Jerusalem Post Crossword Puzzle Across

Jerusalem Post Crossword Puzzle
by David Benkof
[email protected]
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1. One of Groucho’s bushy ones
5. Military service led by Norton A.
Schwartz from 2008-2012
9. “Black ___” (2010 Natalie Portman
13. It’s sweet
16. Marcel Marceau, e.g.
17. Place to celebrate Shushan Purim
18. Galilee and others
19. Study Talmudically
20. “ ___ and Judy’s Kid” (Adam Sandler
22. Margot Frank was Anne’s (abbr.)
23. Wandering Jew alternative
25. What Jill Abramson did at The New
York Times
27. Matzah maker
30. It usually overlaps with 21-Down
32. ___ Francisco (Levi Strauss headquarters site)
33. Devour Deuteronomy
34. It might make you say “Aw, shoot!”
35. They might compete with Judaism
38. Make something chosen
39. Canadian Jew who directed “Ghostbusters”
41. Seder song: “V’___ She’amda”
42. Roman attacks on Jerusalem
44. Givat ___ (Moshav named after
Bialik’s given name)
45. Chant the Torah
46. Its alums include Sally Priesand and
Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
47. Salinger’s “Catcher in the ___”
48. The 20-shekel ones are green
49. “Back to the ___” (film produced by
Steven Spielberg”)
51. Israeli weight measure
53. The voice of Olaf the Snowman in
54. Luxemburg was a red one
56. Sheldon Adelson’s first casino
59. “My trip to Israel was two weeks
61. Two percent of Israelis
64. Marty Feldman role
65. Orange picker, sometimes
66. “___ is Too Many: Canada and the
Jews of Europe 1933-1948”
67. Part of a Chagall window
68. Garrett Wittels was nominated in the
“Best Male College Athlete” category
for this award
1. Car some Jews boycott
2. Ben Yehuda, e.g.
3. Leer at, like Groucho Marx
4. The cows Joseph said represented
years of plenty
5. Organ origin of milchigs
6. Place to put your tefillin
7. Eldan alternative in the car-rental world
8. What Richard Simmons tries to make
9. Message a kosher phone cannot send
10. L.A. Holocaust Center honoree
11. Sondheim song “Everybody Ought to
Have ___”
12. Suffix for “Jewish”
14. 2014 novel: “Jewish Mothers ___ Die”
15. Chavruta
21. See 30-Across
24. Seinfeld character the Soup ___
26. Krav Maga alternative ___ chi
27. Warner ___ Entertainment Inc.
28. House on many campuses
29. Award-winning actress, “Almost
31. Proverb quality
34. Jewish Museum of New York qtr.
35. Sondheim lover
36. Salutation with an arm raised at an
37. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) and Al
Franken (D-Minn.)
39. Happen annually, like the High
40. Like Moses at the burning bush
43. “___ Shabbos!” (Yiddish greeting)
45. Idolize
47. Send a kiddish cup from Israel again
48. Double-sided page of gemara
49. The Coen brothers won an Oscar for
its screenplay
50. “___ of Ages” (“Maoz Tzur” in English)
52. Promulgate, as in an edict of
53. Rick Recht’s song “___ to Israel”
55. Avot (patriarchs) number
57. Inside for Rashi
58. Act as a mohel
60. T he gold kind is described in the Book
of Job
62. “Middle name” for Hasdai Shaprut
63. It ends many Jewish last names