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 2015 Children’s Programs
We are pleased to announce Bubup Womindjeka
Family & Children Centre’s program of services
for 2015. With almost one year of operations
under our belt we have listened to the needs of
our families and are excited to be able to offer a
new and improved range of services in 2015.
In addition to our existing long day care and
sessional kindergarten programs, we will be
offering before and after-kinder care for 3 and 4
year olds, and from January 2015 we will also be
introducing a holiday program for 3 – 6 year olds
that is jam packed with fun activities during the
school holidays.
All of our programs of education and care are
run in line with the National Quality Standards
(NQS) and Early Years Learning Framework
(EYLF) and we pride ourselves on our approach
of continuous improvement; always looking for
new ways in which to nurture and educate our
children, helping them to develop the foundations
of lifetime learning through play.
Our programs are staffed by a range of
experienced educators with either Bachelor,
Diploma or Certificate III qualifications in Early
Childhood Education and we strive to attract
highly experienced and committed educators to
lead our programs.
Our vision is to be a community centre for
excellence in education and wellbeing for young
children and their families.
Long Day Care
What is included in the program:
With 85 licensed long day care places we are able
to offer long day care to children from 3 months
old up to 6 years of age. We operate 5 days a
week from 7.30am to 6.00 pm.
Our service includes breakfast and lunch, as well as
morning and afternoon tea. Our menu provides
healthy, nutritionally balanced meals and we are
also able to cater for all types of dietary
requirements and food intolerances.
Our long day care rooms are staffed by Diploma
qualified and Certificate III trained staff and we
work within the educator to child ratios defined
within the National Quality Standard (NQS).
Each room has a Room Leader who is responsible
for maintaining the appropriate quality standards
within the room and for developing the
educational component of the program in
conjunction with the other staff.
Our programs includes a full schedule of
incursions, including music, sports, drama, yoga and
health eating, and we encourage our older children
to develop a spirit of independence through
excursions and activities in the local community.
Sessional Kindergarten
4-Year-Old Sessional Kindergarten
For 2015 we will be offering sessional kindergarten
programs for both 3 and 4 year olds. The
programs are run across 3 days a week with the
session times tailored to suit each age group.
Our 4-year-old kindergarten program is subsidised
through Federal and State Funding and contributes
to the national goal of providing accessible
kindergarten education for all children the year
before entering school.
Sessional kindergarten is run on a term basis and
the term dates for 2015 are as outlined below:
Kindergarten Term Dates 2015
Term 1
29th January - 27th March 2015
Term 2
13th April - 26th June 2015
Term 3
13th July - 18th September 2015
Term 4
5th October - 18th December 2015
The program runs for 15 hours per week and each
program is led by a Bachelor Qualified Educator
with the support of a Diploma Qualified Assistant.
We will be running two streams of 4 year old
kinder in 2015, accommodating up to 50 children
with the session times as below:
4 Year Old Kindergarten
Sessional kindergarten does not operate during
school holidays but care can be provided during
these times through our long day care or holiday
program, subject to availability.
3-Year-Old Sessional Kindergarten
For 2015 we will be running one stream of 3-yearold kindergarten with places for up to 25 children.
Our 3-year-old program runs for 9 hours per
week and is led by a Diploma Qualified Activity
Group Leader with the support of a Certificate III
trained assistant. For many children this will be
their first experience of learning in a group setting
and our program is designed to encourage
independence and socialisation.
The session times for 2015 are as follows:
3 Year Old Kindergarten
8.30am – 11.30am
1.00pm – 4.00pm
8.30am – 11.30am
Stream One
Stream Two
Mon 8.30am - 2.30pm
Tues 8.30am - 2.30pm
Weds 8.30am - 2.30pm
Thurs 8.30am - 2.30pm
9.00am - 12.00pm
1.00pm - 4.00pm
The 4-year-old kinder program helps children
prepare for school by learning to be respectful of
educators, to listen to the views of others and to
be more independent in looking after themselves
and their belongings.
What is included in the programs:
Depending on the timing of the 3-year-old
program, morning or afternoon tea will be
provided. In our 4 year old program a lunch box
will be provided for each child to help them get
used to the daily routine in preparation for school.
Our programs include incursions, such as music,
sports, drama, yoga and health eating, and our 4year-old program will also include excursions and
activities in the local community.
Before and After-Kinder Care
Holiday Programs
As a new service for 2015 we will be introducing a
before and after kinder care service. Feedback
from our families in 2014 has highlighted a need for
extended care to support working families who
wish to use the sessional kindergarten programs.
Commencing on January 6th we will be offering a
holiday program for children aged 3 – 6 years who
may need care until the commencement of the
sessional kindergarten program (or the start of the
school year for those leaving us to start school).
From the start of Term 1 we will be offering
before and after care from 7.30am until 6.00pm.
This program will be led by a Diploma Qualified
Room Leader with the support of a Certificate III
This program will be staffed by a Diploma Qualified
Room Leader with the support of a Certificate III
assistant. The program will be run to the same
standards as our long day care programs with
meals, incursions and excursions included.
This service will only be available to families whose
children are enrolled in either a 3 or 4-year-old
sessional kindergarten program. Places can be
booked for the whole term or on a casual basis,
however priority will be given to families with the
need for a permanent booking.
We will be offering a program packed full of
activities every day such as arts & crafts, sports,
cookery, movies and excursions.
The program will run from Tuesday 6th January
until Friday 23rd January and bookings can be made
for the whole program or for individual days but
these must be specified in advance.
The program will also run in the Easter, Winter
and Spring breaks.
Schedule of Fees
Schedule of Fees 2015
Terms & Conditions
General Programs
Annual Administration Fee
Annual Administration Fee
$150 per child
Enrolment Deposit
$100 per child
Long Day Care
$115 per day
3-Year-Old Sessional Kindergarten
$550 per term
4-Year-Old Sessional Kindergarten
$750 per term
Holiday Program
$90 per day
Before and After-Kinder Care:
3-Year Old Kinder
Before Kinder Care (M, F)
$12 per day
Before Kinder Care (W)
$66 per day
After Kinder Care (M, F)
$78 per day
After Kinder Care (W)
$24 per day
4-Year Old Kinder
The annual administration fee is required to be paid
in advance of the commencement of care.
Enrolment Deposit
The enrolment deposit will go towards you first fee
payment, but should you not go ahead with care this
deposit is non refundable.
Alteration/Cancellation of Enrolments
Please advise BWFCC any changes required as soon
as you are aware. In accordance with our fee policy
we require 4 weeks notice of any alterations or
cancellation of an enrolment. For sessional
kindergarten, once term has commenced, your place
is booked for the term and therefore fees paid are
Business Trading Terms
According to our fee policy, all fees are collected via
direct debit. Where the fees remain unpaid, we refer
this account to a collection agency and/or law firm.
Please note that the costs of these external services
will be added to the outstanding debt.
Before Kinder Care (M, T, W, T)
$12 per day
Contact Details
After Kinder Care (M, T, W, T)
$42 per day
Please ensure your contact details are up to date by
emailing [email protected] if any changes occur.
Friday - Stream 1
Relevant Legislation
Before Kinder Care (F)
$18 per day
After Kinder Care (F)
$72 per day
Friday – Stream 2
Before Kinder Care (F)
$66 per day
After Kinder Care (F)
$24 per day
Education and Care Services National Regulations
• Part 6 Collection of children from the premises
and excursions
• Regulation 99
• Division 2 Policies and procedures
• Regulation 168 (2) (f)
National Quality Standards for Early Childhood
Education and Care:
• Quality Area 6 Collaborative Partnerships with
Families and Communities
• Element 6.1 Respectful supportive relationships
with families are developed and maintained
Frequently Asked Questions
Why are we charged an Annual Administration Fee?
At the start of every year we are required to re-enter the enrolment details for every child into our Childcare
Management System. This helps us to ensure that we have accurate information such as emergency contact details and
CRN numbers so that your Centrelink entitlements can be calculated accurately. We are also required to provide
information to the Department of Education to ensure Kindergarten Funding and other subsidies can be secured as
appropriate. With more than 200 families involved in the centre this is a very significant task and the administration
fee goes towards the resources and electronic systems required to complete these tasks.
Do we have to pay for Public Holidays?
Yes, unfortunately there is still a charge for fees on Public Holidays if you have a permanent booking on the day that a
public holiday falls as we are still required to pay our staff for these days.
When will my fees be charged?
In 2015, fees will be charged weekly. This will allow us to ensure that Centrelink entitlements are calculated more
accurately and will ensure your statements accurately reflect your current fee balance. We will be publishing a fee
schedule for 2015 in due course which will outline the days when fees will be charged for all of our programs.
What is the notice period for changes to my enrolment?
We require four weeks notice for any changes or cancellation of an enrolment. This is required to cover the time it
may take us to fill a vacant position.
If my child leaves part way through the sessional kindergarten term is my fee refundable?
Unfortunately a term fee cannot be refunded if you leave part way through the term as a spot has been reserved for
your child and it is unlikely we will be able to fill the vacancy.
What are the criteria for undertaking the Funded 4-Year Old Kindergarten program?
In order for your child to be eligible for a funded 4 year old kindergarten program they must turn 4 before the 30th
April 2015 and they cannot be undertaking funded 4 year old kindergarten at another centre. Ideally a child should
undertaken this program in the year prior to them starting school as it is generally only possible to secure a funded
place for one year. If you have questions about your child’s readiness for kinder and school our kindergarten staff
would be happy to discuss this with you.
Is there is a difference between the educational programs provided in Long Day Care and Sessional
There is no difference between the programs in Long Day Care and Sessional kindergarten, other than the structure
of the days. The educational component of both programs is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and all of
our children will have their own learning portfolio.
Can the Childcare Benefit and Childcare Rebate be applied to these programs?
The Childcare Benefit and Childcare Rebate can be applied to the services in Long Day Care, Before and After Kinder
Care and our Holiday Program, but unfortunately they do not apply to Sessional Kindergarten Fees.
Can I place my child into care for half a day and only pay for half a day?
Unfortunately due to the high demand for childcare places we only offer full day fees.
Can my child attend some time in Long Day Care and some time in Sessional Kindergarten and qualify
for the 15 hours of subsidised kinder?
No, the 15 hours of kindergarten must be undertaken within the same program.
Bubup Womindjeka Family and Children’s Centre
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