Mitel Healthcare Battlecard Overview Discovery questions

Mitel Healthcare Battlecard
Discovery questions
Healthcare organizations are looking
to transform their business to provide
an efficient patient centric service. This
necessitates breaking down barriers, improving
communication and facilitating collaboration
between healthcare, social care and health
improvement professionals.
Good communication and availability of information is
critical to making life threatening decisions, securing
positive outcomes, improving service/patient quality
and offering best value.
Understand the healthcare facilities communication plan.
Few organizations have budget for “Big Bang Projects”,
• How many healthcare professionals have
mobile working requirements?
instead typically split into short/long term objectives.
• How are all of your sites currently networked?
Are you looking to provide an IP network to
all sites?
• Short term – reduce call costs, staff mobility, centralized
call handling, IP networking of sites
• Longer term – Virtualization, video case reviews, enhanced
applications, contact center, outbound notification,
auto attendant
• Are you looking for a UCC solution to deliver
cost savings immediately but upgradeable in
the future?
How to sell
Customer profile
Identify the key points in the Tender document.
• Committees create most requirements in Tender documents, however typically there are only 3 or 4 “key” points
within the document.
MiVoice Business is ideal for single, or multi-site
Understand the mobility requirements of the
healthcare organizations who are looking to improve
Healthcare facility and its staff members.
patient outcomes, increase operational efficiency and
Primary and Acute Healthcare professionals are
reduce total cost of ownership.
constantly mobile and are rarely found in a fixed office
location. Key areas to consider are:
& care
“Do more
with less”
Mobility of
Understand the business transformation in healthcare
• Deliver cost savings through UCC solutions / “Do more
with less” philosophy
• Enhance patient care
• Changing Government legislation
• Increasing levels of mobility in Primary and Acute Healthcare
• Personal mobility
• On-Premise mobility
• Off-Premise mobility
The Propostion
Operational efficiency
Investment protection
Saving money / “Do more with less”
Healthcare professionals are highly mobile within their
work area, across a facility and when moving between sites.
MiVoice Business ability to integrate with legacy
telephone systems enable distributed organizations
to reduce network cost and improve communications
without making a major investment.
Mitel’s open approach enables healthcare
organizations to transform their business by deploying
the latest technology wherever it makes sense and
protecting investment in traditional telephony where it
continues to meet requirements.
• Benefit from ‘free’ calls between sites by using MiVoice
Business as network gateways.
• IP networking may allow smaller sites to be networked
to facilitate better communication across a distributed
• IP telephony virtually eliminates the need for Moves, Adds
and Changes as end users can move their own telephone
from one data port to another
Patient accessibility and care
Patients expect to be involved in decisions, be
kept informed and receive tailored care that
accommodates their circumstances.
• Response based outbound notification can help to reduce
the cost associated with missed appointments.
• Auto attendant/self service menus free up staff to deal
• with more complex issues
• Patient communication in media of patients choice
(email, voice, SMS etc)
DECT or WiFi telephones for onsite mobility
Mobile telephones can be integrated into the
enterprise solution
With Mitel’s Dynamic Extension twin up to 8 devices into a
personal ring group
Business continuity and the ability to deal with
exceptional circumstances is a key part of delivering a
first class healthcare service. Mitel can help with
a variety of options to improve call control
availability including:
Redundant components with a Mitel 3300 ICP
Distributed call control
Resilient call control / IP telephony
Ultra high availability ‘Fault Tolerant’ servers
Leverage VMware features, for example High Availability
and Site Recovery Manager.
• Mitel’s Freedom architecture allows these organizations the
freedom to move between proprietary hardware, industry
standard servers and virtualized environments without making
a major reinvestment in software, licensing or devices.
• MiVoice Business can operate over ‘any’ fixed IP network
providing organisations with the freedom to retain existing IP infrastructure and chose best in class products. In
addition, Mitel MiVoice IP Phones can operate over a 2 wire
(twisted pair) infrastructure using Phybridge Uniphyer.
• MiVoice Business supports a wide variety of devices, fixed,
wireless and mobile to better support healthcare professionals, allowing them to focus on patient care.
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