amerman
Dessie Anderson
Patty Armstrong
Mary Baker
Patricia Barron
Janice Bobo
Davis Bodine
Susan Boldrick
Patricia Boyd
Cynthia Bradley
Jean Brasher
Sylvia Brestel
Lynn Bridwell
Lawana Briggs
Jacquelin Brittle
Durwood Brittle
Andrea Bronger
Patty Bryant
Cynthia Butterfield
Sue Bynum
Judith Caldwell
Doris Carter
Laura Carter
Rosemarie Clark
Jerusha Coleman
Mary Cornwell
Patricia Cox
Craig Darif
Lisa Darst
Pamela Davis
Patricia Davis
Mary Davy
Patricia Dilg
Anita Dillman
Carolyn Doucette
Richard Drewitz
Ann Duffy
Mary Eady
Donald Easley
Laura Ecken
Charles Epperson
Nancy Esarey
Lois Fox
Bonita Franklin
Marilyn Grant
Deborah Greenberg
Martha Grinstead
Jeffrey Gumer
Wendy Hames
Warren Hardin
James Hardy
Jacquelin Harrison
Terry Hazelip
Robert Hensley
Eileen Hershberg
Jennifer Hicks
Louis Hilkey
Betty Horton
Mary Hoskins
Douglas Jackson
Lisa James
Lisa Jarrett
David Johnson
Janet Kanzinger
Charlotte Kieffner
Jessamine Kinny
Elizabeth Lewis
Carolyn Livers
Patricia Lord
Daniel Lukens
Diane McCune
Karen Meadows
Stephen Meyer
Ethel Miles-Moore
Paula Miller
Jeffery Moreman
Sherrie Morgan
Phyllis Moss
Donna Murta
John Newlon
Lynette Nix
Lisa Oakes
Mary Pawlowski
Cary Peterson
Carol Power
Marilyn Raque
John Reedy
Mary Reilly
Leslie Rivers
Janet Roberts
Pamela Robertson
Connie Rodosky
Joy Rohn
William Routh
Pamela Rowan
Patricia Salyer
Beth Sanders
Norma Sangster
Louis Sartori
Susan Schmied
Jon Sharon
Brian Shumate
Darrell Snyder
Shirley Synder
Elke Speevack
Marlene Stearman
Margaret Stone
David Stringer
Raul Cuan-Suarez
John Summitt
Julie Swan
Darla Talbert
Patricia Thompson
Audrey Torstrick
Jennifer Trice
Neil Twomey
David Vetter
Robin Watkins
Bonnie West
Cynthia Wetterer
Linda Whitfield
Marcel Whitfield
Kathleen Wicks
James Wight-Waltman
Linda Wolf
Jean Yingling
Guy Younce
New Retirees For
August 2014
Wilson Baatuma
Jennifer Buhl
Carol Clark
Kathleen Clarkson
Donald Coaplen
Nancy Currier
Derwin Davidson
Phyllis Drake
Erik Eades
Charles Fleischer
William Forbes
Candace Foster
Bertha Garber
Patricia Gausepohl
Jennifer Guelda
Margaret Hagan
Brenda Hamilton
Deborah Hendricks
Ann Holloaway
Rene Jeanty
Barry Johnson
Kip Mackey
Martha Mantooth
Carol Montgomery
Karen Park
Mary Parsons
Michael Price
Neal Reed
Peter Rivard
Ellen Sears
Dana Shumate
We celebrate your retirement by inviting you to be our guest for lunch on Tuesday, December 2, 2014.
Be sure to send in your special invitation to
Marianne Humphries, 6704 Green Meadow Court, Louisville, KY 40207.
The Cape Cod Vacation,
September and October, 2014
Titus H. Exum, President
If you have never been to Cape Cod, Massachusetts you have
missed a royal treat. I truly enjoyed the experience. As we
drove through the mountains in West Virginia, we saw nature
at its best. We observed the changing of the leaves on the
trees in gorgeous colors of red, gold, yellow, birch, pink etc,
The scenes were so picturesque and just beautiful! The bus
driver, Mr. Gregory Thomas drove nearly 500 hundred miles
each day so that we could arrive at Sandwich, Massachusetts
to start the tour and sightseeing. Our group leader, Ms. Ruth
Boone, insured that we had the necessary comfort breaks,
lunch breaks and restaurants where we dined sufficiently in
several different cities.
We toured several cities in the Cape Cod Bay area and many
historical sites to include Plymouth Rock, the Presidential
Compound of the Kennedy Family, the JFK Library, the Xavier Catholic Church, the Glass Factory, the Heritage Museum,
which has vintage collection of famous cars, many of which
I had never heard. We rode on a real old carosel and enjoyed
a river cruise. These are only a few of the numerous events. I
now can understand Patti Page’s song titled, “Old Cape Cod.”
Our hotel accommodations along the way and at Sandwich,
MA, were great, spacious and peaceful. As we were leaving
to return to Louisville, I thought of the song by Bob Hope and
Shirley Ross’ titled, “Thanks for the Memory.” Yes, we had to
pay for a few lunches and dinners, yes, it did rain but the local
economy was enriched as we spent money in the rain and at
many places. The bus ride was a little long, but a very enjoyable experience. “Thanks for the Memories.”
BOARD MEETINGS Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Saturday, March 7, 2015
Saturday, May, 16, 2015
U of L University Club
10:00 AM
10:00 AM
10:00 AM
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Registration 30 minutes prior to meeting.
Board meetings are at the KRTA office at 9:30 a.m.
Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Registration: 9:30 A.M.
10:00 A.M.
Garden Salad w/ Ranch &Vinaigrette, Roasted Turkey Breast w/ gravy, Mashed Potatoes,
Chef’s Vegetable Medley, Rolls & Butter, Coffee &Tea and Pumpkin Pie.
Meeting: Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Please detach this form and return it to
New retirees as listed in this newsletter must send
in the special invitation to qualify for a free lunch.
Name: Marianne Humphries
6704 Green Meadow Court
Louisville, KY 40207
Telephone No.: School Table Reservation: I am enclosing $ __________for ______ reservations at $15 each.
E-mail Reservations must be in by Monday, November 17, 2014. Please Note: Without prior reservation(s), the cost
at the door will be $20.00. Make check payable to JCRTA. No telephone reservations will be accepted.