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It is impressive to know that after more than 25 years in Africa, Sage continues to deliver again and again
in our ever changing world. A world that unflinchingly demands the highest level of service and latest
technology to deliver lasting benefits and reduced cost of ownership. Sage provides this with a scalable
set of solutions which Sage’s suite of solutions follow your pace of growth, adapting to your unique
requirements, deferring to your choice of database and deployment preferences while flexing with your
organisational structure. Sage’s range of mid-market and enterprise solutions provide full service
enterprise management software capable of meeting the most elaborate business processes whilst
remaining simple to use.
Sage ERP solutions are powerful toolsets that help you confidently streamline time-consuming financial
(GAAP and IFRS) and operational processes using advanced workflow, alerting and business process
management technologies. Moreover, the breadth of Sage’s solutions extend to supply chain
management, warehousing /logistics, service management and mixed mode manufacturing with quality
control and document management.
Needless to say Sage provides award winning CRM functionality as an integrated or stand alone offering
to all our ERP customers delivering classic CRM components including sales force automation, customer
care, marketing including emarketing and web self service portals.
Regardless of your role within your company or your business challenges, there is a Sage solution for you
to improve and extend your reach through collaboration with customers, suppliers and stakeholders to
manage the entire lifecycle of a customer from first contact to final contract.
Driving Sustainable ERP for Timber and Forestry
The management of forestry plantations and timber saw mills requires a highly flexible and capable ERP
solution. Traceability from plantation through felling to saw mill operations requires a powerful stock
management and fixed asset solution able to utilize latest technology bar coding and complex
calculations in production management.
By implementing a latest technology Milling solution, you can:
Manage plantations for growing, planting and
felling with compartmental analysis and
dimension reporting
Transport, processing and storing of timber
including traceability through the harvest
using RFID tags if required
Manage timber stock with complete
maintenance of species with statistical groups
Manage Logs by size - metres cubed with full
co-efficient calculations for conversions of log
Use co-efficient calculations and price lists for
quotations and orders
Bar code logs for stock tracking and for
production processes
Trace timber for certification
Manage purchases and sales with autocalculations of metres cubed and tonnage as
well as dimension management
Price List calculation and management of
logs, bundles with au to-calculatsiopna coef
pricing per log or bundle
Compliance with IAS 41 – Agricultural
Reporting Standards
Compliance with IFRS for asset
management, bar coding and plant
Full management of transport as assets or
sub-contracted carriers
Weight bridge integration
End to end management of sawmill
production and processes such as treatments
and laminations
Mixed mode manufacturing is available if
back-flushing not preferred
Comprehensive business intelligence
reporting with real-time alerts
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