Clinical data requirements for EC certificate extension Med

International expert information
for the Medical Device industry
Clinical data for EC certificate extension
shall include:
1. A
recent update of the “state of the art” review:
1.1 A
documented, systematic literature review (not
older than 6 months at time of submission to ensure
it covers the most recent available data) according
to the requirements as outlined in MEDDEV 2.7.1,
including a protocol for identification, selection,
collation, and review of relevant publications
comprising search terms, data bases, criteria
for inclusion/exclusion of particular references
1.1.1 to enable a thorough review of the current “state
of the art” as described below. It is recommended
to chose a two-stage approach with regard to
the conduct of the literature search, i.e. start
with a general literature search, which covers all
indications to be treated with the device under
assessment, followed by a concentrated search
focusing on the device under assessment and
competitor/comparable devices.
1.2 Review of the current “state of the art” is to
be understood as a detailed discussion about
limitations and benefits of:
TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH
Clinical data
requirements for
EC certificate extension
ll current therapeutic alternatives (including
1.2.1 A
options) for the same specific indications/
medical conditions which shall be treated/
diagnosed through the assessed device
1.2.2 C
ompetitor/comparable products used for the
treatment the assessed device is indicated for
1.3 A
justification whether, and if yes, why the assessed
device can in future be regarded to be in compliance
with the “state of the art“.
2. A thorough and critical evaluation of the available
postmarket experience:
2.1 Marketing period
2.2 Number of devices sold
2.3 Number and type of complaints
2.4 Number and type of incidents
2.5 Corrective actions (if yes, which?)
2.6 P
ostmarket clinical follow-up studies (in case data
from a PMCF-Study are available the Study Plan and
[Interim-] Study Report shall be provided as well as
other applicable study documentation such as the
vote of the Ethics Committee and approval letters
issued by respective authorities)
2.7 Registries
2.8 L ong-term follow-up of pre-market clinical studies
2.9 A pure description of the postmarket experience
might not be adequate. A critical evaluation of
the data/information is needed with regard to
acceptability for certain complications/complaints,
and complication/complaint rates from a clinical
point of view is needed. This is applicable not only for
device-related complications/complaints but also for
procedure-related complications/complaints.
4. A
current version of the risk analysis, taking into
account any issues related to clinical safety and
side effects detected after market release.
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If any item is not applicable, this shall be stated.
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Med-Info October 2014/01 EU
3. A
current version of the instructions for use, including
indications/contraindications, risks/side effects and an
update if required. The content of the instructions for
use shall be in consistence with the complete technical