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Tall Yellow Top
In this day and age of mass media
communication, it is so easy to search for
personal healing answers from “experts”
somewhere in cyberspace. And while this
can sometimes be helpful, this month’s
column is about our own personal healing
wisdom – which each of us can access.
Messages of healing can come to us in
many ways. Sometimes they can come as
a dream, so vivid and memorable that the
dream image does not fade away when
we awake. Years ago, when I was in a low
point in my life and dealing with some
unexplained eczema on my elbows and
eyelids, a beautiful and powerful snake
visited me while I slept, biting me on my
arm and infusing me with a warm and
wonderful feeling that woke me up. In fact,
I could not sleep at all the rest of the night,
and from that moment on, I never had the
eczema again.
In some dreams, diagnosis can happen. A wonderful book about the power
of dreams was written by a man who
himself dreamt of his impending thyroid
cancer and the doctor who would eventually operate on him. He had to convince
the medical profession to take his dream
seriously enough to do the medical tests,
which indeed showed the cancer his dream
had already revealed to him.
In our awaking moments, we can also
receive intuitions of healing possibilities,
either for ourselves or our loved ones. This
can come in many ways: while meditating,
from spirit guides, from thoughts that drop
into our mind and heart unexpectedly,
and sometimes just simply by being with
ourselves. Sometimes we may ask for them
or in some cases they may find us – to our
great surprise.
But in whatever way they may arrive to
you, they are typically simple and direct.
You know.
Let me give you a personal example.
As mentioned in my column last month, I
have been studying Australian Bush Flower
Essences. And while I had “tried a few” in
our training class, I was searching for the
one constitutional essence that would be
most specific to me. I read over and over the
64 different descriptions. I looked at their
with Skye Stephenson
pictures. I thought a lot about it, scribbling
this name or that down.
And then one morning as I was preparing to go to work, I saw the flower that was
meant for me. It was bright yellow, and it
looked a bit like a dandelion but was not.
I leafed through my reference guide until
I found the image. The flower was “Tall
Yellow Top.” It was one of the few flowers
I had not even considered.
My first read through of the description
did not seem right to me. It talked of people
who either feel better than others and thus
stand apart, or people who need to stand
apart to get a message out. Characteristics
included being detached, aloof, etc. It took
me some time to accept this healing wisdom from my deepest self.
A few days later, in the second reference volume a follow up addition about
“Tall Yellow Top” describes its use to alleviate pelvis and leg pains that cannot be
explained. Pains that feel like they are in
the leg and foot, but actually derive from
a shifted pelvis that makes one leg slightly
longer than another.
Amazingly, I had been experiencing just
such pains. The chiropractor I go to told me
that they were due to the position of my pelvis and tried to correct it via some specific
messages and recommendations.
Even more remarkable is that this
shifted pelvis is due to a birth injury. I
was pulled out after a difficult delivery by
forceps, which twisted my pelvis.
I have early memories of painful
massages done to right my pelvis
so my two legs would be even.
For decades, I had never had any
pain in my lower extremities but
of late had begun to experience
some discomfort.
Two weeks into taking “Tall
Yellow Top,” and most of my leg
and ankle pain is gone. And I believe that I
am feeling less emotionally aloof as well.
Such diagnostic ability to help ourselves
heal is within us all, if we give it a chance
to speak to us and we follow what it suggests. Oftentimes, it involves admitting
things about ourselves we may not want
to acknowledge at first, but this too part of
our healing process.
Skye Stephenson, PhD., is a local resident who enjoys writing, sacred travel, and
helping to promote peace and healing. She
recently completed her own “Crystal Companion Cards,” and is a licensed crystal
healer. She would enjoy meeting with you
to explore your life path and what would
help facilitate your personal goals and
passions. She employs a combination of
divination, astrology, flower essences,
crystal healing and meditation techniques,
depending on the client’s interest and inclination. Skye can be reached at 603-762-1259
and/or [email protected]
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